Chapter 9

T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix—

We Go to the National New Age and Alien Agenda Conference: Chapter IV

Betty and Bob Luca (Andreasson) interviews continued • Spacedork Apologia analyzed horizontal and vertical time: the Density Factor • ”Extensions of Man”: the Biomechanical Beamship • more on Lunar Gravitational Anomalies— or, why the moon isn’t at the bottom of Moonlight Bay

Faster Than the Speed of Light; Or, How the T‑Bird Never Left Its Point of Departure

At this the beginning of our fourth installment on the “Tim Beckley Annual UFO Convention” there are some amongst the readership who, especially if they’ve been following from our debut issue in July ’89, may well be wondering what the noticeable editorial lingering around the subject matter of space aliens and assorted disks-through-the-transdimensional-ducts might possibly signify, when the range of topics initially broached promised to furnish fare at least as various as Life, and of hopefully more moment than the standard string of issues already done to death.

It may be surprising to that portion of the readership then, to know that our aim, form and outlook hasn’t changed; nor has our subject matter. Rather it may now be recognized that the identifiable outline in T‑Bird content-development can be consulted, as a tacit profile of our informing premise, i.e.: if one is to understand the current political, international, economic, social and environmental state-of-things in its real magnitude, its ample dimension, one must now understand the “anomalies” that have curiously accompanied all recent history of planetary change (and which, because they had no ready-made context while being officially denied the bare dignity of a speculative context, were culturally catalogued and mentally filed as “marginal”, practically superfluous but suited to leisuretime bemusement).

One must finally find a means of integrating those “peripheral” themes into the main corpus of legitimately serious topics; but, once one begins in earnest to do this, it’s inevitably noticed that the whole character of that corpus shifts. All the conventional values and standards of interpretation suffer a fateful displacement. They cannot remain sufficient keys of evaluation in themselves, derived as they inevitably are from a moribund “humanistic” worldview preserving all the old proportions.

Once the spade of unfettered curiosity hits the strangely-singed soil and upturns the first crackling isotope of anomalous sod, the murmur goes irretrievably up to heaven: “what is this?” And suddenly whole new perspectives need be introduced, wild variables and previously unthinkable possibilities have to be extended their due; moreover once that minimalist concession is made, that niggardly due extended, the strangely new element or oddball idea gobbles up the field without the grace of gradualism, preempts the table of options in an unseemly coverage grudgingly granted it owing—frankly—to its demonstrable power to account for more things, and a wider range of seemingly disparate things, in one compass.

Ultimately, it displays that one indispensable quality belonging to every revolutionary Zeitgeist, i.e. the progressively plain provision of a common denominator into which all formerly refractory facts go all-too-evenly in the end.

The Subject of Consciousness;

The Mind/Body Form of Man

Thus, if the T‑Bird originally promised to treat topics such as “the environment” with all related concerns of industrialization, alternative technologies and socio-political or cultural quiddity then it must now be recognized that one cannot begin to approach real understanding of the (sometimes bluntly ambiguous or contradictory) “environmental” theme, without fitting it into a context having a larger backdrop than is permitted from the cosmically-minute perspective of Earth ecology in itself. It must be recognized that “Earth” is not only a part of a greater galactic ecology in theory, but that it inevitably is so in fact—a circumstance that carries with it real consequence and effective repercussion.

The fact of that ecological interdependence, in terms of energy-networks and spacetime “lanes” we are only now beginning to fathom, inevitably comes fleshed with the features of real characters, participants in the implications, beings and processes and powers having tangible stake in just such a logical eventuality. From that dry, theoretical proposition real space-marauders come flying out like sudden bats from the wormholes and hyperducts, actual galactic explorers and spacetime missionaries, mercantile agents and bluegrey gremmies come surfing in on tenuous energy-grids and foaming crests of quantum curvature, armadas of high-priority—if often independent—Interest surging forward to establish the several flags securing and silently proclaiming each particular need…

And, if the T‑Bird originally promised to treat topics such as psychic, metaphysical, occult and spiritual development it must now be recognized that one cannot begin to approach real understanding of the significance of our terrestrial environment against the newly-expanded backdrop of Stars until one takes into consideration the real meaning, purpose, significance and destiny involved in the subject of Consciousness, and the mind/body form of Man. For ultimately it is with an Eye of interest upon such basic matter that the spacebeings (whom we’re now beginning to sense more emphatically) make their approach, and take up their several positions around the planetary compass in phantom Watch.

That quality of consciousness, and that correlative mind/body magazine seemingly fitted with such fragile perfection to the specialized balance of the Earth-sphere, must be thoroughly understood as the central factor of interest, the common point of cosmic focus for a great diversity of intents, objects and aims. Being the focus of so many intents, objects and aims (scarcely felt or appreciated at the “local” level of perception) it becomes increasingly necessary to address those exigent topics re our specific spiritual purpose, form and developmental destiny with respect to the variety of valuations made upon that mind/body potential by the Camps of the several Forces.

So it was that MT asked of Betty Luca (Andreasson), during their late morning Jack-in-the-Box interview next door to the Convention at the Holiday Inn, just what her understanding was re the purpose of her “little grey spacebeings”.


Betty L. A. and The Watchers:

Earth Women Over Easy

“From what they’ve related to me, and what I believe to be true,” Betty replied, her eyes taking on little seraphic lights at each chance to address such direct questions about purpose (as opposed to standard press fare re appearance, behaviors and nonordinary effects), “they are what would be traditionally considered ‘angels’. They don’t seem to have the universal, undefined potential of consciousness that man does; they’re more specialized, they’re sort of tailored or fitted to their purpose: and they view their purpose here as that of divinely-appointed caretakers, custodians of the planetary life-forms. They view Earth as their ‘botanical garden’, their experimental field of horticulture that they’ve tended unobtrusively for millennia—in fact, from what they intimate, from the very beginning, from the foundations of the Earth itself.”

“Then this accounts for their apparent genetic experimentations and cross-breeding endeavors with human women, as you’ve seen?”

“Yes. That’s largely it. They’ve told me—you know, in the kind of telepathic way they do—that they see no reason why mankind appears to be so perturbed at evidence that they borrow human genetic material—they do it without physical harm to the subject, and they claim man wastes so much of his reproductive material in any case that he ought to be happy that in this instance it’s going to good use.”

“And that is?”

“They say that they’re a much more ancient race, even though man is genetically related to them as an offshoot; and for this reason their systems tend to get fatigued. In order for them to maintain a racial ‘vigor’ they need to draw on the fresher and creative combinations of genetic coding implanted in mankind, from our very beginnings; they splice those codes in, and this fresh infusion supplements and renews their own genetic stock. They’re simply borrowing against the beings they’ve lovingly helped seed and cultivate on this planet, in order to secure their further preservation and establish forms of genetic revitalization and improvement in their particular planetary strain.”

“And the Earth-women they seem to ‘impregnate’ with the cross-bred zygote?”

“Well, as you know from the recovered hypnotic testimony, the women involved in this covert ‘implanting’ don’t carry the fetus full term. At a certain point, a few months it seems of fetal development, the subject is brought back aboard their craft and the fetus is removed, transferred to some kind of incubating apparatus.”

“Yes. I’ve read your own recalled description of it when you observed the process on that ‘other woman’ in The Watchers.”

“It’s very strange. I was disgusted at first; the fetus seemed to be ‘impaled’ with needles or some type of electrodes, pickled in vitro, the eyelids circumcised…but from the more calm position of recollection, I can understand what they were trying to impart to me at the time. The fetus isn’t really being hurt or tortured by these processes; they’re just highly advanced, artificial means of cultivating the traits and characteristics that will optimize the powers the beings want them ultimately to have.”

“And just what are those projected traits?”

“Well, I don’t know; but I do know that some of the fetuses develop into infant forms that are more humanlike, and some more alien-like; so they seem to be aiming at diversification. They have suggested that they’re not just operating on behalf of their own preservation or continuance, but that they intend to introduce quantum-leap improvements in the engineering of the human race.”

“There’s a peculiar point about all this that does occur to a lot of people who read of it. I’ve heard various explanations provided by various ‘species’ of alien who participate in similar ‘womb-borrowings’, and I’ve read the parallel explanation given in The Watchers; but just for the record, Betty, why in your experience do these aliens, whose genetic composition and form necessarily bear compatible relation with ours, seem to require the bellies of Earth women in which to preliminarily carry these embryos? especially since they seem to be of both more ‘human’ and more ‘alien’ species, why is it that their own ‘female’ counterparts can’t perform the task and thereby spare the trauma that’s often visited on the conscious or subconscious systems of the Earth-subject?”

“Well, the way it was explained to me, their strain has not adapted well to vital or physical forms of continuity—as the stress is placed on their tremendous mind-power, their vital and reproductive processes seem to suffer corresponding deficiencies; their genetic fatigue is accompanied by the shrinkage of overall womb-capacity: their females seem very phthisic, very slender and wan without nearly the pelvic girdle necessary to accommodate those huge heads! You’ve probably seen my drawing of one of the ‘women’ of the species as I recalled her, in The Watchers.”

Indeed, MT had, and remembered the “female” stickfigure very vividly. He also recalled parallel and overlapping explanations of the womb-hijacking phenomenon as detailed in such books as Budd Hopkins’ The Intruders; he thought of the extended aspect of that phenomenon as reported in very many cases, i.e. the continued post-presentation requirement for the personal tending and care of the exteriorized fetal forms by the bearing Earth-female, often explained by the beings themselves as a necessary if awkward phase of post-natal nurture brought about by their collective developmental estrangement from the forms of creatural love and tactile support such infant-energies still seemed to require. Apparently, Earth-women persisted in possessing the ‘atavistic’ emotions of love and care that were inconveniently needed for this stage.

“You mentioned love before. Do you feel, or believe these beings actually have, the capacity for love or even a love for the human race?”

“Well, I feel they have this love…but it’s not like human love. It isn’t identifiable that way. It isn’t charged with emotion, the way ours tends to be—in fact they’re very bewildered by human emotions, I think, they’re very puzzled and even fascinated by our capacity for feelings and emotions. I think in a sense they ‘observe’ our emotional reactions the way a scientist looks at a specimen under a lens. Oh, they do show caring, I think…they don’t intentionally cause pain, and when they realize as they occasionally do that their activity has inadvertently caused the subject distress or pain, they immediately do something to relieve or compensate for it.”

“Yes, I’ve read your accounts of that…”

“The kind of ‘love’ they have though is more—eternal…I don’t know, it doesn’t fluctuate, it doesn’t vacillate with ‘mood’ the way ours does. It just seems an unemotional, a basically impersonal and permanent thing: like they have this changeless, abiding Love for the planet and all its forms—that’s the reason why, in their roles as caretakers, they’re currently engaged in collecting specimens of all life-forms on the planet, salvaging every class and type of development imaginable and taking them off-planet, into space where they can be preserved and used as seed-forms on other worlds of similar composition…”

“Yes,” Bob (Betty’s husband) interjected, “they’re conducting quite a Noah’s Ark project; they’ve indicated they must perform this act of salvaging because the adverse environmental conditions on the Earth are rapidly causing many vital types and species to become extinct.”

“That’s right. In fact, one of their most important disclosures made to me, I believe,” Betty continued, “is that the human race—according to their ongoing testing—is in imminent danger of becoming completely sterile from all the radiation-leakage and ultraviolet bombardment.”

Indeed, MT had read this testimony already in The Watchers; it was one of the major and “astonishing” revelations which the book’s author, researcher and now fellow-abductee Raymond Fowler, promised on the dust-jacket would—once read—shake our human credulity and convictions to the soul. One tended at the time to wonder where the writer had been looking all these years, if indeed this spacedork-disclosure had so rattled Mr. Fowler’s sense of creatural orientation; considering everything that is and has been going on, “sterility” seems one of the more benign possibilities for any long-range sifted outcome (however, in all fairness Mr. Fowler does seem to have a Catholic background—one can excuse and forgive any progeny of Our Lady of the Eternal Verity…).

“Then do you think that these spacebeings might in a certain sense be evolving too, since they seem to be producing these internal changes…?”

“Oh no.” Betty was quite emphatic at this point; one felt the stern swift rectitude of doctrinal propriety suddenly install itself; MT noticed that, at such times, her husband Bob seemed almost imperceptibly to shift “tone” in reaction to this type of change in her, like nothing so much as…a mood ring. “They don’t evolve—they’re especially created just for their function, they’re what we’d consider ‘angelic’ types of being—they’re endowed to be just one way and to ‘do’ one thing—that’s why in a lot of ways they seem so…mechanical to us.”

“Did they actually express this to you?”

“No. But from their own self-characterization, they fit the Biblical definition of the ‘angelic’ pattern, you know, the hierarchy of creative beings and supervising principles that are fashioned from the beginning to function within a certain static framework in order to keep everything ‘on keel’…”

This, then, was probably what MT sensed in Bob’s scarcely detectable reaction—indeed it would occur every time the subjectmatter suggested some interpretive confirmation from the Bible. Betty was, after all, Protestant-fundamentalist—this indeed was ultimately considered one of the virtues of her particular “witnessing” to these peregrine presences, since the absence of interpretive sophistication in her case eliminated most means for her to have made up such bizarre and “futuristic” material as she was disgorging by regression; yet it was also apparent that the “mood ring” change in Bob’s subsurface demeanor was almost a galvanic-skin-response of involuntary sensitivity which by now they both must share, in subliminal anticipation of the response of “querulous others” when Betty would inevitably bring in the Biblical form of hermeneutics wherewith to unlock this refractory subject-matter.

Indeed they’d confirm, later on in the conversation, that this aspect of the “Andreasson case” was precisely what the investigators involved as well as the publishers participating, specifically asked to be bottled, effectually suppressed so as not to “prejudice public opinion” against such an otherwise-persuasive abduction saga. This effectual “pact” to throttle Betty’s fundamentalism publicly, was in many respects just unfortunate. MT would have opportunity to notice some extremely important things in the course of this confidentiality where Betty was encouraged to loosen into conversational comfort with the things she personally had felt, figured-out and concluded during the stretch of all these ongoing years-of-abduction (beginning indeed in 1944—MT’s birthyear—when at the age of 7 Betty was first accosted by a “tinkerbell” orb of intelligent light in the woods beyond her home).

What Kind of Care Would a Caretaker Take If a Caretaker Didn’t Take Care?

There was an incomparably-rich lode of understanding to be mined from precisely the interactive factor which everyone seemed hell-bent on suppressing, i.e. the very circumstance that Betty’s mindset was so stringently fundamentalist that—on the formal surface of things—certain certitudes would never be budged even by the wildest chain of events ever reported by mortal man! And yet that very fact, held in the context of Betty’s own unadulterated grasp of things, took on a true power—the authentic capacity to function as a real measure, an index of the actual influence and degree of transformative “leavening” to which she may actually have been exposed: for one of the unsung principal virtues of so rigid a conceptual mode of ongoing interpretation as “Christian fundamentalism” resided in the fact that it furnished an unquestionably pronounced medium of resistance (i.e. requiring an exceptionally powerful “band-gap energy”, in physics terms), a particularly rugged and leathery insulation through which to measure the force of any applied current; therefore if little-to-no transformative energy were being inducted through Betty’s “mind/body circuit” in the course of these otherwise disconcerting Earth-nappings, that fact would surely show up with uncommon ease: the fundamentalist perspective would have its usual brittle, natively-inflexible character, and in fact might even in the face of such fearful events and “unknown” factors take on a more reactively-rigid and contractile mold—which if nothing else would tend to show that the beings in question, while posing under the religiously-appropriate and acceptable guise of Biblical persona were doing so only in order to gull Andreasson’s confidence and render her sufficiently docile in bovine compliance to “Christian” requirements as to make it maximally easy to extract from her everything they wished to extract, in return for which she would receive only delusionary reinforcement of her doctrinaire belief-systems and therefore effectually—nothing: the very definition of exploitation, thus conferring the Orion-style signature with no further inquiry being necessary!

Whereas if the “caretakers” in question really had “care”, there should take place a discernible mellowing, an artful toning of the fundamentalist edge making of it an uncommon interpretive tool rather than, as in its unrefined ordinary Earthstate, an instrument strictly usable for bludgeoning the truth.

There would not necessarily, or even possibly, be in evidence a total transformation or wholesale changeover from the “Christian-fundamentalist” stance (an occurrence devoutly to be wished and presumed as minimal positive evidence, obviously, by certain interested parties); such total change from the most intimate and integral of early, inculcated ideas might itself be taken as proof of a “brainwashing”—a type of peremptory overhaul; it could itself be taken as proof of malevolent coercion. Whereas the more subtle evidence of a refined adaptation within the given context of the cherished identity-pattern—which did, after all, make the ego-personality what it identifiably was—tended very strongly to stand as testimony of a careful caretakership unerringly steering in the direction of truth while being delicate not to disturb the integrity of the given vehicle, no matter of what such “integrity” might consist.

This agile tight-wire act was, indeed, what MT perceived as emanating both from Betty’s speech, and from her “aura” (cf. issue 3, Vol. 2 T‑Bird, “T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix II” subheading “A Hokey Ogle”) during the course of their Jack-in-the-Box interview. While she “talked the tongues” of fundamentalist patois, and while there was obviously nothing either on Earth nor in heaven that could shake her from certain of her treasured conceptual models, such facts within the overall composition of her personality-makeup were benignly beside-the-point. What proportion of significance should we attach to the respective facts, for example, that Betty proclaimed her conviction re the conformance of her little spacebeings to the static “creationist” model, and that she repeatedly affirmed the love of life and respect for its sacred character as counter to the cavalier way in which it was being wantonly wasted for the sake of a “profit” that soon-enough would have no place on which its gains could either be gathered or spent?

So it was that MT continued listening, with an ear very much other than the average ear scanning for content, as Betty progressed her appraisal of the spacebeings’ functional status. “They don’t participate in the evolutionary process personally, you see Michael, because they already are able to range the span of time and space both forward into the unforeseeable future and back into the past. It seems they were created to be able to ‘cover’ that range all at once for their purposes, rather than developing over the temporal span.”

MT wouldn’t question along argumentative lines-for-the-rebuttal on this day; he was not there to debate, countermand, assert “his own” position on such subjects or discuss the viewpoint of Initiated Wisdom: the Lucas had graciously consented to the interview in the first place, just hours prior to their first public keynote address (making MT in effect the premiere “press” personage to interview them in their public phase); they were concerned and understandably “nervous” as it was, considering their comparative unfamiliarity with stage and public spotlight, so there was no reasonable call at this juncture other than to listen respectfully and receive all impressions with balanced care.

Indeed the question may arise at this point as to just what MT was doing in the persona of the press, interviewing the very personalities about whom he’d already written and given consummate characterization from the Initiated perspective…

Future Stock: A Spiritual Consolation Prize

One thing, however, which Initiated Understanding emphatically furnishes (as an identifying characteristic of that very Value) is the inescapable recognition that there is no Authority “high” that does not require the compensatory counsel belonging to the authority irreplaceably provided by “low”; and that there is neither Authority “high” or “low” or in-between which does not have to do some kind of real work so as to supplement, reinforce, adjust and align to progressively more efficient degrees and accommodating depths. As has been explained in previous T‑Bird issues (i.e. No. 3, Vol. 2, Dec.-Jan. 1990-1 and No. 8, Vol. 1, April 1990) the Intuitive power of Initiated insight—requiring no instrumental mediation but uniquely using the focal compass of the awakened Whole—distills in an instant the abstract truth or sum-essence of the given subject, complex of activity, frame of reference or object of inquiry. It may Know in general, without the least intercession of relative perspective, the overall point of any given topic to which such Attention is turned, as long as such knowing is Permitted by the Superconscious See through which the results and given effects of any factor (including that of potential Intuitive contributions to the sum-over knowledge applied to the variable destinies) are integrated as allowable influence in the Pattern as a Whole.

And at times that abstract understanding, that general acquaintance with the Truth of the given subject, is enough; but there are certainly other times when a refinement on that overview is felt to be needed.

It is recognized that more subtle and specific values related to the subject must be known, threads of tangible effect and rippling repercussion for example that are uniquely the function and testimony of the thing-in-itself, the object in practice or the event in its living context. There are induplicable understandings to be derived from other and various combinations of the faculties through which those abstract essences, those sum ideas, manifest in experience.

This is, indeed, why the self-conscious form is so generously endowed with such faculties, relative instruments and perspectival functions in the first place—they’re not so much crutches to serve the spiritually-lame and developmentally halt, until such time as awakened Healing takes place and they’re forever shed as superfluous paraphernalia in light of all-purpose, one-piece Intuition; they’re more like the realizing and actuating appendages, the productive equipment operative in any case with a separate and self-sufficient significance but rendered maximally potent and creatively effective when properly aligned with the Intuitive Whole.

So it was that, by Initiated Wisdom, one recognized the Andreasson spacedorks the moment they arose to public attention as a technically “positive” species of humanly-related structure and destiny, of a general 4th density register, present for purposes beyond those they were willing to volunteer but generically dedicated to creative continuity and the whole-value magnitude of Being. It was also immediately “seen”, without moving from the chair or consulting a single soul, that these entities were being “allowed” an accelerated interaction with portions of the human populace even to the degree of disconcerting intrusiveness across the subliminal veil of (traditionally sequestered) 3rd density, as a contingency move—not as an inevitable and rigorously central consequence of long-term events on the planet but as a reserve scenario to draw on and bring provisionally forward in the event (since come to pass) that Earth-humanity as a whole failed to take the directed Cue on an adequate percentage-basis from its own designated, incarnate teachers come from time to time to influence the required degree of Will or human initiative needed to progress along the inbuilt line of Spiritual awakening specific to mankind in its earthly field of focus.

These Andreasson-types were being “permitted” closer interaction and growingly overt influence (allowed by pertinent Personnel of the cosmic planning-boards) as response along a probability-wave in the climax of human/3rd-stage destiny, that now clearly and conclusively showed the way in which mankind had capitulated more completely to the “contrary” influence—issued by advocacy of an Elitist interdimensional force and outlaw Empire—in decisive favor of spiritual passivity, dependence on promised dispensations of the “perpetual-postponement” kind even in the face of their chronic failure and which therefore self-evidently declared the only accessible proportion in the ratio of activity-to-passivity permitted by mankind’s most sovereign if subconscious Choice. They were allowed by Planning-boards of the hierarchy to draw nearer, to intermix more freely and forcefully with the fate of the planet and of the pattern “Man” because it was perceived with progressive clarity that man had effectively modeled the “means” by which he must be approached—having functionally forfeit for the most part further claim to the cultivation of Will and thus of participatory “say”, permitting himself the mortal foible of an effective, supine consumerism extending tacit invitation for further tutelage by those Forces alone which would most welcome the horizontal mode (the assumed passivity and moral powerlessness ultimately indicative of a dimension that values its “spiritual-being” according to what it may bleatingly petition in terms of eternal dependence upon a caretaker Fathergod).

As a virtual ad hoc effort, then, to undercut the exclusivity otherwise involved in the formulated character of so clearly negative an Invitation, the spiritual hierarchy “sent in the reserve team”, as it were, all but pulling the greater portion of Its indigenous crew of adepts which for the most part had been ignored and misused in the “misleading” commonality of their shared/incarnate state, extending instead an experimental range of possible approaches…In this group were included some technically-positive types that otherwise would never have survived first cut—but which under the circumstances couldn’t be bypassed or further blocked from their particular petitions to be allowed a “crack” at reclaiming certain elements closest in kin by virtue of former seedings. The Council in question couldn’t afford further forestalling of their continuous requests, since these types possessed requirements of their own development which according to their standards of efficiency could best be served by just that passive, impressionable composition of general 3rd-density consciousness.

Thus such streams of technically-positive intelligence might be able to step in and take advantage of a psychic deficit in terms of human consciousness; they might be able to promote the mutual advance of the respective strains in a kind of spiritual symbiosis where human horizontality-of-willforce could be benignly exploited while compensatorily implanted with codes timed to subconscious, capsule release of higher potentials otherwise surely resisted by so fearful an outlook—but which under the powerful circumstances could not be so overtly parried or “consciously” —if myopically—abjured.

Thus the experimental question embodied by the progressively-permitted presence of these beings, was precisely whether mankind (modeled by certain subjects karmically suitable because of seeded kinship) might more reasonably accept its “spiritual medicine” in such subliminal spoonsful, where it couldn’t counteract the influence head-on, and under conditions in which it would have to sit still for certain necessary adjustments (adjustments which, however, it must be inserted here, were of a very particular type, not at all “inevitable” insofar as the ultimate development of mankind’s mind/body spiritual magazine of centers and systems, but specifically tailored so as to integrate in symbiotic alliance with the very specialized needs of developmental potential belonging to the particular density requirements of…the spacedorks.)

It was Bethought, therefore, amongst the magistrates of the Positive Hierarchy that, rather than capitulate the 3rd-density field altogether and concede the demonstrably-fit form between the passive socket of human orientation and the assertive condyle of oncoming Negative Will, they would effect to find a proximal fit that could be taken from strains of the Positive side: thus the farm-team of the spacedorks was brought forward, those little farwandering fugitives of scientific hubris cognitively committed to the Wisdom of Positive reciprocity and mutual, interspecies furtherance through the density-progressions but effectually lost-in-spacetime, backtracking toward the developmental turnoff where they’d unwittingly detoured in their collective Search for the Creator…

“It’s the Only Way to Be Sure…”

But wait. We get ahead of ourselves. This is already obviously veering from the Andreasson/Luca recitation of things—and so we’re brought back to the question as to why MT should seek out the Lucas in Pressbox fashion when it is only evident he’d already distilled—and written up—certain conclusions re the Andreasson beings at vast variance with the understandings to be elicited from the abductees themselves.

We return, then, to the idea there was something else to be found out, something more to be seen and experienced about the phenomenon than could be compassed by the Abstract apprehension of the subject, airtight-enough (on its own level) through the Intuitive mode. There was something crucial to be understood in the effect upon the subjects themselves, i.e. what was the net result, the upshot in terms of their general orientation, demeanor, state of understanding on the soul-side (rather than the intellectual side)? What was the overall—and, from the frank obliquity of higher density perception—unforeseeable effect of this intensified interaction and imminent, daylight introduction between spacedork and human subject/counterpart?

This could only be known by the intimate approach of contact, conversation, intelligently-directed questioning—and the role of interviewer was perfect for the purposes because it presupposed no peerage that would require opinionated exchange, discussion or debate of cross-purpose viewpoints. It allowed maximum reception of the interviewee’s most-authentic being, as it was given free expression without thought to critique or contradiction.

So it was that, for example, MT found through the indispensable format of person-to-person discussion, that certain of the fears voiced by commentators in relation to the Andreasson phenomenon while applicable perhaps in other contexts were not applicable in this case; it was simply not true that Betty Luca exhibited the disoriented, depressed, vaguely programmed or hypnotically occluded character that accurately-enough described abductees involved in the genuinely negative “Orion” encounters. As they sat across the table at Jack-in-the-Box and spoke, (Betty, Bob and MT) and entered progressively into esoteric regions that simply can’t comprise the ordinary interview-format owing to the disparity of ground that would necessarily describe the respective points of reference between the Lucas and nearly any imaginable interviewer, it became eminently clear that there was specific spiritual learning and a real work of personal unfolding taking place alongside the objectively-itemized activity about which Initiated Understanding already knew a great deal in general.

The important question tended to be answered in the process of the interview itself; something of what the spacedorks could, in theory, impart in the way of higher-dimensional awakening or deeper mind-body alignment had certainly “taken”. In the bright responsiveness and keen interest of Betty’s eyes there was unmistakable sign to belie the considered hesitancy of those wise enough to question, yet technically just unequipped to assess; this fact in turn placed the whole Subject squarely in the spotlight of its largest and most important context: namely, whether as a strategy of the positive hierarchy (to promote spiritual osmosis through the membrane of conscious incomprehension) the possible gains weighed favorably against the true character of the overall framework in which, perforce, it was being promoted as an emergency measure.

And this, in turn, led directly to the answer as to why it would be important to understand the real framework enveloping this class of “spiritual tutelage”, even as opposed to the abductee’s rationales offered in explanation—and why therefore the measure of the possible, personal awakening that might demonstrably be in evidence could never suffice in itself to “justify” the whole scenario since it shipped more waves of implication than could be accounted by the measure of any single subject.

A Qabalistic Sermon; Or, How the Spacedorks Tipped Their Hand

It therefore truly becomes a matter for subtle computations on the higher-dimensional Abacus when, as happened that very morning, MT sat straight across from one whose “spiritual tutelage” was being conducted through precisely the opportunistic mode afforded by that chronic volitional passivity of 3rd density consciousness and presently heard issue, in response to his request for the distillate of all she’d learned, the summary soul-understanding of Betty Luca Andreasson in the terse confident expression: “There’s really only Will. All man has is will—and all the other things he thinks he has in terms of knowledge, perceptual faculties, organs of action and so forth, he doesn’t really possess at all.”

Well, blow MT down; was there greater paradox to ponder anywhere in all the universe than in this capsule proclamation, the spirit of decisive brevity, wherein the coexistence of the most extreme opposites—or else the derivation of one from the unlikely pole of the other—came to most-pronounced convergence upon the person of this single subject fumbling for words but a moment before and protesting her inability to formulate an unaccustomed verbal counterpart of what she “knew inside”. Yet, encouraged by MT to practice such crystallization of expression as prelude to her imminent, keynote presentation of a few hours hence, invited “out” of her demure self-consciousness by cohering gaze locked deeply into hers, in but a moment of time (and no doubt worked “at the other end” by her seemingly ever-present if invisible beings) all her scattered elements and unsure parts appeared to settle, her “being” adjusting its posture while her physical frame stayed still and then everything assembled itself with the regimental dignity and decisiveness of filings in a magnetic field, her eyes perceptibly brightened as they did when a sure thought formulated itself behind her pupils and then that high philosophical pronouncement as if the fundamentalist had cancelled out her lecture at the last minute, and been replaced by Albert Camus.

In the same way she’d continue on, expounding her understanding of the subject of “good” and “evil” and—wonder-to-tell—out of that deep-mahogany aged-in-wood Christian complex came charging the most formally Qabalistic exegesis on the subject one could ever hope to hear: how else interpret a selective expression which explicitly moved to characterize its subject-matter in terms of the fundamental Sephirah of the Tree of Life?

“The soul of man which Satan covets is formed in Beauty, you see,” Betty would say, eyes locked firmly on MT’s and words enunciated with unhesitating—indeed emotionally warm—eloquence utterly unlike any form of rote repetition, subliminal recital of ventriloquist transmission (as would most likely be the accusation leveled at her by those incompetent to judge). “The device of Satan’s envy, therefore, is to capture and isolate that Beauty for His own pleasure, by cutting it off from its conscious connection to Divine Understanding and Wisdom.”

There it was, enough to send a pulse of admiring recognition and acknowledgment through the old Qabalist, at the positively humorous unlikelihood of such precise expressions issuing from such a source, at such a time. There was through all this the strong impression, paradoxical though it may seem to relate, that while Betty spoke with quite-independent understanding in a consciousness distinctly belonging to her, at the same time the specific character of her expression was a product of the two-way adjustment of magnetic influence between MT seated before her, and the presences of her highly tendentious spacedorks situated somewhere invisibly “behind” and “above” her. The adjustments of her conscious-verbal alignments were the obvious product of psychic tugs and subtle pressure exerted on her being as if she were a dreidel straightened and balanced by pulls through the attached strings fitted to either side.

In all objectivity, the language (as opposed to her independent and quite demonstrable understanding) was not really hers, but MT’s; and therefore the obvious effort to couch that language in terms sufficiently potent and meaningful to arrest MT’s attention and rivet it unmistakably to the quality of understanding pouring forward from her, was certainly that of her invisible-but-very present spacedorks.

Aiming to Please

That Presence was unmistakable, then, because this was the typical “signature” of their working: that somewhat astonishing, uncanny but (at the same time) almost ingratiatingly-awkward way such beings had, from their perforce-oblique perspective, of seeking to relax and relate through the comfortably-familiar—rifling through the dictionary of colloquial expressions and customs, you know—while at the same time making such communication so jarringly unlikely by inadvertent inability to achieve any more subtle adaptation of the target lexicon as to disrupt the effect entirely and alert one to the total tendentiousness lurking behind the “veil”. Thus they were remarkably versatile and awkward at once, demonstrating a tremendous range of powers on which to draw and yet, being constitutionally incapable of adjusting to the nuances of human consciousness making generally clumsy, tell-tale use of that rangy-repertoire of powers.

So, just as their presence made itself “known” no doubt to a degree beyond that to which they’d wish to make themselves known (as when MT’s aura-perceiving faculty was peremptorily “cranked up” to the point where he’d have to notice the Andreasson “halo” contrast with the others during the introductory speaker’s presentation the day before, cf. issue 3, Vol. 2 TNTC) so what they wished to say through that behind-the-scenes manipulation was probably amplified to psychic decibels of declarative intent beyond that which they’d ideally like to be heard.

Through their gauche if technically-impressive manipulation of the “aura-party” of the day before, as well as their current “vocal” effort to put across Betty’s deep personal development of spiritual insight, it was as if the Dorks distinctly intended to “say” to MT “Hi Magician—behold the lady’s lights, listen to her enlightened speech; see how we’ve been characterized by others unfairly, see how wholly untrue that we exploit and deplete her, devitalize her of her innate spiritual power and energetic resource! See how instead we cared well for her, as we would all others, and have lifted her to plains of spiritual power and true perception which otherwise she could surely never have known! See, Magician, see how we work toward the same things as do you, the uplift and spiritual betterment of our brothers in mankind, and see how we’ve not been amiss in our repayment of those things we’ve temporarily borrowed of Betty’s own terrestrial treasury!”

So it was that they most distinctly sought to speak to MT—for the rule as to whether any such Influence as they promulgated was (in fact) having the effect which alone would justify it to the hierarchy had to be made at this level, the physical/incarnate polarity of things through the Eye that was open at that polarity. Indeed they distinctly sought to speak to MT, even arranging that this first interview (before anyone else might “get to” the Lucas) should be beyond chance so that they were ensured of their Day-in-Court, presenting the Brief for the Defense (in surrogate of a larger venue where all was Really taking Place).

Why then didn’t they just present themselves to MT outright? And how was it that their specific presences were able to be visibly-masked from the adept’s awareness once turned in attention toward them?

An Interdimensional Etiquette

The answer to such questions is significant; for it shows the necessary operation of certain principles that must be understood when these larger and more cosmic avenues-of-being are opened out toward the general Comprehension.

The dorks sought to keep their communication indirect, for the same reason MT would decline to pursue direct perception and communication with them even once intuition had detected their presence. They remained technically masked to overt physical perception by remaining beyond or behind the dimensional “veil”—the system of energy coordinates variably locking-in or screening-out direct alignments between physical-etheric and astral matter. Thus they stood just behind a Door which generally closed off the astral field to overt continuity with the etheric-physical, as a present function of the specialized “material” modes of focus.

The spacedorks had a physical component to their multidimensional constitutions as well; but that molecular pattern could be turned more-or-less in alignment with the terrestrial properties of electromagnetism and was under the regulatory control of their operative, mind/body linkages.

In addition, though the adept’s faculties were generally at-the-ready when it came to adjusting and focusing the etheric field of cognition (in which for example the “aura” modeled a cross-sectional energy surface), the deep astro-etheric fields comprising the demarcation point of other whole worlds and modes of being from which the spacedorks natively proceeded, posited stricter barriers. The current configurational processes describing circulations through the mind-body form, although gripped by rotational change in the galactic “torque” progressing through the spatial fields and so approaching aeonic adjustments with respect to the Astral zone-of-being, still largely served to screen the perceptual components of that region from even the adept’s gaze unless a deliberate and rigorous alteration was made—otherwise, the adept was uniquely aligned with and aware of the plenum values, the very principles and essences proceeding from that Dimension of the Being on a full-time basis, but was not bothered by a wholesale conversion of the centers that would necessitate continuous cognizance and interferential observance of realms which (at this collective state of Earth-interaction and development) would prove to be decorative superpositions upon the functionally-meaningful framework of etheric-physical focus, and so would simply stand to be distractive of the central purpose.

This functional barrier served certain very real processes, and was used during all this interchange to keep the contributing levels discrete, the various participating strands suavely sorted. No, the dorks wouldn’t broach a face-to-face interaction between them and the adept any more than would MT, for the implications on—and for—both sides of the veil were prohibitively involving and complex.

These “lines”, it must be understood, can’t arbitrarily be crossed, not even when “negative” beings of the marauding type are involved. There are complications and implications which even they would avoid becoming embroiled in. Certain things are “permissible”, and certain things are not—even by their own standards.

Though the majority of humanity for whom such subjects are romantically intriguing and speculative would imagine the most unrestrained intercourse, the most uninhibitedly adventuresome passages between the “planes” if they had but the faculty to do so, it is not as lumpen humanity imagines. Penetration of the barriers between dimensional modes of being inevitably and constantly involves the forging of new, largely-unforeseen linkages having echoing repercussion down parallel propagating corridors of time and space and runaway, branching probability-paths of combinative complexity swelling all potential (bearing upon any particular point) by an exponent.

Thus where a given “effect” is sought implying dimensional penetration, crossing or creative linkage, the geometrically-expanding patterns proceeding from any such point automatically introduce all considerations of the desired effect to additional data and angular requirements displacing the subject down ever-receding trails of extended consideration. The multidimensional “move” itself, magnifies the overall field in which any such problem must be solved.

A Dork’s Got to Know His Limitations

It is no wonder then that the beings who actually work through and understand these higher-dimensional states are ever reluctant to open lanes of interconnection or novel association that do not have direct application to, or further the specific cause of, the business at hand. Otherwise, the kinds of promiscuous combinations and cross-fertilizing of planes as the commonality of mankind imagines will one day be its “prerogative” is very much the exasperating story of the man who, wishing simply to traverse a straight space from A to B, inadvertently enters a door of nested mazes (which, while leading eventually to the “exit” desired, generate bewildering arrays of interlocked patterns apparently wandering into nothing more ultimately productive than deeper sequences of distractive and displacing corridors…).

The implications then for all the dimensions, for all venues of probable times and places flowing from the apparently-innocuous proposition of “A from system 7 meeting B from system 10”, face-to-face for a friendly afternoon tête-à-tête, take their phantasmagoric point-of-departure from the unimaginable mating of multidimensional energies of diverse types involved in such fateful convergence. The device of a dimensional mediary, or form of an interpretive barrier, is therefore an often necessary and welcome means of allowing information linkages based on tacit relations that obtain in the flows between technically discrete dimensions.

Certain energies can be introduced, certain forms furnished nodding acquaintance without the necessity of direct combustion arising from overt-chemical combination. Such feedback set up amongst sources of specialized function is often necessary, even indispensable, and the Way is most welcome which allows for such sensitive exchanges to take place without inadvertent violations of the discrete contexts, or unpredictable marriages of energies producing maniacally-multiplying offspring that were not involved in the original calculations at all.

Especially where one or more of the respective sources possesses, already, a highly active and diversely-functioning potential through a conscious multidimensionality of the nature wholly involved in the ongoing project of the being(s)’ willed destiny, the explosive superfetation of elements implicated in any intercourse (of membrane-penetrating character) is bound to float many more couriers into many more formerly-virgin zones than would be convenient to keep track, thus multiplying the probabilities of unanticipated or unwanted factors of a full-blown problematic character appearing in the picture at awkward times having reeled themselves inevitably in on the long, linking thread of Identity. (“Remember that little ‘hole’ you poked in barrier 718 the other day, in order to pass the scroll-of-becoming to Z across the dimensional divide? Well it turned out to be precisely the size of a standard Draconian digit, so that the hosts of Abeddon that had been held before the Gates of Drorn were able to dig free and are now overrunning dimensions 6 through 12 from which they were previously screened…”)

Magical Memory:

Through-the-Looking Glass

Indeed, once the biochemical keys aligning alternative worlds of practiced perception had clicked in, etched in neurological acetate of available potential it was an act of will to hold them in abeyance—keep to the molded surface of the 3-D field where the anthropic topography (projecting the features of Betty and Bob Luca) broadly mediated the deeper-density realities lying just beneath the “skin”, under the flimsiest membrane of camouflage color and form.

What to the constraints of conventional consciousness seemed unbreakable, an impossible proposition to transform or even, in itself, a tall tale of actually-inexistent things, was the temptation of a trifle to the psyche already-accustomed in long familiarity with the exact morphological specifications of the “Unknown”. It was the seduction of a simple shift, the least adjustment of internal-cognitive coordinates moved by no more than the subliminal nudge of memory; focus would absently “fuzz”, mind would merge more deeply in diffusion through the bodily mass and before the telltale glandular taste had fully registered there’d begin the radiant meltdown of the rods and pigmental cones—attention would inflate the visual field by a thorough distribution of its Value, in equipotential registry of every available impression across the whole plane-of-view.

The deeply sculpted, 3-D venue would go virtually flat in the symmetric cross-correlation of all equally-valued points of the panorama; and with attention so thoroughly spread (in sticky identification with every element, every eyelash or lacquered inlay catching the eye in its very corner with a bright-colored emphasis insistent as the immediate subject seated straight ahead) all objects would grow gigantic as they simultaneously “tesselated” in expandingly-subdivided textures, as if the whole visual field was a wall of ramifying parquetry and then the very Intensity of all that electric trigger would begin to punch an expanding hole right in the center of cognition, like the hole melted in the middle of cellophane held too near a heater that opens slowly at first, then rapidly spreads in all directions in buckling consumption of its substance toward the opposite edges—and as the hole in cognition opened out it caused the tessellate points of equipotential awareness to spread and diffract, flying rapidly off at the edges like galaxies in the Doppler effect diffusing into a subtle, marginal fog of perception that slowly consolidated…and through the tunnel bored in the hole of that enveloping fog there would appear a dark dimensional corridor, its convergence toward a nebulous vanishing point seeming to suck up the very soul in its implicit vacuum and then, to secure the invitation, out of the fog would condense a club-like hand, an appendage-of-beckoning more like the blue-grey claw of a crayfish or lobster…

Better for a thousand factors in creation at the present time that the Magician refrain, following only those circumstances strung by the Ariadne’s thread of the Process he was specifically there to serve—which if It would, might open out that self-same Window as it had before, but upon an Alchemical Garden in keeping with specimens Logoically seeded as botanically-fit form for the Earth.

As for the spacedorks, it was only obvious such psychic policy was genial to their purposes—for they kept perfect concord with their initial approach of apprising by subtle cues the proximity of their presence, while remaining content to found the testimony of their business on what might altogether be gathered in the sum presentation of their real Subject, through the words and demeanor and overall “sense” of who and what Betty Luca Andreasson had become.

A Gift Horse with No Mouth

What, then, was it ultimately that they wished to convey to the terrestrial attention they’d succeeded in drawing?

During the course of the conversation Betty reaffirmed in different ways the “revelatory” conclusion promised by Fowler as payoff to The Watchers, that finalizing word delivered in cathedral-hush from the back of the book: they were here to introduce us to…Spirit. Theirs was ultimately a spiritual presence and purpose, we learn in the last pages as a large gulp traverses Mr. Fowler’s throat, for surely this is the sole way to account for those otherwise baffling events of nonordinary nature, the peregrine reports of processes and perceptions from which were coined virtually sui generis the present prevalent phrase in UFO circles, i.e. “high strangeness factor”…the only way to resolve and reconcile those very problematic portions of the Andreasson (hypnotic) testimony which for virtually the extent of the first two books kept both Fowler and J. Allen Hynek “at bay”, as it were, utterly unable to integrate elements of so suddenly a dreamlike character and aggressively mystic tone with the initial mise en scène that seemed safely-enough composed of credible details suited to a high-tech sensibility.

Could there, in recent memory, have been a greater anticlimax delivered by a book which—long-awaited by many as it was—promised so much by the very nature of the progressing material? That “they” were here, ultimately, to introduce poor Earth-slob humanity to a real Spiritual treat it was sadly lacking, could have been delivered as an end-conclusion only by the very psyche that had rigidly resisted the same sorts of evidences tendentiously leading to this disclosure, being utterly unable for the longest time to identify such factors or even allow them in to the level of serious consideration. One supposed it was only fitting that such paragons of the scientific worldview (as both Fowler and Hynek seemed, self-appointedly, to consider themselves) had been forced to concede a certain autonomous reality to events they were professionally trained to discount; and then, as in the case of Fowler having been “converted” to a type of vision conceivably identified and properly valued at the outset in the absence of “scientific” prejudice, become a veritable evangel for same.

As in all cases where the doctrinaire Western Weltanschauung is at work, there need not have followed so reactively whole-hearted an embrace of that which (after all) still had to prove itself on its own psychic grounds, had there not been such unnatural resistance toward it in the first place. As in all matters that are ultimately “spiritual”, the greatest coquettes seem to make the biggest converts…It helps too that Fowler seems to have found out, in the meantime, that his scientific and thus “neutrally-distanced” participation in all this was due to a factor greater than chance, having been himself apparently abducted on an ongoing basis since childhood! (Suddenly all the things we’re unable to accept, become eminently understandable and full of value in their own right.)

So what was this “Spiritual” business they were here to bring? Truth to tell, to this day neither Fowler, the Lucas or any of the other investigators seemed able to make heads-or-tails of the great “spiritual” events to which the retrieval-memories testify.

Correcting for Spiritual Parallax

There are in the Andreasson books of course, copious accounts of seemingly dreamlike events most of which insist upon retaining an irreducible physical factor so that even for the esoterically hip they’ve resisted easy analysis into “astral” style experiences of the conventionally disembodied type. On the other hand, despite their peculiar admixture of quasi-technological atmospheres (Betty is “taken” to most of these fairy tale scenes in radiant-light craft of roughly hardware description) they do have an identifiably spiritual, even religious component. Voices implying that they are “God”, “Jesus” or at least on intimate terms with both, resonate through the space of her experience from time to time. She is floated through an awesome Crystal, has an encounter with a gigantic Eagle the Intensity of which seems literally to burst from within her own cells as It approaches; she’s shown glass-like creatures that spring to fleshly life upon the touch; she’s taken up to and beyond a Great Door where she has an indescribable encounter with That only referred to as the One…

The investigators therefore gather cumulative good reason to suspect that they’re confronting something having very much to do with the nature of Being and of the creation altogether—over time they are no longer fixed to the science-fiction notion of simply encountering “advanced technological worlds”. Rather they remain in a baffled state which they suitably define as a “suspension of incredulity” in order to go on.

The nature of the Andreasson encounter with the Crystal, Eagle, Door etc. was explained according to Initiated interpretation in the August ’89 T‑Bird; the same article was more generally devoted to laying the foundation of a renewed Natural Philosophy (the proper field of “science”) in which the character of such astro-physical experiences could be understood in the larger context of the densities, and the variable alignments of the compositional planes-of-being belonging to the densities. It was in these pages that the nature of the activities reported in the Andreasson papers was first characterized, given the sufficient context of Initiated understanding so as to begin drawing all such similar reports into overall focus.

In those seminal writings “Marshall Telemachus”, employing the informed “sights” of initiated perspective sought to draw the reader’s attention to internal (if uniformly overlooked) evidences in the Andreasson texts themselves, virtually illustrating the underlying fact that the spacedorks were seeking to immerse Andreasson in higher-density “God-concentrates” or nodal points of Spiritual numen which they were manifestly not assaying themselves. (Carefully examined, it’s evident they stood over to the side of these overwhelming Phenomena while it was left to Betty to plunge her Being in, to the last tolerance of which her soul was capable.)

Consulting such consistent internal proofs, we find ad copy for the Thesis that the Andreasson dorks are testing such tolerances because they’re looking for something peculiar to the human condition; it’s internally apparent, then, that they value such interaction with the terrestrial species for something more than just the unqualified “benefits” they may bring to man. At the very least, it is not simply a one-way “giving” proposition.

In that issue, the “Telemachus” incarnation of MT suggested to the readership (just learning the higher-dimensional alphabet of these hard-pressing themes) that although the Andreasson dorks manifested certain minimal traits necessarily aligning them on the technical side to the “positive”, at the same time they were evidence of that class of higher-density being that had “evolved” the present mind/body form of its functioning on a balance of cold dispassion; they’d concluded on the merits of the “positive” polarization of development strictly from rational inference into the efficient working of things—not through any real affective conviction that such was warmly Right in the Heart of the Logos. As a consequence they’d extended their development “in search of the Creator” (the universal mandate of the densities) to a logically impassable point; for the “logic” of such development and such search obliged upon them the ultimate recognition that further progress in advancing the densities called for the rekindling (and harmonious integration into the overall constitution) of just that factor selectively “screened” at a critical point of “lower density” transition as a drag upon efficiency: i.e. precisely the emotional component, the term of psychic affectivity resonating most deeply to an indispensable element of the Creator that would have to be taken into account and incorporated to some truly commensurate degree.

Furthering the explanation of Initiated Understanding at this point, we may suggest that the Dorks encounter a technical problem at the juncture where they find this heart-inclusion an indispensable requirement; for, when they turn obligingly to reclaim and install the absent Heart, they discover they haven’t the chassis anymore that can adequately accommodate such a Motor. They have, as it were, done something very parallel to what is done on the negative side (being spared the negative result, however, owing to their honored choice of positive polarization-alignment); they’ve succeeded in organizing their light-energy vehicles in patterns strictly conformant to their operative ratios of plexiform function, so that, as templates of the physical structure those energies order the material molecule to produce a faithful reflection. The result is inevitably a physical nerve-network that conforms to higher-density efficiencies, but which carries none of the luminous ramification of rich, affective potential into the particular locus comprising the place of the cardiac plexus (no longer legitimately identifiable as the Heart). Thus the spacedorks find they have no manifesting Housing for the Love-value, even if abstractly they appreciate its possible virtue and wish to see it in residence there.

In this light, what they may possibly be doing in their apparent preoccupation with creating species “hybrids” through terrestrial abductions, genetic cuttings, implants etc. is explainable in ways that account for what otherwise remains anomalous. Despite Betty’s fundamentalist inference regarding their changeless, “created” status as pure dispassionate guardian-caretakers of form, it must be seen now that strictly on the basis of internal evidence this can’t possibly be the case; they’re a developmental species, just like all others (for everything—even ultimately including the consciousness-units of those beings truly answering to the description of “angels” that were initially generated by the creative-current to serve a specialized function—is in the process of progressive awakening into congruence and absolute Identity with Divine Origin; everything is a changing manifestation of Life, and “changelessness” is foreign to Form).

Understanding what that development is, however, and in what direction it ultimately proceeds, is critical to an understanding of just what the Andreasson beings are up to in the neighborhood, what in fact they’re rummaging around for and expect to find. The very fact that Betty typified the spacedorks as insatiably curious, should alert one to their changing and therefore developmental character. A true automaton created only to a repetitive function, possesses no such curiosity; “curiosity” would surely then be the greatest inefficiency and excrescent property of all, for a dork-like existence as Betty describes.

Similarly, the idea (reiterated by Betty) that the spacebeings require genetic “refreshment” from the human pool owing to their tired systems, implies a type of “developmental” curve in itself; the “direction” is immaterial, for implicitly, if it can “wind down” it can “wind up”—if it can degrade to less than what it was, it can upgrade to more than what it was.

If, however (as Betty relates the direct testimony of the Dorks themselves), they’re capable of traversing back and forth along the extent of the spatiotemporal line, they would seem to bear an innate equipotentiality with respect to all “developmental” points along that line; and such a fact would seem to support Betty’s thesis that they existed “outside” of any such time-dependent evolution or spatiotemporal mode of development. This however is just why it was stated that one must know what the real nature of any such development is, and in what “direction” it really proceeds. If we take at face value their functional “equidistance” from all points of spacetime running through our own frame of reference, we will tend not to notice that the entire track of that sequent line runs horizontal with respect to another developmental axis.

The existence of “future” points along that timeline to which they have unobstructed access, is misleading. For all such “futures” pertain to the types of development that are enclosed by, and belong to, the strata of densities composing the cross-section of that “horizontal axis”. The “future” changes that appear anywhere along that line, belong strictly to entities involved “at the time” with factors characterizing the limits of those densities. To any of these points the spacedorks have access, because they’re masters of those densities included in the horizontal laminae of planes and states. Their equipotential relation to time on the horizontal level, however, doesn’t take into account the Axis of vertical “temporality” or developmental change in which they are participating, and in which they therefore have an evolving role.


The Dream Engineers

Since any thesis advanced by Initiated Understanding is (understandably) not going to be directly verifiable for most, for a very long time, it should be expected of any such thesis that it serve better than alternate ideas to account for the pertinent evidences; it is reasonable to expect any proposition basing its case on the special resort of higher authority, like parallel kinds of claims issuing from official “priesthoods” and exclusivist sources accepted every day on their initiated expertise alone without further question as to the validity of that expertise (i.e. the authorities of science and medicine etc.), to be able to discern the inconsistencies or inadequacies of every current answer and prove able as well to reasonably resolve such gaps from the ingredients of its own gris-gris bag. Thus if we turn to a given datum of the Andreasson case used in support of current theses or speculative surmises, we need ask first whether the notion bears up under internal logic of its own elements (implicitly feeling, of course, that it’s bad form to impose any “exterior”, ready-made order of logic—since it’s precisely the presentation of a whole alternative universe, containing the prospect of some different class of cognition altogether with its own internal congeries of “rules” that such odd incidents promise in the first place, and which accounts for their curious attraction—why then deprive them of the very potential that stands to make them unique, by weighing them on conventional scales?)

If the given notion, purporting to present some true proposition toward the case in question, collapses on its own internal evidence, we must turn to initiated understanding next to see whether it may not have some higher-order means of smoothly fitting the colliding edges of all—relevant—pieces.

If, by these fair criteria, we but glance at the explanation advanced by the Dorks themselves as to the reason for (and purpose of) their Earth-womb borrowing, we find immediately that the “explanation” collapses by internal evidence, along with all the conjectural hypotheses of the investigators using such rationale as mortar for their own scale models.

You Should Never Tell a Lady You Can Opulate, Boys

The dorks insist that “temporarily borrowing” the wombs of abductees is just an expedient, a means of circumventing the plight that’s befallen their own species as a result of its genetic deviation; it seems the vital-physical aspect of their being has been progressively sacrificed to the psychic-mental portion of their development, since the enormous cephalic girth that describes their expanded cranial capacity at the same time has come to collide with the pelvic shrinking and uterine atrophy of the female of their species. In evidence the dorks refer Betty to a very tall, thin alien which she’d seen on occasion, indicating that this wanly phthisic female was typical evidence of the mortal inadequacies of their race: thus the requirement of vitally-robust Earth-wombs, which although themselves not large enough to carry the colossal craniums full term, could suffice for the first crucial months till the hybrid fetus could be transferred to those phantasmagoric “incubators”.

First of all, of course, this type of “testimony” should have alerted Betty to the gross inadequacies of any static “creationist” doctrine applied to such beings: already this “simple” explanation involves necessary genetic development in two directions, cephalic growth and pelvic shrinkage; and genetic progress in at least the former instance. Secondly however, the surface “reasonableness” of this explanation should have immediately fallen apart for the investigators; it shouldn’t even have been provisionally acceptable: for in related pages of The Watchers Betty reports the communication of her spacebeings to the effect that they have the power to “opulate” and “deopulate”, i.e. expand and contract, grow and shrink. This capacity which they are able to exercise over the outer tissue-mass (as opposed to the interior patterns of subtle nerve-reticulation, plexiform linkages or actual lobe-capacities as with the cingulate gyrus, hippocampus or some parallel of the substantia nigra) would certainly indicate an ability to stretch the required girth for any processes of even full-term parturition. The “explanation” is an obvious blind.

But more: placing that “explanation” regarding the unfortunate genetic and structural deficiencies of the female alien alongside certain of their demonstrable capacities, such as the fluid “ambidexterity” with which they may glide forward or backward at will along the timeline, other fatal flaws appear which ought to have alerted the investigators to the presence of red herring amongst the crustacean-like appendages. If indeed, as the dorks purport, their abductions for the preservation and genetic improvement of the alien race have been going on since “man’s beginnings”, that fact produces a major clash with their power of timetravel…which ought to allow them imminent access in either “direction” to moments in their own species history (even more suitable owing to species self-similarity) where they could—for instance—draw upon optimal conditions of their “former” stages of development, taking full advantage of their own more vigorous distaff forms presiding in the relative “past”; or they could, conversely, find conditions as advantageous for crosssplicing compatible codes in the opposite direction, where, upon some probability-wave of the far future, there would preside in pure paradox the tautological “result” of some parallel-time version of their improvement engineering.

For surely, had they—as they manifestly had—the ability to visit probability streams of “their own” future, they should have the power to “cheat” the tyrant of strict consecution and, indeed, the demon of cause-and-effect, producing as it were a kind of probabilistic sleight-of-hand by drawing on the results of what they had yet to synthetically concoct, in order to concoct it—sort of the metaphysical counterpart of the legerdemain whereby the sorcery of “loaning” generates capital prior to the existence of the wealth which nonetheless insures the loan.

If, by the logic of their own admission, they so possessed the power to skate bilaterally along the line of time, what “forced” them nonetheless to have to resort to Earth women belonging to the terrestrial stream of sequent development? as if in fact the Dorks were effectually helpless and temporally trapped, “stuck” somehow with the “present” condition of their own distaff derailed with prohibitively-narrow canal.

It should have become apparent to the investigators strictly from examination of the internal evidences, that the Dorks required some virtue or value that specifically inhered in the genetic material of the Earth-being; it wasn’t just the expedient nurture of the womb they were borrowing, but the actual properties of the codes themselves. Indeed, Fowler speculates that during the millennial course of the spacebeings’ genetic superintendence of the human strain, there was undoubtedly more than the mere maintenance of an unobtrusive “caretakership” going on; by evidence of their generational persistence, seeming to trace back through the very trees of certain families such as Andreasson’s, he suggested that they probably participated in directional engineering, pointedly altering human gene-sequences over the course of generations, modifying the coding of particular loci (genetic sites in the chromosomes) so as to cultivate deliberate variations in the genotype etc. Yet if Fowler feels so persuasively that this is so, for what purpose (beyond the tissue-thin coverstory) were they doing this, and for what reason were they obviously trying to mask their “actual work”?

The Vertical Stream of Time

It is at this point that we resort to the “vertical” explanation, outlined in past T‑Birds (particularly October/November ’89, Channeling, UFOs, etc. parts 1 and 2). If the spacedorks are relatively “free” along the horizontal (sequent) time axis, they are nonetheless conditional participants in the vertical axis of time. It’s this vertical time that describes the stages in the “extroversion” of form, of the conditional patterns of time and space etc. as ontological events, actions in Consciousness.

This Conscious development has a time-factor of its own, plotted on the vertical Axis of Being; such time isn’t linear-sequential but a priority of values, a hierarchy of principles which precede and follow one another. Thus this axis participates in a creative time, and each instant on the “ordinary” horizontal timeline with which we’re familiar in terms of calendar or clock, is the total extroverted expression of the sum vertical axis with all its time-events in Consciousness; each of our ordinary moments summarizes and incorporates the whole of ontological time in all its qualities and characteristics—noetic, mental, psychic, vital and physical.

Each being equally emerges from this vertical time-axis; each being is thus a total expression and instance of it. Yet depending on the functional stage of any given being’s development, it will be more or less aware, directly or indirectly, of the full complement of values through which it arises. Depending on the practical stage in its ordered unfolding it will have more or less command of any given level in the vertical hierarchy of powers and processes by which it’s patterned. Depending on the specific ratio of function in the multidimensional coordinates by which any given being aligns with a focal field, there will be more or less commerce, more or less direct cognition and immediate perception of any given field through which the whole of the being is necessarily drawn.

Thus Earth beings are, typically, 3rd-density entities directly focused on the field of physical structure, indirectly intercepting the fields of psychic form, mental patterning etc. as vague subjective states or insubstantial effects of conditional self-reflection. Spacebeings (of the Andreasson-type) are typically 4th density entities having a practical range of participation that spans the mental-psychic values of the Astral field and extends to a physical component.

Such direct existence in and through the Astral range of Being equips them with the properties and powers peculiar to that plane; they coincide consciously with the Form processes of Being, and so are able to regulate and vary the degree, intensity, coherence and continuity of physical patterns vehicularly aligned and coordinated according to the governing form.

Just as humans of the 3rd-density type may demonstrate to themselves certain forms of “psychic” control over and interaction with corporeal processes confined to the highly integrated, self-enclosed environment of the neurophysiology, and must volitionally effect grosser mechanical instruments so as to interact with the external environment on a limited basis, so by comparison the spacebeings (of 4th-density astro-physical type) exhibit a more integral, vertical alignment along the multidimensional axis vastly extending the volitional influence of the conscious channel through biophysiological processes and current-patterns of the centers rotated into direct linkup, straight energetic continuity with the extended currents of the formative environment.

Thus the Andreasson-beings can “psychically” effect the form-values of the space in which they function through specific, correlated centers, just as surely as 3rd-density consciousness can “internally” influence a given center (such as heart or lungs) by the volitional threads to which they’re linked. And even as 3rd density consciousness can volitionally “slow” or “speed up” the heartrate, or exercise moderation over the lungs through the respiratory plexus, so may the spacebeings volitionally effect the guideline form of a given thing in the environment through the mind/body plexuses or current-centers. They in other words enjoy a far deeper continuity between the conscious axis, the biomagnetic currents and autonomic processes of their “enclosed” tissue capsule, and the extended energy-fields of the environment.

Dream-Riders on the Vertical Timestream

It is Betty Andreasson’s hypnotical description that certain entities which she’s “observing” in her trance are form-beings—they are glowing-light forms having the general configuration of the human but without specifying features. Similarly, the spacedorks on occasion turn into generalized light-forms of themselves, especially in the context of densities more removed from the familiar orientation of physical-like features. Since the “range” of the Form world (the astral environs) yields the symbolic type and affective/psychic pattern of all things, it corresponds to that which 3rd-density consciousness touches only obliquely and in a disembodied state, i.e. the dreamworld; the kinds of connections, changes, impressions, causalities and influences to be encountered there exhibit the internal cohesion of dream-continuity. They move narratively on the basis of dream-logic.

Owing to their “vertical” continuity with physical space, the Andreasson-beings may be understood as having dream-control over physical spacetime process.

This accounts for the “quality” of Andreasson’s experiences, as beings native to that Psychic density impinge on the physical field of focus through their variably-adjusted, “material” correspondents, bringing that extended value into direct alignment with them. Such is the effective “leverage” of that higher vantage from which influence is exerted, that their very proximity induces an effortless resonance of sympathetic correspondence in the target Earth-being, activating the related centers and triggering certain adjustments which are fulfilled—in the span of their realignments—aboard the control-environment of their craft where technological modes magnetically shape the “abductee” into cosmically-fit form (one of the disconcerting factors which had originally alerted the investigators to the very peculiar nature of these events, came out in Betty’s recollection that the “craft” in which she was taken had form-fitting seats specifically tailored to her dimensions, and molded with high-tech tubes conforming alarmingly to the intimate curves and hollows of her very arms, mouth, nostrils etc.).

This general description also accounts for the apparent anomalies reported by abductees, or through “UFO grapevine” from the military facilities where “captured” or donated alien craft are stored, re the seemingly physical, tin-can hardware character of the extradimensional vehicle suspended “up there on the rack” which nonetheless behaviorally responds to the psychic commands of its crew, and which puzzlingly displays precious little of the kind of wiring or mechanical engineering that ought to be in evidence as sign of its modus operandi.

Since, as we’ve seen, there is less practical distinction in the higher densities between “internal” and “external” environments owing to the more coherent, multidimensional alignment and integration of the nested psycho-physical systems, the noted commonality of elements existing inertly in the environment (such as lithium) while enacting a dynamic biological role in the conscious structure, assumes deeper significance; in the higher densities, internal and external are not so distinct, and have immediate resonant affinity along connective “lines” of current process issuing from the mind/body centers and coupling to the elemental “ley lines” or grid-harmonics of the extended environment.

Thus the “machineries” of the higher-density technologies comprise molded environments for the dynamic supplementation of psychic processes; they constitute “extensions of man” on a vital-psychic level just as bicycle wheels, the Gutenberg press and pinking shears represent “extensions of man” on the biomechanical level. The molding of elements through higher-density environments into alloys and compounds is conducted principally as a means of focusing and intensifying psychic properties; all minerals, gasses and crystals through those environments are patterning matrices and energy-forms of psychic structure, are recognized as such, are valued for their resonance-correspondence to symbolic properties and are rigorously organized as grid-networks of such forces. Under special preparation they may be assembled and arranged at the molecular and subatomic level, through a symbiotic accord between “technological” and “psychic” process.

How to Glass-blow a Beamship

In order to approach the subtlety at which such operations are conducted, it might help to note by parallelism the kinds of kindred processes of which gross 3rd density technology is officially capable. One must imagine submolecular engineering of the sort that goes on in the creation of “dimensional electron traps” useful in fine-tuning density states for greater efficiency in the production of quantum wire lasers and integrated circuits, transistors, optoelectric components, capacitors and cellular automatons. (Since the “phantom science” at the secret government level as well as the underground club of alternative technologies has long recognized the possible production of gravitic effect involved in counter-rotating plate capacitors pulsed with sequentially-energized coil magnets, consider the total efficiency obtained in the creation of a “ship” with a propulsion source indistinguishable from its structural totality, with solid-state circuitry, inbuilt capacitors and em programs holographically imprinted in the molecular patterns of the enwrapping materials, integrated right into the electrostatically-sculpted hull and dome).

The “official” level of Earth technology even now enjoys a kind of architectural relationship to the subatomic field, enabling a kind of mechanically-adroit sculpting of the material infrastructure as with the production of “quantum wells” out of sandwiched semiconductor wafers of varying resistances. In order to imagine the kind of servo-mechanical intimacy that must take place between the (bio-psychically extended) pattern frequencies of 4th density consciousness and its environing envelope of sensitively fluxing elements—as must have entered, for example, into the production of the type of metal submitted to Billy Meier by the Pleiadeans, cf. issue 3, Vol. 2 of the T‑Bird—it is helpful to be at least noddingly-familiar with the types of crudely parallel processes to which—overtly conceded—Earth technology privileges us.

Thus in order to begin to countenance the kinds of forces required to concoct such analyzed phenomena as “the uniform buildup of atomic density particle by particle”, single-element deposits having missing spectral bands etc. (all apparent “products of a special non-electrolytic cold synthesis in a vacuum”), it is analogically helpful to consider the in-use Earth technology of molecular-beam-epitaxy wherein elements—i.e. gallium, aluminum—are vaporized in effusion cells and blown through radial tubes toward the hub of an ultrahigh vacuum chamber, layers of atoms a couple angstroms thick regulated by programmed shutters then deposited on a semiconductor substrate (gallium arsenide etc.). Indeed, although there’s a wide variety of methods involved in producing the generically similar but “regionally” customized spacecraft of the myriad 4th density worlds, there are certainly modes sufficiently comparable to our terrestrial example to make the comparison profitable.

Imagine then, in a blue-violet ambiance, within a domed Crystal “mountain” having molded tubes and nacreous coils processing the plexiform interior, there takes place a subtle analogue of the procedure just described: an element is “vaporized” by mechanical means into a thin psychic soup of its underlying pattern, resolved to constituent geometries of a more sensitive, minutely fluxing and magnetically-impressionable state. Using specific and highly focused light-energy channels to “build in” the desired subatomic spaces, our 4th density friends are able to variably combine the unmasked coordinates suspended in the “scalar” balances through impress of certain selected-psychic geometries volitionally conducted on currents of the mind/body centers.

Within the focus of a highly delicate, fluidly sensitive vacuum suspension of such “hydrated” elements the collectively-aimed psychic energy is able to “reconstitute” the contributing states in any combination according to optic or sonically-generated patterns (through the active or “imagination” side of the visual cortex, temporal lobes etc.). Such patterns are based on intimate knowledge of the geometries, and their psychic properties, subtending the formal order of material structures. In this way one can imagine that the “successive” mechanical stages involved in beam epitaxy and lithographic etching (wherein for example Earth-technologies manage to culture and carve arrays of microscopic lasers) are compressed and accomplished in the higher-dimensional knowledge belonging to the psychic efficacy of a single pattern, skillfully beamed, imprinted and imposed.

Understanding the more direct alignment between psycho-biological currents and electron processes obtaining at a 4th density level, the subatomic customizing of those single-unit, seamless shells comprising the curvilinear elegance of extradimensional beamships comes into comprehensible focus; and the “peculiarity” that apparently exists in the categorical confounding of psychic and technological terms involved in the phenomenon, melts away.

We see how it is that there can be a “breathing” organic relationship and deep identity between the psycho-biological being and the extended environment, comprising as they do a continuum in the energy-systems of consciousness. We know that vaporized elements in high-energy vacuum conductors stream delicately into alignment on etheric resonance patterns; we know that in this malleable state, such a fine elemental broth may be “sprayed” through the conformant lines of psychic lattices, dimensionally trapped, laminated and magnetically marshaled into mnemonic grid-networks, wave-resonated to the subtlest denominator in the phase coherence of electron-particle and light, and holographically bonded to the dreamlike degree that the “beamship” is secretly cellular, the whole of its being coded in every part and a complete self-image (as the “biomechanical body” of its pilots) reflected through every phase of itself in infinite regress.

When therefore the guard at Hangar 18 looks upon the exterior casing and perceives a physical entity of tangibly-material properties nonetheless baffling in its aerial “drills”, he tends not to be aware that what he gazes at isn’t so much a chassis with an interior assemblage of parts as a complex and seamless memory-circuit, a frozen “record” of the units of consciousness participating in its production (a veritable “birth” in vitro), a flying storage map of the sum-total, psychobiological patterns indexing the mind-body processes of its pilots with the webwork itinerary of their stellate destinies.

The guard who musingly looks upon it has scarce idea that “it knows where it’s going, it knows where it’s been”; that in fact it’s the summary structure of a replete, brain/mind system modeled with specialized lobes and features, generators, transformers, tubes, consoles and coils overt as a macroscopic switch or subtle as a pressed pattern in the molecular bands sweeping the circumference of the hull—a total biomechanical response-pattern through which is organized, processed and conducted the very business of the craft. Awed as he may be, and vaguely unsettled too, our guard nonetheless fails to realize that through the locus of that 3-D exterior another dimensional form, a whole other density of undreamed implication exists; he cannot know, (unless someone tells him!) that what he perceives is the crystallized impression of that sum psychic intent belonging to the group that breathed it into existence, an intimate overall index of the codes and patterned processes pertaining to all needed knowledge of spacetime conversion, matter/antimatter translations and probability windows through the hyperdimensional ducts…in all, an actually-multidimensional, glass-tube blowout and environing extension of the group psyche, the collective energy-aura of the consciousness commandeering it.

More On What Makes Luna Tick

As a related aside (“asides” from MT should be second-nature by now!), certain lunar anomalies mentioned in issue 4, Vol. 2 of the T‑Bird may be understood and put in proper—if “fantastical”—perspective, in understanding the principle that to 4th and 5th density-consciousness “size” is virtually immaterial. From the “interior” perspective of those higher densities, “size” is something that sorts itself out secondarily, at the tail-end of those emergent processes whereby the “settled” or locked-in pattern of perception provisionally aligns all coordinates contributing to the (contextual) “scale variate”. Thus it might come as something less than the incredulous shock or assault to reason that it otherwise would, to be informed that the type of psycho-biological engineering of mechanical or “inorganic” structures as was illustrated by the acceptably-proportional saucer, may be accomplished with similar ease in engineering structures on the scale of…a planet.

Any recitation of the discovered peculiarities involved in lunar properties, causes one to come away with unresolved contradictions. The largely skipped-over fact cited by nuclear engineer William L. Brian II (T‑Bird issue 4, Vol. 2) regarding the greatly displaced neutral point between Earth and moon, leaves us—for example—with the purely mathematical assumption that lunar gravity should be much greater than that predicted from Newtonian calculations (and still conventionally recited by NASA). Indeed some initial publicity seems to have been given to the fact that the Moon supports a thin atmosphere as well as a type of vegetative growth. Fred Steckling refers to the February 1972 issue of National Geographic in which a confirmation exists of the October 29, 1969 Time magazine article reporting the detectable presence of a lunar magnetic field, as well as a thin atmosphere; the same National Geographic article referred to Apollo 12 and Apollo 14 reports of lunar quakes and water vapors, as well as the Apollo 15 reports of active volcanic cones emitting gasses in the Littrow crater. Colored photos indicative of vegetation were reproduced in that issue tending to confirm the Washington Daily News articles of 1968 reporting findings of Earth-like soil demonstrably supportive of wheat, tomatoes and limes etc.

The existence of viable soil, a magnetic field and atmosphere implies a greater gravitational component than is conventionally conceded—so much greater, however, according to Professor Brian’s rectified neutral-point calculations, that the lunar gravitation ought to be comparable to that of Earth! Which leads us to the inevitable question as to why the Moon isn’t presently sitting in our collective lap.

One can’t arbitrarily throw out one scientifically-logical component simply in order to preserve the other; though it is not an often confessed truth, the Moon indeed has soil, water vapor, atmosphere and active quakes; its neutral point is 23,000 miles off the Newtonian calculations, and the implications of that fact are that the Moon ought to be gravitically within range of Earth-gravity. At the same time, that scientifically-incontrovertible fact “scientifically” places the Moon by amplified gravitational attraction, in our lap.

The answer emanating from initiated understanding supports those occasional speculations that the Moon is in fact an artificial satellite.

The ordinary obstructions to understanding how this may possibly be, however, need no longer seem so insurmountable. Lifting our perspective from the “local” limitations of 3rd density Earth-consciousness (in which even the subtlest forms of subatomic engineering—at least at the consensually “known” level—are still, at bottom, technological extensions of the fixed sensory-motor faculties rather than the fibrous currents of the energy-centers) we may conceive how highly unified waves of consciousness belonging to more deeply integral densities move to energize informing geometries of space, precipitating planning-board streams of convergent and collecting elements prefiguring “spatial regions”; through strongly organized impulses of psychic induction (augmented—or not—by magnetically amplifying apparatus, depending on degree of development and state-density of the Conscious field) such subtile strands of purling particles cluster, sort and filter into suitable strata. The congelations of underlying Psychic wave-forms produce spheroid, longitudinal pressure-pulses of virtual gravitic property; and it’s through the compressive onion-layers of the pulsatory convergence-field that the flows of elements polarize into particulate “planes” of specific mean density, and sediment.

Thus there is created a concentric field of “shells” through the tenuous ether, of designed variable velocities, temperatures, viscosity, permeability and conduction; abstractly diagrammed, it might strongly suggest an orb of artificial purpose the natural constituents of which serve a strictly mechanical and consciously-intended pattern.

The Professor Takes the Podium-Resolved: God’s in His Heaven…

How then does this possibility coincide with what is “known” about the Moon? Taking science at its most orthodox (i.e. where it simply throws out the “canonical parts” that don’t fit, even where it has gathered them itself) we may find fertile fields in—for instance—recent hypotheses re the magnetization of moon rock (i.e. as proffered by Professor S. R. Runcorne, head of “School of Physics”, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Scientific American December 1987). It is, in a certain sense, most telling to test the “rogue” hypothesis of Initiated insight against that belonging to the consensual model which is most staunchly unambiguous; for it is, classically, by minimizing any inbuilt ambiguity—even if such requires going to surgical lengths—that the case has been most consistently secured for scientific traditionalism of the 3rd-stage type.

Thus, Professor Runcorne presents his reasonable hypothesis against the expected background; i.e., that of the official ignoring of gravitic anomalies, gaseous craters and quakes, current fields and atmospheres on the Moon. In this way he’s allowed to make the strongest possible “scientific” case for the given strengths of the measured electromagnetic fields fossilized in moon-rock samples, and for the Apollo observations re the deflection of low-energy, solar wind electrons from the lunar surface.

The former yielded the unexpected evidence that an ancient lunar em field involved in the formation of 3.9 billion year old rocks, had the potential of 1 gauss (i.e. virtually twice the present polar field of the Earth); the latter implied the existence of magnetic-field regions above the lunar surface indicative of the presence of highly magnetized, crustal rock. Piecing together his evidences, and employing the full armamentarium of allowable scientific analysis against a “sitting-duck” case that conveniently buries any of those (duly reported) facts which just aren’t promisingly proportional to Procrustes’ measurements, the Professor comes up with his Reasonable Hypothesis.

In the ancient past the Moon must have had a molten iron core; by the process of “two-cell” convection, heated materials would circulate in double columns toward the surface, cool and drop. This pattern would not only generate the necessary magnetic field, but it would account for the evidential lack of an overall, dipole field of the lunar crust such as one finds on Earth.

Simple dipoles generated by the mechanism of this internal dynamo, couldn’t account for the topographical contours in the map of magnetic anomalies (the depth of a given dipole corresponding to each measured point would have to surpass the limit where ambient underground temperatures exceeded the Curie temperature for materials and so lost their magnetism, thus being unable to participate in the mechanism of solid-state convection powering the fields and accounting for long-term maintenance of the equatorial “bulge”). On the other hand, making computer-modeled adjustments of the various field strengths and directions for the anomalies, the Professor and colleagues succeeded in simulating uniformly- magnetized discs of material on or near the surface. Significantly, these traced discs showed superposed rotational patterns, each disc spanning great distances of uniform magnetic direction in order to account for the heights of the strong fields above the surface while demonstrating distinct sets of magnetic poles; this suggested a long-term process of polar wandering, in which the Professor hypothesized that successive satellites of lunar-circling orbits must have been pulled in by tidal forces and impacted equatorially to shift the balance of the “bulge” about the precessing axis. Thus the lunar mass itself would have reoriented periodically about its own axis, even reversing the evidential poles, thus maintaining the necessary alignment between spin and magnetic axes suitable to the Coriolis force.

Okay, Professor: this is fine, except for two minor things (in the spirit of spaceage generosity, we’re keeping it to two, since we’ve agreed to accept the professionals on their own terms; it wouldn’t be de rigueur to expect the scientific community to account for the evidences which it, itself, duly catalogues and then ignores).

First, two-cell convection of the type Professor Runcorne describes can’t occur within any body which doesn’t have a dense core; such a core is the source of the intense heat that drives the “solid-state creep” of the mantle, between the rigid lithosphere and the molten interior; but by just that token it can’t participate in the actual convection. Thus the Professor calculated that the Moon must have an iron core between approximately 300-500 kilometers radius. This implies of course that the highly intense magnetic field of 1 gauss which deposited the fossil evidence of 3.9 billion year old moonrocks, was generated by a core many times smaller than the Earth—which has no such comparable samples. Even the scientific community seems to have greeted that hypothesis with some dubiety.

And secondly, the actual mean lunar density doesn’t approach what would be required for such an iron core (which is why such a core was never considered a recommendable hypothesis before the mysteries of the returned lunar rock-samples); it is in fact much nearer the density of the ferromagnesium silicates comprising Earth’s upper mantle. Taking much the same “surface” evidences into account, now, initiated understanding may be able to tell us what picture is formed by the traces, and at the same time may be able to use that picture to account for those elements of the 3rd-stage scientific worldview which are discarded so as to preserve the presentation of flatland non-ambiguity.

Word From Your Mother

Esoteric science is already quite familiar with a process whereby varying gravitational fields may be generated, involving charged magnetic plasmas counterrotated through superconductive tubes and cut with radial spokes of electron beams. It is easy (once higher-density orders of bioenergetic organization are taken into account) to imagine similar gravitational effects produced by strategically sheathed strata of materials rolled into a planetary-like ball. Annular tubes of counterposed convection currents in the form of ferromagnetic “rivers” frozen into strata of specially organized iron molecules (of the rust-proof variety, see issue 4, Vol. 2 TNTC), may generate oscillating fields accelerating one another by an exponent and heating dielectric beds in which the sheaths are sandwiched; the tetrahedral crystals of certain silicates function as capacitors, and the realignment of their molecular structures to determinable degrees of precision may be accomplished by ionizing their lattice-angles—shifting them along the direction of flow past the saturation-limit of maximum distortion or “Weber’s angle”, thereby altering the dielectric constant and repositioning the ion bonds in a subtler pattern of equilibrium. Thus the volume and density of the material may be modified, tuned, programmed, and the mass correspondingly stressed or “curved” so as to produce gravitational values. Such a prospect is equal to the solid-state engineering of an entire planetary body, loaded with virtual memory-circuits of variable molecular organizations, natural capacitors and transistor-switches all for the basic implementation of a celestial gravity monitor and interstellar regulator.

Indeed, understood in this way, that is precisely what the artificial satellite of the Moon (placed by unknown “fingers” in some remote aeonic past, up there in the sky as orbiting sentinel and lustrous midnight Eye of the Earth) is intended primarily to be. The plate-like impressions which Professor Runcorne found to account for the magnetic anomalies, correspond very precisely to the kinds of annular fields structurally suited to power gravitic craft; virtually all models of “antigravity” engines, propulsion devices etc. are based on the disc design which is electrostatically efficient, optimally economic in all production of “acceleration” through curvilinear angles equal to mass-energy/gravitational equations etc. The distinct X-ray “sense” of those subsurface rings generating electrogravitic effect, make of the Moon an immense “flying saucer”, a camouflage spaceship deceptively “spun” of natural materials organized on psycho-magnetic lines of patterning geometries, behind which the hoary unfathomable Countenance of the Aeonic Old Ones may be vaguely discerned.

Certainly this precision-engineering accounts for the “ability” of the Moon to generate extraordinary magnetic fields without having to posit a stationary core of iron; and the associated gravitic effect that necessarily accompanies such intense fields, may now not only be admitted but exhibit a central place in any understanding of the account. Indeed, the very rotational shifts of the lunar mass about its own spin-axis producing the varying fossil impress of the magnetic poles, takes on meaning in this light and needn’t be viewed as the result of random redistribution of mass due to the disintegration of orbital entities in its field. If there is evidence, from equatorial impact craters, that satellites did occasionally hit the surface, it may be understood now as the result of gravitic and mass/energy shifts rather than the cause.

The Professor’s explanation recedes into deep improbability by comparison anyway: for if the altered positions of the Moon’s ancient magnetic poles were indeed due to surface satellite crashes at the equator, inducing recovery processes in realignment of the indented topography to more stable configuration with the conserved lunar spin-axis, the gyroscopic maintenance of the magnetic pole alignments with respect to the internal solid-state convection movement could not have occurred. The process of “solid-state creep” would be far too slow to recover balance in accordance with magnetohydrodynamic requirements, and the dislocation of surface “wander” relative to the spin axis (“caused” by satellite impact) would have had its momentum influenced by many more intervening, topographic anomalies than would allow for the implicit adjustment between the tendency of the magnetic field to be dragged and carried by the rotational drift, and to recover its spin-axial alignment. The field would have degraded, and the surface migration would have settled out through the myriad minor perturbations to which it was mechanically subject in the absence of convection-maintenance of the bulge.

If the satellite pockmarks on the surface are the result and not the cause of such shifts, what caused the shifts? And why were the satellites drawn in as a result? The obvious answer (since we’ve set up a syllogism) is that a change in the actual intensity of the lunar gravitational field caused the surface drift, and therefore at the same time pulled down satellites orbiting sufficiently close; any such change in gravitational intensity in this context, is an engineered change. The simple differential between the gravitic values of the field-loop or annular “plate” generating the amplified current, and the floating cover of the lithosphere, accounts for the relative displacement of movement between the two—the impacts could account for the specific direction of the lithosphere drift, and maintenance of the magnetic/gravitational field would normalize the flow of its topographic repositioning so as to ensure its “settling” into optimum mass distribution.

Uh, Come Again, Fuhrer?

The generation of varying intensities of the lunar gravitational field over time, of course, if deliberately engineered brings the inevitable question Why? If varying gravitic effects on the Earth have profound influence on the electrochemical and biomagnetic balance of the processes that take place there, the answer of “species engineering, regulation and development” is sufficient. If we ask Who? we may answer Whoever is interested, and for whatever purposes—and, whoever wins out in the bid for controlling the “gravitic” mechanisms that are installed there as the lunar raison d’être..

Thus we may take a good second look at the reported “activities” taking place surreptitiously on the moon, the apparent mining, the alien and military encampments etc. Is there an overwhelmingly important factor involved in all this, one inconceivable to conventional standards but which would be well within the range of apprehension of the secret government, esoteric organizations and alien civilizations of the higher-density type? For whoever may have originally installed the artificial gravity-regulator of the Moon, it may well have changed hands several times, and may indeed be in the process of some such similar change, orderly or contested, once again.

And what would be the secret factor most coveted, most desired by any power understanding the real character of our “silvery companion”?

Let’s return to the anomaly of the Earth-lunar neutral point. If the readjusted neutral point suggests a lunar gravitation comparable to Earth, what prevents the Moon from dropping in for dinner? The answer has to do with the real character of gravitational “attraction”. As we know from Einstein, gravity is the geometric curvature of spacetime. All mass and energy tends to flow in conformance with the strongest curvature. Esoteric science understands the mechanism of this influence in field-energy terms. The production of spacetime curvature through the standard equations of mass-energy-acceleration induces a pressure gradient in the “scalar” vacuum. The zero-point energy of the vacuum actually presses uniformly from all sides of a global gravity-mass; the virtual-state energy of that vacuum, while it induces a real pressure, does not have to be additionally calculated in the sum of interstellar energies, solar winds and plasmas producing interference patterns and shockwaves etc.; for that vacuum energy is the equivalent of gravity itself.

When two celestial bodies are drawn toward one another along the pressure-gradients of their respective curvatures, the masses tend to block the pressure-flow impinging on their facing surfaces; this reduction of virtual-energy pressure at their interface generates a relative imbalance, and the greater pressure from their “backs” tends to push them toward one another. If the curvature isn’t too great, the boundary of compression as their ambient energies meet exerts a limit of resistance, creating a “cushion” across the boundary curvature along which they orbitally glide without further difficulty. If the spacetime slope is too great, however, due to high-intensity gravity, the pressure-boundary is squeezed and its energy is displaced “out the sides” creating a deeper mutual hole toward which the bodies precipitously plunge.

This being so, how does the Moon fail to plunge into the Earth, or they toward each other, at the higher gravity calculations obliged by the reset “neutral point”? A counterposed magnetic-field beam the poles of which issue from a strategic point or points on Earth and a strategic point or points on the Moon, may be understood as pressure-pulsing a highly-ionized vacuum producing what Bearden terms a “scalar engineering of the spacetime field” generating virtual gravitic moments in the underlying geometry of “ether”. This intensified, scalar vacuum energy-field intentionally generated between the Earth and the Moon, compensates for and “replaces” the low pressure gradient that tends to intervene between the facing orbs. As long as that compensatory if invisible and undetectable field remains intact, sustained by the oppositional beams of electromagnetic property issued from both sources, it is “as if” the higher gravitational curvature of the Moon was “neutralized”; thus mankind has traditionally valued it at lower than what it is. “Beyond” the created boundary of that intervening field, the high-gravitational value of the moon comes precipitously into effect, and the “neutral point” pops up at its displaced location.

The location of the magnetic source beam on the Moon which constitutes one pole of that field, is interior and may be a present source of real contention amongst the “secret”, participating or competing powers. The location of the magnetic source-beam on Earth is variable according to rotation with respect to the “stationary” lunar surface, and is involved in the “ring of fire” with its several Triangles. When one considers that whoever “controls” either or both poles of those artificially-inbuilt crystal beamsets possesses sovereign power over Earth’s gravitational forces, being able to variably adjust the effective influence of the “true” lunar gravitational value, it becomes only-too-evident that such speculative occurrences as a polar shift can be easily engineered; the wholesale flooding of coastal regions can be produced as a purely technical accomplishment.

In Morning of the Magicians, the authors report how Hitlers theoreticians proposed that Earth had several “lunar” satellites in aeonic history, and that at times of higher biomagnetic power and alignment with respect to gravitational influences the beings of Earth were able to exercise a godlike, custodial control over the proximial and gravitational intensity of the Moon; and that when such soul power of the species weakened and was corrupted, man on planet Earth lost that faculty, the current moon would wander uncontrollably close and crash, producing the catastrophic evidences we find geologically today—until a successive, lined-up satellite would take its orbital place around the Earth for the next aeonic buildup and a renewed, custodial super-race that would recover the forgottten secrets of the Moon…

Next issue: Spacedork exchange and a Spiritual Mimicry; human presences in the Celestial Amphitheater; Origin of Species, hot and cool versions.

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