Chapter 6


Coming to Meet

So it was that AAA and MT had, for over a decade, recognized the existence and effective being of certain things about which the majority could never have a clue, given the managed sources of information through which the public took its working “knowledge”. The fact that they knew those things already, long before they ever manifested in print or as part of the available rumor-mill of the world, resides in the keeping of students whom they’d told even many years prior to the “Alternative 3” and “MJ-12” disclosures; unlike the “predictions” of most Prophets, then, their wisdom was not of the retroactive variety.

Yet they’d quickly learned something about discretion, something that can’t be obtained at the serene interior of any Third Eye. It became all-too-evident, with their first experiences in attempting to impart such information, that few would be anywhere near ready to accept the idea that the Cold War was camouflage for joint Russian/U.S. space involvement of a “fantastic” technological character, or that the international consortium of powerbrokers had joint lease on deep subterraneous tunnel-networks where World War III scenarios, staged exclusively for the unelite above, could be both plotted and lived through…

Few appeared ready to accept even the possibility of any of that at the beginning of the ’80s decade—nor was the possibility of negative alien presences, of a none-the-less higher order, an idea toward which the “cutting edge” of New Age audacity seemed in any way open at the time (recall that “Close Encounters” and “E.T.” were then current, and established the implicit precedent according to the usual—preemptive—influence of mass media even with respect to the “cultural vanguard”).

Times, however, change.

In the meanwhile, the future T‑Bird’s Dad and Mom would be content to let the veil fall quietly over those “private” parts to which mind couldn’t, as yet, in any way admit—though, being part of the collective composition of consciousness, from which there’d be fitful stirrings as if out of a featureless nightmare. Awakening was first of all a work of healing insight, not the occasion of some compendium of negative errata dug from the dim corners of existence solely for the sake of information-knowledge.

On the other hand, so AAA and MT discovered (as the decade declined, and then passed on to the formidable Reconsideration presenting itself as the ’90s) any service in the way of positive development for all was increasingly obliged to disclose the full case as to what might possibly be arrayed against it.

Meeting Some Shaken Movers

They found that things were catching up; the ground for such disclosure was prepared in-the-rough as a result of the inevitable reversals befalling a consciousness conventionally reluctant to admit its full Requirement (i.e., “your affirmations don’t work, and there’s a Fly in your soup”).

There was a reciprocal benefit involved in the freeing-up of such information; not only were people in general prepared to hear a deeper if disquieting truth—there were essential things that had to be brought within range of the discretionary disposal of initiated wisdom (most of all, initiated wisdom) and now many obstacles to that possibility were being tentatively removed albeit at a very late date.

Fortified, then, with the Insight of awakened Intelligence (its Searchlight leaving nothing—no matter how inconvenient—in the shadows), guided in knowledge of the indispensable overview of what prevailed behind the scenes as pattern of the “way things worked”, acquaintance would now be made with the various keepers of all those separate keys to the concrete occasions specifying the reportorial “who what when and where” of abstract understanding.

There would be names, then, and real faces—a Paul Bennewitz or Peter Gersten, Linda Howe or Henry Montieth—to flesh out the features and give detailed life, a quickening breath of contingent immediacy to what was known in the abstract as a confidence of Spirit; and there would be places—Holloman and Gates Pass, Groom Mountain and Nellis Air Force Range, Jumbo Peak and Blue Diamond vortex areas—roadmapping real coordinates of a truth in essence Understood.

The spiritual/abstract and the creative/particular, then, were Coming to Meet.

The myriad souls percolating up as if of a sudden from nowhere, fragmentary keys to invisible locks clutched tightly in their hands and colliding one into the other at regular intervals as they groped through such partial perceptions in the dark, would require the resolving help of Initiated Insight—whether, in the defensive-rigidity of that grappling Blind they would recognize such a thing or not; and Initiated Insight, conversely, required every bit as much the detailed knowledge of just where the functioning mechanisms were located, where the actual levers and engine-parts resided that had to be engaged through light of the resolving overview, if wisdom was ever to Move in the world.

Astral Auxiliaries, Sensory Supplements

Certainly awakened Intelligence—if anything at all—would be in possession of a few powers of its own whereby the abstract truth, identified without mediation in the intuitive Light, could be carried out to several decimal places of contextual specification. The same subject that could show the abstract whole-of-itself without sensory intercession or facultative interpreting of any type, could at the same time appear under the subtle perceptual spectroscope in stages of various “dress”, as it might look for example through color of Psychic Symbol when “skryed in the spirit vision” (viewed in the shewstone of the inner eye, displayed through dream-analog across the crystal speculum), blown up under astral zoom-lens of the Projection Body or even cross-examined in intimate interrogation through divining media.

It was an old error (of the hide-bound past) to presume that Intuitive Knowing superseded or rendered unnecessary the “mediate” faculties of mind/body process. Just as one didn’t abandon use of the physical eyes, out of pragmatic deference to their continued help with respect to their own field, so one didn’t drop the faculties of inner eyes and ears that had been met along the way. All forms of knowing and even relative knowledge were mutually supplementary, in Light of supernal Wholeness; nothing was arbitrarily dispensed with because a “superior” faculty had been cultivated.

All those forms, powers and processes of the multidimensional being were there for a reason in the first place, maintaining the integrity of their induplicable value at their own level even when flooded with direct Light. Each faculty kept to its specific mean, contributing its necessary style of cognition with respect to its own atmosphere so as to accurately triangulate any focused subject in terms of character, quality, type and relative effect. Awakened Spirit simply supplied all such perfectly-conserved processes their Common Standard, so as to quicken right use of their powers in balanced harmony and coordinate integration of all elements. Every piece clicked spontaneously into place, knew its heart and the sum of its situations without an intervening shadow as long as Light kept the line of orientation along the gyroscopic axis of the Whole.

At the same time no such psychic faculty, subtle power or inner perceptual “lens” regardless how apparently impressive was sufficient to itself. As generally experienced in the public domain of predictors, seers and psychics of inner plane subtexts, the “supernormal” senses were as fallible as the ordinary eyes and ears that so often crumble in cross-examination at the bench. Apart from the circumstance of initiatory awakening (to the—uncommon—degree of Whole-being alignment), all forms of activated psychism were in themselves continuously subject to the interpretation of feelings and emotions based in ongoing ego-orientation just as the ordinary faculties of everyone else; they performed in a medium of murky symbols manufactured from the troubled sleep of consciousness, as did the senses of strictly physical orientation.

Yet the subtle faculties and interior sense perceptions even of those who were effectively Awake through whole-being consciousness, participated in the general vulnerability of finite form; just as ordinary eyes and ears were subject to blockage, selective screening and the limits of opaque media, so the subtler senses apparently permeable to the lower order of objects were just as limited when it came to barriers manufactured out of their own coin. There were perfectly effective psychic screens, energy-filters and magnetic grids compounded of the finer ethers that were satisfactory proof against faculties of the same substance; there was no further “court of appeal” for the processes of that plane, any more than there existed some way to “see” through a solid wall set up against fleshly eyes.

It was possible for one of sufficient practical knowledge to close off a given field of activity from either electronic surveillance or physical view by “jamming the spiritual airwaves” in such a way that no Eye no matter how technically sophisticated or psychically advanced could penetrate the scene; this was a prerogative of the (prerequisite) initiatory power, and theoretically no man or god or busybody being in between could arbitrarily waive the cosmic law which rung down the curtain of Privacy.

This was quite apparent when, in the course of tracking “particulars” of some abstract disclosure to its operative Lair, those same adepts of the Mother-Current to whom nothing in the local universe was closed off on principle nonetheless encountered occasional places where the concrete trail went cold; psychically it was now evident that intentional barriers were established at such points. The walls of those “castles” toward which the trail led, would prove magically impenetrable; what went on inside, and the possible “guests” in attendance, remained an effectual “skip” or blank-spot in the winding tape of cosmic impressions.

This was a technical prerogative that could be evoked with equal success relative to either positively- or negatively-polarized beings. An entire location could be cloaked in a field of displacing invisibility so that, if a physical “address” in any part of the cosmos was required some indirect and more mundane triangulation of methods would have to be employed—and if found by such straightforward sleuthing, the interior activity of that “place” could be obscured even to the very Godseye of childhood reputed to see an apple buried at the core of the Earth.

We knew all about such things; we’d encountered such phenomena ourselves—and we’d had occasion during our decade’s sequester to employ the Principle as well.

In MTs interview with Betty Luca (Andreasson) she described a technique used by her beings even characterized to her as a kind of filling-in, with etheric “pixie dust”, the impressional spaces of the surrounding Akash so as to prevent pixels of their activity being subsequently “read”. And in the Pleiadean sequel by Col. Wendelle Stevens, Message from the Pleiades, the Pleiadeans tell Meier of an instance in which they attempted to track the whereabouts of a certain “Asthar” (sic), the trail going cold even to their higher-density antennae when they bumped into a barrier identified as belonging magically to a—presently operative—Thule group.

So it was that, in the enclosure of their long incubation phase (cf. What Is The Mother Current?, issue 9, May 1990 of TNTC) limited to a few square walking-miles of their enforced ghetto “sanctuary”, AAA and MT certainly had occasion to draw on—not only the direct gnosis of Whole-being intuition but—the intermediate faculties of higher mind specified in books as “the astral double”, “the Uraeus Eye”, “Conscious Dreaming” etc.

Any service in the way of positive development was obliged to disclose the case of what was arrayed against it.

In this way for example (and apart from their inclusive Knowledge of such things) MT had occasion to encounter camouflaged encampments of saucers or “energy vehicles” on the inner planes, massed squadrons low set in the ether-clouds stretching toward the starry mists. He’d been moved by intelligent direction in the dream-body to an apparently boundless stretch of desert, inexhaustible even to aerial view, over which he floated for a moment before spying what appeared to be black rectangular patches of board and canvas below, instantly known to cover enormous pits dug in the flat expanse of sand; as he “peeled off” and zoomed-in several successive jumps of magnification to get a closer look, he realized that these pits were storage areas belonging to an underground armamentarium; he immediately obtained the sense of massive machines, and a dark impression of Armageddon weaponry that was only cinched when he suddenly saw, approaching from the right on what was now a perilous level of common ground two cowled figures in umber robes, features dimmed by the deep interior of their hoods while their eyes shone with the same red glow used to depict the Jawas in Star Wars. There was empty demonism behind those eyes the likes of which MT hadn’t encountered up to that moment, and, without an instant’s reflection he was snapped in one clearing recoil of the astral cord straight out of there and back to the couch on which he’d rested his head not a minute before.

It was many years later, indeed only a few short months prior to this writing that reference beyond doubt was found of this same locale, in the pages of the space-alien compendium Matrix II. For this (astrally-triangulated) underground cache was identified by MT while watching news footage a few days after the experience, as an area in lran; and on page 197 of Matrix II we are shown a map of Iran with the captioned explanation that, as far back as the Shah’s reign, researchers consulting Iranian students learned that villagers of the central desert region long knew of the presence of “a massive underground base”, confirmably connected to alien activity and characterized as a “technical storage area for different types of equipment” (massive underground installations are said to exist in neighboring Afghanistan as well as Egypt, altogether enlarging the significance of such places).

The identity of the robed, red-eyed figures perceived by MT as skirting the escarpment of one of those pits, yields to the description of beings long thought to be the fictitious brainchild of Richard Shaver as narrated in Amazing Stories magazines of the ’40s, i.e. the notorious Deros or “detrimental robots” said to inhabit subsurface tunnel-systems having concealed openings even in the midst of the world’s largest cities. (The existence of such beings, and what in fact they might be, will receive further consideration as our narrative winds inevitably back through snaking passages and interconnected networks in approach of related or self-same topics from dimensionally-different angles; check up ahead, the Deros may be coming again from some side-entrance or unexpected turn…)

Hal In Vitro

Much more recently, as a routine function of the scrupulousness with which subjects are presented in the Chronicle, MT had occasion to “align” himself with the reality of what was rumored re the existence of alien underground bases in Groom Lake, Nevada and Dulce, New Mexico—this in order to secure a proper, atmospheric authenticity for the Hal O. Harvest comic strip (giving some idea, to those paying attention at this point, of the subtly-discerning degree to which truth is tracked in the presentation of all topics appearing within these pages; the least subject in the most apparently throw-away format is hunted to the ground in both “physic” and “spirit”, according to the principle that awakened intelligence doesn’t just brood about subject-matter but flows through any given subject, in one form or another, weighing its merit and degree of verisimilitude from the inside—so to speak).

Thus MT wound up inside indeed, rendering Hal O.’s projection to the interior of a subterranean desert base (issue 6, Jan.-Feb. 1990 of TNTC) as a first-hand report, deriving the ultimate graphics seen in the first frame from a parallel “pop-in” that makes Hal’s exploit the fictive version of an actual account rather than empty conjecture.

This fact itself can be inferentially validated by comparing an artist’s rendering of a real photograph taken by ex-employee “Thomas C.” of one of the verboten interiors of the Dulce facility, published in the same Matrix II (page 191)—a freehand copy of that drawing is rendered above for comparison to the comic-strip cell. Note the small details such as gutter-like louvres in the floor, the perforated strips of paneling on the wall, the virtually identical clock dials, screens, cabinets, doorway and obliquely angled hall (indeed the perspective suggests that MT “appeared” at virtually the same point the photo was taken—for “sensitive” reasons the possibility that he may have picked up a psychic impression of the photo must be discounted)—meaning that he’d succeeded momentarily in penetrating the subtle-energy barrier which, by testimony of those who’ve so far talked, is known to have been installed to detect just such astral interloping.

The existence of any such photo, artist’s rendering of such a photo or indeed of the very books Matrix II and its predecessor, were of course unknown at the time since the strip was produced in December of 1989 for the Jan.-Feb. issue, and MT first obtained a copy of Matrix II in September—just in time to prep on the provincial “state-of-the-art” re the whole business of alien-government intercourse before trekking to the convention.

A Hokey Ogle

Such secondary faculties (i.e. psychism, projection etc.) were seldom “deliberately” used; after a substantial preliminary period—many years ago—of cultivating and bringing them under control, all further use of such faculties out of “personal curiosity” or for the sake of psychism per se, was abandoned in favor of the larger object of spiritual development. Indeed both AAA and MT had come to consider the arbitrary exercise of such systems as…well, hokey (and this even in the face of AAA’s truly extraordinary power of “aura reading”—see issue 9, May 1990, What Is The Mother Current?).

Such “bias” may have been the aggravated result of witnessing the wanton trivialization of “psychic” faculties in the endless streaming of New Age dilettantism, where any “impression” whatsoever was taken as tantamount to divine decree. In any case, it was not with premeditation or malice aforethought that MT discovered himself, the very first day on the morning of the press conference, in the surprising process of employing just such a faculty generally abjured as “hokey”!

It certainly would not have occurred to him of his own accord, to ogle the auras of the speakers as they came by turns to the platform. He was jotting notes with the rest of the press, and indeed the first few speakers went by without an inkling of the idea crossing his mind.

However the third speaker to be introduced by host Beckley was Betty Luca Andreasson of “Andreasson Affair” fame, one of those few we’d come there specifically to see. As her name was called, MT looked up from his notes; she and her husband Bob were mounting the dais. He stepped back against the platform-length board in which the rostrum was framed, and she moved forward into the docket to speak. As she did so the most apparent aura sprang forward from the faint field surrounding things, limned against the whitish board. One didn’t have to hunt for it, squint or otherwise angle in pursuit of the perfectly cornball—it was right there, glowing bluish-white and tapering to a distinct conical point like a gas-flame despite the bright-light conditions of the room. Its presence was so pronounced as to defy every effort to shake it; to dissolve it as a product of eye-fatigue; or shift it off its clinging continuity as a matter of moving light-masses fluxing in a contrast of color and shadow etc.

It was an aura, all right. It stayed right there like a faithful puppydog one couldn’t get to go away, begging to be noticed.

At the same time there seemed to be a “contagious” effect; perhaps it just hadn’t been observed, or effectually been a factor till then, but now the light of Betty’s aura like a wick seemed to have set her husband’s silhouette to glowing as well, and even Beckley’s genial mass over in the corner was radiating a noticeable brightness.

In keeping with the real perception of auras there was a consistent difference in the shape and amplitude of light lingering around the respective figures. Betty’s remained apiculated, floating to a subtly curved convergence-point above her head like the ectoplasmic cap of Casper; Bob’s auric envelope had similar amplitude but rounded across the crown of his head. Beckley seemed to possess an aura of amiable-electric light in keeping with his outward personality, and it remained stable with the persistence of his presence up at the rostrum through the parade of successive speakers.

Betty and Bob said their respective piece, previewing what would be discussed in their keynote address at the banquet the next day; whatever nervousness they professed as a product of their first public presentation was well subdued.

The rest of the presenters came up in turn, the cut and particular trim of their own characteristic “auras” pressing the persuasive threshold of attention as well, as if Betty’s initial presence had altered an alignment—with respect to subtle faculties able to freely float in response along an awakened axis—in order to draw that energy-field into more emphatic relief (making it much less easy to recess in favor of physical functions).

There was then, a tendentious character to this persistent perceptual adjustment, as if certain features of the Presence moving through those forms were asking to be reviewed; “notice us”, they seemed to importune, and one couldn’t help but feel Mrs. Luca’s little beings fixing the focus through her “behind the veil”, so as to draw the wanted awareness toward selected highlights.

Indeed the other presenters were, in a sense, “lit up” through the persistence of effect as a kind of comparative device, their own auric envelopes necessarily contrasting with the voluminous field of form that had initiated the psychic proceedings.

So there came up, by turns, Major Wayne Aho previewing his lecture/workshop on UFO contacts and the opening of the “third eye”; Aileen Edwards and Gerald Bringle whose UFO Contact Center International offered help and analysis to abductees; there was “Max’s” mistress, Joanne Parks, Pierre Tissot discussing the Philly experiment and the “4th dimension”, Bob Short on “predictions of the Space Brothers”, Ed Conroy of “Report on Communion”— notable amongst them were (unscheduled) joint presenters Jack Stephens and Calvin Vanness, who even prior to their announcement that they were channelers of Nick “the Saint” Tesla displayed in their auras the textbook case of what MT had elsewhere described (cf. Modest Proposal, issue 7, March 1990 of TNTC) as the general characteristic of the channeler’s configuration: Stephens in particular possessed an auric band of negligible amplitude but clinging close and bright to the contour of his head; very noticeable at the back of his head and toward the base of the skull just above the shoulders, there appeared a persistent bulb of light, puffing out the field precisely at the alta major or “Daath juncture” in gracious conformance to MT’s prediction re the primary distortions of emphasis in the typical channeler’s field (all of which, as was explained, pointed more in itself to “use” than to “development”).

There was another unscheduled appearance, not by a last-minute presenter but a well-wisher of the proceedings—a woman “prominent in the business”, head of a noted foundation channeling the Space Brothers (known by MT, in this case, to be “negatives” under deep cover) whose aggressively “positive” orientation was of the “see no evil, speak no evil” variety: there was nothing noticeable in this case about the aura, except for one peculiarity seldom seen: a dark conical projection, made more out of shadow than of light, that trailed persistently behind. (The meaning of this won’t here be discussed, except to say that a perfectly appropriate presentation of just such a subject has been found in the book Original Cause: The Reflection Lost Will Has to Give, page 51, to which the reader can be referred).

Busy As Little Bees

Indeed the Andreasson-Luca space beings had frequently been characterized by commentators as “negatives”; a generally good source, which we’ve had occasion to recommend for purposes of both a comprehensive and detailed view of the UFO subject, i.e. Matrix II, has lumped Luca’s grays in with the lot of brigands allied with the Orion empire, and suggested on top of it that the implant to which she’s attested in hypnotic memory-retrieval consists of a particle of plutonium expressly installed to disturb the third eye function. The implication of course is that such interference diminishes the psychic capacity, the power to progress and integrate overall insight, move the higher centers of perception/cognition etc.

The reader may recall on the other hand that MT had originally identified the Andreasson grays (October 1989 issue TNTC) as “space dorks” technically aligned to the “positive” side of the ledge of the effective sensitivity of gnats but formally allied to the purpose of soul-evolution so that their behaviors—no matter how objectively alarming, and near in pattern to strictly negative modes—bear the intent of reciprocal “betterment”. Nothing which MT subsequently came to see and hear at the Beckley convention served to dissuade that first initiatic sounding of the subject; though the elements involved here were tricky indeed, initiated insight had originally shown that, homologies aside, there was a basic difference in motives bettween the Luca grays and the raiders from Rigel, no matter how similar their surface behaviors.

At the Andreasson key-note lecture, and even before in MT’s personal interview with the Lucas (to be detailed in the next issue) there was exhibited a clear mark of development, an accelerated capacity for free and personal insight (as opposed to implanted, party-line, rote propaganda typical of the inflexible recitations of abductees in fact victimized by negative programmers). In the case of Mrs. Luca there indeed seems to have taken place a “tradeoff”, which is her null-grays’ version of a mutually beneficial arrangement between “higher” and “lower” orders of life-form. Rather than having “knocked out” Betty’s subtle systemic potential for development, it would seem that the Andreasson dorks had done very much what the Chronicle claimed they were doing, in their work of maximum “strangeness”—they’d lit and realigned some of the imbalanced meridians and key energy-points of the—ordinarily low-level—human form, in order simultaneously to serve the promotion of Betty’s personal development and to energetically adjust her with spheres of density through which they might more directly work (in their business of gathering the—vital, subtle and reproductive—essence).

So they were “keepers” of Mrs. Luca (and others) much in the manner owners of apiaries keep up their hives—the queen is sequestered and protected, the buzzing energy-processes are allowed to conduct their innate activity of “honey-making”, condensing the hormonal nectar, and are indeed supplied all the necessary elements with which to do so, a certain “unmissed surplus” being taken off at intervals to be used for the Keeper’s personal purposes.

An arrangement—not “negative” in itself, simply not “positive” in the optimal manner that most would approve in maintaining cordial relations with an alien culture. (But those “purposes”, we hear some immediately object—what’s the fine print that sets the terms of the disposal of that “gathered nectar”? Is it not the very purpose of the negative grays, i.e. to use the genetic material of man for the creation of humanoids and biologic replicants suitable for slave service, deep-cover implantation or as stabilized hybrid forms more capable of consistent interaction with the physical field for “invasive” or occupation-purposes? Initiated understanding must reply in the negative, in the case of the Andreasson grays, regardless how unpopular such a pronouncement is sure to be in some quarters; just what their particular business is, will be characterized in the next issue.)