The New Thunderbird Chronicle

The New Thunderbird Chronicle (or TNTC) was a periodical just predating the era of the World Wide Web, given away for free primarily in southern California locations such as grocery, health or “new age” stores.

The articles and art were the creation of MT (Michael Topper under a variety of pseudonyms), expounding, commenting, or touching upon a vast array of fields: metaphysics, esotericisms, materialism, science and physics, “New Age”, UFO, alien or “spacebeing”/extradimensional entity, consciousness expansion, archetypes, channeling and popular channelers such as Bashar, alien “contactees”, the Tarot, divination method, Hermetic Qabalah and the Western Magickal Tradition, current events and commentary, alien/channeling popular book reviews, music reviews, and movie reviews including (but not limited to) The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars and Batman.

The more “popular” subjects were deftly used by MT as a crowd-pleasing hook and jumping-off point to drop some masterful breadcrumbs (heavy loaves, at that) about their esoteric correlations and hidden-in-plain-sight implications.

MT’s texts are written in a deliberately unapologetic and unique style (although he does issue formal “apologetic” or defense as to the reasons for the style.)

MT had a Shakespearean facility with the English language that may induce discomfort in the casual reader yet may also reward the diligent seeker of the treasures contained within. The text seems to actively resist abridgement or even commentary upon, as if to do so would inescapably destroy some potent intent that MT placed within the text as it is written, as if the text itself were secretly a new-type of grimoire.

Here is enough quality material to keep one chewing and ruminating for an entire lifetime, as with any good sacred text.

The fine English prose serves as innately uplifting guide of the human spirit (as if on the wings of a thunderbird) to a hawk’s eye overview in which patterns invisible to the ground-bound viewpoint typical of mass consciousness may reveal themselves to the rare observer who chooses to soar above to obtain the meta-experience, to know for themselves the relationships between seemingly isolated things and fields of study. And in that meta-view of connecting the seeming opposites, a fresh infusion of life seems to flood into the panoply of all possible experiences that may present themselves to us within “our” conditional and limited reality.

MT honored that reality of limit, the reality that is all we know, unlike few spiritual masters. He honored our reality of limit, of condition, of the Great Work in progress, of the plodding along of time. He respected our facts on the ground, our plight, our situation. He also honored the masters who gave our experience of reality the honor it deserved.

For it seems that many spiritual masters (and teachings) have been adherents primarily of the Father, interested in vamoosing out of this vale of sorrows without paying any attention to further development of this manifest and conditional realm, writing it off on their tax returns as essentially of little enduring value. MT was an adept of the Mother and the treasures that she has to offer. Thus, MT did not a offer a savior’s “salvation” to “save” us out of the manifest world– her world– to pluck us up to some heavenly Father’s paradise. He offered us merely the same world we had been born into and were living in all along, only now we had the opportunity to see it through new eyes, feel it with a new heart, and thus realize for ourselves that the Divine Play wasn’t that bad after all, for we were already at Home, right here and now, in the Mother’s arms, not abandoned by our Parents, not actually left alone.

As such, there is a earnest and bellowing joy of life that inescapably permeates MT’s writings. It may be of especial appeal to those of the intellectual path and those of the innately frenetic Western mindset that finds relaxation hard and is seeking for mental engagement, calisthenics, and grappling hook exercises in preparation for one’s leap across the Abyss.

Article Excerpts from TNTC

Transcribed and reformatted from the PDF files. Suitable for printout and reading.

Whole Charger Blessing – Power Breathing [Nov. 1989]

Conclusion of “On Ramtha, Bashar, Used Dictionaries And a Revised Peter Principle” from last issue

Full Issues of TNTC – PDF Scans

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As scans of the original texts, they may serve as the basis for any digital transcriptions.
This is not a complete set of all the issues of TNTC (perhaps they will show up one day).

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Some of the major articles and article-series first published in TNTC were later republished in book form, with edits or additions by the original author MT, in Magnum Organum or T-Bird vs. The Flying Saucers.