Chapter 5

T-Bird Meets The Phoenix

On Sept. 4, 1990, AAA, MT and several of the T-Bird staff went to Arizona to attend the National New Age and Alien Agenda Conference. AAA rarely leaves her room; MT hasn’t been out of the state in 19 years—but for reasons which will become apparent in this and the installments to come, they did not want to miss this one; for, as Holmes would say to Watson, “Come, my good fellow—I can tell the mind of Moriarty is at work here. The game’s afoot!”

We Go to the National New Age and Alien Agenda Conference: Chapter II


Alice In Documentationland: Speakers

We of the reportorial T‑Bird arrived in Phoenix at the Quality Inn West, host site of Tim Beckley’s 2nd Annual National New Age and Alien Agenda Conference, late in the afternoon. We’d driven flat miles of commercial lane to the edge of the city where the Inn was located; the buildings of downtown Phoenix rose abruptly out of nowhere, architecturally clean and consistent as if it had all been built overnight under a single zoning ordinance, and stood uniformly empty in the late day like a model township with colored banners inviting inspection for prospective occupancy.

The sky was the cool, unblemished blue that precedes a postcard dusk.

As we pulled into the drive-through register of the hotel, the simple cubic spacing of light and color outside in the Phoenix atmosphere looked, from the air conditioned van, like the signature of a world made out of clear-water crystals and icecream showerstalls—until the sidedoor slid open and one realized that there were hells as formidable as the apparently peerless hell of El Centro where one was raised.

Six worn travelers unloaded with surprising speed so as to escape the insistent furnace-blasts of the exterior, quickly located their second-floor hotel rooms in the building beyond the Lobby with its alien-welcome signs—and disappeared behind their respective doors.

Tomorrow was another day—Friday the 7th of September in fact, first day of the 4-day event, press conference convening at 11 where one could preliminarily meet and question scheduled speakers…First lectures that day also, then lectures and workshops with one’s preselected presenters Saturday through Monday.

*     *     *

There were many more speakers than we would be able to catch; mathematically of course, if we divided ourselves evenly we’d be able to cover most of those lecturers in attendance; but, truth to tell, we were just not interested in them all equally; although we did occasionally split duty to cover simultaneous presentations we would more often than not attend a given lecture or workshop en masse, since we were there for specific things.

The T‑Bird was in fact on a Reconnaissance of more moment than might be suggested by our collective excuse of “r and r”. There were objectives formulated beforehand, and though the eyes of that colossus would certainly be alert to extemporaneous cues, it’s far-vision had already focused and locked in particular targets from as far back as October of 1989 when the Chronicle first printed a devotedly “UFO” issue.

Indeed that fateful issue had been projected for production months prior, when MT had first prophesied to student-staff and crew that October of the decade’s last year was to be a hallmark time, not only for the field of “UFOs” in general but insofar as it would prove to be the watershed moment inaugurating a new and accelerated era of interaction between that peculiar subject-matter and the attention of the world-at-large.

Of course as it turned out, the fence toward which MT had pointed saw the anticipated ball go soaring over.

October proved auspicious not simply for the Chronicle-publication of its prodigal paper on UFOs (admittedly a human turningpoint insufficiently appreciated by the public-at-large) but primarily for the abrupt explosion into the public purview of left-field themes issuing from unanticipated or unlikely sources: there was the surprise Soviet TASS report carried by international news-service re the public appearance of an alien disc 300 miles south of Moscow (from which “giant pin-headed beings” emerged); there was the sudden exteriorization of data relating to long-term alien/military interaction presented primarily by government scientist Bob Lazar over Las Vegas television, and through joint disclosures issued by William Cooper and John Lear—respectively, ex-U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member and airforce test pilot (scion of Lear Jet); there was the KORG, Los Angeles radio broadcast in which a member of passive security (code named “Yellow Fruit”) from Area 51-Dreamland in Nevada revealed some of the disturbing facts associated with these and similar facilities—all of which served to shake the settled lees around such subjects, accelerating public turbulence to a degree just short of rolling boil.

Now it was all being driven again into the foreground, all of that which had for so long been hanging out in the wings—some of it coaxed from its entrenched reluctance on the strength of increased (probable) acceptance for testimony formerly subject to ridicule and indifference, some eagerly leaping to the opportunity like folded acts that had just got news of vaudeville’s revival…

There was the “old stuff (“old”, that is, for the cognoscenti), that hadn’t enjoyed the real buzz of currency in decades, things that hadn’t been spoken with topicality for years such as the Allende letters and the Men-In-Black fate of Morris K. Jessup; the perennial Hangar 18; the mysteries of Mothman trotted out of mothballs; the anomalies of the Bermuda and Great Lakes Triangles and the Toronto underground….and there was truly fresh stuff to update and even upstage the standbys, the business with Area 51 and Dreamland in Nevada, the Roswell crash landings that seemed to be accepted already as de facto curtain-raiser of the modern era, the Los Alamos genetic experiments and joint Soviet/American space ventures both predating the supposed advent of molecular genetics on the one hand and human planetary exploration on the other…

Indeed the next day at the 11:00 press conference we would sample just such a cross-section of old and new presenters composing the present circuit, who therefore on the basis of pure box-office calculation represented a fair mirror of the audience cross-section—the composition of the general public with respect to the current status of America’s most secretly savored topic.

In assessing just this current mix (some would opine “mixed nuts”) and finding once again as always the same breathtaking range wrapped in one compass, one was reminded that the whole topic of UFOs had ever resembled what was once observed about visiting the Sudan: i.e., while a tourist to that desert would gaze upon its formidable expanse and see nothing but vacant hillocks to the far horizon, his Arab guide could identify every tribe encamped behind each dune and name the relations on either side of the chiefs’ families to the fifth generation.

In exactly this way, a cross-section taken on the general state of knowledge with respect to the “UFO” phenomenon at any given time would yield a range from the vacant headscratching of “John Q.” pondering on behalf of the Public whether there might indeed be something to this UFO business (speculating aloud why “they” didn’t just reveal themselves to the government or to Johnny Carson if indeed they were “for real”, as folk are wont to challenge God to prove his authenticity with a personal appearance down the street)—to the learned recitation of the spacebeings’ varied planetary origins with full description of their modus operandi, their respective physical appearances, spiritual and sexual preferences and their “on the road” eating habits.

They Came from Outré Space

So there would be at the Conference the inevitable presence of Dr. Frank Stranges, “full gospel minister” expounding Good Book wisdom on the subject of Space visitors, and the obligatory presence of New Age luminaries Brad and Sherry (Steiger, spare the rod) on their Starseed children; there would be former astronaut/astronomer Dr. Brian O’Leary as well as Pierre C. Tissot assessing the implications of the “new physics” and Einsteinian anomalies, and John Rogers of Alpha Book Center in Phoenix discussing philosophical points involved in the potential of interplanetary visitors; and there would be as well the “remarkable psychic and past life reader” Patricia Rochelle Digel clueing people in on their reincarnational pasts circa Alpha Centauri or Sirius; there would arise again the persistent name of Major Wayne Aho who according to press release was prepared to discuss the respective physical, psychic or interdimensional origins of spacecraft, and veteran Ufologist James Moseley whose efforts to close in on the elusive truth of so frequently phantom a field would take the tack of comparing the recent Gulf Breeze incident of Florida’s “Mr. Ed” and the Howard Menger case of 25 years past.

But there would also be Joann Parks with her mysterious relic the crystal-skull “Max” purported to provoke changes in the consciousness of those poor Yoricks who would but ponder it; and there would be much more of the truly New Wave in the form of the enigmatic Christa Tilton reciting her abduction and MIB (men-in-black) experiences, her involuntary visitations of joint alien/government underground facilities, her ghost-pregnancies leaving real aftereffects and the peculiarities of her “star-crossed” daughter; indeed the keynote speaker at the Saturday banquet was to be the most celebrated abductee of all, Betty Andreasson Luca along with her husband Bob. And there would be Alfred Bielek recently surfaced out of literally nowhere in order to authenticate the perdurable rumor re the notorious Philadelphia Experiment; Ed Conroy and Dora Ruffner (author of Report On Communion and editor of Communion Letter respectively) who would discuss the explosive strangeness of the Whitley Strieber case and related abduction testimony, as well as the freshly fashioned fixture Mr. William Cooper whose composite portrait of the Secret-Government alien/world power structure alliance had rapidly become the model with which all other—including critical or contrary—models would have to reckon.

So there was, proverbially, “something for everybody” at the Tim Beckley National New Age and Alien Agenda Conference. Most marvelously, each such speaker would get up to the platform to talk in turn and if the first might explore the strategic difference between the Grays and Reptilians, verbally triangulate the bivouac of the Orange humanoids on the western slope of Mt. Archuleta or discuss the subtle changes between Model T-remote and Variation 6 of the Pleiadean beam-ships, the very next speaker would address the possible subterfuge involved in the official disclaimers of Project Bluebook! and suggest that a more open approach to the possibility of UFOs having some “basis in observational fact” be implemented.

Every grade of orientation to the Topic was present and accounted for, every band in the spectrum milling freely about and mingling with every other—yet for all that, with the net effect of chemical radicles coming together for moments of combination and then separating out again perfectly unchanged, as if no interaction had ever taken place. The proponent of a more “open-minded” inquiry into the topic of UFOs could sit genially at the same table with an abductee ready to discuss the width of a Markabian nostril to the millimeter, and continue on afterwards sedulously pursuing the detailed minutiae and technical discrepancies that suited his style of acceptance.

The broad range of the public-at-large was faithfully represented, and each upheld the implicit viewpoint for which he stood with staunch disregard of the surrounding information-pool.

There were, when one analyzed the broad groupings into which people factored out, apparently two major and antipodal “approaches” to the topic; when boiled down it seemed to be a matter of those claiming a description from the inside, and those prosecuting an investigation from the outside.

The former might take the rap of “true believers”, considering the paucity of “objective evidence” they seemed able to educe on behalf of their first-person testimonies; but the latter might equally absorb the critique of the “Doubting Thomas” orientation, more charitably categorized as the Missouri syndrome of “seeing is believing” (where the only acceptable “seeing”, apparently, is literally that of the skeptic himself, the testimony of any others being doubted out of hand as if every witness deposition were ipso facto the report of a sneak-thief).

The hue and cry for “documentation” that took place in the same room as the shouts of those already raped by beings whose existence was in question (over precisely that dust-raising issue) always seemed a forest-for-the-trees demand, effectually stalling the proceedings on the basis of an inappropriate principle. There never appeared to be a serious question amongst those for whom “documentation” seemed most sacred, as to the derivation of that special standard in the first place. Yet it obviously held the same place in secular culture as the Revealed Word held in the Holy.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

What made something “documented”? Military reports, filled out in triplicate and sealed by a Presidential blue ribbon committee? Then the subject of UFOs virtually had such sanctification, in the presence of papers newly released for instance under the Freedom of Information Act. Yet official stamps and executive seals can be doubted; primary sources can be called into irresolvable question every bit as much as secondary; and this was proving the case already with regular organized efforts to discredit the authenticity of even those photocopied sheets that came right to public view by way of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

At this point then, not documentation but the exercise of independent intelligence, the summoning of innate values of feeling and intuition inevitably played a role as large if not ultimately greater than “hard evidence”; the heart and mind to question why “falsified” papers (propounding such faith-shattering subjects as MJ-12, and the existence of both alien craft and alien bodies in custody of agencies that have officially denied the same for so long) should be circulated by the source least likely on the surface to suffer a rumor of such magnitude, has to be drawn on by each for himself. Reliance on the sanctification of agency or newsmedia is, ultimately, the same thing as admitting the failure to ask for adequate documentation re one’s ordinary, taken-for-granted notions that collectively converge upon such “values” as axiomatic. Where is the equally fervid request that all ideas and modes of conventional perception culturally absorbed from birth without a whimper “show their actual work”? Where are the authenticating and compelling equations behind them?

“Documentation” in practice was what got reported on the 11:00 news; it was what sat atop the t.v. each week for the purchase of 50-cents—and all the outspun contents were subconsciously carded as always according to fixed thinking patterns which were never required to document themselves, never asked to authenticate their existence by the presentation of mutually corroborative certificates.

There was always much ornamental content in the accepted “documents” (are not newspapers, once they’re “old enough”, considered archival and suited to cite for substantiation?) but never any information. Information had to do with the means by which “news” events (and the often hidden “non-news” events) came about, in terms of power-vectors and real ratios of effective influence beginning somewhere with the worldbanks and their intelligence arms rather than with legislators more interested in soliciting bellhops in the lobby than in scrutinizing bills of special lobbies.

Total Invisibility Achieved

There would be, at the “National New Age” convention as elsewhere, much doubt and questioning and speculation raised again as it periodically was over the alleged accomplishment of invisibility by the U.S. Navy in 1943, in the Philadelphia harbor; and yet while such possibilities were perennially pondered by those who could not have briefed themselves adequately on the state of the “physics” art to begin with, a real prodigy of Invisibility was at the same time being constantly pulled off, right under the noses of everyone, the feat of information-vanishing so skillfully accomplished by financial empires and their news-tendrils that only the occasional buoy and pier-pylon of isolated “events” would appear against the background of vast empty waters. Total invisibility achieved, 100% success in blanking out the actual, connective tissue-structure linking events beyond their arbitrary falsifying categories of “economic”, “social”, “environmental”, “political”; Success Supreme in whiting-out the interstitial serum, the synovial membranes in which each segmented cell of newsy content was inextricably embedded—the cancellated patterns beneath each item making highlight appearance across the electron-spray of broadcast glamor.

For every clip on the “energy crisis”, for every seismographic register of the rollings of Wall Street or the rustlings of Fanny Mae there was a corresponding blank spot where we would eternally “not know” that Tesla and early investigators in this century had solved for the problem of free energy, that such contretemps would periodically make its embarrassing resurgence (for which it was instantly penalized) in the form—for instance—of electrostatic generators operating off the Earth’s differential fields, ingenuously presented by yet another inventive naif not knowing the inevitable implication…For every casual documentation of troop movement or forecast of gas-hikes there would ever be a corresponding void where we “wouldn’t know” that all alleged uneconomic oil well reserves, officially-ignored shale deposits representing a trillion unclaimed barrels and ten times the energy value of all U.S. fossil fuel reserves combined (in the form of roughly 80,000 trillion cubic feet of gas in the geo-pressurized Gulf Coast zones) could be extracted to perfect profit and autonomy by existing ultrasonic technology as well as other patented secondary-recovery processes…Total Invisibility achieved to the otherwise self-evident fact that the power-brokers of the world were manipulating power, through money, and that the efficient/equitable deployment of the world’s resources never had anything to do with it.

It seemed to be a matter of those claiming

inside description, and those pursuing

outside investigation.

Rather, the effective vacuum that existed with respect to such non-information was automatically filled with a pseudo-information comprising the subliminal network of reliances and psychic assurances programmed to respond in identification of the “acceptable” highlights, and to disregard the anomalies flickering between—like the command of the Wizard exposed behind his manipulative facade in Oz.

The back of the brain would simply recline, feet up on the frontal lobe in the confidence that “somebody” in authority was always hall-monitor so that nothing could ultimately get by the public guard, “someone” whose personal interests always coincided happily with the well-being and benefit of the whole if through no other mechanism than that of laissez-faire (i.e. the politically elected, or the anointed secular “priesthood” as exemplified in the vigilant sobriety of Cardinal Sagan) would always loom over the production-line of world events as guarantor of quality control, keeping each—selective—feature carefully adjusted to the acceptable framework.

Thus “we” might not know what science has to say about the possibility of something or another gaining the admittance of verifiable truth into the world, but there was certainly someone who did—all such parties being ultimately immune to economic, political or psychological influence though they be Lord-high potentates of just such domains. Indeed there was some baffling, magic balancing device in the culturally-absorbed dogma of “pluralism” that ensured all special interests and self-serving factors cancelled in the end, sifting out a stable worldorder as continuous byproduct.

Congress Con Demonium

If documentation of the “acceptable” type was the thing conventionally demanded, why wasn’t documentation of the perfectly-acceptable and eminently available type ever sought out? As a simple matter of book-keeping, the information behind the empty content was generally accessible in rough and ready form—with a little detour perhaps to properly educate oneself in the interesting history of banking and international finance, there was the wholly subversive documentation of the Congressional Record to draw on (nothing arcane or debatable here, just the official periodical reporting all regular proceedings of all daily political processes and incidentally depositing the most brazen of nonchalant facts regarding the workaday behaviors of lobbies and de facto interests, translated as the policy output of steering committees representing the electorate by way of multinational conglomerates and big-money empires…)

In order for the eventual Editors to be able to edit, there had to be an initial amorphous massing of related information—and the compiling of information is always a stenographic matter. The information, to state the self-evident, had to exist before it could disappear, and enough trace-evidences of such a fact survive to make any given field visible to reconstituted information once again— if the minimum effort follows along behind the wisdom that comes to appreciate this principle.

Thus evidence of basic engineering in the field of “pure science” can be reclaimed out of obscurity any time, in turning toward the dedicated work of those who’ve already done much to rescue the censured formulae and diagrammatic dreams of Lights the likes of Reich and Rife, Tesla and T. Townsend Brown…Information still exists, and may be found, where doctored content stands in official representation of the Warren Commission conclusions—information of a mutually reinforcing character and consistent testimony at diametric odds with the selective residue packaged as single-volume summary (simply consult the unedited volumes, or meet the same evidences in a larger context of research as exemplified in such recent—best-selling—works as High Treason, by Robert J. Groden and Harrison Edward Livingstone).

At another level it was just as obvious that those most vociferous re “scientific verification”, proof, documentation et al. weren’t really interested in something secured by approved criteria per se; their lofty standards were a psychological pose rather than an authentic guideline, since time-and-again proofs presented beneath a blizzard of authentication according to the most rigorously conventional standards were outright ignored, indicating very plainly that the presiding principle was a preconception of the most medieval type—actually unapproachable through any form of reasonable persuasion.

The Meier Mire

So it was that the subject of Billy Meier and the Pleiadeans, for example, was repeatedly encountered (in books and casual reference etc.) almost always in the context of a “forgone conclusion” with regard to the “evidences” of photographic models produced by the interesting debunker and nocturnal trashcan rummager “Mr. Sorg”. Reference to the Meier case was almost always a glib dismissal, as if it were déclassé in the “knowledgeable” circles to extend any credence to the subject at all—and this in the face of easily-obtainable documentation of the most thoroughly convincing type, particularly as presented in the conscientious, powerful work of Col. Wendelle Stevens (i.e. most particularly UFO: Contact From The Pleiades).

No concession ever seemed to be extended the ineradicable fact that the Meier evidences, copious in themselves as they included not only photographs and films but tape-recordings and metal samples, had been authenticated, and that in terms both excluding the possibility of fakery and affirming the presence of induplicable nonordinary artifacts.

The Japanese with their state-of-the-art technology had excluded the possibility of filmic fakery at even the highest levels of FX expertise (that would, in any case, have been far beyond Meier’s rustic means), and presented the positive findings over their own national television. In the U.S., the Meier photos were subjected to exhaustive analysis and evaluation of film grain emulsion and light structural properties using the most advanced methods of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, LANDSAT, nuclear medicine and the U.S. Navy including thermoluminescence tests; digitizing the negative and infrared copy print; Laplacian and gradient edge identification; reference object and field depth calibration; focus field index identification; histogram readouts (expansion and equalization) giving light values of each pixel; hot and cold spot identification; contrast enhancement; contour topography; aspect ratio change; multiple scale cursor comparisons; fast Fourier convolution; band pass filtering; radiometric temperature conversion; image composite with associated points and vectors—state-of-the-art equipment verifying authenticity and excluding fraud in the analysis of energy fields, infrared light and magnetic diffraction properties included YOOL Laser system, Zeiss microscope, Grinnel Computer Graphics Terminal GMR-37, Simmons Gamma/Alpha Emission Tube, Tektronix Computer System 4081, Singer zx-2 Digital Camera, Fairchild CCD-2 Digital Camera, CNX-7000 340, Computer Video Graphics and “assorted custom laboratory equipment”.

The metallurgic specimens were examined and analyzed by Eidgenassisch Materialprufungs und Versuchsanstalt of Zurich; Dr. Walter Walker, former instructor in the Department of Metallurgy at the College of Earth Sciences at the University of Arizona; and Dr. Marcel Vogel, senior research chemist at IBM research laboratories at San Jose, Ca., developer of liquid crystals, magnetic films, the floppy disk, pioneer of energy-transference research and luminescent technology. Their analysis confirmed the extraordinary and scientifically induplicable character of the Meier alloys. They were conclusively shown to have a variety of wholly unique characteristics pointing to synthetic processes of a technology necessarily far in advance of any present or known technologies, i.e. unusual purity under spectrographic examination; a previously unheard-of range of trace elements displaying a uniform curve all the way up the density scale from primary-heavy to the lightest gaseous elements without breaks or gaps, suggesting “a uniform buildup of atomic density particle by particle”(!); evidence of mechanical micro-machinery, probably laser, at 500 diameters magnification; the presence of a single element deposit of Thulium (Tm, Atomic Number 69, Atomic Weight 168.934) under X-ray diffraction, existing only as a rare transition-state element in modern (terrestrial) technology, as well as the rare metal Rhenium (Re, Atomic Number 75, Atomic Weight 162.2), Bromine and Argon gases etc.—all having missing bands in their spectrums, abnormal for atomic spectra, and showing no catalyst indicating something beyond isotopic classification; an inexplicable latticework of uniform, horizontal and vertical grain-patterns sandwiched in alternating layers at tight 90 degree angles; unidentifiable non-metallic crystalline structures of extremely high conductivity, spirally stacked and exhibiting an end-to-end infrastructure of bond patterns; and the persuasive evidence that such specimens were products of a special non-electrolytic cold synthesis in a vacuum.

It was obvious those most vociferous re “scientific proof”, weren’t really interested.

The analyses of Meier’s audio recordings involve even more prodigious features; for the very means by which they could be satisfactorily analyzed seems to have been visited upon a microprogrammer who, working late one night at his computer (designing software systems for electronic funds-transfer procedures) suddenly found himself typing instructions for making digital synthesizer circuits, shortly producing the Fourier transforms and related programs required to convert sound to digital logic—a process previously considered impossible since digital electronics had no output transformer to convert digital code through an analog signal to a type of audio. A converter was built on the basis of the “received” data, with the aid of Jim Dilettoso; such a transform hookup, feeding data into an analog oscillator, gave results in real time, so that instead of tedious preliminary programming a digital piece could be played on the buttons “like a keyboard”: reminiscences of Close Encounters?

The analytic results were clearly able to differentiate the sounds of a Junkers Ju-52, a Pilater Porter single engine turbo-prop light reconnaissance plane, a “Mirage” jet fighter, the barking of a dog, a European police siren, the cawing of crows and the sounds emitted by the target object which proved to be clearly abnormal: there appeared to be a predominant, rhythmic whine related as a set of strong harmonics to a device determined to be revolving at approximately 242 rpm (each identified frequency being a direct harmonic of the rotational rate); analysis indicated the frequency variables and amplitude shifts were produced by rotation of the target device past sets of magnetic fields involving variation from three to four participating elements, selectively combining the fields as it did so without affecting its rate of rotation—present technology has no parallel with which to identify this process, but the overall impression is distinctly that of a complex electromagnetic generator.

Under audio analysis performed by sound technician Robin L. Shellman, using a spectrum analyzer from Spectro Dynamics with a demodulation mode and analysis range window from 10 Hertz to 20 Kilohertz (with translator mode for selection of center frequency through a given window), a high speed device of variable rate was detected in conjunction with the stable beat pattern, demonstrating a range from 29,500 rpm to as high as 59,400 rpm suggesting the absence of bearing friction as if suspended in a magnetic field. There is no parallel in “known” terrestrial technology. Were one to try to synthetically duplicate the sounds produced on the Meier recording, a minimum of eight synthesizers with four oscillators would be required; yet there were 32 frequencies simultaneously present on the Meier recording, 24 in the audible range but 8 beyond it—and synthesizers don’t enter the subaudible domain.

Conventional wisdom, however, seems to have the Meier case safely dismissed—but always at the expense of just that scientific verification which makes the self-same skeptic appear so rigorous and logically exacting, whenever he pays lipservice toward such proof.

We Meet Col. Stevens

The third day of the convention we’d established, by phone, that our scheduled meeting at the hotel with Col. Stevens himself (with whom we’d kept correspondence for a number of years, but who we’d never personally met) had misfired; so we doubled back that afternoon to Tucson where we were finally able to interview the Colonel in his home.

“What of Billy?” we asked. “When was the last time you’d seen him?”

“It’s been a few years already,” Mr. Stevens replied. “He’s not nearly as active with the Pleiadeans as he was previously.”

“How come?”

“It seems they’ve more or less withdrawn; they’re no longer actively participating as they were in the various ‘Earth-projects’. They’ve largely given up trying to communicate with our governments through Billy. The proofs they furnished him with, seem to have been rejected or ignored. They’ve also given up on an undersea project they were hopeful about for a while; they told Billy they can’t succeed in some of the salvaging projects they’d begun for this planet, without the cooperation of a significant part of the planetary population. They’d hoped their presence would be recognized by now, and their help accepted openly. As you can plainly see, that hasn’t at all happened.

“The last time Billy had contact was a couple years ago, when they provisionally saved his life by pumping fluid out of his lungs; he’s still got the pleurisy though, even though he works just as hard all day on his farm.”

*     *     *

The hard “demand” of documentation from the quarters of Authority, then, held a flimsy pose that could be shifted according to purely self-substantiating requirements. When the Regencies of physicists, psychiatrists and anthropologists refused to recognize the significance of similar reports from disparate times and places (or simultaneous times, different places) excluding mutual contact to a high degree of probability, solely on the basis of deviation from the norm, where was the incentive for the general public to take such accounts more seriously?

Yet unofficially, the collective psyche (as popularly indexed at its peak form in the headlines of pulp periodicals at the checkout counter) endowed those verboten subjects with a dream validity where “logical” validity wasn’t allowed. And in a sense, the persuasiveness of the psyche would prove more potent than the authoritarian containment-categories, as massing waves of undeniably similar contents came crashing in from every corner, imbuing the body of research-work (built largely out of the “marginal” domain of hypnotic regression) with a cumulative power that couldn’t be denied; the piled testimony of “plain people” from every walk of life could no longer be refused the dignity of acceptable Documentation.

The Philadelphia Embarassment

Yet the topic of “documentation” was still argued. The question seemed, as always, at this convention as everywhere else, to be an epistemological one of the most basic kind (i.e. “how do we know what we know”), drawing everyone—replete with his own particular theme—into the general quandary as to what constituted “acceptable content”, and what therefore was the authentic standard of validation.

It grew plain as the days of the Convention passed, that such an implicit question was coming to comprise an underlying problem to many in attendance who still held their particular piece of the puzzle in their own particular hand but who, hoping to find the supportive pieces at this landmark gathering so as to flesh out the overall Picture often-as-not found that the “liberality” they’d had to be willing to extend their own initial hypothesis was being taxed to breaking at the new and accelerated claims they were having to hear, often for the first time. The “probability” factor was truly being put to the test, challenged as to what exactly constituted the allowable margins of elasticity for such a factor—and especially where there were such individual stakes involved in the approved levels of tolerance.

Bielek Breaks Belief Barrier

The person who probably, more than anyone there in a certain sense had to feel that pending questionmark most acutely during the proceedings was Al Bielek. It was Mr. Bielek’s formidable (we don’t say hapless) task to persuade not only that he’d survived the true invisibility of the Philadelphia Experiment but that he’d been passed 40 years forward in time, brainwashed, hypnotically reprogrammed, age-regressed by alien technology in the hands of the secret government and sent back through time again as infant Edward Cameron astrologically placed in a prepared family context; not only that, but that he’d consequently lived several parallel and overlapping timetracks in his odyssey to recover his original memories, and in the course of having pieced together the pattern through which his fractionated life was actually lived he’d come to recall yet other time-nappings perpetrated against him by the same, culprit time-bandits in which—for instance—he was folded into an incremental interval of 1953, shunted onto yet another track for a period of approximately ten years but tangent to the principal timestream so that only a moment of unaccountable memory-flicker stole from the continuity of his linear sojourn…and there was more, an anfractuous account of people known, met, forgotten, recovered, of several simultaneous time-streams of research and interaction with advanced alien technology to which he was effectually indentured as a spacetime slave, of a sinister sister-parallel of the Rainbow Project at the ’80s end of the timewarp in the form of Project Phoenix, the mysterious Montauk experimental station the operations of which went seriously awry…

Though Mr. Bielek would certainly have formal friends amongst those who still considered themselves in the class of borderline pariah as far as mainstream culture was concerned, it was evident that many of the same secretly balked and seriously doubted the degree to which they could openly extend credence toward such extreme acceleration of a sensitive case without effectually consolidating that classification of pariah in the eyes of the larger public whom they would—of course—be trying to affect.

One saw this quite plainly in the course of the week’s proceedings, when the subject of Mr. Bielek might be broached in private with one of the “interviewees”; as prisoners of the improbable and targets of skepticism themselves in the broader framework, they were obviously reluctant to dismiss the subject altogether…yet there were, equally as obviously, major reservations at the Quality Inn.

It should therefore be confessed at this point that Mr. Bielek was precisely one of those (very few) speakers we had specifically come there to see. Along with Betty Andreasson Luca his was the scheduled presence which had most drawn us out of our L.A. sanctuary, when we’d scanned the printed roster and read for the first time the summary of his allegations and odd claims. Never having heard of him before, there was nonetheless something which in his presentation above all resonated an arcane chord of valid correspondence with AAA and MT; we had the instant intimation that here at last might be something we’d long been silently awaiting—regardless what would have to be traded in terms of security and otherwise given up, we’d have to move in response toward it to definitively “find out”. We were, in fact, on a fishing expedition; and, as we suspected, there proved to be an Angler on the other end of the line as well, fishing for something very descriptively akin to us.

Eye of Horus

Under the same general question then of “Validation”, it might here be asked how the Southern Crown adepts themselves establish what they consider to be reliable-enough identification of some truth to—for instance—move them out on a journey they’d otherwise not be tempted to make.

The question has largely been answered already (see for example issue 8, April 1990 of the TNTC, “How To Stuff A Wild Blue Meanie”); it admittedly hinges on appeal to what in this culture is a “special case”, i.e. initiated understanding—the Intuitive basis of which is clearly distinguished from both scientific and superstitious definitions in describing itself as the minimum threshold degree in the intensification and alignment of the mind-body whole with respect to awakened values of Unitive Spirit-consciousness, such that any subject, held steadily at the inner eye, is disclosed in Light of the actual Wholeness from which it takes its Being (and therefore in which it models, gyroscopically, its measure of real truth).

This is an understandably difficult “source” of verification or Identity to comprehend, from the viewpoint of a knowledge that only knows how to form its units of interrogation from conditional patterns polarized through Whole-Being value but not directly aligned with Whole-Being value. This is a primary type of direct (unmediated) Knowing with which the culture at large is certainly unfamiliar, and not yet ready—by a great, mean measure—to adopt on any noticeable scale.

And yet it does not stand, correctly comprehended, as another absolute and untestable appeal to “special authority” as with the standard “keepers of the sacred keys” whose initiated knowing can’t be duplicated in the mass; for one thing, those sufficiently prepared and willing to endure can receive the requisite Life-current of such initiated knowledge themselves, whereby the dormant organs and hidden faculties needed to participate in such Opening are quickened, developed and integrated as conscious adjuncts. Nor in any case is it expected that those things cited and described through faculty of Intuitive illumination by its designated adepts be taken for granted even by those unable to match such magnification of the “inner viewfinder”; rather, those altogether-admirable faculties of inductive reason and deductive conclusion, those resources of perception, feeling and cognition with which everyone is already adequately equipped are expected to make their secondary assessments, secure knowledge of those Revealed sources by their own means—i.e. in terms of observation, comparison, cross-correlation, intuitive assessment of the possible “rightness” of what’s spoken from the Initiated point-of-view with cogent eye upon how many “separate” and refractory things seem satisfactorily resolved in light of those higher explanations…

There are, of course, many who resent this out of hand, simply upon reading it, for their sense of public education has endowed them with the unconscious (and thus virtually inaccessible) spirit of scandalized righteousness which presumes—upon nothing—that the means by which the majority comes to its derivative conclusions is the absolute standard of the universe, unbendable and not to be improved upon. Understanding the unwarranted idea upon which emotional reactions are based, may help eventually to overcome them.