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Power Breathing

By Morra Talion [Michael Topper]



In our first two issues of The New Thunderbird Chronicle we learned the basic breathing technique known as the Charger Breath, in its full exposition the Whole Charger Breath. In our last issue we gave a 5-point summary of the technique, which in condensed form may be restated:

The Charger Breath is a very strong, “fierce” inhalation through the nose, which draws the air deeply as possible in a natural action following the correct bodily breath-movement that regulates expansion and contraction of the diaphragm from the abdomen: without pause the maximized stroke of the inhalation should yield to the strong, deliberate, thorough and even expiration of breath through the nose. This basic Charger Breath, when repeated in clusters (i.e. 3 to 7 breaths at a time) should be modified into the Whole Charger Breath on performing the final exhalation of that cluster: for the last breath of a series-repetition should always be completed with slow, thorough and even exhalation through the mouth. By performing this exhalation through scarcely-pursed lips the breath is considerably slowed and the expulsion of air should be experienced as very relaxing. These clusters or grouped series of Whole Charger Breaths should be repeated in single and then multiple rounds, i.e. a group of 3 Whole Charger Breaths should be repeated once, then 3 times, progressing up to 7 or more complete rounds of 3 breaths. Then the minimum number of breaths in a cluster should be raised (i.e. from 3 to 5, etc.) and the escalating system of rounds repeated. The practiced increase of clusters and rounds may be performed over a period of days or even weeks: the progression in series-and-round expansion should proceed naturally so that the threshold of possible hyperventilation is met and gradually pushed back, as the system becomes used to a greater vitality through more positive ratios of oxygen to carbon dioxide.

As you practice, it should become evident that breath is a kind of nourishment. That to which you ordinarily give no thought at all (as its habituated rhythms are encoded into the subconscious system according to low-level, survivalist patterns of identification stressing the fight-flight syndromes of the excitatory or sympathetic network) is drawn to the brink of your ordinary notice the more you routinely perform the Power Breathing methods. Because you feel more alert and invigorated in general. the truth that breath is a type of food to your being is made a more tangible proposition. Respect for this type of “food” then grows, and you apply yourself to the Charger techniques with even more conscientious regularity. Understanding that the very atmosphere is a type of ready food which is taken in and processed like every other food, the more obvious foodstuffs of the environment may become material for conscious work as well. Respect for such casually-taken nourishment may be increased to the degree that this present lesson in the application of the Whole Charger Breath recommends itself as a step to be taken seriously, and implemented right away.

The Silent “Din” in Dinner

As we should know by now, the food made commercially available to us is not of optimum benefit to our systems; the natural food-content with which organic materials begin is leached, adulterated or even removed methodically by mass-production processes. Our food, whether purchased “fresh” from the vegetable stand or obtained in tins and plastic packages, is significantly denatured in the common course of cultivation and harvest through the pervasive petrochemical oversee of agribusiness and the energy oligarch. Additives and preservative synthetics further contribute to the non-nutritive quality of the product that winds up on our plate: and much of this artificial or denatured food-content has been identified as strongly contributing to that great range of disease making up the profile of a largely modern-industrial Malaise (having its own unique characteristics corresponding to the abstract contour of a worldview for which the “wealth” of a culture is defined in strictly monetary terms).

It is now necessary to add to this familiar litany of troubles the underpublicized but officially acknowledged fact of invisible contamination from the multiple sources of radioactive leakage. Most breath-taking, there is the deliberate (and truly bizarre) program prosecuted by the military-manufacturer-menage having to do with forcefeeding the public on irradiated foodstuffs, by overt or hidden means whichever is required (coming under the heading of “ingenious peacetime application” of all-out-war technology and its wasteproduct). In the case of the latter, there’s little to be said for placing faith in the vigilance of legislation, no matter how many petitions you may have personally signed—like so much of our domestic consumption, the products in question come to us by the indirect and “uncovered” route of Third World agencies, satellite beneficiaries of our exported nuclear technics indentured to serve the North American table from native resources. (At present there are no labelling requirements for “secondary ingredients”, i.e. those additives and compounds which may have been concocted from irradiated foodstuffs but which in their complex state don’t draw the demand of separate itemization. This “disguised presence” is no happenstance, no fluke of regulatory law).

No matter then how personally dutiful you may have been, heeding the health-wise in that general counsel toward seeking the organic, the pure and natural; even those with the physical and/or monetary resources (not to mention the time) to be able to do such a thing, aren’t able to maintain a level of self-sufficiency so removed from the interrelated requirements of modem industrial life and planetary ecology as to merit the title Participens Hermeticum. Everyone is susceptible to the deficiencies or plain debilities that are scrambled into our eggs (i.e. the very genetic stuff of our physical continuity); it is only a matter of degree. And in practical fact those for whom health and organic diet are a positive fetish, can only abstract themselves so far back in the common process of production as to recede to the preliminary soil on which all things are fed; and what soil is unaffected, what seabed is sufficiently pure, what watertable so sealed against contamination that the naturist can confidently state he has resumed the unspoiled Origin?

The truth is, “it” can’t be done to any effective degree, given the continuation of the current socioeconomic and global state. New Age ideology aside, the health-conscious suburbanite is in the same boat as the inner city dweller captive to the corner junk-mart of low-grade processed products dressed out with inflated pricetags. The food you eat, the food everyone eats, is lacking in some critical way and all the mega-capsules or protein-powders on earth won’t compensate the needed syncretisms in the processes of digestion and assimilation.

Here we may note the very special modern application of an old occult adage: “Nature, unaided, always fails”. Now more than ever it is necessary to personally aid nature in her processes, for on a collective scale we’re doing just the opposite—and then re­quiring the impossible of her labors.

Here then is a technical application of the Whole Charger Breath you’ve so far learned. It is one of the most important of all the practical applications of Power Breathing. This method is especially appropriate to learn over the Thanksgiving Season as it is indeed a formal blessing or benediction, a grace of thanksgiving to be implemented in conjunction with each meal; at the same time it has the practical effect of charging the foodstuffs with a vital property or additional energy augmenting the nutritive content and accelerating the capacity of the ordinary digestive processes to make most efficient and transformative use of whatever is ingested.

As we’ve seen, it isn’t possible to measure with accuracy the actual, nutritive value of any given foodstuff no matter the FDA labelling; not only is the government standard a shifting index of consensual averages not applicable to any real body, but the quality of the nutritive content is a constant, unstated question mark hovering over the whole chain of expedient processes whereby any given item arrives at the dinnertable. We’re not all able to hedge the bet with (often prohibitively expensive) resort to specially prepared supplements or organically nurtured “goobers ‘n’ grains”: and in any case there’s a limit—internal and external—in terms both of the general state of digestive and immune processes and the purity of contributing elements in any part of the world that describes the common ceiling beyond which precautions are neutralized. But everyone can resort to the Thanksgiving blessing of the Whole Charger Breath as described here, so that both internal powers of physiological processing and external considerations of maximum food-potency are given a fighting chance, and specifically in compensation for many of the by-now-too-familiar maladaptations being made in both areas on a collective scale.

Instruction: Whole Charger Blessing

  1. As with every blessing or “saying of grace”, this exercise is to be performed just after being sealed at table, prior to eating. Ideally, everyone present should he participating in unison. However, this obviously can’t be done in all cases. Where there are likely to be parties present who would not voluntarily participate, or who because of “religious” reasons or “personal preferences” would object to such an innovation on principle, it is always best to keep in mind that the most important aspect of this exercise is establishing a peace and inner harmony adequate to optimizing desired digestive enhancement; therefore friction is first of all to be avoided. It should be established beforehand in every such case whether one’s personal performance of the benediction might sow some sort of tension, or sufficiently “irritate” the rest of the table as to warrant an unobtrusive modification of the general pattern the performance of which would be known only to oneself. Never should the implementation of this exercise be allowed to become the point-of-departure of some useless doctrinal argument—better one should keep completely mum, do it openly and full-scale only when alone, and otherwise resort to some unobservable adaptation of the basic steps (which we’ll suggest as we go along).
  2. When performed openly, the Whole Charger Blessing should begin with a formal, even reverential closing of the eyes in remembrance of the Origin of all nourishment, as well as the Purpose toward which all bodily maintenance is to be consecrated. Therefore: close eyes. Place attention in the midst of the forehead, between and above the brows as well as about 1 1/2 inches deep behind the frontal plate. This “locale” of attention should be held steadily. It is the point of the Third Eye. Its location is not measurably specific, but more a “feeling” in which the interiorized probe of attention comes to settle at a locus sufficiently comfortable and “accurate” to it.
  3. Extend your open “working” hand palm down over your plate of food, soupbowl, salad dish or whatever has been placed immediately in front of you. Maintain it steadily about one foot to one-half foot above the food to be consecrated, the duration of this practice.
  4. Charge yourself up—eyes always closed and attention resting at the Third Eye center—with a series of good strong Whole-Charger Breaths, remembering always to exhale slowly and evenly through the mouth on the final expiration of the series (a series is, for example, an uninterrupted repetition of from 3 to 7 Whole Charger Breaths).
  5. As you Charge yourself up, at the same time visualize with the Inner Eye of your Imagination a brilliant, electric blue dot appearing about 1 1/2 to 3 inches directly above your head. As you continue to “volt” yourself with the Charger Breath series, creatively visualize a radiant, electric-blue line extending from the dot (which all the while remains stably in place) gradually opening out into a cone as its broadening base moves down through your head and throat, finally completing its extension parallel with your heart but in the middle of your chest (so that the resultant electric-blue cone of Light is envisioned from its point of origin above your head finishing itself in a balanced line straight through head and torso, at the heart region of your chest).
  6. With eyes still closed and inward attention formally fixed in the forehead at the Third Eye center, creatively visualize the appearance of a golden ball at the base of the electric-blue cone of Light, right in the center of your chest, This golden ball should glow and pulsate with radiant life and light. Imaginatively visualize the ball of light growing progressively larger until its radiance fills the whole chest cavity, and it seems to function as a global pedestal for the blue light-cone extended from the point above your head.
  7. With another series of several, good strong Whole-Charger Breaths, creatively visualize this golden light radiating from your chest in all directions, extended out globally for a space of at least 3 surrounding feet, while at the same time it pours down your arms and streams steadily from your palm and fingertips flowing evenly into your food. As you perform the Breathing, feel the vital energy, follow it with your imagination even as you keep your attention fixed steadily at the Third Eye center; recognize in the fullness of your Will that the energy of the breath is empowering the centers of your head, chest and abdomen, that the amplified vital-force and energetic intensity of those centers is concentrated in the heart and flows in a unified stream out along your arms, issuing a fluid-gold radiance steadily from your hand in impregnation of your food with an additional life and spiritual force. The golden light which is so visualized, should have less the metallic gleam of mineral and more the liquid luster, the smooth vibrancy of honey. This fluid-electric light of deep rich gold should be consciously recognized as a mana-concentrate, a “broth” of radiance surcharged with an alchemical property potent to catalyze certain biochemical transformations.

When you’ve concentrated on this process of “volting” with sufficient steadiness and intensity to feel the food is properly blessed and charged, you should simply visualize the return of the golden, global radiance to a small ball-of-light at the chest, “watching” it gradually fade and disappear as the cone of electric-blue is retracted in reverse action, returned to its originating point of luminance above the head where it vanishes in the manner of turning off a light-switch. The energy of golden vitality which has been “delivered” through a powerful Volting in impregnation of the food, should not however be withdrawn along with the lightcone and golden ball; rather, it has been fully exteriorized and should be imaginatively conceived as a scintillant, pulsing electric field enveloping and flowing thoroughly through the molecules of the foodstuff. Inwardly verbalize the consecration: “With the Power and Blessing of Divine Light, this food is graced and purified, so that it may properly sustain the Vehicle whereby the Soul is Lifted in Illumination to that Light.” (Any variation on this phrasing which honors the meaning, is suitable).

Each of these steps can of course be modified so that they are as unobtrusive, or as unobserved, as may be required by circumstances. If necessary all the steps of this procedure may be done with the inward imaginative faculty, requiring neither that the eyes be literally closed or that the hand be literally extended. The ordinarily-quite-noticeable ferocity and force of the Whole Charger Breath can be suitably adapted so that it is indistinguishable from normal breathing (i.e. it should be done inaudibly, with less external emphasis and proportionately more internal concentration on the cycles of its flow—breaths can be taken deeply, expelled thoroughly without being particularly noticeable).

Bio-Energy and the Transmutation of Substance

This Whole Charger Breath Benediction is significant for several reasons. First of all, it formally “adapts” the food to your system by its inclusion in your general aura or energy-field; the food is charged or “impregnated” with a personalized energy-stamp through the deliberate extension of your vivified, bioelectric atmosphere in the embrace of a loving “Divine Remembrance”.

The use of your imagination and internal visualization literally helps to concentrate and direct an enhanced stream of energy. It has already been long determined as a medical fact that the direction of attention to internal sites and organs stimulates, or augments, biomagnetic flows detectable in the form of amplified heat-radiation, modified dielectric skin-potential and wave-frequency signatures. The healing potential of such internal focus is documented, and comprises much of the body of biofeedback research. The additional, growing research on acupuncture meridians and the “aura” suggests what has been taught in esoteric science forever, namely that the energy-circuits and health-channels of the body are not strictly flesh-encased any more than the magnetic field of a dipole is confined within the physical boundaries of the conducting object. Thus it should be understood that real energy, real life-force and the emanation of an actual vital-circuitry is involved in applying the “imaginative faculty” to the given relationships of body and dinnertable morsel. A real charging takes place; an actual energy-transference and quickening is conducted. It should not be supposed that the “inner work” performed by imagination and creative visualization is confined in its effectiveness to the catalytic agency of “suggestion”, or operates indirectly by analogy only as if the object were merely to get one in the proper mood.

There is another very significant aspect to the practice of “charging” one’s food as a consistent Grace with each meal. The subject of Biological Transmutations is still in its “controversial” stage as far as exoteric science and its solid thought-structures are concerned. Yet there is sufficient existence of anomaly in the field of biochemistry (that remains anomalous even to the confession of standard science) explained by the proposition of Biological Transmutation, to warrant a profitable research over the years for those elastic enough to follow the logical inference. The thesis (again, not at all novel to the arcane or Perennial Science) is simply that the Periodic Table of Elements isn’t irreducible, that atomic and molecular structures have the capacity to transmute into one another through a secret passage of universal inter­change, in the light of which all elemental composition enjoys a common denominator. Especially in the presence of breathing biological organisms, the evidence of just such transmutative capacity perturbingly manifests, violating Lavoisier’s law regarding the conservation of elemental bodies and consequent prohibition against “creating” by chemical reaction. (The “glare” first seems to have shown up in the manifestly anomalous fact that hens expel much more lime through excreta and eggs, than is contributed by their feed). Thus atomic mass numbers indicate “isolated isotopes” occurring in mineral nature, but are inaccurate and unreliable when figured in living processes like nuclido-biological reactions (requiring proportionately more heavy isotopes, etc.).

Indeed as the pioneer research of Professor Louis Kervan suggests it is the specific rate of oxygen-metabolism which determines the strength and type of transmutation, hence the importance of temperature in the study of primitive biological reaction etc. In relation to the current problems of denatured food, the whole field of Transmutations suggests there is an internal biological potential for creating certain chemistries that may not be active in any of the inputs; there may be a natural way of catalyzing the presence of necessary nutritive and metabolic agents from products insufficient in themselves which, together, possess complementary keys of a synthesis presumed by reductive classification to be impossible.

The body knows what it needs. If the proper ingredients and an adequate energy are present, the science of Biological Transmutation suggests that there is a deeper resource for the nourishment of life-systems than is conventionally supposed.

Mother: Where Do Baby Atoms Come From?

All elemental structures and isotopic charge “emerge” in harmonic agreement with the operative lines of a cosmic grid pattern; they don’t simply bubble up as the broth of a random stew that somehow cools and congeals into happily cooperative networks of local assemblage. This “cosmic grid pattern” is the ideo-form prototype of the perspective that, in intersecting the matrix from which those structures emerge, imposes the organizational “labels” and defining arrows serving to configure the overall unity of the medium on a non-local scale according to quality, value, affinity and potential identity.

The matrix referred to, from which the (given) elements are reflectively filtered in a kind of transdimensional symmetry-breaking, is understandable as a pointillist fluid. This fluid is considered to be of multidimensional magnitude. It summarizes a geometric maxima through each of its centrist “moments”. Such a subtle field ripples with waves of varying (psychic) intensities, agitated from the shifting network of focal alignments magnetically “locking” the geometric grids of a higher density phase-space (continuously establishing the “angles of intersection” through which the pointillist field is characteristically disturbed). It is as the waves of these resultant “interference-patterns” that the coded coordinates of potential connectivity belonging to the fluid matrix responsively bob and surge, discontinuous blips of rotating relation—such is the “vacuum state” in which are allegedly manufactured a panoply of “virtual particles” sparking in and out of existence.

Given a sufficient, threshold intensity of complementary convergence vectors in the wavicle-stream channels, there arises a stabilizing “apposition” of impulses through which a particular, multidimensional geometry of coordinate harmonics erects a beat-phase continuity of repetitious rhythms, mnemonically consistent intervals and breaks (much like a complex web of standing-wave infrastructures swirled about one another in “shells” or nested folds of curving, reciprocally correlated tangents).

That surging matrix of energy-harmonics in which the saturate, geometric potentials of structure are embedded, is equal to the Ether (the true virtual vacuum state). All atomic and molecular composition is a provisional, polarized continuity through energy-intense modes of its field; all atomic and molecular composition arises from its variable potential where, in the discontinuous or “instantaneous” state all structures are equivalent. Thus it is through the enveloping matrix of that “Unknown” field that elemental constituents easily achieve a counterchanging parity. It is at the juncture of certain threshold values of energy-intensification or stabilizing, mutual convergence through that field that the potential of transmutative process is optimized.

That pulsatory matrix of fiery, pointillist “scales” is the real breath-current. Its pranic ethers bristle with potentiated life-force, a saturate plenum of geometries containing a maxima of coordinate variables sufficient in themselves to answer any formal problem. Under adequate, stabilizing intensity of coordinate alignments the effective—transdimensional—organization of elements may be rotated out of that plenum matrix (i.e. the “implicate order”). This is the mechanism of the immunology system, for example, noted to possess the exceptional property of responding to change by shuffling its genetic complement into unique combinations, a power which no other system is said to exhibit since the process of fertilization supposedly locks the chromatin-tumblers in place.

Indeed all those combinations of the genetic elements observed to characterize action of the immunology system, take place at a relatively low level of mind-body integral harmony consistent with the character of the average systems observed. In the case of a “yogic” or non-ordinary, transdimensional alignment of the energy-currents participating through the etheric menstruum (the chakra centers and meridians, etc.), the synthetic potential is no longer confined to the limited range of the standard, low-level focal lockin. Syntheses of a truly subtle or radiant-pranic type may then take place so that the resultant, living biological (atomic and molecular) structures are much more powerful and versatile than that which is regularly observed to characterize the “limit” of the immunological repertoire. The forging of a molecular defense-mechanism from potent, bio­psychic levels adequate to neutralize such presently deadly strains as the AIDS virus would under such circumstances be commonplace, demonstrating that there’s nothing the mind-body being in its multidimensional aspect as the Spiritual Life-Current can’t accommodate.

It is for this reason, amongst many others, that we regularly perform the Whole-Charger Breath and the special consecration or formal blessing of mealtime learned in this lesson. Without having to wait on the “objective proof” of a biomedical science measuring the scope of things by a largely inadequate standard, we may have immediate practical recourse to the demonstrable power and mind-body intensification afforded through the pleasant regimen of Power Breathing; and we may benefit in very tangible ways from the principle of Biological Transmutation (enhanced and positively magnified by an exponent through the Charger Breathing discipline), which is only a modern restatement in any case of a very ancient and arcanely “known” process. Therefore we need not believe any longer that we are limited to the actual food content of our available commercial products, which by the most permissive analysis falls far short of minimum adequacy; we may understand the larger reality in which this apparently hopeless impasse actually takes place, so that we may resort to the inbuilt if “hidden” magical trap door furnished along with the original Owner’s Warranty. We may make optimum use of the available materials no matter how apparently inadequate (or, in some cases. positively polluted); and, from all apparent insufficiency, we may summon up the ongoing creative renewal of life so as to extend the precious time in which we are committed to restore the Balance.

A Second and Third Helping

Performance of the Whole-Charger Blessing whether formally or inwardly, establishes the initial condition for an optimized act of digestion at each meal. In order to further enhance the natural power of your system to make the most of what is becoming increasingly a “bad show”, it is advisable to maintain silence (and therefore calm) during the course of your meal, even if the “meal” is only a brief snack. Such silence is beneficially meditative for the digestive system. If you are unable to elicit cooperation in this effort from those with whom you must share the sacrament of food-consumption. you should at least minimize your personal contribution to the dinnertable turmoil (to the degree that you don’t breach the requirement of unobtrusiveness).

As an adjunct to maximizing the harmony and potency in which the processes of consumption and digestion take place, there is a supplemental technique of imagination which ought to be employed—and can be, to the limit of the prevailing dinnertable peace. You should enjoy this technique, as it actually enhances the pleasureableness of food consumption.

Regardless the actual quality and nutritive content of the food you’re eating (always keeping in mind that you should try to obtain the most nutritious and uncontaminated foodstuffs possible) you should imagine that you’re eating the purest, freshest and most wholesomely delicious food of its type. You should actively imagine that you’ve personally grown the sum total of all fruits, vegetables, nuts or grains present in your meal. even though in fact they may come right out of a quick-boil plastic package. You should create an imaginative narration of a simple sort, perhaps in the form of an advertisement (a context where everything is presented as favorably as possible in any case!), in which the wholesome-organic processes are depicted whereby you grew and tended every last dinnertable item in personal fields and orchards (pretend you got the property through the “deal of a lifetime”, anything, if you have to account to yourself for the existence of any of these imagined features). Envision in the form of a full-color commercial the step-by-step processes whereby you grew and harvested these delicious varieties of organic edibles (virtually bursting with the full complement of nutritional contents that nature in her purity provides), sliced, diced, cooked and otherwise prepared them in gleaming kitchens with the help of friends, perhaps, with whom you’re sharing the emotional rewards of furnishing the public such incomparable meals out of your own restaurant—the “commercial” might at this point linger over the golden menu on which is listed in savory detail the general fare describing your own present plate, but idealized. Ingredients of all sauces, even all the spices should be imagined as homegrown and specially prepared, even if at that very moment you’re pounding your condiments out of a ketchup bottle.

Naturally, if you’re eating beef or fish or chicken products you may not want to take the preparatory steps back quite so far in your imagination; just visualize these foodstuffs at the stages of cooking and garnishing usually depicted in commercials. (At this point we can imagine the mental tongueclucking of many “New Agers” mightily miffed that we included possible animal products and didn’t take the tendentious opportunity to chastise all the beefeaters in strict recommendation of a low-karmahydrate, vegetarian regimen. The New Thunderbird Chronicle appreciates the original virtues of vegetative living, but recognizes also that all forms of nutrition are now, virtually, in the same unwholesome boat; for every fatted calf with steroids swelling its flanks there’s a crate of apples from Argentina allegedly Alar-free which is in fact floating in the stuff. At this point, it’s almost a matter of “choose your poison”—only remember to partake of it in a sacramental manner, with the necessary mind-body discipline to minimize its toxic contributions and maximize its wholesome utility to the system. Another point not to be slighted: we want to reach the hearts and minds of as many people as possible, and right now—whether they belong to the reborn ranks of the vegetable-saved or not. These instructions belong to everyone alike, and can be immediately applied without having to make some special adaptation of your life or lifestyle first).

It is also important to note here that recent national dietary and health agency recommendations which warn against vitamin supplements as contributing a potentially harmful surplus to the natural food values provided by our ordinary fare, are at best misleading, and at worst force us to wonder what universe of willful blindness is inhabited by those who make such recommendations. Perhaps if we were fed from a turn-of-the-century table such advice would have a real context; but to extend such advice in the present time, in the face of overwhelmingly contrary and public evidence as to the notoriously low and devitalized content of our foods across the board, is almost schizophrenically negligent. Vitamin supplements which make efficient use of the proper synergists should certainly not be overlooked on the basis of the false security furnished by such irresponsible (not to say incredible) proclamations.

As you may well suppose, the imaginative “idealization” of any given meal of which you happen to be partaking, (inwardly enhancing the flavor and texture of everything with vivid embellishment etc.) has a stimulating effect on the digestive juices, maximizing the flow of enzymes and chemicals necessary for a thorough processing extractive of the subtler values and radiant-vital essences of the given substance. Lingering over the delicious wholesomeness of the meal slows and gathers the thought-processes, calms the psychic “waves” and establishes all the necessary conditions of a considered, peaceful supper—one inferentially filled with gratitude as the deliberate enhancement of the imaginative faculty produces progressively positive results, and implicitly relaxes the system into an appreciative mood (whereas the mind left to its habits is often found casually grousing or subliminally muttering over some failure of the food to meet its “standards”, a train of acrid thought which has its negative repercussions in the practical measure of acceptance accorded the food as it passes through the digestive processes).

The supreme example of this mealtime methodology, we suppose, is to be found in the famous boot-nail scene of Charlie Chaplin’s Gold Rush; this is an extreme char­acterization of the principle, to be sure, one which of course we pray doesn’t come to constitute more and more the general reality of larger numbers of people. But things must be turned around in the psyche first; be grateful for what one still has, make the most of it whatever objective condition it may be in. Thankfulness has great curative powers. Bon appetit.


[This text is from The New Thunderbird Chronicle November 1989, Vol. 1, No. 4. by MT; from a scanned copy in PDF form, found online as part of a torrent set of TNTC issues (the torrent is labeled as “Micheal Topper” [sic].) Transcribed, proofed and typeset to ensure textual fidelity, suitable for reading, printing, archival, & propagation into other print or online formats. Spelling, italics, accent-marks, bolding, and capitalization are as in the original, without modifications or additions intended.]