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Primary Creative Visualisation Empowerment: Easy step-by-step instruction for beginners or those with difficulties in creative visualization. Gets you productively visualizing from the first minute. You cannot really extend your full attention toward creative and spiritual development unless your basic needs and worries over resources are taken care of first. This tape puts you immediately on the road to fulfilling those needs.

Astral Bells: One full hour of specially-selected chime and bell sounds. Establishes an ECHO-BRIDGE of building tones artfully calculated to entrain the brain-wave patterns at an optimum harmony and synchrony of function, so that you find yourself quickly “in the Spirit” of a deeper, more profound and Beautiful Space. Comes with brief instruction page that tells you how to swiftly optimize the magical benefits you can receive from this cassette of ASTRAL BELLS.

UFOs: An Initiated Account: Now available on 1 hour tape, MT discusses UFOs, their origins, occupants and humanity’s relation to such increasingly persistent “visitors”.

UFOs: An Initiated Account II: MT explains phenomenon of livestock mutilation, government/Alien interaction, Negative and Positive UFOs; how you may discriminate, protect yourself, etc.


Mother current initiations continue

The Mother Current Initiations conducted by Michael Topper (MT) on May 19th impacted the attendees to such a profound degree that more initiation dates have been set up to handle the response generated. These spiritual initiations are considered requisite foundational work for meeting the upcoming challenges of the 1990s! and are highly recommended.—James Aramant, Whole Life Times





NEW from Southern Crown—

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: The complete and definitive MT lecture series on the densities and stages of Realization-helps you understand, in clear simple language and verbal illustrations, what Yogis, Saints, Sages and Zen masters of the various traditions are, the characteristic stages, types and “signatures” of their realizations; and the teachings, levels and density-correspondences of various spiritual personalities throughout history.

Tape No. 47-4th stage teachings and practices (Taoist, Zen); Yoga practices. Tape No. 48-Ego-organization of 3rd, 4th and 5th stages. Nature of “Satori”. Spiritual history of Earth, major influence on 4th stage teachings. Negative influence on religious history. Tape No. 49-The World and the Mother. Aims and focus of Zen practice. Yogic view of 3rd density, the problems of that view. Tape No. 50-Real Initiation: what to expect. Kundalini vs. Superconscious guidance. Tape No. 51-Artificial earthquakes; discussion of paper “Coming Changes on the West Coast”. Roles of Pleiadeans, Orions, Reptilians, Asuras. The solar eclipse of July 11. Plus initiation lecture of 4/20/91. Tape No. 52-Yogis, Saints and Zen adepts. Zen and the principle of validation. Oversoul consciousness vs. “channeling”. Tape No. 53-Yogis, Saints and Zen adepts, continued. What Jesus is doing. Gyana Yoga. Bernadette Roberts and Bernadette of Lourdes. Tape No. 5-4-5th stage/density. The Mother’s Lost Will and the Divine Guilt of Saints. Motto-in-the-Lotto effect. Sai Baba, Bernadette of Lourdes, Yogananda et al. Tape No. 56-Chakras and the Castaneda “assemblage point”. 5th density/stage, the “aura” of the Saint (and why); 6th density awakening. Bashar’s “agenda”. Tape No. 57-Errors of 4th and 5th stages/densities. “Right Use of Will” realms. The chakras. “Cosmic Awareness”-what this Source really is. Tape No. 58-6th and 7th densities. Avataric function. The Mother. All 11 tapes for $108.00 ($12.45 discount!); tapes $10.95 each-send check or m.o. to: The New Thunderbird Chronicle, 15237 Sunset Bl. ste 29, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.

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[The following comprises the copy on the back-cover of the book T-Bird vs. The Flying Saucers, verified against a photo.]

A little fuzzy on this “good-bad” thing? Wonder how “Cosmic Duality” squares with Whole-Being Consciousness and Non-dual Enlightenment? Wonder who, or what, the Whitley Strieber (Communion) entities are, or the Andreasson beings?

Want to know what MT has to say about (or to) Bill Cooper, Col. Bo Gritz, Col. Wendelle Stevens, Bob and Betty Luca (Andreasson), W. Strieber, the “Christ”, “Sananda” and “Rays” of Virginia Essene and Ann Valentin, the Orion Crusaders, Al Bielek, Mother Teresa, Seth and Jane Roberts, the Ra material, Rubik’s Cube, Billy Meier and the Pleiadians, Maharishi, Total Recall and more?

Wonder what would happen if we’d fast-forward Easy Rider?

Now you can experience the writings of MT on UFOs, Channeling, Space-and-New Age, alien abductions etc. in one convenient, large print/easy-to-read collected work. MT (Michael Topper) creator of The New Thunderbird Chronicle, illumines the most obscure, bewildering but compelling topics pressing upon this watershed decade of the ’90s, through the incomparable viewpoint of Initiated Wisdom. In literature, art and through the ineffable communication of that Awakened Spirit itself, MT has brought free to the public for two years now the distillate of an ongoing Teaching Work that no one can afford to ignore in this unparalleled time of crisis and promise, where proliferating voices of bewildering variety invite one to take a step upon a consequential Road promising safe passage through the era’s danger-zones, but from which — once struck out on — there may well be no turning back…


Run, don’t walk, to nearest telephone to order this one! We suspect that The New Thunderbird Chronicle doesn’t get too much exposure outside of its Southern California habitat—but its UFO coverage is about to get worldwide exposure here. And deservedly so, for there is nothing quite like this anywhere on the UFO market. Made up of writer Michael Topper’s pungent and cutting articles, observations, explorations and hey, wait-a-minutes, what we have here is perhaps the sharpest-tongued interpreter of the UFO/New Age scene presently functioning, using a literary slash-and-burn technique to reveal the fertile ground beneath: The collective psyche of the UFO movement in America. —Robert C. Girard, Arcturus Book Service Catalog


One of the best presentations (on the subject) I’ve ever seen. How could I have missed this treasure up to now? —Col. Wendelle Stevens, UFO expert and author of Message from the Pleiades, on MT’s ms. “UFOs, An Initiated Account”


This man belongs to the esoteric or positive side of the “secret power structure”—He’s the only person in the history of the world that I know of who’s been openly bringing the secret esoteric knowledge of what is called the Illuminati, the Mystery Schools, the Guardians of the Secrets of the Ages, to public knowledge. He’s doing this for a reason: because someone has to present the positive side. —Milton William Cooper, lecturer and author of Behold a Pale Horse



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* The T‑Bird Returns-with explosive energy!

in which the T‑Bird’s purpose and function are explained


* Power Breathing: The Charger Breath

A genuinely empowered technique to raise the overall level of mind-body functioning, immune system etc. is given free!


* The Death of Abbie Hoffman

What really happened in ’60s consciousness?


* Review Section

MT presents the unique Gong Fu rating system used in all T-Bird film and book reviews


* Book Reviews

“The Turning Point” by Fritjof Capra

“The End” by Larry Ephron

Why these two should have dinner together


* Movie Reviews

“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” Insights into the real Grail Quest


* The Adventures of Hal O. Harvest, New Age Ombudsman Debut of the most far-out comic strip ever (because of its deep verisimilitude to what’s really going on)



* Woodstock Nation 20th

MT illuminates the significance of the legendary gathering


* Power Breathing Lesson 2-Whole Charger Breath

Next step in the uplifting practice of the charger breath


* New Age Cheers and Jeers

MT graciously applauds, or deftly needles, as the case may be, Talking Head David Byrne, Chernobyl, Donald Trump, and food irradiation


* Film Reviews

“Movie and Dream: The Qabalah of Star Wars” —the article that blew Hollywood’s mind!

“The Wizard of Oz” —was a lot more than a good fairy tale

What Batman is Everyone Watching? —you mean, “Batman” was a…documentary?


* Hal O. Harvest-Chapter 2. Time travel is only “the beginning” for Bubba “Crash” Cooper



Halloween Special—The T‑Bird Takes On Spook Central


* Book ReviewChanneling, UFOs, and the Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World: Parts I and II

The true nature of channeling and channeled sources; the best material ever channeled; the meaning of densities; positive and negative polarities in higher dimensions; the negative agenda; free will; dream & nightmare-and Lots More!


* Review: Power Breathing

Recaps our progress to this point


* Hal O. Harvest—Col. Angstrom is missing, and Bubba is stuck…



* Power Breathing: Whole Charger Blessing: Breath & Nourishment How to literally transmute your food—and your life—with unmistakable Grace


* New Age Cheers & Jeers Featuring: Why You Don’t “Create Your Own Reality”

In which MT extracts and illumines the partial truths, and skewers the fallacies, of this popular New Age dogma


* Book Review: Channeling, UFOs, and the Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World: Part III: Will, Being and Well-Being—MT artfully explains the channeling process and the dangers of passive receival, rates the veracity of various channeled sources and exposes their secret sources [?]


* Hal O. Harvest astrals out…



* Letters to the Editor and Post Harmonic Convergence Manifesto

What “vernacular” is MT writing in, anyway?


* Power Breathing-Tips for the Balance

How to practice properly


* New Age Cheers and Jeers

The Dalai Lama’s Prize


* What is Christ Consciousness?

The meaning of being and identity, geometries of being and the process of creation; the Conscious Axis; void and absolute


* Book Review

“Peace at Last, The After-Life Experiences of John Lennon” by Jason Leen

All MT’s saying is give Leen a chance (and catch his vernacular)


* Video Reviews

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” —did you say “A Separate Reality” was made into a cartoon?

“Star Trek I (the Movie)” —VGER, samadhi East and West, & the Totality of Being

‘‘North by Northwest” —Alfs the Gary Grant of directors: can’t touch his style



* The Medium Has A Message

What it means to advertise in the T‑Bird


* The ‘90s: Prepare for LIFE

Seership vs. predictions: understanding prophecy The upcoming harvest and meaning of cataclysms


* Power Breathing: Whole Charger Breath Meditation

A simple but powerful technique, completed


* The “You’re Nothing But a Pack of Cards” Divination

MT shows how profound, accurate life readings may be obtained by using an ordinary deck of playing cards. Complete “how to” includes meanings, correspondences, suits, numbers and face cards.


* What is Christ Consciousness? Part 2.

The physics of Spirit (plus a quiz and gameboard)!


* Hal O. Harvest encounters strange underground goings-on.



* Letters and Production Ed.

Ed’s essay on MT


* If You Never Read Anything Again, Read This…The Bottom Line In Identifying a True Teacher and Teaching: A Modest Proposal

In this landmark presentation, MT demonstrates the real meaning of “service to others” as he challenges all selfdescribed teachers, authorities, facilitators etc. to put their chakras, brainwaves, and energy patterns where their mouths are.


* New Age Cheers and Jeers

Who’s really behind malathion spraying-and why


* Mind/Brain Behaviors: Why Some Citizens of Gotham Fear Batman and Draw Reactionary Cartoons About Him


* Hal O. Harvest-Hal’s friend Bubba surfs into the void



* Letters to the Editor: How to Stuff a Wild Blue Meanie

Positive and negative channeling; higher mind-body integration and filling the spiritual channel; the “battle” between good and evil; Manley P. Hall


* Power Breathing Checklist. Are you practicing correctly?


* New Age Cheers and Jeers:

The rainforest and scientists. Dan Quayle.


* Real Meditation

Traditional approaches; then there’s the Mother Current.


* Book Review:

“A Channeling Handbook” by Carla Rueckert

MT analyzes this work by the “world’s greatest channeler”


* Film Review:

“Rear Window” So you thought the Jimmy Stewart character was a hero?


* Hal. O. Harvest: Bubba catches more waves



* Letters to the Editor: Who is MT? What is the “Ashtar Command” really up to?


* What Is The Mother Current?

The origin and purpose of the Mother Teaching; history of esoteric Spiritual teaching; personal history of AAA and MT


* Power Breathing

How to unblock; handling irritations


* New Age Cheers and Jeers:

Grace Slick; Earth Day.


* Hal O. Harvest gets illuminating news from Prof. Pastitch



Letters to the Editor:

T‑Bird cover art

New Age Cheers and Jeers:

Nadia Comaneci and Life Magazine

Logos/Anti-Logos The principles behind positive and negative realities

Power Breathing:

Reviewing the Basic Breath; blowing away body armor; cosmetic benefits

Initiates’ Corner

Critique of Jnana yoga; meditative phenomena; the meanings of colors

Review Section

“The Abyss”-plumbed for the first time anywhere.

What is Christ Consciousness? Part 3 Will, Light, and the Illumination of Divine Idea; line, limit and Infinity


Hal O. Harvest is waylaid



* The Great Motto-In-The-Lotto Caper

A reader’s letter sets the stage for the Totality’s breathtaking, mind-boggling, indisputable demonstration of MT’s and AAA’s enlightenment as manifested in the “world we know” for all who have eyes to see





* Letters to the Editor


The Big Spin: In this Motto-in-the-Lotto sequel, MT further clarifies the confusion in “You Create Your Own Reality”; gradual and sudden enlightenment, the need for work; the role of identity


* T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix: We Go to the Tim Beckley National New Age and Alien Agenda Conference, Part I of a multipart series: “Easy Rider” fast-forwarded; crashed UFOs; the secret government; negative alien plots and more


* Hal O. Harvest meets a Man-in-Black!


* New…student initiate class tapes made available



Chapter 2 of T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix-The New Age & Alien Agenda Conference: What MT and AAA already knew; The speakers; Why isn’t proof and documentation enough?; Al Bielek; the Philadelphia Experiment; time travel; Betty Andreasson and the great Aura shootout; space dorks; “Total Recall” as documentary; “Alternative 3”; AIDS and “Alien”

Initiates’ Corner

Letters to the Editor

Power Breathing Review



Letters to the Editor

T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix, Chapter 3: T‑Bird interviews Bob and Betty Luca (The Andreasson Affair) Also: Bill Cooper-Billy Meier-Alternative III-Col. I3o Gritz, Delta Force-the moon, cows, and green-cheese rationales-Space Dorks and the Gremmies and more

What is Physics? Principles of antigravity, scalar fields, unknown realities, alien technology



T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix, Part IV: Betty (Andreasson) & Bob Luca interview continued; space dorks, time & density, beamships, lunar mysteries and purposes uncovered

Initiates’ Corner The purpose of Spiritual Initiation Spiritual technology and the religious ideal

What is Physics? continued

New Age Cheers and Jeers Scientific American and Phillip Klass debunked

Hal O. Harvest battles the Man-in-Black



* Ad Hominem Hoes and Hominy

The containment and attempted discrediting of Bill Cooper, how and why the secret government prepares the public to accept UFOs. aliens, abductions (oops: “detainments”) etc.


* T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix Part V

A profound inquiry into the claimed “spirituality” of the Andreasson spacebeings PLUS MT’s initiated insight explains the hidden physics and technology behind the spacedork magick show



* Letters to the Editor


* MT Editorial: THE QUAKE’S A FAKE! in which MT reveals why certain recent earthquake predictions were so specific, and details the secret plan to decimate the West Coast through artificially created disasters (yes, artificially created!)


* T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix, Chapter V, Part Three


Spacedork history: why simply choosing the “high road” wasn’t enough; why spacedorks experiment on humans, or Have a Heart”; fallacies of the dork coverstory; how Life Waves came to Earth and appeared as different races; multidimensional DNA responses; Cosmic Ideotypes, Spirals and the Conscious Axis; the Pyramid of Consciousness; saga of the Cosmic Gypsies


* Hal O. Harvest encounters a grave situation…



* ANNUAL HALLOWEEN ISSUE: Were Those Quakes Fakes?


* MT Editorial reveals hidden meanings of the artificial earthquake scenario-Bruce Cathie’s research and harmonic equations behind the technology; secret government exploitation of the Earth’s energy grid and power points; bouncing a potential quake back to its source; manipulation of the psyches of the power elite by negative alien consciousness


* What Is the Global Energy Grid? Explains the origin, structure, function and relation to mind/body/spirit processes.


* Mind/Brain Behaviors II: Hounds of Heaven-Biting the Brainwave Burglars


Government mind and brainwave control perpetrated on civilians; explains WHY and HOW it’s done; why conventional prayer etc. fails as defense; provides public with an organic, effective method for psychic self-protection



The Definitive Dissertation on 11:11 How the key to understanding this “event” can be found at a local Mexican restaurant

Letters to the Editor and MT’s Reply-On Ramtha, Bashar, Used Dictionaries and a Revised Peter Principle-Part I: Liabilities of channeling through 3rd stage beings; why adepts can, but channeled sources can’t, give complete spiritual initiation; MT reviewsRamtha’s and Bashar’s claims, perspectives, plans anddestinies; identifies “holes” in their teachings cosmogonies and once again destroys the “you create your own reality” canard; void-being, reality patterns, and more

Understanding Mediums-The Extensions of Man

The Casebook on Cosmic Awareness (Crayons and Numbered Dots Provided)

The “Fake Quake”, the Media, and a frameful of phenomena; examining the “Cosmic Awareness” commentary on T-Dird’s “fake quake scenario”; how reality conformsto the words of true adeptship; understanding the level of the “Cosmic Awareness” source; contradictions in the “Cos”-mogony

* Hal O. Harvest-Bubba “Crash” Cooper finds Shangrila



* MT Editorial UFO Expo West


The special atmosphere and unique quality of the Aramant show; the Val Valerian coup; see history made by the most electric, authoritative gathering of presenters ever!


* Letters to the Editor and Addressing Dana’s Point


Positive feedback from T‑Bird readers; MT further illustrates the “Fake Quake” scenario, covert government and alien plots, why the “corporate class” doesn’t matter and disasters don’t push egos into service-to-others orientation


* On Ramtha, Bashar, Used Dictionaries and a Revised Peter Principle Part II:


Why MT’s written and spoken diction comprises an awakened “grounding” for consciousness-at-large even usable by channeled sources; the advantage of incarnate Adepts; identifying the ego’s resistance to awakening


* The Company Pays Homage to the Master (In the Only Way the Company Can): A modern enigmatic parable for coffeetable discussion: can you identify the cast of characters?


* MT Reviews The Matrix—Part I Initiated insight examines the intent of Valerian’s landmark volume and exposes the faulty logic of its critics


Now available to the public, selected tapes from

MT ‘s Initiates’ Classes

Please indicate the number of copies of each tape desired in the appropriate box. Single tapes are $10.95, double sets are $21.90, including first class postage to U.S. addresses. All orders must be paid in advance. Return this form with check or m.o. to:

The New Thunderbird Chronicle 15237 Sunset Bl. ste. 29 Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

_______(Please allow 4-8 weeks for

All Initiates’ Class Tapes (c) MT, The New Thunderbird Chronicle

Tape No. 36 (3/9/91):

Required changes for 4th density transformation; the brick that talks back; assimilation of identity-pattern to void-nature; meaning of MT’s participation in “secret societies”; the dual currents of the “mystery initiations”; significance of 3rd density, positive and negative polarization; dissolution of etheric screen, incursion of the negative; real practice is always contra “mass consciousness”. Ama’s spiritual and biographic history; the Divine enters through the feet: AmrrtaNadi; ascending kundalini-force, descending intelligence-energy, and the creative Divine; integration of the Creator with the Creation through the Mother-current.

Tape No. 37 (3/23/91):

Divine and household plumbing; continuing biographical narrative of Ama (AAA) and the process; two essential phases of the Spiritual Process: personal will and transpersonal Will, intent and receival; the Divine makes no deals; King Monkey; New Age fraud; a “show” isn’t enlightenment: need for discrimination and Heart; Love/understanding, or “works” as key to conscious transformation; Completeness of the Mother-teaching; the Mother’s role at the end of cycles: Ama doesn’t live on physical energy; student recognition and proper use of the Teaching.

Tape No. 38 (3/30/91):

Importance of daily meditation; contrast of “will” and “spirit” functions; purpose of Will, difficulty Divine Light-being has in understanding it; “4 Winds” scenario identified: Da Free John, the ‘angels”; failure of “the bright”, Da’s devitalization and entrapment as related and confirmed in “4 Winds” books. Ama and the ‘‘4 Winds” scenario. The Mother’s time; changing DNA; the heavenly war over earth’s destiny; role of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and history of his community; the secret marriage. What Lucifer knows. Where do students stand? Student meditations/visions, Q & A.

Tape No. 46 (6/1/91):

Continuity of attention and will; meaning, the pattern-of-being, love and will: will’s emotional rudder; MT’s predictions for the next year; no room for narcissistic self-involvement; life-wave requires one’s own awakening to leaven the whole; secret government’s pseudo-awakening of the masses; the government “UFO” scenario; programming of the public; the reptoids and the oncoming planetoid; Stalking: the half-truth of “You create your own reality” and the alien-projected guilt-trip; service to the whole; the differences between positive and negative hierarchies/goals; freewill and awakening “pressure”; real intuition vs. subconscious murmurings; flooding, earthquake-deflection.

Tape No. 47 (6/8/91):

Meditation Q & A; matter, psychic types and multiple meanings; power of ego abstraction and the vital-nature; “validation” as the principle of 3rd stage ego-psychology; shifting ego-intent to spiritual intent’, mutual upgrading of conscious and autonomic processes through integral spiritual practice; 3rd-density “experiment”; 4th stage teachings and practices; “void” as lowest common denominator between absolute and the field of matter; ‘‘void1’ and abdominal centers in Taoist and Zen history; differences between these and yogic practices.

Tape No. 48 (6/15/91):

Concentration; “ducking into” the lower dimensions; why “heartless” negative beings of the higher dimensions may seem to carry an aura of “love”; negative marking and influence in religious history; the negatives as great mimics; Stalking; repelling the negative; encountering the “standing order” that opposes awakening; tension between the densities: effect on adepts of different stages; ego-organizational differences of 3rd, 4th and 5th stages; flying saucers, psychic vehicles and tunneling; 4th stage teaching and the “asymptotic curve”; Zen adepts; Zen and taoist practices, Indian and Tibetan yogas; nature of “satori”; Zen art and mandalic art; spiritual history of earth and major influence of 4th stage teachings; student bias toward certain elements of practice, and why.

Tape No. 61 (9/14/91):

“The Quake Is a Fake” as of mid-September, progress-report: San Jose and New Zealand; why the Secret Gov’t is doing certain things for its own protection: the Quake and Reptilian invasion; thought-control and brain-wave modification; the present 75,000 year cycle and designated Teachers for 3rd density.

Tape No. 63(9/28/91):

3rd eye; integrating the three zones of the head and extended mind/body; optimum pattern of Being-the Shadow Outline established at initiation; basis of thought, identification patterns or Whole-being value; whence the present dimension is “headed”; the attraction of Initiation; requirement of volitional participation in the process; real and “personal” will; perception and subject/object cognition; the electro-chemistry of schizophrenia; Meher Baba, the “masts” and the conventional yogic-spiritual practices; schizophrenia and religious imagery; respective functions of MT’s and Ama’s classes; Presence of the Realized being, affect; “kundalini” initiations; why wishes often tend not to come true.

Tape No. 64 (10/5/91):

Question re vipassana retreat; kriyas, volition; energy-imprints of prior practices; sexuality, proscriptions against or regulations on sexuality, and the rise of the patriarchate; identification of “female” with lower abdominal complex; qualitative confusion re quantitative or directional designations through patriarchal symbol-system; distortion in the flow of teachings from the “higher” dimensions; the ancient viewpoint re conservation of sexual energy; disenfranchisement of the female; correcting distortions of spiritual principles; ego and the principle of validation; entropic energy loss from patriarchal ego-structure; limits and importance of “mechanical” side of the practice, and the conscious dimensions of spiritual practice with respect to the ego-structure; the “celibacy” of Saints and adepts-natural and doctrinaire celibacy; astrology and personality; ego-based sexuality and energy-expenditure; art of conscious dimension to spiritual practice, ego-insight; outer experience reflects inner mind/body organization and change; the gift of the visualization technique.

Tape No. 65 (10/12/91):

Relation of creator-light to creation; error of the idea re “perfect” omniscient/omnipotent forms of regulatory higher-intelligence; reciprocal learning processes and adjustments between “higher” and “lower” dimensions; the developing creation; distortions in the teachings of enlightenment, “reliance” of higher dimensional intelligence on 3rd density incarnate focus; Absolute, the Creation and Divine Love; the “teaching for children”, why it’s false and/or inadequate; Theosophical publications of Bailey material as illustrative of how “hierarchic” process actually takes place; consolidating the bridge of Initiation. The microcosmic orbit, the Immortal body; differences in male/female patterns of sexual energy.

Tape No. 66 (10/19/91):

Ego orientation, principle of “validation”; Taoist immortality, correlatives with practice and process of energy-circulation, breathing and breath retention; underlying systems and principles common to traditional practices: the sun-seed and moon-seed; the function, purpose and relationships of sexual energy, vital energy and individuated spirit; meaning and significance of menopause; sexuality and the functions of the autonomic nervous systems.

Tape No. 67 (10/26/91):

Practice cf the immortal body in Taoism, spiritual alchemy of the traditions etc., their relation to the teaching and practice of the Mother-current; the sun-seed and moon-seed processes as principles and common-denominator terms of spiritual practice; autonomic and voluntary phases of moon-seed circulation; coordinate rotations of solar and lunar seeds as “inner astrology”; development of inner “bodies” and corresponding densities, stages of spiritual development.

Tape No. 69 (11/9/91):

Stages of mind/body integral development, their relation to health-index: AIDS and the HIV virus, what they are, where they come from, wny they seem so effective and what can really be “done” about tnem; “Alien” as scenario of HIV virus.

Tape No. 70 (11/23/91):

The death process-afterlife stages, experiences; approaching the unknown: ~UFO’s as collective means of backing into the unknown; the responsive plasticity of being; UFO and the false kundalini; vc:ce of the Trickster; Choronzon, the “beast of the abyss” and tne fragmentation of attention; ego intent and spiritual intent; the T-Eird and the educative pattern of consciousness; Darth Vader and Choronzon; the magick square of Tiphereth and UFOs.

Tape No. 71 (11/30/91):

Educative sequence of T‑Bird issues; UFOs and the plasticityof-being; the cnaotic Call to the unknown; 4th stage ego-integration and the spirit of Choronzon; New Age and the babble of Choronzon; tne limitations of negative and positive responses from UFO-dimensions; the false kundalini and the pied piper; the spiritual requirement for waking up from the collective enchantment; the 125/91 “space object”; the secret in “Motto-in-the-Lotto”.

Tape No. 72 (12/7/91):

The necessity for authentic, incarnate higher-stage teachers; what spacebeings can, can’t and won’t do for humanity; practice of the “Microcosmic orbit” as illustrative historical model in description of greater and lesser-known phases of spiritual development; why the emphasis on sexual energy-historical basis, historical errors; caulking energy-leaks; the ching, the chi and the shen; oversoul si-iCSP’isic^ of kundalini-sakti distribution; abdominal storage-battery and the 3rd-eye function; awakening of physical field to void-r=:ure, opportunities for present rebalancing; organic development of chakra centers; circulation of sun-seed and moonseed, relation to traditional microcosmic orbit; Initiation and the introduction of the “interval of Grace” in cyclic history of the moon-seed: disturbances in vital awakening and effect on moonseed; the 3rd-eye and cosmicizing personal spirit; personal and planetary awakenings in lockstep; the 5th stage of development and the potential of the Immortal Body.

Tape No. 84 (3/7/92):

Initiation lecture 3/7/92. Why students “take initiation”; awakening the relationship to eternity, dissatisfaction with its substitute representations; connection of triple mind-body linkages in true Initiation; body not a prison but an expression; lighting up the triple zones-of-being; the artificial “war” between the zones-of-being in 3rd density; the limits of perception; irreplaceability of freewill, no mechanical “substitute”; why the incarnate vehicle is the “site” of Awakening-the necessity of incarnate adepts, and channeled “propaganda”; why spiritual Realization necessarily first presents itself in the form of an “Other”; kundalini and guidance from the positive Spirit-polarity; variables of meditation; advent of the Mother Teaching, millennial transformation of the world; spirituality and sexuality-not an “either/or” situation; negative effects of psychedelics, alcohol and tobacco on the centers and circuits necessary to the integration of the full spiritual currents; potential Initiation through AAA.

Tape No. 85 (3/14/92):

Spiritual axes, front and back; proper meditative focus; “future Self” as Heavenly Father and Guide; free will and karmic repercussion; meeting one’s patterns and enlisting them to the Awakening process; the emotional geometries of the Life-patterns; higher density negative consciousness and the “problems” presented to Oversoul; need for participation in one’s Awakening-no pre-arranged “salvation”; building the Rainbow Bridge: the gap at the base of the brain; negative and positive alignment of flow-channels; requirement of changing ego-intent to spiritual intent; adjusting students’ practice; breath-practice and etheric field effects; “latent fire”; adjustments in methodology and techniques.

Tape No. 86 (3/21/92):

Best meditation times; how personal mind/body harmonics allow differing experience from same set of techniques; ‘‘mechanical” practices and the spiritual Requirement of Oversoul supervision; traditional yogic preoccupation with the nature-current; why traditional spiritual practice has given sexuality a negative inflection; the Mother’s celebration of Creative energy; link between previsual centers, frontal focus and human physical structure; “Right Use of Will” books, the ontological “estrangement” between the Father and Mother principles; diffraction of unitive consciousness into personality-values; the father-and-mother-warriors, patriarchal repression of the “female”; magick vs. technology; the Solar Logos and the Earth-kundalini; survival-instinct and spiritual purpose; Adam, Eve and the “sweat of one’s brow”; Jesus and the hidden disciples.

Tape No. 87 (3/28/92):

How the imaginative and receptive sense-faculties function through the same circuit-patterns; relation between autonomic and sense functions: modifying perception; tricks to visualization; will and breath; dietary understanding: breath-nourishment and vital nourishment; adjusting ratios of oxygen to carbon dioxide, pH balance through the system; AIDS and an inhospitable “internal environment”; recommended balance between alkalinity and acidity, analyzing the food groups; dietary key in the Mother-current practice: listen to the body-sensitization to changing dietary and vital requirements in a living, organically-developmental spiritual process; Guru Nanak and the vegetarian apostasy; everything eating everything, the Way of All Densities; “The Eagle’s Gift”; electron as information-processor; popular notions, and the truth, about “health” and enlightenment.

Tape No. 88 (4/4/92):

Some phenomena in meditation; heat, breath, pressure and the Alta Major “gap”; building the Rainbow Bridge; Annette’s questions: a glimpse of heart-awakening, and interpreting “Right Use of Will” books; changing personal and planetary orientation from self-enclosed and absorptive pattern to open-radiative pattern; changing biochemistry, atomic structure in alignment with 4th density requirements; Solar Logos and the Initiatory threshold of the Cosmic Astral; unresolved psychic patterns and the emotional gap-conventional “patriarchal” teaching-orientation and the Willpolarity of the Mother-principle: “picking up the spare”; self-confessed incompleteness of “Right Use of Will” books; infantile root of the emotional knot-in-being; Mother-teaching/embodied Will-polarity resolution of the dilemma of the emotional gap: understanding the principle of validation; the Mother-teaching and the misapprehensions of “feminism”; the hierarchical Order-of-Being transcends repressive patriarchal interpretation; formal relation of spiritual teacher to student-initiates; alert receptivity, integrating and “caulking” the mind/body vehicle as fit receptacle; sacrificial spiritual outpouring of the Awakened-incarnate Being; eternal insufficiency of God-in-the-abstract.

Tape No. 89 (4/11/92):

What the Adept “sees”; importance of the order in which Wholebeing consciousness perceives the qualities and states of existence, as index of priority values for students; the field of perception; the form of self-interpretation; alignment with interpretive “knots” in meditation; effects experienced from alignment; functional configuration of male and female adept, compared and contrasted; radiation and receptivity; the intensified coherence of the adept’s presence, and its sign through the effects of students’ attention.

Tape No. 90 (4/18/92):

Discussion of Sorcerer’s Path (Castaneda material); explanation of “Eagle’s Gift”, salvation from negative spirit of the originating path; description of internal coordinate-alignments compared between “Sorcerers” tradition and that of the yogas. Children and the principle of validation; respective orientations to ego-principle of validation, between childhood and adulthood; and true requirements for spiritual advancement. Ritualizing the daily routine: essential supplements of spiritual awareness and alignment. Ritual value; its origin and meaning. Potent transformative symbols; maintaining meditative alignment and orientation of attention under standard circumstances.

Tape No. 92 (5/16/92):

Engineered efforts to stultify conscious/spiritual development, and coopt its means; the technology of anti-meditation; nonordinary energy-installations through the environment: hidden scalar technologies; information the mass, programming aberrative behaviors; martial law and the emergence of the anti-christ; why WW II never ended; continuities in the theme of genocide.

Politics of meditation: the battle of consciousness. Negative beings, advanced technology and the appearance of benignity. When “positive” ana “negative” aren’t over-simplifications; the discriminative function, properly and improperly employed. “Dreamscape”, Carter and the scenario of mind-control. “Intruders” and the UFO Expo West; measuring popular reaction to alien presence. The terror quotient and Ashtar, the “flying knight of Camalote”; making Revelations come to pass. Chronic problems of perception between higher-density beings, and the indigenous blockages for 3rd-stage consciousness.Intrinsic non-neutrality of events; the integral Rudder of being; Spiritual Masters and the dilemma of “Rosemary’s Baby”-potentials of negative transition to 4th.