Chapter 12

T-Bird Meets the Phoenix—

We Go to the National New Age and Alien Agenda Conference: Chapter VI


Precis on the Good, the Bad and What Curls Up Under a Rock


In the old Saturday matinee serials, rather extensive synopses were furnished at intervals where the chapters built up to quite lengthy continuities; it seems only appropriate at this point to furnish some such synopsis for the readers of the T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix episodes, since our “plot” is by now not only strewn over several consecutive issues of the piece in question, but is implicitly contained as well in some of the earlier and separate features of the T‑Bird enjoying no such specific continuity with our present article but nonetheless bearing deep relevance to its contents.

We begin our synopsis, then, with a time period and cast of characters outlined not in the T‑Bird/Phoenix articles first of all, but in our May 1990 issue featuring What Is The Mother Current?

In late ’79-early ’80’s (you’ll recall—?) MT and AAA along with their two children were summarily sequestered in an apartment of ghetto-like districting in La Mesa, California, backed into the proverbial corner by dear communications of the transdimensional type that a hasty hermitage of the least maintenance-obligations would have to be extemporized, jobs abandoned, transportation sold for scrap and the best made of an impossible situation while an impending Process of indeterminate spiritual magnitude readied itself to take root—primarily in the person of AAA as its exponent and ultimate incarnation.

The first half of their spiritual Odyssey together, from the early years of the ’60’s to this present moment circa Christmas ’79, had been characterized by the usual type of seeking and series of practices known to the majority, at least in terms of general orientation; the first half of their developmental saga was conducted as a deliberate Search, an effort of personal will deriving benefits and spiritual “emoluments” in proportion as that will was applied. It consisted of standard kinds of spiritual/metaphysical practices and their variations, and even though such work precipitated the relatively uncommon climax of securing communication with and tutelage through an “inner plane Master”, the overall orientation remained the commonly identifiable one of personal effort, continuous practice of the leads provided and “psychic” cues given—all in upwardly-aspiring orientation toward the “positive” or “heavenly” polarity of the mind/body complex physically paralleled by the internal cephalic mid-point of the third eye, and the “subtle region” situated analogically through the space above the head.

This standard type of practice, (most recognizable to people when speaking of spiritual search or metaphysical discipline) eventually reached a saturation-point at which a peaceful quiescence, a kind of pleasant if pregnant suspension installed itself. After the often turbulent character of pursuing the spiritual Gold Ring, a tumultuous and even magical odyssey that nonetheless saw AAA and MT split apart and reteamed more than once, a sense of unmistakable transition was jointly reached. Without any fanfare at all, with no portents, cues or guidelines from an “inner plane Master” or from one of the several “external” adepts to whom they’d had limited recourse, they nonetheless plainly knew that a juncture of some fateful type was upon them. Everything seemed to stop; the “time” in which everyone unconsciously hurried seemed sweetly to end, all drives and irresolvable tensions looked to give up the ghost without requiring the denouement they’d appeared to demand.

At this halcyon point, the only “point” in the framework of existence that could with real validity be termed “contentment”, (in reconcilement with life, the world, one another, and all friends or acquaintances who in this very, brief interval of time seemed mysteriously to show up, reconvening as if for a summary/ensemble Act of existence from the far corners where in the meanwhile they’d been distributed) there was nothing to want, nothing to strive for, no point in striving, no percentage in questioning so that both AAA and MT were perfectly willing to live out the remainder of their lives in quiet attendance of the natural matters of daily life. For that one moment in the mutuality of their lives, there came a true surcease; yet, as has been characterized, that surcease had the value of a suspension, a long deep pause—a rapt cessation of the breath at Infinity. Like all pauses, like all extremes in the oscillating balance of a pendulum motion, the resultant interregnum of Infinity is…shortlived. Deep and absolute as it may be, it is a nanosecond of history—and presently there is an unmistakable sense of wheels starting up, ratchets and tie-rods being geared into motion and all the cylinders once again engaged only this time with a net thrust proceeding from some other and unfamiliar angle, a kind of higher dimensional octave over the usual sense of precipitating impulse.

A preemptive communication arises, an abrupt Intelligence blown in from the lovely suspended Vacuum of Infinity so that where, but a moment before, there presided a peaceful Void without content or specific intent, that very Void discloses itself as the enabling occasion or specific medium through which comes barreling the cosmic Train of a suprapersonal Intent—a fulsome Wisdom-power infilling and thus wholly accounting for it, as the Charleston Express accounts for the existence of the Charleston Tunnel.

Lateo Dei gratia

Such communication rushed in swiftly, and caught them up in an instant; it was not a communication originating from any being or complex of beings, no off-planet saucer-sendings or broadcasts from the “spacebrothers” etc. AAA, as the principal recipient of such communication identified it immediately as the cosmos itself, the creative totality or Logoic intent without mediating vehicle or vocal-box agency, yet its communication was as distinct and compellingly powerful as the storm-warnings of a lowering Sky: get indoors, nail everything down, cover up the windows, dig in and get ready for a hard-buffeted stay of indeterminate duration.

So it was, with a preemptive Onrush that left no room for anything but swift economical preparation (in the same way that one doesn’t waste time in the face of, or argue with, the onslaught of a tornado), AAA and MT dropped virtually all connection with the workaday world that comprises everyone else’s most vital life-support system; and with the requirements of rent, food and utilities like everyone else along with the continuing responsibility of two children, they surrendered all such requirements to the care of that very Imperative now demanding so much from them.

Without transportation, located a block and a half away from the relevant school and a couple walking miles to a shopping center, a few intermittent external sources serving to supply ad hoc (last-minute) rent saves, phone taken right out of the wall, AAA and MT were then left in an upstairs apartment of La Mesa with poor ventilation, no air-conditioner and temperatures which (even apart from heat convection) routinely hit 115 degrees in the summer and seldom got below 95 degrees, even in the winter. And it was there that they were reduced to ash, the internal Fire of the Process in its fullness first of all searing into AAA through the sole of her feet, (the exclusive entranceway of the absolute creative Divine itself, cf. confirmation of this exceptional fact in the Ra material) and distributing itself as an implacable, transformative Heat meeting and even overwhelming the exterior swelter that oppressed their bodily being on a continuous basis.

Thus for three years there would surge in and out a varying intensity of tidal energies, Intelligently conducting the thorough mind/body transformations that effectually took the subject of spiritual development beyond the conventional arena of personal aspiration, and the effort of individuated will. This second great phase of their spiritual development complemented and completed the first, in the sense that their first phase of upward aspiration saw done everything which could possibly be done by the ordinary means of “private effort”. Now, in response primarily to AAA’s unsurpassed desire for the Truth that would redeem humanity’s heart, the transformative fire of the Creative-divine Itself bridged the humanly-unbridgeable gap of suspension by passing “down” to meet and match that solitary flame of undissuadable love.

At the high tide of that cosmic surge, either AAA or MT or both would be taken by the absolute degree of her creative Wave working all the transformations suitable to their respective systems.

When Christmas Is Really X-mas

For hours, even days at a time, one or both of them would be charged with the intelligent energy of a Process so intense and uncompromised that the walls would palpably crack, electrical equipment would fail or fuse, and the body playing host to that primary degree of Intensity would rigidify to a fine prolonged tetany, a perfect paralysis where consciousness remained and indeed magnified, but through eyes that wouldn’t—couldn’t—move.

MT would watch often in dismay, and in basic incomprehension that would only dissolve in time as AAA was suddenly reduced from normal animated vigor to virtual catatonia, seeming to enter a near-death state leaving her body even afterwards so weak as to be immobile, and lips so parched that only moisture imparted through a sponge could afford the most meager relief. Again, there were intervals in these high-intensity tides that her body would seem to be seized by impossible—but quite beautiful and harmonious—undulations, swelling, contracting, distorting the length of her torso, through arms, legs, feet and hands, changing her features with subtle dream-like shifts all the while her eyes burned bright, fixed in fierce focus upon Infinity.

As a veritable byproduct of such inpouring Grace, MT would occasionally be struck by just a wave of overspill sufficient to halt what he may have been trying to minister in the way of help, persuading a lock in half-lotus right on the couch and the riveting of attention to a point ahead, e.g. the Lightswitch or nail-hole in the wall—one particularly eventful early morning vigil, upon the starry reflection in the silver of a Christmas tree ornament…

Alert with moveless posture in the livingroom (while some monumentally-more complete Power of the process surged in renovative tide of Cosmic change through AAA in the sanctuary of a prepared “temple” down the hall), intent without distraction on the Yuletide morningstar levitated, just at eyelevel, through dense suspension of an awareness abruptly coextensive with the space in which all formal objects floated, MT would be palpably emptied of any sense of the compressive “centrism” regularly committing the ordinary force of identification to the contrastive coordinates and proprioceptive cues of an enclosed consciousness; and, aligned along the arrow of this latter-day “Bo”, attentively congruent with the trunk of that meditative world-tree hung with stars, MT felt a definitive falling-away as if the floor was dropped from the sensibly-stabilized universe, supportive slats of frontal focus removed from the peripheral wings-of-vision like the walls of the proverbial magician’s box torn away to reveal a vanished content, where but a moment before the charming assistant should have been coiled with blades fixed front and back…—voilà! the mystic trick accomplished, the perennially coveted object of all spiritual aspiration as some incidental byproduct of what was taking place through AAA in the “other” room! complete subject-dematerialization with Naught remaining as the leftover signature of Presence save the Cheshire smile of Consciousness.

Over the Rainbow-bridge

All these occurrences, taking place off and on for a period of three and a half years—most intensely experienced the first six months of the process, in intervals scarcely allowing for a breath though certainty rare enough in terms of the reported range of experience for this “sphere” were still identifiable; they could be located with respect to a real spiritual heritage, and while not easily paralleled in handy reference guides they were nonetheless compatible—if research enough was done—with things previously reported from Jayrambati or Dakshineswar, the annals of alchemical record-keeping in some Persian chancery or even the occasional embarrassment of quite Western “Christian mysticism” etc.; yet from time to time, these marginally identifiable processes were punctuated by quite discontinuous events, seemingly without preface or afterword yet very emphatic and “consistent” after their own fashion, within the range of comparative internal contents.

At times such events would distinguish themselves from the ordinary material of dreams by erupting quite vividly as carryover into waking consciousness—indeed often providing one of those crucial overlapping bridges which functionally served to weld the “two” realms into a seamless continuum; alternatively, they would arise right in the state of waking consciousness, generally in one of two ways: either as distinct Knowledge drawn directly from—what has to be called—Whole-being intuition, a sudden unimpeachable insight into certain ineffable truths and/or domains unaccompanied by any representative impression, sense-product etc.; or, as the expression of a peremptory “plunge” through magnified instruments of some fuel-injected psychism strongly accompanied by impression, subtle sense-data or perceptual intersection augmenting the same intuitive process.

So it was that AAA, MT or sometimes even both-at-once, were drawn through the dream-field or straight out of the body of waking life into realms never before seen, in conjunction with dimensions never before known to exist. They were “shown” by an overarching Guidance, ushered by an invisible hand into doorways damped to ordinary sight yet situated right in the midst of the “ordinary”, taken-for-granted world; strange landscapes of heretofore-unknown worlds were shown them in aerial oversweep, or inescapable impressions of such presences and such worlds were alternatively drawn into congruence with the normally-opaque physical field (thereby magically violating the local rule of thumb regarding the mutual exclusivity of separate objects with respect to the “same” space). They were temporarily heliponed at times through the linga-sarira (for the Theosophically-hip) or astral body, set down into unmistakable if brief co-presence with beings, creatures, intelligences and situations sharing very little reference with what they “knew” or understood in terms of their conventional learning.

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They found that they were either in, or intuitively aligned with, other inhabitable worlds, indeed conjunct with experiences belonging to whole other densities and dimensions of being (which however yielded to corresponding mind/body adjustments and intensified alignments undergone, first-of-all, as prerequisite qualification).

It was as if, since the higher-dimensional potential of these mind/body magazines had been developed they were going to be used.

Part of the functional benefit of such renovated alignments and bioelectric balances was immediately understood, by both AAA and MT, as the intuitive ability to recognize the origin and nature of the “guidance system” periodically interposing its special circumstances: they became immediately aware at the very onset of such phenomena that the Guide of these spirit-domains was neither “inner plane Master” or UFO occupant, neither member of “spiritual hierarchy” dark or light nor emissary of “angelic” realms, but was rather their own higher Spirit-consciousness, the Source-value common to everyone, shared uniformly with all of humanity but only known directly and specifically identified in its quickened Guidance by comparatively rare processes of higher-dimensional adjustment. The Charioteer at the reins of the mind/body Chariot in this case was the whole-being value of Consciousness haloed over the “heads” of one and all, variably close to, and drawn into conjunction with, the cerebrospinal extent of the individuated-incarnate axis according to the specific degree of compatibility between the framework of physically-focused ego organization, and that unqualified Canopy of star-reate luminance Itself.

So it was Bearded Macroprosopus, the Person of the Supernal Triad took them up or “turned them on” occasionally at these unannounced intervals, and furnished such unexplained exposures to various kinds of “being” and “event” which, on the aggregate, always took on a very specific and identifiable feeling-tone: i.e. such places and entities seemed either distinctly “positive”, or distinctly “negative”; through the electrification of the necessary, higher dimensional faculties these apparently random and heterogenous experiences sorted themselves into things that were “all right” or congruent with whole-being (soul) value, and those which were distinctly not.

…And the Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World

For some, of course, hearing of this higher-dimensional either/or outcome there may be lingering doubts as to whether the participants were truly able to dissociate their third-density, lower terrestrial faculties of discriminative dualism from the integral domains of astral, mental and soul bodies involved in such “information-gathering”. To this query one can really only rejoin “you have to be there” (an opportunity made good in the offing since the T‑Bird began the presentation of taped lessons, direct Initiations into the Mother-current etc.); yet some provisional assurance can be advanced in the explanation that whole philosophical universes of insight and understanding were also to accompany these experiential passes or intuitive glimpses, which in the unexpected richness of their development furnished clear reasoning as to why the progression toward higher and more unitive densities of consciousness beyond the third necessarily involved a more unified/undiluted commitment to either an orientation identifiable as clear positivity, or clear negativity.


Precis on the Good, the Bad and What Curls Up Under a Rock

“I have a problem with this positive/negative business, Michael”, Colonel Stevens was to remark as the subject veered toward that inevitable pass (cf. our interview with Wendelle Stevens begun in issue 3, Vol 2 TNTC). “It seems to me that the subject bogs down at this point in just the kind of ambiguous ‘moralism’ that characterizes standard religious attitude on the subject, and which therefore inevitably leads to types of intolerances-of-interpretation that brook no opposition—you know?” (*1)

*1) The following is an expanded version of a much briefer conversation actually held with Col. Stevens, who suggested during the count of the conversation that the explanations given him re Positive and Negative beings, spiritual development etc. ought to be written and published in detail since to him it clarified the subject more deeply than anything he’d heard previously. The conversational format has therefore been retained, as it loans itself to the kinds of comprehension drawn out through dialog.

“Well,” MT said, “it certainly can if there’s a component of self-righteous identification involved; that however is precisely why true spiritual development in the esoteric sense of higher mind/body integration and alignment is absolutely necessary to a balanced understanding of these things, and why it can’t be left in the hands of standard low-level ego consciousness now backed by ‘godly’ justifications; certainly, that just leads to the Inquisition.”

“Right! I’ve heard the more ‘new age’ attempts to explain the distinction, you know, like ‘service-to-self’ and ‘service-to-others’; those categories are even supposed to be given by higher-dimensional beings for our further clarification, but it seems to me it just replaces one dualistic formula with an equivalent that begs the question rather than answers it!”

“Of course you have a point insofar as ‘self and ‘others’ aren’t absolute categories; I’ve had early difficulty off-and-on myself in accepting them as adequate explanatory tools. But I think it’s simply resolved if we accept them not as absolute but as ‘rough-and-ready’ categories; certainly the ‘dividing’-line between self and other is ambiguous and shifting, more a function of the elastic flow of Identity than rigid real borders.

“But when you think of it, the categories retain their functional validity. For instance, when we think of what might be required to authenticate a ‘service-to-self’ orientation, we see that an easy means of accepting the distinction revolves around the degree to which any given psyche is willing to attain its end by any means; in practical fact, it takes a very distinct type to persist in the pursuit of its self-aggrandizing object regardless what must be raped, plundered, pillaged and destroyed in the process.”

“I see what you mean.”

“When we get to the higher-dimensional levels of distinct polarization, that kind of no-quarter commitment to the survivalist and self-aggrandizing end simply receives the imprimatur of fully-conscious dedication. It becomes an authentic ongoing decision, rather than inclination or tendency. In its own way it requires as much single-minded devotion, strict relentless dedication and unwavering commitment as does any positive counterpart committed to mutual progress, and it entails the same ultimate degree of mind/body coherence, ego-integration and coordinate alignment of each part with every other part resulting in a kind of similar, cerebrospinal homogeneity, and that congruence, internal consonance or aware self-agreement commands the same automatic alignment with the accelerated resources of Intelligent Infinity as is granted the resultant ‘structure’ of positive-polarization. The only critical difference that we’ve determined by experience, is that the negative polarization to higher-density alignment divorces itself, necessarily, from the Over-soul totality ultimately superintending all personality-projections and incarnative phases through the levels and dimensions.”

“What does the negative polarity align with, then, in terms of Intelligent Infinity?” Colonel Stevens asked, clearly readjusted and gathered up in the explanation.

“It polarizes into basic congruence with the higher-dimensional energy-fields, through which the programming of Intelligent Infinity flows but no longer—in the negative case—through which the Self-reflective intelligence of Oversoul-consciousness directly functions and communicates. The higher-density energy field is open to entrance, then, as a result of congruent polarization, constituting a kind of ‘indifferent’ matrix of potential that may be used, incorporated and exploited according to personal ingenuity; practically speaking, the soul which has newly polarized negatively finds itself in functional subordination to a deeply individuated ego-soul Intelligence of even higher-density development, having in effect substituted itself for multidimensional Oversoul Intelligence as inevitable consequence of the isolating or self-nucleating requirement of the Negative realm.

“It is this surrogate oversoul quality, in fact, which the newly-polarized negative being is implicitly moving toward; for all such negatively-polarized beings are ultimately attempting to substitute themselves for God, to wholly replace and in effect override the all-accommodating Individuality of Oversoul consciousness harmoniously coordinating all its projective components and angular ‘selves’. Owing to progressive learning and development through the higher-density energy fields, and in ‘tutelage’ from higher-density Negative overlords, the Negatively-polarized being in fact picks up many faculties, manages to solve many of the mechanical knots making certain superpowers and extraordinary forces directly available in amplification of the overall repertoire; over ‘time’ in terms of the densities of negative development, the astute negative being manages to commandeer a range of multidimensional abilities that seems superficially the ‘rival’ of that belonging to Oversoul consciousness on the corresponding, positive side of the ledger.

“Of course the deeply independent and self-isolating ego nucleation which serves to practically organize the negative mind/body/spirit alignment, sets a real upper limit to the total range and power at the negatives’ disposal. There is an inbuilt factor of attrition resulting from inevitable ego-friction, and a net value of continuous inanition or unrecoverable energy-loss due to imperfect assimilation at the higher levels, which prevents attainment of the true magnitude of Oversoul consciousness and keeps it at a merely imitative, proximal level; for there’s an innate contradiction between the unitive values and deeply integral states of the higher-dimensional energy domains, and the supernumerary encysting of self-isolated ego consciousness marking the minimum requirement of that class of polarization.

“Such a basic contradiction can’t be reconciled within the negative framework; it’s for this reason that sources such as the Ra material rightly affirm that at a certain ‘degree’ the only chance of real progression in the resolution of conscious Being lies in the wisdom-conversion of the negative being to positive polarization alignment.”

“How ‘far’ then can the ‘negative’ being ultimately advance?”

“Since it can never attain to real Oversoul congruity under negatively-aligned stress, the negative-density progress necessarily stops at mid-6th density, just before the dividing line of real resolution with oversoul consciousness (presiding as the Macroprosopus or Higher Countenance of 6th density).”

“So the ‘negative’ beings can decide to switch polarities? What happens when that decision is made?”

“Theoretically such a decision can be made by any negative entity at any degree of development of the higher densities. As a practical matter though, it isn’t likely to be a seriously-entertained option until the perceivable limits of the higher-density levels are met in experience and understood on an immediate basis. Also on a practical level, such a ‘choice’ is—while an expression of the conserved value of volition and therefore of innate freedom—not bilaterally free to implement itself any time; the negative realms are highly regimented, monitored, jealously guarded since their conscious ‘resources’ are scarcer in terms of competition with the positive, so ‘defection’ at the level of the subaltern ranks is not viewed indifferently. It’s a punishable offense; therefore on a purely practical basis such a choice generally can’t be made and implemented except by a whole group psyche, a social/memory/complex of the negative densities taking its point of leverage from the decision of its very Commander. Therefore such polarization-switch is not, for both reasons cited, a common occurrence and seldom takes place sooner than the approach of mid-6th density.”

“And then what happens?” the Colonel asked. “Do the ‘reformed’ negatives have to incarnate in the lower dimensions again and pay for all the karma they’ve incurred before they can move up once more on the positive side of the ladder?”

“Actually not—or they’d never make the decision to polarize positively! No, the polarization, once assumed, is virtually instantaneous and involves a direct exchange for its equivalent on the ‘positive’ side of the ledger. It’s the product of cumulative wisdom, in keeping with the general 6th density level, so it understands the son of yielding that’s required and performs it.”

“Oh oh. That’s not going to sit well with those who’re bound to feel—me, for one—that all the negative suffering such beings have inflicted doesn’t have to be paid back!”

“Oh but it does, Mr. Stevens,” AAA explained. “It’s paid back through the works that are performed once in higher-density positive alignment. And they are able to be paid off more effectively because of the superior powers at their disposal on the ‘positive’ or whole-being side.”

“Yet they don’t seem to have to ‘pay back’ in terms of ‘their’ own suffering—maybe that’s just a punitive thought generated from this eye-for-an-eye level of consciousness however, a kind of Judeo-Christian hangover that isn’t relevant in the higher planes…”

“In a sense that’s true,” AAA continued. “At the same time though, you have to understand that the matter of ‘karma’ is basically different at the higher-density levels beyond 3rd. ‘Karma’ is indeed instantaneous in higher-dimensional terms—not so much in the sense of the mirroring mechanics of experience, as in the essence that’s ultimately relevant as a conscious value.

“You know we think of ‘karma’, in this plane of focus, as suffering the identical experience that we inflicted on another. But the ‘object’ of any such experiential pendulum is always the impression it makes on consciousness in any case. The only reason it takes the form of experiential kick-back in our 3rd density frame of reference is because here, consciousness is largely asleep. It can’t experience the essence of a thing, the distilled value, directly, so it has to be ‘shocked’ out of its slumber by some mirroring mechanism of experience.

“In the higher, unveiled levels or densities, however, consciousness isn’t asleep, neither in the positive or negative realms. Therefore the negative choice of alignment itself is its own karma. While it inflicts pain and suffering on others, this is direct expression of its immediate and conscious condition—which is acutely that of unlove. The negative being polarizes that way in the first place because the decision’s been made to take the shortcut of bypassing the heart. So it shrinks the anahata to the proportions of a real fly-heart; but in so doing, it suffers the very conscious and definitive lack of love. And this is crucial even to the dedicatedly negative being, because love is one of the indivisible Divine attributes along with Selfness and Void.

“The negative being can appropriate the Selfness of absolute-being to its own self-aggrandizing ego version; and it can appropriate the Void-value of absolute being to its functional repertoire so as to glide diabolically between the spaces of filtrate screening etc. But it can’t, constitutionally, profit by the value of Love which it has explicitly excluded as a condition of its particular polarization. Love eludes it; it does the negative being ‘no good’, so it becomes the despised aspect of the Divine reality. But since the negative being necessarily participates in the Divine reality the same as everything else, it suffers an acute deprivation of a very integral factor of its own nature. Because it is by definition a Conscious being at this level, its suffering remains acute.

“That suffering is itself the instantaneous ‘karma’ of its choice, as well as the propelling motivator of its malevolent ‘compensatory’ activity, for, participating in and through the very Being of Love nonetheless, the negative entity evokes a distortion of that principle (in that it comes to ‘love’, and takes great pleasure from, inflicting that same suffering—and haunting deprivation, ‘lack’ or nothingness—upon others).’

“I see,” the Colonel said. “This is very fascinating. I must admit this is the best discussion of the problem of ‘evil’ I’ve yet heard, and makes the subject much more plausible than its usual Judeo-Christian context. You planning on writing this out, putting it in book form or something?”

“Maybe,” MT smiled, instantly conceiving the conversational format in which the communication now resides.

Here Comes the Night-Light

“But what is the negative object, then?” the Colonel asked. “I can see the ‘positive’ object, since love is overtly present in the higher ‘positive’ densities of polarization. But the negative can’t be looking for Love…”

“It’s own version of Love,” MT replied. “It’s still motivated by the value that constitutes love, since it’s negatively-defined in the first place by its functional lack. The whole-being unity and definitive Self-congruence that, emotionally, is identified as the value of Love, is sought in simulacrum by the negative being as a form of inclusive stability, a kind of omnivorous homeostasis where nothing is really ‘external’ to its internal equipoise.”

“And it seeks to do this…how?”

“The simplest way to understand it, is to see it as a cosmic extrapolation of the ordinary, easily-identifiable ego project common to 3rd density. As you can see by just a little self-examination, the ordinary ego-project is a continuous if unrecognized attempt to render the essential contingency and interdependence of existence, as a fantastical one-way flow of order from the self-defining format of the ego to the refractory ‘otherness’ of the world.

“The ego first of all defines itself as an ideal constant, a model of Being or perfect stability insulated from the ‘change’ equated with death, in the very midst of the currents of change. That model, whether positive or negative, clear or muddy, self-exalting or self-deprecating is just an empty abstraction, a dry idea which begs to be ‘filled in’—supported and completed by the utter conformance toward it, of the world of change—the world of resistive ‘otherness’ through which personal ‘will’ is continuously displaced. So ego works to elicit the conformance of the world of change in support and substantiation of the ego-project. It seeks the confirmatory reaction, not necessarily the ‘nod of approval’ but simply the gesture or response-pattern that conforms to, and reinforces in objective reflection, the ego’s self-model. It seeks the sense of global substantiation, complete universal reinforcement without a leak. It wishes to definitively Be through the very patterns of ‘becoming’, or change, out of which its centralizing self-sense is coordinately aligned.”

“I see; the ego’s project is internally self-contradictory and therefore impossible.’’

“Yes; and that is definitively realized, and correspondingly adjusted-to, in the higher density positive framework. At the same time though, by the insistent clinging to it as the premise of higher-density development it becomes the occasion of the ‘old college try’ negative style. So the negatively-polarized being indeed enters into the university milieu of the higher densities, but parlays the ordinary 3rd density-level ego aim into a full-blown, Faustian project.”

“Ah! Comes the light.”

“Yes, of a sort—for in the Conscious domain of the higher densities, Light indeed becomes the oven mediating term, the common coinage and efficient aim—and that both for positive and negative realms. Yet whereas in the positive realms the Whole-being value taking its ‘coinage’ in the medium of light necessarily draws the developing soul toward deep degrees of yielding and expansion into light, in the corresponding negative realms the object is, rather, a progressive determination and development of appropriate mind/body mechanical means of devouring more light, stuffing the light-energy-values as it were into the voracious hole or constitutional void of emotional lack comprising the negative state of the ego-soul altogether.

“The work of the negative being is to determine the formulae, extort and coax the technical keys of force-opening the internal mind/body centers and corresponding energy fields with their respective, guardian gatekeepers. The negative’s business is to plunder the rich beds of energy-nutriment, the various treasure-troves of the vast creative domains where ‘loosh’ or psychic energy food is manufactured in abundance. For, being nonetheless a constitutionally contingent-being, a coordinate locus of mutually dependent states and functions, the ideally ‘self-insular’ ego-being is still definable as Process, as activities of interchange, reciprocal conversions and linked metabolisms; it is, and participates in, the domain of Food. It is a function of ingestion, assimilation and elimination, and as such it defines the feeding process in terms of its own negative project: i.e. to eat rather than to be eaten, to devour progressively large chunks of being until, ideally, the very universe is swallowed and so incorporated into the ultimate justification and definitive aggrandizement of its own—arbitrarily circumscribed—‘self’.

“Rather than the ultimate resolution with Whole-being value through progressive conversion of light-energy units (as is characteristic of higher-density positive development), the negative version posits ultimate aggrandizement in parallel duplication of Whole-being value through maximum incorporation of available radiance.”

“That’s why it’s said that Lucifer’s Legions can appear as angels of light!”

“Exactly. In fact, Lucifer means Light-bearer, bringer of the Light. Light isn’t inimical to the negative orientation, as is portrayed in our superstitions and folklore; like its positive counterpart, the negative recognizes and overtly values light as sustenance, enabling food for producing integral reactions toward progressively higher alignments. Just as all matter—the ‘food’ of this dimension—is intellectually understandable as a kind of packaged ‘light-value’ woven in phosphates of the ATP molecule, so light is overtly valued as the energy-essence/lunchbox of the higher densities—coded as potential to be unlocked and restored to overall availability of the mind-body axis or radiant ‘line’ of susumna.”

A Very Light Eater

“So whereas higher-density positive entities might be considered Light beings, higher density negatives are more like..Light-eaters.”

“They are the light-eaters, the devourers of light. That’s why they’re associated with ‘darkness’, because the light is lapped up into the cavernous ‘black hole’ of their congenital emptiness, their persistent lack. Light is sucked into the abyss where their heart should be, in order to try to compensate or fill-in for the Love that isn’t there.

“All the massive, cosmic extension of the ordinary ego-project that they perform in full consciousness and on the grand scale, is ultimately a means of ‘cornering the market’ on energy, monopolizing all the known fields of light or light potential. The expanding order they attempt to impose, the totalitarian control over increasingly-large numbers they attempt to exert, is the fantastical and internally self-contradictory project of coercing everything in creation to work for them, to cultivate and keep the fields of their energy-reserves and to furnish self-replenishing ‘herds’ of emotional source-nutriment which can be convened into useful energy or light-capital. Since the negative beings can’t generate an important light-energy source themselves, i.e. the emotional range of energy-values belonging to the ‘heart’, they can borrow against the manipulated and artificially regulated emotional reserves of the beings effectually harnessed in thrall to them. Since the values of light energy the negative beings find useful to them and compatible with their systems are of light gathered from negative emotional states, it is in the ‘best-interests’ of the negative beings to promote a continuum of increasingly negative emotions and response patterns, ie. those of fear and anxiety, hatred, terror and despair.”

“Maybe this has something to do, then, with the rumors circulating around about the underground Dulce facilities where aliens have been reported to take infernal ‘baths’ in vats of liquid slewed with human and animal parts, a kind of diabolic broth of enzymes and hormones they’re supposed to absorb for nutriment through their skin.”

“Well, yes,” MT replied, “there is something to this; hormones of the human ductless systems and various kinds of human and animal enzymes, neurotransmitters, lymphocytes and extract of digestive chyle furnishes variable measures of a radiant energy-value; especially the human reproductive system the specific cells of reproduction are just saturated with subtle energy-charge, and on top of that, the male seed carries a clear-light unit of awareness that comprises the usual parent-donor to the fertilized matrix prepared for incarnating consciousness.

“There are in fact multiple uses to which these ‘natural resources’ of the human system may be put. As grim as it might seem, the ‘aliens’ perceived to indulge that hormonal baptism are generally biobot replicants, hybrid forms created from genetic tissue of humans, animals and even plants; they have vestigial digestive systems, virtually inoperative because these types of biobot-form follow the general template of the higher dimensional negative beings only in more grounded and stabilized, physical terms.

“The higher-dimensional beings in their own context have subtle, vertical filamental axes on the Man-like model, because the general formula Man (inclusive of woman) presides over the present Logoic pattern; but, whereas the digestive system of Earth-based mankind is proportionately the largest of the physical complex, having an absorptive surface-area that can be stretched for square miles, the higher-dimensional beings of both positive and negative variety have largely replaced the cellular-tissue digestive tract with subtle nerve-networks (corresponding to the simpler regulatory structures of the autonomic plexuses in 3rd-density human form). Those subtle nerve-networks process radiant-energy values, drawn in through the etheric ‘chakras’ of the higher-dimensional systems; the noetic values informing a given energy-complex or ambient field-pattern determine the corresponding center through which the energy cluster will be absorbed and processed.

“Translating the higher-density alien structures into synthetic, physical material terms so that the biobot product may constitute a stable physical representation (manipulate like a marionette through the subtle-connective cords of the plexifonn centers), results in a virtually dysfunctional, vegetative ‘tract’ homologously corresponding to the solid-food system of terrestrial beings but superfluous with respect to that function; the solid-form basis of the biobot ‘parallel’ to the alien structure, requires direct absorption of light-energy values, to be assimilated and processed by the appropriate centers and nerve-networks; and, whereas the etheric aspects of those centers absorb and process etheric-material energies much in the manner conducted through the earth-beings’ chakra systems, the tissue-structure of the biobot form has to assimilate nutriment at and through its specific, flesh-born level.

“That function is of course performed in man by the cumbersome and really outdated agency of the massive physical digestive tract, generally at the expense of certain subtle potentials and energy-processes otherwise available that are coopted to the major physical spacetime work of solid digestion; in the case of the biobots, though, the digestive ‘tube’ is faked, a mere vegetative sketch; the more ‘efficient’ economy for the absorption and assimilation of radiant-energy and light values in the hybrid biobot form, is directly through the pores. The highest concentrations of the radiant/light values required, are locked into the physical structures of human enzymes and hormones, so that’s what they go for, they imbibe energy-rich extracts of the human reproductive and glandular structures wholesale through the high-saturation surface area of the skin itself.”

“Then that whole business of the alien hell-soup…has a basis in fact.” Present company was now turning green about the gills.

“Unfortunately, initiated understanding has to confirm very much of this,” MT continued. “Tremendous concentrations of desirable energy-values, laced with the emotional juice that generates them, are involved in neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, and in epinephrine/norepinephrine hormones of the sympathetic systems. Agents of psychic stress are always most suitable, and very charged.

“A very potent extract of the excitatory processes is adrenochrome, which in minute amounts packs a terrific jolt; microscopic quantities of the live substance directly ingested can be fatal to humans; but the alien-consciousness (connected up by astro-etheric threads and plexiform webs of marionette energy-signals to its biobot correspondent on the physical level) gets off on it, the more the better. Adrenochrome is generated through the psychic pattern of terror, principally; and its extract can only be catalytically effective when obtained from a still-living subject. I leave the rest of the ugly picture to your imagination.”

“My god…”

God doesn’t seem to have much to do with it. At the same time,” MT continued, “it is very probable that much of the more horrific stuff—reported through the ‘underground’ regarding places like Level 7 in ‘Dreamland’, Nevada and so forth are calculatedly projected and controlled thought forms impressed upon the ‘captive audience’ of a human consciousness, that, in fact, has been more or less selected to ‘escape’ or be returned to the workaday world so as to begin circulating the fearful and depressing rumors.”

“You mean the stuff about people being kept in cages with the approval or cooperation of the military/CIA in those underground facilities, and the ghastly hybrid experiments that have been glimpsed by abductees like some nightmarish magnification of scenes from ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’…?”

“Yes. We can be pretty confident that at least some of that is thought-form induction directly into the memory-banks of the abductee, rather than literal reporting of things seen; the effect of course is to begin the circulation of horrific rumors so as to generate an atmosphere of terror, the cumulative energies of which will of course serve admirably as food for the negative beings; another aim is to instill an overall atmosphere of depression, despair and ultimate defeatism before ‘they’ even surface on any large scale to the daylight of general mass perception, so as to have satisfactorily devitalized any potential resistance or aggressive anger before-the-fact.”

“Then you don’t think there are really many-legged octopus-men and mutant furry creatures that cry like human babies…”

“Well, there is a tendency with the negative being, and the negative reality altogether, to continuously move in relentless ‘materialization’ from the playful nightmare planning boards of the ‘dream-psyche’, (out of which they derive the shapes of mankind’s common fears and through which they imprint and reinforce the sense of their impending actualization) into daylight waking reality with flesh and blood counterparts of the most hellish nocturnal impressions. So even though a large part of these more lurid reports (always taken from controlled-environment settings such as enclosed underground rooms, where the psychic and brain-wave ambience can be rigorously regulated to alien design) may be initially some expression of a seeded thought-form, the tendency of the malevolent aliens is to use such thought-forms as template for the molding of biogenetic materials, productive—ultimately—of real phantasmagoric ‘beings’ corresponding to the most oneiric horrors.”

Indeed this fact wasn’t unknown to the medieval alchemists, who warned of the dangers of the path of internal spiritual transformation when it was written of the “mountains of the moon” (esoterically, the interior site of the 3rd eye):

“Go, my son, to the Mountains of India, and to their quarries or caverns, and take thence our precious stones, which dissolve or melt in water, when they are mingled therewith. Much indeed might be spoken concerning these mountains, if it were lawful to publish their mysteries, but one thing I shall not forbear to tell you. They are very dangerous places after night, for they are haunted with fire and other strange apparitions, occasioned (as I am told by the Magi) by certain spirits, which dabble lasciviously with the sperm of the world and imprint their imaginations in, producing many times fantastic and monstrous generations.”

—Lumen de Lumine, by Eugenius Philalethes, p. 24

Such passage clearly indicates that there are “those” who share the uncommon condition of the opened 3rd-eye—newly experienced by the initiate of the above instructions—yet who definitely utilize that power to a negative purpose, magnifying the efficacy of the imagination by those means to produce a contrary world of terrors and impedances to the positive progress.

“Then the UFO beings that are reported as having been seen at the physical level are….”

“Generally, they’re biobots, biological robots ‘viewed through’ like remote t.v. equipment and manipulated long-distance by the ‘real’ aliens invisibly parallel our reality within their own psycho-physical alignments corresponding to 4th or 5th density; they’re usually identified by their sluggish character. They seem comparatively lethargic and unresponsive, and each of their actions seems arduous as if performed underwater.

“In comparison, the ‘real’ greys or negative aliens, while they can appear in an Earth-physical context, are in-and-of-themselves unstable; they don’t as a rule stay long (whereas the positive entities like the Pleiadeans of your Meier material, being more intrinsically ‘human’ in structure can stay much longer); instead they show up just long enough to strike quickly with their particular aim, usually that of snatching some targeted ‘abductee’ and then the rest of the abductee’s experience of them is within their own environment, either homebase planet or UFO vehicle. Just compare the Whitley Strieber reports of the behavior-patterns of his alien beings. They’re swift, almost discontinuously rapid and flickering in their movements, striking with cobra speed before a wink of reactive thought can intervene or interpret.”

“I suppose the Andreasson greys are biobots, then….”

“No, not really. They’re clones, which is something a little different. They belong to a ‘hive’ or group soul, and are regimentally designed for specific functions. They have real, intrinsic intelligence and consciousness, though they are very much like worker-bees. The Andreasson ‘dorks’ are technically not negative beings, but have developed along a kind of mechanically positive wave-length which they’re now trying to adjust with the more elastic freedom and emotional sensitivity of their human ‘counterpart’.”


“Yes. Most of the ‘abductees’ of this type of alien, actually come from a biogenetic background originating from the alien source-planet. They were ‘seeded’, ancestrally, to interblend with the specific values indicative of Earth-consciousness so as to come to genetically incorporate some of those ‘virtues’. That’s why, in the case of the types of alien we call the ‘space dorks’, abduction tends to ‘run in the family’. It’s actually generational, though that fact is usually only specifically subject to hypnotic memory retrieval.”

Interference Signals in the Spacetime Traffic

“You know now that you mention it, the surfaced reports and eye-witness testimonies regarding the ‘live-alien capture’ by the military during that initial Roswell-Aztec span of time in ’47-’48 describes the EBE as having very sluggish behavior-patterns. The live-specimen aliens that ‘stayed around’ in containment for a while, all seemed to have that characteristic slowness and very delayed reaction time.”

“Biobots. The military was being ‘entertained’, through the entrapment of Stalking (cf. issue 4, Vol. 2 TNTC) by a traveling roadshow of handpuppets and diabolical marionettes.”

“Then the idea was to demonstrate…”

“Vulnerability. Vulnerability through apparent susceptibility of vehicle-malfunctioning in the vicinity of Earth-radar, and the idea that at least under Earth conditions the EBEs were fatefully slow in response time. The government would be very reluctant to enter into treaty with any unknown alien power it didn’t at least suspect had an exploitable vulnerability.

“When you think about it, how many times would such an intellectually and technologically advanced culture run afoul of our parochial radar nets before they figured out the problem and compensated for it? Yet time and again alien vehicles came crashing accommodatingly on our doorstep, always with the same cover-story that ‘they couldn’t deal with the unexpected problem of our radar-systems’!”

“Sort of like the coverstory about why their digestive tracts are atrophied—atomic wars and nuclear genetic mutations on their home planets, all that stuff…”

“Exactly. Vaguely plausible rationalizations stated in ‘our’ terms, terms Earth-ears could relate to—ears that didn’t know one thing about the various densities of existence, the variable requirements of mind/body polarization alignment, inner adjustments of the vehicles and facultative ‘fields’…”

“So we ‘invited them in’, so to speak, believing initially that it was easier to have an overt diplomatic relation with their presences so that they’d be more easy to monitor, and at the same time so that we could learn enough from them regarding advanced technologies to be able to hold our own eventually in the face of less cordial developments, or against more bluntly bellicose visitors from other zones of space and time we were beginning to realize actually filled out the ‘empty’ intervals between Earth and the farthest star.”

“That seems to be the general consensus sifted out of the collected data and ‘inside’ stories.”

Initiated insight knew abstractly, from many years back—circa the beginning months of the Process as described above—about the upbuilding alien presence, the general patterns, their different civilizations and polarization-allegiances described with respect to terrestrial interaction etc.; Initiated understanding also knew by observation of subtle faculties the character of the covert projects begun on the basis of that interaction, the world-government coalitions even at the height of the camouflage “cold war” preparing underground and interplanetary escape routes etc. The specific details as to how these things initially developed, necessarily sorted themselves by subsequent report of real witnesses and participants in the events themselves, and—in the case of initiated wisdom—by further contrast and comparison in the optimum light of Intuitive alignment so as to filter bands of probability and high potential accuracy from striations of misinformation, muddle and even disinformation…

“What happened after that, however,” MT continued, “doesn’t seem to be at all dear to those even most aware of the situation; after that initial Event of interaction the flow-lines begin to become ambiguous and seem to describe bewildering criss-cross patterns…”

“That’s for certain. It’s all a mess, with people running about alternately claiming that the government is in league with the negative aliens, that the government is trying surreptitiously to get itself disentangled from the committing ‘devil’s pact’ it got itself into…”

“Actually both of those ‘signals’ have some truth to them. The really critical thing in all of this is to determine the specific levels from which those apparently contradictory signals emanate. It makes a great deal of difference whether the subliminal calls for help and distress messages are issuing from the deepest parts of the ‘shadow government’ or from more peripheral ‘service’ levels that necessarily interact with that covert reality but which have much less of a central stake in its negative premise, as well as much less knowledge regarding the overall ‘plot’.”

“So, uh, which is it?”

“The determining factor here is the real alien agenda. If the true alien intent is to mount an invasion or occupation force, then the detection of that intent by members of the secret government would constitute grounds for a scenario of basic antagonism; the deepest levels of the secret government would be looking for ways to adapt the superior alien technology to available terrestrial means, and would be in the process of continuous ‘scouting’, sending out coded S.O.S. signals through various media, intentional ‘leaks’ etc. designed to attract the attention and cooperation of those in the populace at random who might actually have types of knowledge, insight or even ‘contacts’ that they could use. This could account in part for the ‘peculiar’ solicitation of ‘psychics’ and so forth by the CIA; the idea that such tactics are attempts to keep up with Russian activity in that field in case it happens to contain anything ‘worthwhile’, might be camouflage rationale that could account for the circumstance that Science Digest even published matter-of-fact material several years ago about psychic-espionage research of the CIA under the cover-story of keeping up with the Soviet ‘Joneses’.”

“Then the government is trying to break away from its earlier ‘commitment’…”

“No, not exactly. That would be the case, we could legitimately interpret the soft signals we’re receiving in that way if the actual alien schedule was just that, i.e. to mount an overt invasion force with a gradual underground ‘troop’ buildup toward sufficient, transplanted numerical strength to be able to wage a successful, ‘local’ planetary war. Truth to tell, where the Wisdom eye is open it’s perceived that this isn’t the real alien scenario, but their camouflage scenario. You really have to understand their Intent from the higher-dimensional perspective from which it actually emanates.”

The Name of the Game, All Languages

“In the higher densities, the Name of the Game is Consciousness. This simply means that the higher densities of existence, whether positive or negative in orientation, uniformly recognize that the business of all being and existence everywhere is always that of Consciousness, even in our own ‘3rd density’ where that fact is generally disguised in symbolic or substitutive terms. In the higher densities above 3rd there is no longer any delusion about the ultimate raison d’etre of existence. It is overtly and directly understood as Absolute Consciousness, whether in the positive or negative framework.

“The difference is that the positive framework recognizes the homogenous business of life as being that of integrating the functional ego of self-reflective cognition into balanced, congruent alignment with the whole-being value of Absolute Consciousness. The negative framework of the higher densities, on the other hand, posits the game in terms of the ultimate aggrandizement of ego as the functional equivalent of Absolute Consciousness, exalting ego to the nth degree of total creative absorption and subordinative control/dominance. In all cases, Consciousness is overtly identified as the common denominator, the standard and coveted value; and that makes the real business of the negative fundamentally different from the cover-story carefully set into place with the recognizable colors and attributes of our own ‘local’, planetary terms.”

“Then they don’t intend to literally take over…”

“They do; but in a very specific way. To the higher-density negative beings those Ruby Slippers have to be obtained very carefully. They can’t just be arbitrarily yanked off the feet to which they’re provisionally fitted. ‘Gathering the essence’ is in this case a decided art.”

“You see,” AAA continued the explanation, “the negative ‘plan’ is only camouflage-invasive as a direct matter. It’s not so much a function of military takeover in our familiar sense as it is of stalking, an art with which this density is all but completely unfamiliar.

“Stalking in this case builds up the subtle, cumulative impression of militaristic-style infiltration and takeover, made all-the-more cleverly convincing because it allows itself to seem ‘discovered’ as if by the ingenuity of our spy network etc. The aim of Stalking, by those means, is to create a completely controlled artificial environment composed of thoroughly predictable human behaviors made so because they’ve been programmed to respond to cues of conditioning revolving around a ‘story’ that is actually untrue, and wholly mis-representative of the real negative aim.

“Behaviors of our military and government personnel artificially conditioned by the habits of their response-patterns, are in fact eminently predictable and subject to extensive, engineered manipulation—you know, getting everyone to act appropriately and in confident coordination at just the precisely-timed moments. In this way they create invisible corrals, and generate an artificial stampede in the formative ranks of the world-wide power elite—a stampede taking its momentum from mind’s own characteristic impulses and direction. So they herd them into a rapid, tight consolidation along the lines they were heading in any case.

“In fact for centuries they’ve been giving the power-structure its suggestive influences from ‘long-range’. The early Tesla electronic discoveries of this century, for example, were swiftly shunted into the exclusive privilege of private hands and kept from the public; negative ‘long range’ influence encouraged the beginning of an intensified exploitation of alternative energies by the power structure right there. The financial/military empires of the planet began their several lines of development on antigravity and ray technology at a time when that had no more ‘official’ reality than the old Flash Gordon serials. Yet it wasn’t till the mid-to-late ’40s that the current era of rapid, forced consolidation began as a direct result of the sudden ‘alien invasion’ scenario.”

“You know,” the Colonel said, “some feel that the whole ‘alien invasion scenario’ was an artifice concocted by the government and newly-crystallized espionage agencies with autonomies beyond the Constitution, that simply used the secret Tesla-based technologies and pharmacological advances to enforce the impression through the subliminal psyche of the general public that there was a vaguely forming ‘threat’, an unsettling undercurrent of ‘alien presences’.”

“Yes, some people go by that theory”, MT rejoined, “but it’s based on a misperception; the manifesting fact of various, ‘advanced’ kinds of drug-and-implant technology in the hands of espionage agencies is the result of an original intensified interaction with alien empires, not the source of subliminal impressions regarding the existence of those empires.

“Certainty the CIA and NSA etc. have wide use of manipulative kinds of technology scarcely known to exist at any level; but the derivation of those technologies is a complex genesis between ‘homegrown’ discoveries which were often themselves the results of influence flowing from the various class of ‘space-brothers’, and scientific advancements strategically parcelled out in direct manner from ‘landed’ aliens themselves. Those secret manipulative technologies are variously used by various coven agencies; there isn’t so much of a unified conspiratorial program as several, concomitant and often overlapping ‘conspiratorial programs’ perceiving their respective activities according to different levels of function and access.

“This blurred-focus use of the technologies by the several, mutually-screened levels of government agency activity suits the alien purposes just fine—in fact, it’s all consistent with their program of Stalking, in which confusion and cross-purpose prevents a clear perception on the part of the Stalked subject as to just what’s going on.”

“Then there’s no direct, one-to-one conspiratorial interaction between the ‘shadow’ world-government and the negative aliens…”

“Oh there is, but mainly at the deepest level. This is partly because the most central aims of the real power structure at the very ‘heart’ of terrestrial ‘darkness’ are closely compatible with alien aims; the most entrenched members of the Bilderberger/International bancocracy complex are virtual graduates to negative polarization themselves.

“This can be viewed as the two-part product of the act of Stalking itself; by first of all stampeding the power structure and its various military enforcement-aims into consolidating under adoption of the negative-alien mood, mode and approach, the power elite is in effect squeezed into alignment with the negative mold. Fitted more precisely into that mold, it can be procedurally ‘taken over’ directly, body-mind-and-soul; so that, whereas it was initially moved at its core by self-protective instincts, it has long since transformed into covert congruence with the negative alien Intent.

“At the deepest levels, the power-structure and its Nazi-recruited espionage agencies can’t be distinguished from the alien dynamic itself. They are ‘in league’; they’re at unholy Oneness. It’s only the intermediate and ‘service’ levels of the power structure that may still believe they’re playing out the basic ‘antagonism’ and ‘self-protection’ roles. At the same time, the conspiratorial consistency and unification at the higher levels is partly the product of negative cloning, implant technology and direct takeover of certain terrestrial seats of power.”

“You mean certain members of the ‘elite’ might be directly cloned, genetic carbon copies pulled by invisible strings of the extradimensional aliens…”

“Some yes: where it was deemed strategically necessary. Numbers of the elite, the various spy agencies etc. are often implanted, and influenced by low-frequency programs.

“Yet, although extensive implant technology may be used in that way to ensure influenced obedience, a degree of technical freedom is often conserved through the consciousnesses of certain central members of the power elite; for, don’t forget, the commodity valued at a real premium in this scenario is consciousness, and a totally drugged, surgically altered and thoroughly programmed psyche is only good for robotic slave-service, i.e. dispatching mechanical secondary functions. The primary object of Negative stalking is to procedurally persuade, through strongly influenced but not robotically tailored behavior-patterns, the ultimate polarization of consciousness to negative higher-density alignment. This is because, in the long run, the object is the addition of functioning units of real consciousness to the negative hierarchy, with volitional prerogative—indicating the presence of real, conserved consciousness—intact.

“This conserved element of true consciousness is the irreducible value that allows polarization-alignment to the positive or negative in the first place. Insofar as it is not chemically coerced and ‘boxed’ into internal electro-magnetic traps of the brainlobes effectually curtailing real exercise of discriminatory volition (and thus consciousness), to that degree the mind of the subject retains the all-important value of the indeterminate variable distinguishing consciousness and the volitional axis at such.

“Thus real negative polarization as a prerogative of that indeterminate variable, is achieved in the case of the given subject. Yet that subject becomes an immediate functional dependent of the higher-dimensional entity (or ‘commander’) efficiently responsible for having induced the negative-polarization alignment of the subject in the first place regardless the deceptive means employed, the persuasive misrepresentations marshaled in conditioning the terms through which that fateful value of “volitional indeterminacy” would be exercised.

“There’s an immediate psychic bond of hierarchical relationship; at the higher-density level it’s directly apparent and unarguable. The newly recruited ‘souls’ to negative-4th density take their place automatically in the pecking order, after a preliminary ‘battle’ amongst themselves.

“Because the name of the game is Consciousness, the progressively higher stations of the negative hierarchy are proportionately enhanced with every ‘induction ceremony’ of additional members; owing to the necessarily conserved value of real consciousness and the all important void-value of volitional indeterminacy in the case of negative recruits, the apprenticeship of the latter in the negative hierarchy necessarily entails the expansion—if controlled and carefully regimented expansion—of conscious/psychic potentials through the higher negative densities.

“Thus all ‘initiates’ to the higher negative densities necesarily learn the development and exploitation of their own conscious/psychic potentials as do all initiates of the higher positive densities; yet in the case of the former, that development is regimentally overseen by the negative hierarchy and very sharply proscribed in conformance with the austere requirements of the particular ‘place occupied’ and ‘function performed’ by the soul/subject. Considerations of innate-creative tendencies and potentials of development are minimized on the negative side of the ledger. Thus higher integration and mind/body development of psychic/conscious potential on the negative side is basically anti-creative. This is an important factor to note.”

The “Desolate One” Is Just an Old Giza

“Just a second. I’m not sure I see how the development of the conscious/psychic potentials of the ‘new recruits’, as you say, directly enhances the consciousness of the higher members of the negative polarity. I can see how it helps them indirectly, by giving them a broader psychic ‘spy’ base and more sheer members of subordinate troops with ‘psychokinetic powers’ and so forth for conquest purposes. But the actual enhancement of the higher-negative’s consciousness…”

“Well, you have to understand that in the higher densities, positive or negative, there is progressively less ‘absolute’ demarcation between one subject-soul and another. It’s more like all participate in a field-continuum, and so they collectively take the form of what they call a ‘social-memory-complex’. Though the focal ego-function remains, it tends by virtue of the denser-richer medium to be transparently participating in a group-psychic function, through a unified field.

“Owing to the direct and immediate, enforced reality of symbolic relationships in the Psychic medium (i.e. 4th density astro-material etc.), the conceptual fact of a soul having been efficiently persuaded to polarize negatively by a particular Commander of the negative hierarchy translates immediately into a functionally valid and formally operative psychic bonding. There’s an instantaneous linkage and interpenetration through the densified psychic medium or unified field-continuum; the newly polarized subject inheres as a real, psychic fact through the general ‘body’ of the group or collective Consciousness of the commander-and-fleet.

“That ‘mind’, in the negative case, is not an egalitarian medium or pattern of value-parities. On the contrary it configures a distinct vertical order of control; and while the network of the negative ‘fleet’ extends in myriad psychic webs of specialized powers, forces and functions like a voracious Net flung across the heaven of stars, the sum energy comprising the group consciousness of that net redounds to the basic benefit of the Being at the apex of the control pyramid and is only variably parcelled out to secondary benefit of coinvolved beings, proportional to their respective ‘stations’ in the hierarchy.

“It all takes place in and ‘spreads out through’ that chief Being’s basic Ego-purview; by the system of psychic equivalencies at the higher densities, the symbolic subordination of everything and all souls encompassed by the Plan of that purview means the automatic subsumption of all participating energy-forms to the overarching Form of the Commander’s compassing Consciousness.

“That consciousness is literally fed and magnified by the number and relative strengths of the subordinate souls ‘voluntarily’ captured by, and incorporated into, the commander’s widespread Net along with their specific, expanded ‘siddhis’ and developing psychic functions. The greater the overt development or ‘extroversion’ of those psychic potentials belonging to the chakra-complexes of the individual souls, the more available energy-values may be contributed to the sum psychic states making up the effective Consciousness-quotient of the Commander at the pyramidal top. The more psychic energy-capital is effectively available to boost that consciousness-quotient, the greater the effective power of the Commandant of the negative ego-hierarchy to consume more potent and ‘difficult’ food sources—the greater Potential efficiently available to convert to buccaneer ventures in plundering the keys, forcing the locks of even higher-density energy sources: those beds of inconceivably-magical nutriment yet kept from practical grasp in probationary ignorance of the ‘formula’ to the next-deeper dimension.

“Since the flow of respective ‘contributions’ describes a vertically-hierarchic pattern, it may be seen that all the mechanical functions and technical processes served by opening and development of the vital-psychic powers of the field-troops contribute energy-sums upwardly to the ‘cortical’ station occupied by the Commander, and so serve to literally amplify the coefficient of Intelligence, the effective Presence of Wisdom (negatively-inflected, in this case). The Generals of the negative hierarchy, are really something to be reckoned with (and so also are the ‘grunts’, of course, to the general level of 3rd density consciousness which they seek to subdue but it has certainly been noticed, by abductees and others who’ve had any intercourse with the lower clone-ranks of the negative hierarchy, that the lesser troops and footsoldiers don’t seem to have as clear access or ‘right’ to independent, spontaneous decision-making faculties as is evidenced by the commanders—and that of course makes their responses slower, their extemporized reactions to anything ‘unexpected’ cripplingly restricted).”

“Yes, I’ve heard of reports where potential abductees apparently ‘threw the little Greys a curve’, did something against patterns of programmed expectation; it seems to put them into such a stew of indecision that their closely regimented ranks begin to break and they bump into one another like windup toys.”

“If you look at the whole pattern of the negative hierarchy through all the possible densities and levels—i.e., up to mid-6th density as previously explained—you’ll see very much a pyramidal structure; in fact it’s a kind of spiritual ‘pyramidal food-chain’ of the negative realms; the very narrow, sharply drawn apex of the pyramid is comprised of the most persistent of negative graduates, the very few (ultimately only one at the very top) who’ve stuck it out intransigently against every evidence of progressively-diminishing returns, to ultimately constitute the logical conclusion of the Negative Premise altogether.

“This topmost would be the ‘desolate one’, Lucifer as-it-were, the One who most directly embodies and promotes the ultimate negative object. And all of that which fans out under this One as the staggered ‘trunk’ of the pyramidal structure comprises the subordinate ranks, the sixth and fifth stage commanders and generals, then the fourth stage sergeants, corporals and recruits etc. All of that widening extension toward the populous pyramidal base at early 4th density may be considered the ‘body’ of the negative Being, the Head of which is the pyramidal Point-locus of mid-6th density (negative). All the subordinative ‘stones’ inlaid along the tiers of that immense structure, are entities functioning as regimented extensions and mind/body ‘parts’ of the Overarching, Luciferian capstone, organs and processes prosecuting the negative premise from their respective levels at relatively indirect angles…but all such activity—regardless the efficient ‘motive’ of the level—feeding into the ultimate and most direct Wisdom-knowledge, negative-style, of the Top.”

“You mean the motives of the different levels of the negative hierarchy are different, or effectively divergent from the highest level? I thought you said it was uniformly apparent through the higher densities positive or negative beginning with the 4th, that the ultimate aim was absolute consciousness?”

“And it is; but that aim is identified and interpreted differently, not only between positive and negative contexts but among the various hierarchic levels of either positive or negative orientation.”

“So a negative 4th density being wouldn’t necessarily perceive the object of his activity in the same way a 5th density being would perceive his own, or a 6th?”

“True; and on top of that, the higher-density being—say 6th—doesn’t perceive the object of a 4th density being’s activity the same as would that 4th density being; the higher-density being wouldn’t describe it in the same terms at all because from his vantage he perceives it in the larger and more compassing context. This is even more acutely true, and the distinctions are even more acutely marked, in the Negative framework than in the Positive, because it’s an indigenous characteristic of the negative framework to deliberately mask and distort that which is higher and more comprehensive, from that which is lower and more ‘specialized’. In the positive higher-density frameworks it’s more intrinsically possible for the ‘earlier’ levels to perceive the object of the ‘later’ levels with minimum distortion (emanating only from the inevitable ‘viscosity’ of the functional medium itself).”

“Then what’s the difference between the way the ‘lower’ orders of the negative hierarchy perceive their business, and the way the highest perspective of that hierarchy perceives it?”

Food for Thought

“Look at it this way. The most immediate level at which we can grasp the Negative plan—when we have initiated insight into it—is also the level at which its operatives most efficiently grasp it. As far as they’re concerned, the immediate business of their activity of Stalking is to crystallize—under artificial pressure—a global power-elite of indigenous and alien beings to completely dominate the Earth and its inhabitants as a captured negative resource; their functional target is always that of polarizing just so many more souls and environing matrices toward integral reinforcement and hierarchical attachment to the Negative Reality.”

“You mean not only individual souls, but whole planetary entities can be induced to polarize negatively?”

“A ‘planetary entity’ is the focal-coordinate medium of a specific density of mind/body interaction and ratios-of-function. At the cosmic ‘moment’ such an entity is scheduled to polarize into the state of a higher density, the opportunity is considered ripe to induce that polarization to take place negatively, so that the ‘planetary consciousness’ comes to participate in the Negative 4th density reality rather than Positive 4th density reality. Negatively polarized beings require negatively polarized planetary bases through which to function, just as higher-density positive beings need positively-polarized planetary bases. What you see now in terms of the diminishing oxygen content and intensified ultraviolet bombardment of our atmosphere is not an ‘accident’, an unfortunate but inevitable byproduct of industrialization; it’s sign of the deliberate (if, of course, covert) effort of the Negative hierarchy to prepare the biochemical and electrical composition of this planet for negative polarization. There are such things as ‘evil planets’, dark stars…and the real, pending question is whether Mother Earth is about to become one of them, twinkling with firefly allure in the Sinister firmament…”

“If this is the way the ‘rank-and-file’ immediately grasps the business of the Negative objective, how in the hell does the topmost perspective of the pyramid-chain perceive it?”

“Good question. And the answer to that question involves precisely the reason why, on the negative side of the density-ledger, the higher tiers of the negative overlords seek to deliberately distort and mask the character of their own objectives from that of the lower planes of ‘subordinate functionaries’.

“Consider this: for the minions of the 4th density ‘invasion’ force—or more properly, the Stalking force—a delicate line has to be tred; for, while it’s true that the negatives literally feed on destructive patterns that generate the high-energy properties of pain, fear, terror etc., they realize as a practical matter that an overzealous prosecution of the task is quite liable to generate a runaway momentum of its own, establishing a negative snowball toward ultimate destruction—the pushing of the verboten ‘red button’, for example—which would for them be the equivalent of killing the goose that was disgorging those gorgeous, golden eggs they could continually break into…in other words, what’s the point of pillage and rape if nothing is left as booty but an homogenized mist of radioactive particles expanding through space?

“At the 4th and even 5th density-levels, the pyramidal hierarchy of interlocked functions—psychic and psychokinetic powers etc.—operates as an immense coordinate net, collectively spread over and subsuming all possible ‘refractory’ elements of the exterior universe (conceived as the problematic ‘otherness’ of being over-against the sovereign subject/abstraction of the Ego-self); that hierarchy is viewed as a regimented machinery of beings serving as expendable cogs in an Engine of Conquest which progressively envelops the features of a creatively-resistive world, subduing them and incorporating them internally as swallowed, digested and assimilated matter of a continuously Swelling homeostasis of the Ego. The more all far-flung elements are gathered in through the castings of this diabolical net, broken into domesticated manipulatable codes by the juggernaut grinding machinery of the Negative power, the more all things become predictably-controllable and regulated matter of the ‘ultimate’ Ego-project (perceived from the particular, overlord level) contributing to the conformal homeostasis and self-supportive Environment of the aggrandizing consciousness in question.

“At these levels, the ‘object’ is to convert all energies and specialized powers of the negative troops into potable information-patterns of a far-flung Network contributing to the knowledge-amplification and awareness of the pyramidal generals, commanders, overlords etc. The fruits of those energies and powers of the ‘pawns’ in terms of actual ground gained, real elements subdued, contributes to the progressive vertical compounding of highly integral control-values for the negative CO’s, expanding the field that comes under their regulatory jurisdiction and therefore ensuring progessively-more-voluminous ‘farms’ of energy-nutriment on which to vampirically suckle. The expanding orbit of their control that comes under the far-flung net (drawing in elements to be computed and programmed into their regulatory Machine) is equal, then, to an enlarging multidimensional sphere of energy-rich food, to be introjected and convened directly to magnitudes of enriched Consciousness, i.e. knowledge-power, in their direct equations.

“There’s a consequence to this one-sided intake of Light-energy resources within the negative framework, and that consequence is progressively manifest in the higher densities.”

“What’s that?”

Periodic Light Flow

“Before anything, we have to understand that light is the ‘first matter’ of consciousness.

“Light-energy values are constantly circulating through patterning coordinates of the mind/body axis. That axis isn’t ultimately just another objective ‘reed’ in a field of equivalent, crowding stalks but the special crease—the universal juncture or vertically folded Common Denominator around which all the geometries of light (comprising the grid-patterns of perception) convene, and resolve to void-equivalencies as the universal Medium of Consciousness.

“Such filtrate grid-patterns, you see, are ordinarily masks of that ultimate resolution; the Whole-being value of Consciousness itself is chronically displaced, at ‘our’ level, through multidimensional focal alignments in implicit adjustment to standard typologies comprising the current ‘ceiling’ to the puzzlebox of delimiting identification—the present functional horizon circumscribing the polar terms of provisional self-recognition.”

“…Which is reflected over, and invested in, a whole cognitive panorama of symbolic or substitutive identity-equations,” AAA added.

“Within such displacing processes, ‘light’ functions as the indefinitely reflective medium kaleidoscopically polarizing the created fields through which the whole-being value of Identity becomes fascinatedly fixed. It becomes, shall we say, fatefully coinvolved in its own internal potential of ideoform ‘types’, and endures an operative intussusception closing over, around and passing ‘through’ its very field in identified nucleation of the reflective light-patterns of those typologies. It surrounds itself with the signatures of its own present, ‘optimum’ capacity for polar resolution in the potential patterns-of-identity.”

“You mean that’s what all the ‘stuff’ of existence is—the trees, snails and dugongs of life? They’re forms that display the polarized range of conscious expression as it’s presently able to apprehend and understand its Being?”

“Yes. All the prolific ‘things’ objectify moods, tones, drives, desires—the various serpentine angles consciousness can take on its single Self…

“Light-energy values of the various types are coordinately drawn through the axial ‘tube’ of the mind/body centers, collecting and concentrating the sum meridians of the nature field; they’re ordered as abstract-cognitive geometries variably patterning the dimensions of focal alignment polarized across the ‘anthropic’ median, or conscious channel.

“They process the Psyche of perceptions, impressions and influences as energy formats cognitively interpreted from—and making coded entries into—the sum-over typal identities running the autonomic circuits or ‘nature-current’ of the being; and they conduct those qualities into the extended nature-field as well, in streaming circulations following the rhythms of mutual ingestion and assimilation that arise between the ‘body’ and the ‘world’.

“In this way, at the ordinary 3rd density level, we may understand that a continuous two-way circulation is maintained between the tailored, stepped-down light values transmitting noetic patterns through the locus corresponding to the pineal-pituitary glands, and coded light-values charged with the psychic imprint of prevailing typologies which flow from nature into the plexiform centers and out again—as well as the radiant-energy substances taken in through food, the receptors of the sensory organs and other glandular, enzyme and hormonal secretions etc.

“Owing to the character of those typologies encoding the operative light-values (resulting from chronic displacement and anisometric alignment toward a broken-field of focus through the conscious axis), the radiant-energy properties flowing into the ambient ‘egg’ of the mind/body pattern are generally subjected to a weak economy; they’re processed and passed out again into nature on the basis of a comparatively low-level mind/body integration and metabolic balance involving a high rate of inanition; those radiant properties yield a specific ratio of their innate whole-value as Light, according to the code of their chronic locks opened to the limited keys of the prevailing mind/body circuit-integration.

“Much of the higher values of unitive luminance are therefore lost in the processing of radiant-energy properties, and the modified light generally flows out again along the same ‘horizontal’ plane of chronic mind/body functioning—passing back into nature with a characteristic psychic ‘charge’ encoding typal values of various, vitalistic identity-impressions, unbalanced modes of overall self-apprehension efficiently organizing the phases and incorporative processes of the life-current.”

“But then there must be higher-order adaptations to this general process of circulating and incorporating the Light.”

“Yes, that’s what we were getting to. To understand the consequence involved in the negative extraction of light-energy values, it helps considerably to understand first what the optimum positive form of management is.”

“In the higher-density positive alignments the integral unity of the life-processes is optimized in correspondence to a deep, unitive self-apprehension of consciousness. In this case, rather than simply flowing out horizontally into the nature-field again (where they inform and promote the same, repetitive planes of typal percepts coded as structural drives and desires), the light-energy units are progressively balanced, aligned, conserved and incorporated as power-exponents of the higher centers; rather than simply discharging in one uniform stream conducting the standard typologies of the nature-pattern, they’re integrated according to higher whole-order values along the vertical or transdimensional line, restored to the common convergence-axis of self-luminant Identity—the integral unity of the cerebrospinal channel in alignment with the Source-light of void mind.

“They significantly reduce their aggregate, outward flow as patterns-of-identification (reinforcing and infusing the structural vitality of nature-forms), and instead merge to align the multi-dimensional mind/body pattern through which the common value of Identity appears. Such high-integration alignment, achieved by this means, configures a total-unific radiation pattern reflected through the nature-field as optimal harmonious influence.

“This promotes a mirror magnification and enhancement, the reflection to and from the cognitive field of Whole-being value through all patterning forms; the radiant-energy ambience of the cognitive field parlays the sum of its differential identity-patterns into whole-being congruence with the axis of Conscious Identity. Such ecstatic, celebrative congruence is a direct expression and higher-density function of Love.

“Love is then the powerful productive and redemptive identity between the Creative value of Being and Consciousness Itself, mediated by the ideoform term of Light.”

“This Cosmos Isn’t Big Enough for Me And You Both, Mom…”

“Since the negative polarity seems to reject the principle of Love, to what use is ‘conserved light-value’ put in the negative program?”

“As we’ve seen, in the negative higher-density orientation, imbibition of radiant-energy values is enacted as a one-way flow. What ‘pours out’ again through the light-satiated eyes and patterning mind/body centers of the negative being, is the same conscious-identity commitment to division and discrimination that formed the negative point-of-departure to begin with. Restored and integrated light-values may be put to whatever use consciousness sees fit. The unitive function of light/radiation patterning doesn’t compel unitive perception or whole-being cognition; in fact since the typology informing the absorbed light-energy value is surcharged with psychic negativity (fear, pain, hatred etc.) in this case, it integrates most thoroughly with and reinforces the predisposition of a negative mind/body polarization-alignment.

“The progressive power that devolves from the ‘capture’ and incorporation of radiant-light sources (in terms of an increasingly irresistible Psychic integrity engaging an expanding orbit of control and domination) in this case serves to feed and enhance an exclusive subjectivity-of-consciousncss defined by that very, divisive/dominative premise; since the effort is toward the subordination of all things as stabilizing, confirmatory ‘food’ of the magnified narcissism belonging to devout ego-consciousness, the greater the success in securing the (expandingly-stable) field of that domination the greater the disdainful disregard of the integral validity of the created field altogether. The absorptive framework of luminantly self-enhanced ego consciousness therefore takes on a severe functional contraction and effective withdrawal from interest/involvement in the created fields-of-being, maintaining a minimalist reference toward that Canvas only insofar as it enforces the ideoform influence of catabolic dualism and division (in the deliberate, psychic pattern-warping of the basic logoic architectures).

“Thus the negative being of the higher-densities takes on the ‘configuration’ of a forebodingly lone presence, lurking in caves and desolate grottos of the astro-physical or etheric-material fields, a fiercely mental entity of 5th to 6th density power-knowledge possessing the proverbial basilisk Gaze and only turning the stream of attention ‘away’ from that intensified/contractile self-sense toward the created fields in token deference of the need to canalize the ‘radiant-displacements’ of the cosmic patterns as continuous, self-funneling food source—sucking vitality from the superfluous extravagances and wholly wasteful pastimes comprising the folly of energy-expenditure through the created worlds, restoring the light-units of that nutriment to their ‘rightful’ function—that of uninterruptedly powering the inconceivable “wattage” required to maintain the monumental absorption and narcissistic self-luminance of the negative Ego-postulate. And this is the definition of the Luciferian light.”

Spackling the Crack of Dawn

“I think I’m detecting a faintly familiar principle here. It sounds very much as if, the higher-up the negative densities we climb, the closer we get to the real negative premise underlying all this activity through the worlds and planes.”

“And just what’s that, Colonel?”

“It seems to me that it sounds very much like the Luciferian intelligence is motivated basically by jealousy!”

“Very good. Jealousy of what, do you think?”

“Well ultimately, jealousy of…it would seem jealousy of the creative power of Being altogether, jealousy of all the created cosmos altogether—as far fetched as that might sound.”

“You’re onto something, Colonel. It’s the whole Logoic reality, all the realms and patterns of creative potential combined that rankles Luciferian consciousness, and provokes the elaborate ramifying saga of its venomous response!”

“It’s ultimately a matter of attention,” AAA continued. “The real cosmic question is always ‘how is attention to be apportioned?’ When we finally track Luciferian consciousness to its 6th density lair, we find a philosophical characterization of how attention ought to be employed throughout eternity; we find a primary thesis of consciousness, in the Presence of the great proposition of the creative Logos or pattern of the manifesting worlds—for that Proposition provokes a spontaneous crisis in the infinite Void-being of Consciousness, to which several virtually-simultaneous orientations respond.”

“Where does the ‘Luciferian’ response come from then?” the Colonel asked. “If that could be answered you would have solved one of the great philosophical and theological sore-points of all time! you know, the question as to where ‘evil’ originates and how it is that it seems to be ‘allowed’, or accommodated, by a Perfect Being.” The Colonel’s question was more wistful than expectant as if the very, perennial character of the conundrum vetoed confidence of any real solution; but AAA answered nonetheless, with soul-searing directness.

“It comes from the first infinitesimal flux of ambivalence within Consciousness Itself; it’s the product and ultimate implication of what occurs in the ‘beginning’—the ontological beginning, not ‘temporal’—when Consciousness awakens from its perfect Cosmic Sleep—homogenously enfolded in infinite Self-continuity with Itself—scarcely stirs from that featureless unity of seamless self-congruence and tentatively stretches its heretofore-undivided attention in notice of the awakening creative potential within Itself now suddenly boiling forward in irrepressible display on the encouragement of that first, faint capture of the authorizing value of Attention.

“That first glimpse of consciousness in its creative Morning, its seductive Dawn, gives it vertigo; it feels its indivisible quality of attention (through which the homogenous Voidness and intimate Selfhood of such Voidness was—but a ‘moment’ before—uninterruptedly sustained) being inexorably displaced, unstoppably drawn offside and diffused in the potential Myriad—conferring, as it does so, actuality to that potential by virtue of the authenticating acknowledgement contained in that very concession of Attention.”

“What about the fascination of Consciousness with its potential Logoic creativity?” the Colonel asked. “What about its Love for the burgeoning offspring it finds within Itself?”

“Yes, that fascination and that Love are there too, virtually at the same time. But the responses are distinct. That’s why it may be said that Consciousness really exists in an ambivalent state, at this inchoate degree of Its own Creative Process.

“The aspect of Consciousness which experiences the vertigo of rapidly-displacing and self-dividing attention, however, generates specific qualities around itself. First of all it expresses as trepidation, fear. It recognizes the requirement for the intimate investment and indeed one-to-one association, at some level of the whole-being value of Identity with respect to the delimiting and restrictive properties indicative of the Creative pattern; it greatly fears that requirement, which it nonetheless knows as a term of the Creative process voraciously claiming the whole-being value of Attention. It fears a real lapse of consciousness through such intimate association of Identity with scaled-down and internally-divisive terms; and it has an immediate real fear of a large magnitude of the specific potential anticipated within Its creative incubation (the character of which is largely borne on the very implication of that effectually-masked and thus amnesic mode of identification).”

“You mean, it perceives within Itself that the functional restriction of Identity in lighting up the conditional patterns-of-identification on the cosmic gameboard involves a real lapse, a real internal self-division and thus a friction or abrasion that can translate out into all the unwholesome things that really do arise in the field of manifestation as a result of ‘losing the whole picture’…”

“Yes, exactly. Although the Logoic pattern and all its features are born in the indivisible unity and whole-being Identity of Love, although they express that Love eternally as the intimate coinvolvement and mutuality of all terms, nonetheless the lapse of the whole-being value of Identity in one-to-one equation with halved polar terms and oblique perspectives drags the value of Love into those schismatic equations as well. Thus Love appears to be polarized, delimited through survivalist and reproductive drives etc. There arises an adversarial condition as the Identity-integrating value of Love finds itself focused through a contingent unity, an egoically organized nucleus required to secure and domesticate its specific continuity from a refractory field of counterposed conditions continuously interrupting that continuity while provisionally sustaining its elements through coinherence and interchange.”

“So ‘love’ finds itself automatically on fighting terms.”

“It certainly can, wherever that lapse of Identity produces an effectual 3rd-density state of consciousness in which Self-reflection is potentiated but at the same time functionally masked from un-mediated Self-recognition as Whole-being value.

“And of course it’s this potentiality, with its suddenly-yawning abyss of implied horrors, that Consciousness immediately glimpses in its ontological ‘daybreak’. As consciousness scarcely begins to awaken to its internal creative potential, it finds itself virtually swallowed by a chasm of terrors, a miasma of runaway states and nightmare ‘scenes’ made all-the-more objectionable because of their extreme contrast and qualitative distance from the undivided Well-being of Consciousness in its cosmic Sleep, its undisturbed state of flotational Void in which attention could rest on an infinitely-homogenous cloud of Self-contemplation…”

“So ‘Lucifer’, then, is…”

“Yes—the state of Consciousness at the ontological beginning, which covets attention for itself alone. The state of consciousness which hates, fears and deeply distrusts the creation, which prefers to roll over and go back to sleep!”

Ma-Trona Takes Pater-Time Job from Auntie Logos

“Well, why then doesn’t it just do that,” the Colonel asked, “instead of wreaking so much havoc in the very field of the creation that it doesn’t want to have anything to do with!”

“Not that easy, Colonel,” MT resumed the explanation. “In the moment of that vertiginous glimpse, the Wheels have already been set in motion. That dawning ‘preview’, that bare glimpse is enough; it’s fatal, and it can’t be taken back. The Creation is conterminous with Infinite, ultimately, and in the last analysis it’s irrepressible. It comes pouring forward, carrying attention with it, authorizing itself through the very value of whole-being attention which it fascinates and lures offside, so as to ‘borrow against it’. Might as well ask the Mind to forever cease ruminating over its associative contents.”

“Then this ‘Luciferian’ consciousness isn’t just the original, featureless Selfness of Void-being, before any inkling of the creative patterns within it…”

“No, Colonel. And that’s very perceptive; Luciferian consciousness isn’t the ‘immaculate’ state of consciousness prior to the Logoic issuance, nor could it ever be. Luciferian consciousness is itself born of a contradiction; for it doesn’t arise until the Logoic creation is glimpsed. Therefore it’s part of that Creation; it can’t be separated from it because it was born and crystallized right along with it, at the moment of the creative inception. It’s in a certain sense a thesis of the Logos—although it is precisely the Logoic ‘thesis’ that presents its direct Antithesis. Therefore this ‘Luciferian’ proposition within Being is the Anti-Logos.”


“It is the Selfness of Consciousness, contemplating the indivisible eternality of its own Void-navel, which at the same time refuses an integral Quality of Itself—it rejects the creativity of its own Heart, and therefore denies or proposes to negate the value of Love through which the intimate correspondence between Consciousness and its Creative potential, is realized.”

“I think I begin to see then, why it can’t simply withdraw back into itself by a lapse, and recover its initial state.”

“Yes, exactly… the Creative process is already begun, it was irreversibly inaugurated with that glimpse, and the Luciferian consciousness is forever captured in that moment as a twilight state—it persists as an in-between pose, caught midway as the awkward amphibian between undifferentiated Void-being and the vertiginous fields of manifestation harboring all those properties and potentials It so loathes and fears.

“Because this form of consciousness necessarily occurs in conjunction with the creative proposition, it’s identified through that factor; it can’t be the exclusive champion of Consciousness even though its dearest assertion in the face of (potentially self-divisive) Creativity is a kind of purist ‘return’ to the undivided attention of Void-being; it’s already tainted with a parental ‘genome’ it despises, so in effect a portion of its Protestation is sheer self-loathing. Ultimately, it’s the nightmare effort to get away from its own being.

“It comes about initially as a certain ‘angle’ of consciousness, a rapid/subliminal evaluation of its tolerance-potential for the mixed bag of elements breeding within it. Born as it is along with that Creative upsurge, it becomes immediately reified on its actualizing impulse; it emerges at once as a delineation of potential within the creative field. So the ‘Luciferian’ response is a quick study that crystallizes out, hastily breaks off as Personification of a fundamental ‘attitude’ within being, a principal philosophical-and-practical orientation toward the total implication of Consciousness inclusive of Its Creative Power. It becomes a sketch, a caricature of Consciousness as a certain relationship to Its own Creative field.”

“So that consciousness, that Anti-Logos, feels the necessity of undoing those creative worlds, rather than simply withdrawing from their potential.”

“Yes; in fact the only way it can achieve that ideal narcissistic withdrawal into itself in infinite Self-contemplation, is through reclaiming the displaced value of Attention and its associated energies which have effectually ‘borrowed against’ the indivisible magnitude of consciousness in Its cosmic sleep, so as to sustain the myriad worlds (and, effectually, keep Lucifer up as an incurable insomniac).”

“So that’s what they mean by ‘evil never sleeps’!”

“Luciferian consciousness feels it must literally tear apart the creative fabric of existence, liberating those units of energy involved in the captured force of patterned Attention so as to ‘swallow them’ back into Itself, erasing their differential properties and powers so as to restore them in an homogenous mass toward intensification of the luminiferous filament describing the Self-radiant Conscious Axis.”

“The ultimate light-eater!”

Master Tournament

“Exactly. It is obvious, of course, that this ultimate proposition of the Negative does not nakedly represent the negative effort in densities below mid-6th. The lower-density negatives ply a moderate version of this venture that serves to effectually mask or downplay its deepest implications; the mind/body vehicular condition of 5th and 4th density negative beings necessarily determines the mode, degree and specific ratio-of-balance that will apply in the general prosecution of the negative game-plan. Therefore those ‘lesser’ levels attempt to secure a delicate compromise between wholesale destruction, as with an annihilating nuclear holocaust, and preservation of a vital minimum of captured resources so as to possess an ongoing supply of nutriment within the energy-contexts requiring maintenance of ‘vehicular housing’—i.e. structurally persistent mind/body ‘loci’, and therefore formally-configured fields of nucleus/envelope interchange. These are still scenarios played out with planets and spaceships, stars and bases.

“Therefore the negative minions may be characterized at these 4th and even 5th density levels as being interested in freezing the rate of destruction and disintegration for a given target environment, at a certain manageable level of devitalization technically conserving the intelligent life-form as genre yet so depleting it of all but animal labor-power as to render it a tractable unit fit solely for slave-service, effectually amenable to wholesale control in the form of an enervated tissue-mass.

“To this general level of negative enterprise, there is no percentage in total destruction; profit passes beyond the exploitable halfway-mark of diminishing returns in the face of unbridled Thanatos. And this of course is why the full Project of the negative enterprise as conceived at mid-6th density, is screened or functionally hid from the immediate concern of the lower densities. Though the lesser levels of negative function feel it, sense its looming presence as the planes are mounted, the immediate sanguinary pleasures of their respective styles of feeding-frenzy keep them pleasantly preoccupied—reinforcing that background ‘discouragement’ atmospherically hovering ’round the prospect of looking any more deeply into the Heart of that Particular Darkness which, in itself, harbors no qualms over making food out of the very homogenized mist of their own dematerialized carcasses—nuked-to-oblivion by the ‘chance misfortune’ of their very, negative momentum having got out of hand…”

“Wait, then. Why doesn’t the Luciferian Overlord just nuke it all, blow it up in the first place? Why the cat-and-mouse game of territorial chess, interdimensional and transdimensional conquest with armadas of buccaneer space conquerors who aren’t yet completely ‘in focus’ relative to the ultimate, self-vetoing Object of their own ongoing activities?”

“You can’t forget, this ‘game’ isn’t played in a vacuum! There’s the positive hierarchy and the basic Logoic pattern to consider. There are always formidable forces actively working to sustain the Creative fields toward achievement of the positive or Logoic purpose, i.e. the realization of Absolute Consciousness under all conditions including the apparent, compromise conditions of created limit. That positive goal, in which the value of Love is necessarily honored and conserved as the median term or indispensible quality reconciling Consciousness with its own creative field, commands an even-more powerful allegiance of unified conscious resolve and collective intent so that the ‘Luciferian project’ is met with resistance at every turn—a resistance which is, moreover, a great deal more in intrinsic harmony and alignment with the total thrust of the Logoic pattern so that it possesses the sum value of the Creative as Its enforcement—whereas the Luciferian project, born as we’ve seen of the creative proposition so that it remains an inextricable if adversarial part of it, necessarily has to ‘borrow’ the creative extensions and waking tools-of-being as much as anything or anyone else while being in basic inharmony with them.”

“I see. So the Luciferian power can’t just influence some somnambulant 3rd-stage consciousness entrusted to guard the ‘red button’, to go ahead regardless of all other factors and push it.”

“That’s right—even though the Luciferian Overlord, in-and-of-Itself a veritable Realm of Negative Light sweeping through rather than inhabiting the vehicular fields, could directly profit by the immediate destruction of every possible territory in the cosmos even at the expense of Its own underlings and lower-density minions, It is effectively checked from so direct a gain by all the specific factors serving to support the Logoic pattern. Its successes can’t be arbitrary or random. When, as it occasionally does, it succeeds in vanquishing a whole planet, or even a galaxy, it has accomplished this by a long cerebral tournament of checks and countermoves, plays of the most subtle and surreptitious type in which the idea is always to draw on the given, positive elements and attributes of the gameboard and progressively co-opt them, slyly compromise their positive effectiveness and gradually integrate their characteristic moves to deviant patterns secretly optimizing the negative potential—either neutralizing their positive effectiveness, or actually ‘taking-them-over’ by progressive, imperceptible distortions of the straight-and-true alignment till they add their own dimension of deliberate or conscious negativity to the overall strategic setup.

“Very often, in fact, the ultimate Luciferian Overlord shows remarkable, far-sighted restraint; where for example a resource has been captured or effectually compromised to the point where it could be completely annihilated without adequate positive resistance, taking everything good and bad, positive-and-negative up in one fell swoop of atomized broth for a hearty negative supper, instead the gameboard will be preserved with its negative conquerors holding their positions intact and poised to parlay such gains into even greater negative glory of ‘galactic conquest’—as you can tell, this is just superior strategy, seeing how much can be included at once within the effective reach of Negative domination and control so that comparatively larger portions of the multidimensional cosmos can be wiped out in the twinkling of an Eye.”

Marduk and Tiamat

“Wait a minute; there’s something I don’t seem to be getting here.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, it’s all abstractly plausible, it sounds like an account that takes all the various elements and contrary factors of experience into consideration…but there’s one thing that bothers me. This ‘Lucifer’, this prototypal Negative Consciousness, is nonetheless an expression of the Creative field, right? It’s the Anti-logos, and of course that reactive ‘attitude’ implies the Logoic reality already…no?”

“Quite right.”

“Then this ‘Lucifer’ must have some sort of ‘body’, some sort of ‘Vehicle’—you even mentioned that It wishes to absorb all the light that’s gone out into the creative fabric back into the juncture of its Vertical axis’—so this seems to be a kind of Consciousness reflective in one sense of the standard pattern—the mind/body form or cerebrospinal Line that, according to your description, takes place through the dimensions and states-of-being as the common denominator of their fields. And if that’s the case, even conceding the differences in organization that must obtain between the so-called ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ polarization-alignments, how is it possible for there to exist a vehicle or formal pattern of Conscious functioning no matter how comprehensive, which serves the integrity and amplified whole-value of Being best by feeding itself on disintegrative values of energy? Isn’t that just a flat contradiction? How could such an Entity function at all, and especially in such an apparently coherent manner, when the materials that necessarily compose the substance of its functional form are maximum expressions of Chaos, virtual anti-patterns themselves?”

“That’s a very good question, one which involves a principal ‘secret’ of reality altogether; and the ‘secret’ simply shows an implicit bias of reality toward the Creative, the inherent validity of the Logoic project.

“Chaos is, like the Luciferian ‘attitude’, a proposition within the creative field-of-being; and as such, it may have more or less internal self-consistency and justification, just like any other proposition. The term of Chaos, as it happens, embodies an implicit contradiction. It’s one of those ‘proposals’ that attempts to negate the very thing underwriting its being.

“‘Chaos’ for example implies a maximum state of meaninglessness, random turbulence and so forth. Well, just as chaos-theorists are now finding that the term ‘chaos’ represents a state or condition hiding a type of order within it and that ‘randomness’ itself sorts out forms of organization which may underlie the elusive presence of ‘negative entropy’, at an even more primary level it’s possible to recognize Chaos as a proposition proceeding from the inescapable Medium of coherence, intelligibility and innate value i.e. it’s a proposition of the unitive/integral presence of Consciousness, with respect to the potential of its creative field. Since that field is an expression of Consciousness, borrows against and incorporates that integrity through all the variables of its seething, interchanging patterns, the irreducible presence of meaning and coherence emerges out of the fact of cognition itself.

“Any theoretical denial or negation of ‘meaning’, is itself a meaning imparted to the creative processes of consciousness; any such denial is a secondary reflex, a function of the essential void-being of all variably-patterning processes whereby any, integral complex or provisionally-fixed form of ‘intelligible unity’ may be cancelled, vetoed or cognitively negated…while never in fact being able to ‘lose’ the clinging essence of overall meaning and renewable significance at all, since that operative void-term is the very agency through which the (infinitely integral and self-coherent) value of Consciousness readjusts the interpretive focus of the creative field.”

“So if I understand you correctly, Chaos has an innate coherence of its own.”

“Exactly. If for example we understand the term ‘chaos’ in its less radical and absolute sense, i.e. as chaos-theorists understand it, it’s the necessary spirit of indeterminacy imparting maximum creative variance and elastic novelty for the continuous invigoration or refreshment of patterns; it’s the factor of surprise, the informing state-of-things that allows the introduction of unexpected degrees of freedom in the combination or coordinate integration of elements. And, if we stretch it to its most-prodigious potential, allow it its maximum ‘menace’ as real ‘tohu va bohu’, the primordial Chaos of Dark-and-Void from which the howls of the half-created and yet-unrealized proceed, we find there too that it constitutes the Creation-Mound, the Isle of Incipience in the midst of Infinity about which coils the great Sea-serpent of the primeval Deep.”

“Yes, I recognize these ambiguous images of ‘chaos’ from various creation myths and tribal rites-of-passage, but how does this reconcile with…”

“The optimum body-of-coherence through which to sustain and exalt the form of Luciferian consciousness? Just that: this Chaos is itself a term of the Creative, in effect the state of saturation-potential prior to the reductive factoring-out of subdivided ‘islets’ in the Creative Ocean; ‘Lucifer’, if you’ll recall, was incapable of escaping the fact of being basically a product and expression of Creation, despite the conceit of presiding as a Conscious ‘take’ on it; so the ‘body’ or vehicle of Lucifer, primordial chaos itself, constitutes its own ‘meaning’ and coherence or organizational Intelligibility—even as it presumes to Apotheosize created meaninglessness.

“By denying essential ‘meaning’ or validity to the creation, you see, it automatically affirms an ‘alternative’ meaning; it implicitly posits the validity of Void-consciousness in itself, so that vehicularly it presents itself as the patterning typology loaning order and organizational support to that basic ‘philosophical’ premise of Consciousness. Since chaos necessarily posits meaning and affirms a particular orientation with respect to the Creative pattern-of-being, or Logos, it functions spontaneously as the order and intelligible ‘unity’ most congruent with that meaning, most compatible with the value it affirms. ‘Chaos’, then, necessarily has an order, meaning, value and organizational significance within its own framework, within the terms of the Proposition it presents to being; thus it betrays itself, after all, as an expression and potential of Consciousness, like everything else; in that sense, even being the Vessel of the Anti-logos, it is not so unique or special. Its most central and preemptive Denial, can only serve to affirm the priority of the Creative Premise. It carries the unitive self-conformance and integral coherence of Consciousness forward with it, only it frames it in terms of alleged opposition to the creative pattern or Logos.

“Even here, however, it has to borrow from the Creative menu, being itself an expression and product of Consciousness coinvolved already in Its Creative premise. It has to adapt its characteristic, enforcing factor from the Creative terms spontaneously pouring from the Logoic premise of Consciousness.”

“Let me see if I can guess what that factor is. It can only be the destructive or catabolic term of function within the creative field right?”

“On the mark. Having no independent power of creativity, having no resource whatsoever on its own even while it comprises the lone, proud premise of Conscious Self-sufficiency in featureless Void, the Luciferian factor has to filch from features already ‘fashioned’ beforehand in the very womb of the Creative. Even here, it can’t snatch them out of context and—at least—employ them in an independent manner; as we previously noted, the Luciferian outlook isn’t free to arbitrarily affect complete destruction without reference to the contextual terms of the ‘created pieces’ on the Chessboard. All that Luciferian consciousness can hope to do is intensify one isolated polarity of the creative process and progressively accelerate the whole to a resultant state of critical imbalance; it can only hope to aggravate the inherent, catabolic factor in the texture of creation, excite it beyond its proper mean toward voluminous amplification for its own sake till it achieves a state of such functional disproportion that a key of inbuilt-regulatory balance completely snaps, and the given system goes careening into unrecoverable chaos in terms of the local scale of adjustments normally sustaining it.”

Like a Diamond Between the Eyes

“You know, there’s something terribly ironic in this picture after all…”

“What’s that?”

“It just seems to me that the wholesale horror and universal destruction such a basic Orientation consistently promotes, contributes to the tangible production of just those potentials perceived within Creation at the initial borderland of Cosmic Sleep that caused the Luciferian ‘light’ to recoil from the Divining Pool of the Dream-mind in the first place, and reject the Logoic proposition as anathema to begin with!”

“That’s quite true. Out of the initial profound fear of the Potential it perceives there, this ‘inflection’ of consciousness moves to allay that fear by summoning the worst elements of that Potential, driving them pell mell to the forefront where they can work their mischief the more rapidly and thoroughly so as to shorten the sum of ‘suffering’ It believes must otherwise take place on an indeterminately lengthy scale.”

“So it becomes, in effect, what it most loathes and fears! And on top of that, it serves as the efficient agent in actualizing what was only unrealized potential previously.”

“You could say it’s the ‘Colonel Kurtz’ syndrome, on a cosmic scale. You know, the protagonist of ‘Apocalypse Now’ whose sensibilities were such that he was profoundly shaken and appalled by the atrocities he discovered the adversary capable of inflicting on his own kind, in order to forestall a greater defeat; so disturbed to his soul was he in fact, that a revolution of adaptive necessity was fomented in his being to the degree that a certain, fascinated admiration for the wisdom of negative reversals became his spiritual Advisor. His ‘solution’ to the irresolvable anguish-of-being, was to become all that which was most feared so as to constitute its efficient authorship and foundation; he proposed to be all that in existence which was aligned, threateningly, over-against him—and, in so being (in this sense of spiritual paternity) he would in effect install himself as the Supreme Cause, work a subtle ‘end-run’ on existence whereby he would antecedently underwrite and therefore ‘create’ what etemally preceded him in fact as the guarantor of his created vulnerability and contingency.”

“Sounds like Colonel Kurtz is son of the seminal philosopher of ‘You Create Your Own Reality!’”

“Exactly—in fact, the Creator finds that such a tendency-of-orientation arises as the ‘occupational hazard’ of virtually every ‘being’ and form of consciousness which initially springs from the Creation—but, that’s another story, suffice to say that Lucifer serves as the prototype.”

The Sad Café

“You know…I’m beginning to feel a little ill…I think I might be feeling”—nervous laughter—“a little sickness of Soul.”

“Ah. Something has occurred to you out of all this…”

“Uh huh. I’m beginning to feel…hasn’t it ever seemed to you, Michael, as if maybe the ‘creation’, existence altogether, is a rigged game, a game that’s fixed eternally against your favor?”

“Yes, certainly. I know just what you’re getting at.”

“You know, the superficial characterization of existence is that it’s a process of interacting polarities; at first glance it seems to be an even ‘tension’ between constructive and destructive factors, the life-impulse and the death-impulse…”

“Eros and Thanatos, hmmm?”

“Yes; and of course it seems that those Principals are forever coinvolved, mutually supportive, equally essential, almost like inextricably intertwined Lovers, the flower blooming beneath a life-giving sun and the grinning skull-apparition in the bonegarden of the dead.”

“I believe most people would be satisfied with the prospect of an eternal ‘draw’ obtaining between these standard Opposites.”

“Right,” the Colonel pondered with a long stare into space. “But is it a draw? On the surface it looks like just a cosmic ‘Mexican standoff’, a sort of compromise ‘stalemate’ that at least lets us come out ‘even’, with no basic losses after everything’s added up and cancelled to zero. But is that really the case?

“I get a sudden queasy feeling that the ‘death’s head’ grinning on the bottom of the pile of Life’s itemized inventory, has a much more secretly central significance, and that things don’t just come out evenly in the end like balanced and neutralized opposites. Somehow I feel that the ‘death’s head’ carries much more proportional ‘weight’ than would be suggested by its standard inclusion in a recitation of the pairs of opposites.”

“And why’s that, Colonel?” MT seemed to possess a vague grin himself at this point. “Surely death doesn’t have the kind of decisive finality that comes at the end of a sentence like an exclamation-point, since it only yields again like a dangling clause to the promise of a complementary fulfillment coming from any, random cry-of-birth issuing through the nursery window…”

“Ah, that’s just it! They seem so innocently equal, those two continuous Lovers, Life-and-Death; they seem to form an unbreakable circle through eternity where neither can be distinguished as terminal or ‘final’; but the spiritual, the psychic and emotional facts of that circular continuum are always telling us differently—it’s just that, out of self-protection, we seldom listen!”

“How so?”

“Emotionally and as an immediate function of our identity, we know that the two terms aren’t equal. Death always has the final word, the upper hand—even though ‘life’ comes bawling back around like clockwork through the back door, it is forever too late—the specific subject of our love, our life, our existence, is gone forever, and it’s never any real consolation prize to know that life-goes-on abstractly. The whole thing, looked at from the viewpoint of the mind and heart that really lives it, is…the Sad Café!”

“Then maybe Lucifer’s right? Better to be off with it? better to let it tip from the scales of balance into some definitive termination and so bring the grinding wheels of inexorable soul-torture to a halt?”

“Well, uh, what’s the ‘out’? I just don’t see it.”

“I think the best way to see our way clear of this apparent impasse—that definitely seems on its own terms to secure the negative premise—is to go back and take a good look at that one factor which the Negative necessarily tries to leave out of its calculations.”

“You mean—Love?”

“Exactly. In order to come to Its final bleak conclusion, we find that Luciferian consciousness had first of all to subtract the inseparable Value of Love from the fundamental qualities of Godhead. It was only by that subtractive suppression that all the various premises and conclusions came tumbling forward under the negative light. After all, Love is specifically the intimate function of Identity belonging to Absolute, with respect to the Creative premise of delimitation belonging to the Logos.

“Love expresses the eternal condition that, within the unqualified Identity-of-Absolute, all qualifications characterizing the creative patterns-of-being are innately allowed by largesse of its own unlimited potential. Love is the power of Absolute that makes It absolute-and-unqualified, by permitting even the apparent antithesis of that all-inclusive Value thereby underwriting and justifying its Absolute ‘claim’. Love is therefore the Matrona, the value of Godhead as Mother, the primordial relation between the Creator power of Absolute-potential and Its offspring.”

“It seems then that ‘Lucifer’ is one of those ‘things’ that are permitted by the unqualified Love of Absolute for its qualifying Potential!”

“Exactly. The Luciferian premise is itself a quintessential term of qualification, exclusionary exception and so forth; the Luciferian premise is the very “version” of Consciousness which attempts to make Absolute-being exclusive, which hypothesizes an absolute sufficiency of Consciousness-in-itself as undifferentiated, infinite Void-self…and so categorically negates the permitted ‘Self-negation’ of creative limit.

“The ‘problem’ with the Luciferian premise is that it’s version of Infinite self-sufficiency becomes immediately an arbitrary subjective enclosure or featureless circumscription. It’s instantly surpassed as any candidate for all-encompassing Absolute in the moment of its upsurge; for the upsurge of that Negative premise takes place with respect to (and because of) a proliferating potential of creative process toward which the Whole-being value of Attention is already drawn.

“Thus Reality in its fullness already outstrips the ‘dimension’ of Being that Luciferian mind is ready to allow. The ‘absoluteness’ of that Mind already escapes it in the instant it’s born, and it does so on the strength of the Love-quality of Godhead which generously pairs Attention (as indiscriminate value of Absolute) with the indeterminately-proliferating properties of all patterning potentials logically contained within It.

“It’s for this reason that the Luciferian premise is ‘bitter’ toward Love; for Love has already drawn the exclusivity of Attention away from it, forced it to ‘share’ in the creative bounty along-side which it’s indeed been born. Love moves out on the multiplying streams of unitive or whole-value attention, into the fields of its creation; and it expects that the indivisible wholeness and unity of Attention will prove sufficient, eternally satisfactory for that portion of Creative potential which prefers to retain the term of Awareness at the starting-gate, at the border of the manvantara or yawning dawn-state of the worlds—since no matter how many times the whole-value of Attention is subdivided or multiplied it remains intact, merely focused down upon provisionally-delimiting attributes with which it may become temporarily identified on a one-to-one basis (and so apparently—but not really—diminished).”

“But the Luciferian intelligence doesn’t like that anyway.”

“No; it doesn’t like Love to look in another direction, not even temporarily; it detests even the innocent flirtation of Whole-being attention with the polarized patterns of the worlds.

“Although it detests Love for Love’s ‘wanton’ ways, It is nonetheless born of Love; it’s the very product of Love, the Mother, because it comes to expression as a premise-of-being only in relation to the creative potential of Logos. Even as anti-Logos, it is forever expression of that Logoic potential.

“Thus the factor of Love can’t really be subtracted from It; it seeks instead to displace Love from its proper ‘position’ at the Heart (i.e. the causative locus of the creative worlds and all patterning coordinates) and remove it like a kidnapped Princess to the turreted towers and patrolled bastions of the Head i.e. Void-mind in itself. In other words, Luciferian Intelligence co-opts and interprets the inevitable hangover term of Love as the value of Self-love; its only legitimate function, its only allowable breath-of-existence as far as Luciferian consciousness is concerned, takes form as the supreme and exclusive valuation of Void/Self—the narcissistic conferring of Love’s approbation upon those absolute-qualities independent of the loving acceptance that would necessarily flow from indiscriminate Void-being and all-embracing, absolute-Selfness with respect to the created potential implied in those permissive terms.”

“So ‘Lucifer’ is constituted as a project that intends to capture the Mother.”

“Exactly. The Luciferian void-mind feels the requirement of arresting the indiscriminate proliferation and freedom-granting bounty of Love (for it feared that freedom and the potential it implied, from the beginning). It wishes to dominate the Mother, keep her under lock-and-key, utilize her power in the manner of a demi-god or cosmocrator i.e. by appropriating her means, mimicking their actions and functions while strategically altering them and incorporating them into a restricted simulacrum suited to Its own ends.

“Luciferian consciousness, remember, has no power of creativity itself; it imitates, but it can’t generate; it needs the Mother’s power to do that which is why, when it captures her, it keeps her half-alive so as to maintain a minimal continuity of creative interaction and the suitable production of form—for it’s through tailored regulation of Love’s forms that Luciferian intelligence derives the very means of coercing soul-energy into convening abstract-conscious capital to specific psychic and emotional coinage; and it’s through the cumulative interest on that psychic and emotional coinage that such Intelligence proceeds to purchase the precious energy-keys to timelocks and spatial corridors of even richer and still-virgin terrains, portions of the cosmos intact with creative life and superfetation ripe for plunder and privileged profit.

“And all, as we’ve seen, toward the ultimate orientation of those teeming fields of Deific attention back into conformal service of a single, pyramidally apiculate Power preening Itself as an arbitrarily exclusive and self-sufficient Subject.

“Thus the implicit ‘units’ of attention subtending all productive fields (from the very Source of creative Godhead), are forced to obeisance and functional servitude of the Negative Overlord.

“You see, Lucifer wishes to reclaim all the attention that’s gone out into the Creation; the Luciferian premise, as we’ve noted, is that its own preferred Selfness and Void-state is eternally sufficient, but at the same time It can’t practically support that premise since the Whole-being value of Attention spontaneously surpasses, flows over-around-and-through that subjective assertion. The Vessel of the Sleep-state of Consciousness immediately springs leaks. It would like to exalt itself as the sole worthy repository of Attention, thus being suspended in (undivided) Divine acknowledgment across the glorious planes of Eternity; but its preferred state no longer accounts for all of Attention. There is an infinite ‘otherness’ to attention, that takes its vagrant Being from an unseemly displacement through the created patterns-of-being. The Creator’s attention is extended, through Love, as the Mother of all the worlds. And of this, then, Lucifer is supremely jealous.”

“Ah. The theme of jealousy, back around again.”

It’s Only That, After All

“Yes,” AAA continued, “and now it may be seen what Luciferian consciousness is jealous over. This is why It rages through the worlds, and sends up such a big fuss of atomic debris and destructive winds of wanton waste to the very threshold of Heaven. It seeks the Creator’s attention; it implicitly admits that, even being a function of Whole-being attention It is not, nor can it ever be, the whole of Attention. So, like a spoiled infant, It does everything in its Power to distract the Awareness of Godhead and attract It ‘back’ into conformal agreement with Its bare Voidness, Its sole Self-premise.

“It does not understand the Creative, the Logoic proposition; it does not understand that the resolution of the ‘problem’ within Godhead of which It is the chief postulate, is accomplished in the intimate and inextricable identity, the infinite mutuality of the God-qualities of Self, Love and Void—and so it doesn’t understand that such a resolution arises through the loving dispensation of attention, the optimum organization, integration and coordinate adjustment of attention in consonance with the Key of the Logoic pattern, rather than in the aggrandizement and monopolization of Attention (e.g. by coercing all worlds of intelligent energy and awareness to align in observational service of Its sovereign subjectivity, as continuous supportive testimony and corroboration of all potential otherness-of-being with respect to the solitary validity of its Self).”

“Then the Luciferian project is just the ego-game.”

“Yes, it’s only that, after all. It can be identified even at the confused and admixed level of 3rd density ego-consciousness; It’s just the ultimate implication of the type of consciousness to which we have recourse here any time, blown up and writ large in Cosmic Letters as the bluster and infant bawling of the ‘Anti-logos’—the ‘disgruntled one’—in the nursery of the Manvantara.

Love and Will

“You see, the Love that such a consciousness would try to suppress, is precisely the Way and Means out of the apparent impasse you perceived in the uneven ‘balance’ between the destructive and constructive forces of the World.”

“How so?”

“It’s very simple. Love knows what’s good for it and what’s bad for it. Love, undistorted and unclouded by the doubts that can be made to shadow it, is a perfectly unerring Rudder through the creative fields. It can easily and aptly recognize those manifestations of its all-permissiveness which are supportive of the whole-being value subtending its patterns, and those which are inimical to it—or that seek to function on a variant basis, which, owing to the fact that they’re necessarily expressions of that whole-being value automatically generates a counterproductive self-contradiction emitting clear signals to stay clear of their shoals.”

“Then this innate power of Love to steer a safe course must be more than just a survivalist capability.”

“Much more. But at the same time it isn’t different than the basic wisdom through which Love optimizes even the creatural ‘survival-imperative’ for the furtherance of individual and species. The elaborate ‘civilized’ problems and perilous contradictions that seem built into our collective, survivalist ‘wisdom’, aren’t the product of Love-in-itself but, to the contrary, are the direct result of what happens when the innate spontaneity of Love is strategically crippled.

“When Love is deliberately thrown the curve of ‘doubt’, it falters. In its innocent spontaneity, not recognizing or understanding the implications that come riding in over that curve-ball of Doubt, Love hesitates, stumbles; it gets caught in a reverberatory Self-reflection which isn’t basically conducive to ‘locating itself’, getting its bearings or deriving specific functional coordinates; rather, this type of stuttering self-reflection along a reverberative corridor of mirrors curved into Questionmarks, is basically counter-productive. It’s crippling, and stops the unerring flow of Love in alignment with the grain of Supernal Will necessarily patterned into the fields of mind/body creative manifestation.”

“Wait. What’s this inbuilt factor of ‘Supernal Will’? I don’t think I’ve heard from this before.” (But the reader has: cf. “What is Christ Consciousness?”, issues 5, Vol.1 and 6, Vol. 1 TNTC.)

“We’ll get back to that. The point here is that once the sensitive Mother-value of Love is hamstrung by doubt and superposed fears, it is subject to coercion and exploitation. It is, then, malleable; it can be made to invest in forms of organization, behavior and outlook that would be instinctually inimical to it—except its instincts have been blunted, dulled. The crude categorial abstractions of mind (basically estranged from the subtle ideotypes out of which the real, sensuous love-patterns of life are ordered) may be made to override the initial instincts of love—squelch the immediate feelings of the whole-being which decisively sense whether a thing is beneficial or ultimately deleterious; and by imposing such judgmental, ‘parenting’ inhibitions upon the psyche through suppressive processes of enculturation the very standards of acceptance whereby one’s ‘survivalism’ is assessed, the deservedness of one’s personal continuity weighed, become definitive indices of the thwarting of Love’s legitimate function. They become invisible, unnoticed and so universally accepted straitjackets for the leashing of love, forcing it to conform to the configuration of unnatural molds.

“Once the basic factors of our very survivalism are given effectively into the hands of abstract mental categories (popularity, bank account, nationalism, religious affiliation etc.) and concomitantly taken away from the integral instincts or unerring intuitions of Love, all the higher functions to which the force of Love could be put are automatically effaced, rendered null and void. Everything in our higher-dimensional repertoire which could otherwise open out most naturally to the intimate association of Love, is minimized in importance by a dulling screen of abstraction, recessed and rendered so cognitivety-oblique as to make its occasional/irrepressible appearance seem unnatural by contrast—thereby making the very faculties of our higher-dimensional birthright automatically suspect, either given completely to skepticism or tainted with a stigma of ‘occultism’ so intimidating as to persuade us to fear—and so retreat from all which we’d normally Love, indeed the very codes and biochemical libraries of Love itself.”

“I see. Then you’re saying that, if this blanket mental ‘straitjacket’ wasn’t thrown over the mind/body being of Love from the very beginning, there would be a natural ‘route’ for Love to take, one it would find unerringly with the very ease and sensitivity by which it discriminated ‘survivalist’ values at the primary level. And that artificially-concealed ‘route’, coded into the very centers and current-processes of the mind/body being, once entered upon would naturally take consciousness beyond the apparent antinomies and oppositional principles between which it’s conceptually torn.”

“Exactly. It would return to the plain apparency of Consciousness, the true continuity of Identity, i.e. that which exists through the Whole-being value of Self, Love and Void…the common denominator of all otherwise-fated patterns of Identification fixed to alternating terms of the polar processes-of-life, where Thanatos may seem to prevail.

“And that Whole-being value would be realized, in this way, not as contrasted with the patterns-of-life or fundamentally distinguished from features of the creative field, but as the inspiriting essence of all such multidimensional fields. It would be realized as the Term for which they were coded, the Master of the keys and tumblers to which the secret of their productivity would yield. Do you begin to see where the factor of Will comes into all this?”

Mother’s Rudder of Will

“Yes—but you know, tell me if I’m on to something or not—it seems to me now that whatever ‘Will’ is, it isn’t radically distinguishable from Love, from feelings and emotions of the basic Nature…”


“And usually, you know, we think of Will as being something so…so stoic, so austere and stern, something that shows no affinity for the pull of emotions or the flow of feelings but which, on the contrary, despises them and spares no pity on them—scarcely tolerates them, you know, and functions at its optimum when their presence is precisely minimized.”

“That is the conventional sense of Will—what brings you to this alternative consideration?”

“Well, you said something about Will being an inbuilt factor of the Creative pattern; and it occurs to me that, if some ultimate Essence or most-valuable term of Identity is realizable through that pattern, it must be so by virtue of the inherent Presence of that Will.”

“Go on.”

“It seems to me then that the presence of Will through the created patterns-of-Being must signify the way in which Consciousness presents itself, and takes on organizational value in the creative field.”


“Consciousness or, what you call Whole-value Identity, may become obscured or functionally displaced through all its reflections and surrogate patterns-of-identification in the creative field; but at the same time, since those patterns and that field are expressions of the ‘Logos’, which I take to be an Intelligent spirit of organization, the Logos would incorporate a means of conserving that Conscious Presence through all the created fields, and of carrying forward the basic drive or ultimate purpose associated with the comparative equations between Consciousness and its Creative potential. If that ultimate purpose has something to do with reconciling the limitless value of Conscious Identity and the delimiting powers of the creative field, then it seems to me the quality that would combine those two factors in its equation—while neither requiring the immediate awareness of Absolute nor sanctioning the sense of limit in which it was functionally embedded—is the quality of Will.”

“Why so?”

“Well…Will is certainly a function of Consciousness, first of all, without necessarily requiring the Self-reflective recognition of the Whole-being or limitless value of Consciousness…in the human form, for instance,the faculty of will is associated with the cerebrospinal or conscious axis, the central nervous system to which the self-reflective power is ascribed. And at the same time, Will implies a conscious drive, a type of continuous surpassing, moving beyond and of course, ‘surpassing’ automatically suggests the presence of a provisional ‘limit’ that is being surpassed.”

“Very good.”

“Then if Will is the instrumental ‘representation’ or functional Presence of Consciousness through the creative fields, it must take its most effective movement therefrom on the basis of Love.”


“Well, I’m going by what you said about Love operating on feelings, intuitions and emotions that in themselves are unerring evaluators of the types and qualities with which consciousness is confronted in the created fields.

“On the one hand it seems as if the spirit of love, emotions and feelings—all of which are so intertwined and identified with the creative pattern-of-being—must possess that gyroscopic poise in the first place due to an inbuilt guidance-system of the pattern. Since they’re effective expressions of the pattern and comprise a kind of resonant index to the psychic harmonics of the pattern, there must be something about the pattern of-being altogether to which they’re innately attuned (that is, if there’s no interference from self-doubting forms of mentality, as you described). Just by reasoning it out as I’m doing now, it seems that the basic harmonics to which love and the feeling/emotional nature must be attuned, is the key-resonance-pattern of the creative field itself; if those qualities have an inbuilt gyroscopic faculty, it can’t be independent of the created patterns of which they’re expression. And the existence of that fundamental harmonics has to be an expression of the Conscious common denominator or Consistent Term of the creative field-of-being.”

“Good. So Will is…”

“In this first case, it would seem that Will is the consistent integral factor or principle of the creative patterns which binds their complex harmonics, and at the same time furnishes the uniform key of their exponent. It isn’t just the harmonic integer of any given present state in the conditional configuration of patterns and fields, but the consistent Way of their multiplication and extension, the common means of their magnification or amplification continuously beyond any given configuration. It’s the integral factor and the transcendent factor, all at once.”

“Then it maintains its identity with Spirit-consciousness (immanent/transcendent etc.) even when it’s not immediately identifiable as spirit-consciousness.”

“It certainly seems so. And in this case, then, it seems that love is capable of being continuously adjusted and unerringly guided by Will, as the inbuilt Conscious axis-of-convergence through which the patterns-of-being are polarized and aligned. In its unclouded state, the presence of love (or, I guess you’d say, the psychic engagement of the creative patterns) is able to respond unerringly to the truth resonating in primary states of feeling and emotion and thereby act according to discriminatory wisdom in conformance with Will.”


“And in this sense, then, will seems to become a responsive factor rather than an initiating factor—having received its gyroscopic guidance through feeling-sensitivity aligned with the sure, comprehensive axis of Will, love generates or ‘becomes’ a kind of desire to move in the appropriate direction; and when that desire reaches a certain threshold of active, stable intention it seems to become an integral expression of will.”

“Then ‘will’ seems to be a value that shows up at both poles of the psychic process.”

“Yes. I suppose it’s probable that it’s really all the same ‘will’, just organized somewhat differently as it expresses through the different stages of ‘manifesting’.”

“Perhaps as it becomes more ‘personalized’?”

“Yes, it would seem so. That must be it; its abstract appropriateness as the inbuilt, harmonic guidance-system of the pattern must become functionally realized through the specific psychic ‘foci’ engaging the experiences and products of the pattern. In fact, it seems it’s only in this way that the terms of the Logoic pattern can ever have any real Merit, or acquire any significance that means anything more in the balance.”

“Then Will doesn’t ‘predetermine’ anything, even though it may be thought of as the inbuilt guidance-system of the pattern?”

“That’s probably correct…just offhand, it seems to me that the way in which the abstract, informing harmonics of the coaxial value of Will might manifest in practice, is always a function of the variable coordinates constituting any given ‘juncture’ of the pattern-of-being. And it would be very peculiar if there was only one ‘right’ way of operating those coordinates once the spirit of Will was attuned through them.”

“You mean it seems there ought to be an innate flexibility of response in any given situation, that would not automatically belie a ‘right way’ even in the presence of an appropriately Adjustive Will…”

“Yes. That would in fact be what made the creative pattern-of-being alive, and vitally significant. It would not have one inbuilt, concrete ‘right way’; the Way is an abstract Spirit of volitional adjustment to the ‘side’ of harmony and balance, and it ought to be able in practice to function through the given coordinates of the pattern in a variable number of ways that would nonetheless remain equally viable expressions of Its spirit despite their divergences, despite their differences in effect and outcome, despite the variety that issues from their respective influences.”

“Well then, Colonel, what do you think about choices made in relation to the variable factors of the given pattern which prove to be inharmonious, which do not take that informing, gyroscopic spirit of Will as their chief adviser in the upshot but which in effect move against the grain of innate feeling, fly in the face of instinctual emotion and ‘aligned intuition’ and instead opt for the artifice, the choice-of-being made in response to a deep trepidation and distrust of Being?”

“That’s an interesting question—it seems that, at least technically, it would still be a function of ‘will’…but what sort of will in this case, hmmm? We can’t really say it’s consonant with the spirit of Divine Will, the inbuilt guidance-system of the pattern…so what ‘will’ is that, in this case? I see what you mean…”

“For one thing,” MT then resumed the explanation, “it would have to be a ‘Will’ which retained the spirit or abstract character defining the value of will in the first place, in order to continue to qualify as a technical expression of Will; but it would have to enforce that abstract character, in this case, over-against the deep gyroscopic specificity of emotion descriptive of the whole-psychic engagement of the creative field (i.e. as an expression of the Love-value obtaining between Consciousness and Its Logos). It would have to suppress or consciously sacrifice the intrinsic Love-value of being with its instrumental feelings and emotions, thereby excising the very term by which the Whole-value of Will could be realized and implemented as a functional Mean of the creative field.

“Having got rid of the only viable mode by which that Whole-value of Will could be translated in and through the keys of the creative field, having eliminated the one vital and organic means meant to transform Will into real behaviors and productive venues, all that’s left is the stark relation between Will and those patterns (replete with all the persisting, importunate pressures and demands) but bereft of the mediating organ, the empathetic agent of the Heart.”

“Aha; I begin to see where this is leading us…”

“But of course; where there is no longer the innate, spontaneous response-pattern of the heart, where love and the feeling/emotional nature become suppressed or distorted from their immediate reflex as unerring functions of Will, we have the beginnings of that preemptive if parasitic presence of the pseudo-will, the impositional and authoritarian ‘will’ of the Anti-logos. Wherever feelings and innate emotional response-patterns are thwarted, blamed, crippled with the doubt of guilt, there the false-will of the Luciferian overlord gains firm foothold and usurps the real functions of the creative pattern; there the simulated enforcements of the pseudo-Will assert the primacy of Procrustean abstraction, the parental guilt-conscience of dry categories, inorganic rules and inflexible doctrine, restrictive ideals and thetic, socially-sanctioned goals…there creativity is crushed, and sold piecemeal to the mere technique of ‘approved’ forms without any difference being noticed at all.”

“I see—‘will’ becomes something which is…aridly mental—the expression of a preemptive conceptualizing.”

“Yes; the function of ‘concept’, perfectly legitimate in itself, is like everything else co-opted to the service of that arid spirit. Then such concepts aren’t even the ‘end-all/be-all’ that they seem; they’re merely expedient means to the ultimate end of killing out all life, all spontaneity, variability or organic elasticity altogether thus rendering everything suitably-predictable and behaviorally programmable to the smallest detail without deviation. When you can run whole-societies on knee-jerk concepts and categorial—or distorted—emotions such as ‘nationalism’ or ‘one-worldism’ commanding total, irrational allegiance, you can engineer what otherwise would be the unthinkable—you can get consciousness to accept anything, to tolerate or even to apparently require any predetermined thing at all even if that ‘thing’ is provably inimical to the well-being of the individual, the individual’s offspring, the society—even life altogether. And there’s the key. Unbelievably enough, you can easily induce consciousness to accept or even crave what is essentially and demonstrably anti-life.”

“Well; I guess that sums up the Luciferian project, if anything does.”


The Ego of Helpfulness

“But you know, Michael,” the Colonel said after a thoughtful pause, “this brings me back again to the initial business about distinguishing or differentiating the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’—the way in which the higher densities and worlds are supposed to factor out, you know?”

“Such as?”

“Well, the whole categorical thing about ‘service-to-self, ‘service-to-others’ to begin with. Yes, I know we seem to be able to distinguish them best according to their extreme cases; but beyond that, maybe more as a functional matter than a philosophical matter, they seem to lend themselves to just those kinds of abstractions and categorical requirements that are so convincingly descriptive of the negative hypothesis altogether!”

“In what way?”

“In every way! When you think about the concrete implications, a pigeonhole such as ‘service-to-others’ just seems to promote the kind of vague abstraction that fosters an airy-fairy ‘do-gooder’ mentality. It’s a behavioral straitjacket, like anything else. Why is the ‘do-gooder’ mentality innately superior? Judging from all the people I know who’ve been inspired by that sort of theoretical guideline, it just generates a species of compulsive doing, you know, an obsession or overriding drive toward ‘works’ goaded by nebulous ideals or cloying values like ‘the betterment of Man’. Worst of all, it seems the quintessential promotion of dead-abstract mentality since those who subscribe to it do so in the psychological spirit of a sort of tradeoff; they obviously don’t find anything intrinsically meritorious or valuable in the things they do, since it all takes the—at least implicit—form of a highly-visible ‘sacrifice’, a spiritual contract or blatant ‘deal-with-god’; it amounts ultimately to an idea similar to the accumulation of ‘lists’, inventories of deeds done and works performed which when piled up to heaven are supposed to comprise the soul’s guarantee of a personal ‘stairway’.

“There’s always a self-righteous and really fatuous air of ‘reward’ clinging to such a person’s actions and orientation; he seems to be doing it almost always in implicit anticipation of acknowledgment, for the sake of validation—and the overweening pride involved here is that he not only seems to expect acknowledgment or validation from his peers, but ultimately the meritorious sanction and guarantee of God! That’s why when I hear, as I often do now in the ‘New Age’ framework, that the criterion for graduating to the higher-dimensional degrees of Soul development belonging to the ‘4th density’ has to do with the percentage-requirements hovering around the category of ‘service-to-others’, I can’t help but feel it’s the same old religious song-and-dance that used to pull people into line around the cliché of ‘good-deeds’, only tricked out with even-more-tantalizing doorprizes and meretricious jackpots of ‘psychic powers’, unlimited ‘seership’, ‘Divinely-sanctioned’ authority…”

“As a sage observational description of the working world, you couldn’t be more on target,” MT laughed. “As a practical matter, though, any form of spiritual criterion, standard or guideline is always subject to interpretation according to the conventional keys. Even though a viable spiritual principle is meant to illuminate those chronic, psychic equations so that they may be recognized for what they are, and replaced with an informed function more compatible with real Conscious value, any such principle by itself is always acutely-vulnerable to easy appropriation through the conditioned response-pattern so as to convert it fortissimo to the familiarly comfortable coinage of ego-validation.

“Though any true spiritual guideline is meant to coach the psyche away from its symbolic substitutions and empty ideals, it is at the same time ambiguously subject to just such interpretive shears. In practice, it always seems as if the most promising philosophical premise is snipped and trimmed to the delimiting dimensions and paltry proportions of the ego-mind’s readymade measures, rather than furnishing the proper measure against which the mind may accurately assess its real room for growth.

“So on the basis of the abstract ‘criterion’ of service-to-others, it’s always possible to grow the ‘ego of helpfulness’. Very many people have the ego of helpfulness—and of course to ‘external inspection’, to the socially evaluative eye, the effects which proceed from such orientation seem enough; the results often seem eminent justification of the attitude. What’s never perceived with the checklist of the standard psychological pattern, is the tremendous internal imbalance, the swollen disproportion of psychic parts which has taken place at behest of the common ego-interpretation. As you’ve correctly observed, all that’s really taken place in the true or ‘internal’, subtle framework of the being is a massive, almost cripplingly dysfunctional distortion in the ratios-of-balance characterizing the current alignments of the centers; and that distortion, classically, is permitted and encouraged by the primacy of categorial abstraction characterizing the criteria which have been allowed to dominate and in fact to describe, the ego-function.

“So although what the personality is ‘doing’ may seem to others quite meritorious, it in fact establishes no net improvement. The personality has not purchased its way to a higher-density position on the basis of what it has ‘done’, or the ‘positive’ effects which may have emanated from its actions. This, incidentally, takes care of the classic question re the manifest ‘ambiguity’ of results, i.e. how often ‘positive’ effects seem to come from deliberately negative actions, and vice versa—there is no credit extended, or spiritual consideration registered, for ‘actions’ in themselves whether technically ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, whether bearing sweet or bitter fruit etc.”

“Then you mean… even Mother Teresa…”

“That’s not the criterion. It just isn’t. After all, how do you weigh the effect? Certainly her care and kindness promote a kind of good will, a ‘spiritual’ example… and at the same time encourage a grossly unbalanced, doctrinaire attitude toward sexuality, population regulation, the ‘expectations’ of ‘Divine being’ while inferentially promoting a personality cultism of grotesque egoity—after all, since there are manifestly few ‘MTs’ of her particular type and calling, what overweening pride authorizes such a soul to state that all those ‘born unwanted into the world’ should just be ‘brought to her’…! Oh hell yes…”

“I see what you mean. But then, what happened to our ‘service-to-others’ category anyway?”

“It’s still there, and it’s still important; but as usual the importance that really attaches to it is chronically misperceived at the sluggish, 3rd-density level. In keeping with the predictable modus operandi of this level, ‘service-to-others’ is taken to be some key of recitation given to the ego whereby it may ‘correctly’ display the ‘answer’ that will act to promote it; it’s grasped as the chief clue as to how the ego may best ‘show off’, how it may draw attention to itself and so be perceived in the ‘winning’ light—just like conventional school, you know, always looking for the catechistic recital that will objectively ‘prove’ the ego’s worth as an exterior display of Rewardable Effort.

“The ego’s always looking for the thing it can do in order to achieve some imaginary minimal percentage in the ‘required’ expenditure of energy. It may not possess subtle insight; it may not have ever generated an independent ambition or innate-born curiosity with respect to its own being sufficient to have achieved any of the philosophical acumen characteristic of those ‘different’ ones, the baffling oddities in our human-history; it may not bear much more than a perplexed relation to those occasional teachings of occasional, ‘elevated’ personalities or extraordinary sources that come along to furnish the real indicators and directional arrows toward Freedom, toward Conscious resolution with Whole-being value—but, by god, ego certainly knows what it can do, ego certainly understands where it does habitually thrive and therefore where it may best stand in the ‘spiritual’ spotlight to Shine according to its comprehension: ego always ‘accepts’ Divine tutelage best where that counsel may seem to intersect the interpretive juncture ceding an ‘equivalency’ in terms of busy-work— you know, like the high school teacher occasionally taking pity on the slow student who’d never be able to pass according to the criterion of competency in grammar and so allowing him arbitrary makeup based on sheer numbers of book reports submitted by the end of the quarter…ego’s always expecting there to be some such ‘teacher’ hanging out at the spiritual entrance gate who’ll surely identify and take into consideration where ego’s special competency lies (i.e., in object-verification, exterior validation of correspondent ‘attributes’ etc.), and mercifully revise the requirements for matriculation according to such accessible merits.

“But there is no such teacher hanging out at the spiritual entrancegates—that’s ego’s perennial fantasy, that’s ego’s insistent conceit and balming self-assurance maintained in the face of every kind of contrary counsel: i.e. there’s a merciful Lord who’ll ‘let me in’ if I’ve done good…and, of course, believed in his specially-dispensating Reality! Therefore the criterion of ‘service-to-others’ is never taken for what it really is; rather, it’s turned around so as to make a salvatory virtue out of precisely what’s perennially holding the ego back from any progress, preventing any transformative insight that would serve to unlock from the chronic level of mind-body integration committed to the surface glamor of 3rd-density objective entrapment.”

“Well what is the real significance of the ‘service to others’ category, then?”

“Simple. ‘Service to others’ as well as ‘service to self are categories imparted for purposes of classification; they establish the respective frameworks in which any sort of higher density progress is going to take place, if it is to take place at all. These categories just give one the criterion, the lines of orientation tending to determine the preponderant ratios between one’s respective Advisers, while still functioning on the 3rd-density probationary level. The more the subject is inclined, behaviorally, toward one axial category or another, the more consistent the particular emphasis obtaining in the functional ratios of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ (higher-dimensional) help, counsel and guidance.

“If the 3rd density personality may be cartooned as a vacillating psyche with mixed motives and inclinations, we can visualize that personality as a fellow with higher-dimensional ‘angel’ sitting on one shoulder whispering in the ear, and higher-dimensional ‘devil’ sitting on the other shoulder whispering in the opposite ear; depending on whether the cartoon subject is inclining more to the ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ interpretation of reality, the ‘service to self or ‘service to others’ category, there will be more or less call for one over the other, and consequently more or less of either in evidence at any given time as ‘guide’ or subtle/invisible guardian. At a certain fateful threshold in the operative proportion or ‘percentage’ of orientation, of course, an invisible boundary-line has been passed and the personality has effectually ‘committed’ to one type of alignment or the other with reference to further progress and learning-modes of the ‘higher’, postgraduate densities.

“The subject is thereafter ‘typed’, stamped according to his aggregate tendency and ‘processed’ into further patterns of alignment and integration according to the divergent requirements of each Model, positive or negative. This fateful, threshold crossing into a decisive higher-dimensional zone of potential functioning either positive or negative, knocks one or the other ‘adviser’ right off the shoulder leaving only one as higher-density counselor and ongoing ‘guide’ according to the Path inferentially ‘chosen’. And all of this, in its formative stages especially, may not even be particularly noticeable or consciously marked at all by the subject in question!”

“Ah. I begin to see why it’s a shame the ego fails to value those classificatory headings for their own merit rather than the ego’s self-preserving interpretation.”

“And why is that?”

“It seems obvious that they’re given as a kind of grace, for the ego’s Soul sake rather than for its performance-standards. They’re categories that should be silently accepted and evaluated by the ego, used as internal-measuring-stick for the soul’s own counsel rather than loudly shined as exterior ‘proof of validation’. It seems they’re just meant to help the subject steer, to clearly decide where it wants its further soul-development to take place, in what arena. Otherwise, it could easily sense the onset of a higher form of integration and functioning, but not be at all clear as to what framework it was being integrated into—or that there was a clear distinction, that there was a choice to be made at that cross-roads juncture rather than just a technical alignment, and that as far as the soul and its own feeling-nature were concerned there was a great deal of difference between the two poles of higher-dimensional development positive-or-negative—the difference between…”

“Heaven and hell?”

“Yes. Heaven and hell.”

“Say, wait a minute, Michael. If ‘service to self’/‘service to others’ is just the classificatory guide to threading the soul into alignment with one side of the vertical (transdimensional) axis or the other, then what is the actual criterion for moving into the higher density framework in the first place, either positive or negative?”

“It all comes down to this—you aren’t measured according to your works, but weighed on the basis of your balance.”


“Balance. ‘Balance’ signifies the degree of real conscious equipoise through which you’re practically functioning. That equipoise furnishes the basis of any form of true conscious insight that may be obtained, whether in the positive or negative sense.”

“That’s strange…you never think of the ‘negative’ as having any relation to ‘balance’ at all—you always think of it as being constitutionally unbalanced…”

“The ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’ must be equally balanced around their own, respective poles. They may seem unbalanced with respect to one another, but within their own frameworks they must achieve and maintain a kind of functional balance. That which imbalances, to either side of the ledger, is gross attachment, one-to-one ego/identification with a particular object or objective. If ‘serene dispassion’ characterizes that positive type of balance to be achieved as antidote to such disturbing potential, we may say that ‘cold objectivity’ characterizes the negative style of balance.

“There are obviously still objects and objectives in either case; but both, respective forms of orientation serve to prevent or forestall the collapse of integral harmony (required to maintain higher-density alignment positive-or-negative) through the allure of the Temptress ‘Lust-of-Result’. That’s how both positive and negative higher-density frameworks circumvent the enervating forms of rage, or distracting subplots of ‘personal revenge’ that characterize 3rd density-style attachment to results, outcomes and desired effects.”

“So…what was that again?…‘You aren’t measured according to your works, but weighed on the basis of your balance’…”

“Motto of Maat, the Egyptian MT (sporting dual A’s in the middle, eh?)”

“Ah yes—the Vulture-goddess of Justice, I believe, who weighed hearts in the Hall of the Dead with…a feather.”

“She might be heard saying, more often than not,” AAA smiled, “you have the ego of helpfulness but not the Soul of Listening. You’re always running off to ‘do the good deed’ so as to score Brownie points—but you never stop to Listen to what’s really been Said.”

“You know, Michael,” the Colonel said, “I’ve just had a thought here. As I understand it, those who ‘graduate’ to the higher densities of soul-development in the service-to-others framework, while technically free of the need to return to the schoolhouse of masked, 3rd-density level, nonetheless often do as a function of the service-to-others orientation…”

“Yes, that’s right. The higher-density personality, functioning within the multidimensional context corresponding to his actual level, may form a kind of compact with others of that and higher levels to return once or occasionally to a 3rd-stage state so as to supplement the indirect education provided by camouflage mechanisms of that framework, with the incomparable factor of face-to-face tutelage by an incarnate agency.

“This form of ‘educational’ help is always considered the most potent, universally effective and valuable; it’s cherished above all others in the higher densities, even above the educational forms of ‘channeling’ or temporary, vehicular intersection in adaptive ‘travel’ from homebase to the stepped-down density of ‘Earth’. Of course, since it’s so cherished in the Higher densities it tends to be the least appreciated and, indeed, often the most despised form of Instruction on ‘Earth’.”

“Why’s that?”

“Contempt for commonality, Colonel. The very factor of commonality that makes such teaching so unique and valuable, i.e. sharing the same plane and framework of practical focus as the ‘student’ souls, is at the same time the veil of normalcy which—in so masked a dimension—often serves to thoroughly obscure the merit of the Incarnate teacher with those objective standards and criteria of appearance that comprise the mindless sine qua non of physical ‘englamorment’.”

“You mean, nobody sees anything extraordinary in the flesh-born being, there’s nothing to particularly distinguish him—or her—no glowing auras or obvious halos, no rays of otherworldly energy emanating from their fingertips…”

“Well, there may be, there could be any of those things but the point is, the student-souls of this density would never know it because they hadn’t developed the faculties themselves whereby to see such things; of course they suppose themselves automatically deserving of any such disclosure gratis, either as if it’s constitutionally owed them or as though an obligation of ‘God as God’ is to offer proofs of divinity up front when claiming the privilege of ‘special’ appearance.

“Even if there are one or two who typically ‘have’ such powers, virtually by karmic accident, the ego belonging to such beings never allows proper perception or interpretation in any case, and indeed—in practice—most often becomes affronted and wildly agitated in the presence of any such Integrity beyond its own so that it actually manages to manufacture a symbol-system of interposing properties grossly the projection of the ego-subject’s own quality, and serving to deflect or obscure Reception to what’s really There.

“In fact, that very difficulty involved in proper apprehension and receptivity becomes part of the learning-framework of this density. It comes to serve as the principal lesson as to what the 3rd density state of consciousness is all about, because involved in that one situation may be found all the puzzles, koans and mind-locks revolving around object-valuation, the antipathy between thinking and feeling, knowledge and understanding and the central paradox that haunts all considerations of time and eternity, ‘sacred’ and ‘profane’, the ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’ etc. The living Teacher of a truly higher-dimensional correspondence manages automatically to embody, and draw forward, the interior crisis of all ‘corporeal’ conditions, succeeds in aggravating their implicit presence to the degree of the unavoidable just by the natural expression of that Value proper to his Being. In his awakened state he’s an affront to sleep.

“But even the sleep-state dreams; and it dreams on the basis of the available material, the prevailing real conditions of its nocturnal environment. Thus the sleep-state dreams the being of the Awakened one who’s really present, there in the room, but through the interpretive medium of the dream-mind or ego-psyche the slumbering subject makes up models and idols of rationalization to account for the peculiar characteristics otherwise known—in the intuitive substrate of the dreaming being—to belong to a Consciousness completely awake. The process of dreaming tends to covet its state; and, as inbuilt action of its own device, perceives the things reflected into it in such a way as to preserve the artifice of its narrow self-adjustment, interpreting every impression in service to prolonging the dream.”

“Isn’t it true though,” the Colonel said, “at least the way I understand it, that in ‘compensation’ for the opaque resistance typically accorded the higher ‘spiritual tutors’ who come to this plane, there is the massed support of all the hierarchy functioning through the infeeding octave of densities with whom the incarnating ‘helper’ had—as you said—first of all arranged a compact…”

“In principle, you can certainly say that the incarnating teacher on the ‘positive’ spiritual side has the cooperation of the Whole behind him, in terms of the beneficent intelligences working on his behalf ‘behind the scenes’ from the vantage of the deeper leverages of psychic and creative influence (through which every attempt is made to optimize the effectiveness of those patterns serving to coordinate the Earth-plane experiences forming ’round the Presence of the teacher). It’s hard to look at this as any sort of compensation for the resistance of Earth-plane intelligence, though, since that resistance is—at its core—both a function and product of will, of deep internal preference or psychic selection rather than the expression of a strictly mechanical flaw that can be offset by mechanical means.

“And while it’s true that such a psychic orientation is conditioned (given optimum opportunity for framing its volitional prerogative through technical filters and cognitive screens which maximize the potential for distortive determinations in the first place), once set it has a strictly conscious inertia or momentum of its own; once certain, willed predispositions arise from a maximally-encouraging soil, they exhibit a heartiness that partakes of their specific character and so tends to prevail over the sum of conditioning factors no matter how they may change. Consciousness comes to rely on such willed predispositions or prejudicial habit-patterns of the ‘screened’ dimension as a refuge of familiarity, a stable reference of Identity precisely in the midst of what could otherwise be bewilderingly changing conditions.”

“So the fact that the given ‘spiritual teacher’ of the positive type has more or less the whole of the positive hierarchy behind him, in the technical sense of magically intensifying the coordinate alignments of those patterns through which he functions, is nonetheless not the equivalent of a real compensation for the typical inertia and resistance accorded that teaching-presence through the ‘volitional’ orientation indicative of the opaque Earth-medium itself.”

“I think it’s fair to say that. The incarnate teacher has only one fundamental purpose, and that is to transform consciousness, to awaken consciousness. No trick in the book, so to speak, that can be brought to bear towards technical furtherance of that aim as a teaching device or demonstration, can ever be considered the equivalent of affecting any such change. The free-will variable at the heart of this consciousness-transformation reserves the inalienable right of its bullheaded blindness to call a Heart a Club, and to insist that Everest is an anthill if you but back far enough away from it. In other words, magnitude of sheer magical effect within the conventionally ‘permissible’ context of the blindered dimension in question, is no guarantor of a capitulation or ceding from the indigenous psychic stance; since the free-will variable—functioning from the premise of its locally-distortive framework—can and does exercise the volitional ‘right’ to dismiss the evidence of a subtle syllogism as well as the public disappearance of Mount Rushmore, that irreducible prerogative is the absolute leveler. There’s no degrees of relative efficacy obtaining (as in some mechanical or alegbraic formula) between the intensity of ‘persuasion’ exerted by the Nonordinary patterning of circumstances through the Teaching-presence, and the independent determinant of will—no matter how conditioned by distortion of the ego-subject toward whom the teaching demonstration is directed. There’s just no such equation at all; and yet they do bear a relation to one another.

“The teaching demonstration, and the Presence of the teacher altogether, is given on behalf of the free-will variable. So they bear an indeterminate relation to one another. In other words, it’s a relation which, while its effects and interactions can be estimated by a process similar to statistical averaging, can’t be determined beforehand in any absolute way. This is why the true spiritual teacher on the positive side of the density-divide has much the more difficult task, in this sense, than his negative counterpart; for the positively-aligned teacher isn’t just attempting to influence or induce a behavioral modification; he’s trying to effect the infinitely more subtle, elusive and difficult work of awakening consciousness i.e. persuading its volitional fulcrum on the basis of its own innate merit beyond all the conditioning that would counsel otherwise, and keep its determinations statistically ‘locked-in’.

The negative ‘teacher’, on the other hand, while certainly attempting to affect a polarization of consciousness in alignment with the negative higher-density orientation, is precisely most effective in his work by the indirect or surreptitious method of behavioral modification, i.e. causing that polarization-preference of probationary consciousness to take place imperceptibly as silent effect of the sum direction emerging from its cumulative behaviors. Thus the negative ‘teacher’ slyly induces reactive behaviors, intensifying the most negative lines of tendency through aggravating indigenous fears and magnifying them into preemptive determinants; the subject-candidate to negative polarization finds himself well on the way to total negative-interpretation of existence (through the tacit, collective thrust of implemented behaviors) before consciousness need pivot on its volitional fulcrum and assume such ‘philosophy’ as an overriding Intent, a direct desideration of its own.

“In this sense, the negative ‘graduate’ just ratifies what has been implicitly accepted already; he puts his ‘conscious’ stamp on a ‘fait accompli’ that has effectively characterized his orientation for some time.

“You can see it, for example, when the higher-density negative ‘alien’ presences encourage the paranoid and bellicose tendency of the military mentality to the degree that it’s pressured to enact all its logical conclusions, driven to force-eject the deepest implications of its long-time premises into a kind of ‘purity’ of action unmixed by benign considerations. At the point where such magnification-of-tendency takes place most comprehensively and with greatest internal consistency, the consciousness in question has all-but-created an airtight, self-fulfilling prophecy (insofar as the deepening uniformity and integrity of its actions has aligned a responsive model of conformably mirroring reality confirming its assessment to the degree of Conscious ratification, full-fledged philosophical endorsement of the formally Negative premise as most-accurate standard of the Way Things Are).”

“This brings me to the premise of my original thought,” the Colonel interjected. “I was asking about those higher-density beings within the service-to-others framework, who need not return to the lower probationary densities but who sometimes do…and I was speculating about that possibility as an understandable function of the service-to-others framework—you know, that kind of ‘backward’ birth is done with maximal cooperation of the multidimensional selves and beings of the ‘higher’ levels who remain at their stations in order to organize and influence the lower-dimensional patterns toward which the teacher-soul is temporarily moving; all the interacting densities and levels exhibit Beings who act in concert in order to accomplish the kinds of transformation that redound to the service and benefit of the whole.”


“Well, it occurred to me that the higher-density negative beings must occasionally take ‘backward’ or lower incarnations as well, you know, apparently retrogressive ‘births’ in the earlier densities that are technically beneath their present level of attainment.”


“I think some such thing must be what’s implied in the idea of the ‘Anti-Christ’; a being of some optimum ‘evil’ that must correspond to the higher negative densities yet who takes birth in the physical dimension and appears as a man. Now, it’s relatively easy to conceive, in the service-to-others framework, what might stand to be accomplished by some such ‘retrogressive’ incarnation; that kind of thing seems almost intrinsically a sacrifice, since a higher-density being enjoying privileged levels of Light and Consciousness etc. deliberately takes it upon himself to temporarily forfeit all such supernal pleasures, powers and faculties for what, by all accounts, is a contrastively restrictive and tortuous form of compressed corporeal existence. On top of that, from what I gather, such a formidable ‘setback’ is liable to be more than just temporary, since any such incarnating consciousness even proceeding from a point-of-origin in the higher densities must take on the indigenous Veil of ‘forgetfulness’ when assuming the physical integument of the lower worlds. And although the deeper spark of awareness remains as a latent impression of the soul-being linking it with the higher worlds from which it voluntarily came, it’s formally obscured by the scrambled patterns of biogenetic and transdimensional coordinates comprising the nests of ‘centers’ compounding the molecular ‘locks’ of the physical, fetal structure.

“It’s been said that even if the abstract prefiguration of the general, patterning complex of ‘dream-symbol’ events for the embodied Teacher is optimized, furnished a favored edge beforehand by the ‘planning committees’ of the higher densities with Whom the Teacher has arranged his Compact, there’s still no guarantee accompanying those patterns; for when the abstract elements of those optimized patterns begin to take form in the actual unfolding of the events they intend to condition, they do so on the basis of innumerable overlapping and interacting probability-variables only some of which could have originally been taken into account by the ‘planning boards’ of the higher densities, some of which indeed upsurge on the basis of minute multiplications making cumulative, unanticipated impact and some simply generated in the first place by powers, processes and influences in service to factors other than those strictly governed by the positive planning boards—i.e. those of purely negative agency.

“So when it comes right down to it, there’s always a very deep factor of creative indeterminacy residing at the heart of even the most carefully tailored patterns. And that means there’s always a potential for the ‘best-laid plans’ to go awry. I’ve heard in fact that quite often there are higher-density incarnations that take place in this world, which ultimately fail to take advantage of the timed opportunities and encoded ‘swings of the gate’ when they come around as supernally-planned, so that—as you would say—the irreducible prerogative of the ‘unpredictable free-will variable’ in conjunction with assorted, adversarial influences has served in such case to produce a real setback in consciousness, a real collapse to an identity-equation with an altogether lower order of existence. And in this sense, it seems that the higher-density being who takes embodiment here with the intent to wake up in this context for whatever reason, is genuinely jeopardizing all the ‘ground’ that he’s gained through higher-density advancement on the ‘roll of the dice’, so to speak; he’s taking a real gamble, with very high stakes, and has something quite definite and precious to lose.

“And even if you take into consideration that ‘all the King’s horses and all the King’s men’ of the higher densities are going to try very hard to put this Humpty-Dumpty back together, retread an optimum patterning potential (given the newly issued karmic currents being generated by the ‘fallen soul’ in its recidivist opacity), the original fateful rule of the ‘free-will variable’ prevails in all cases; when all is said and done, what’s lost is lost and any ‘recovery’ depends on precisely the one factor that can never be determined with certainty, and therefore never ‘coded’ into the patterns beforehand (though it’s function can be taken into consideration by the patterns, no?). So the ‘gamble’ of the incarnating teacher is a real risk, and much more can be lost in terms of the whole than is accounted for by merely personal measurement. Theoretically, a Buddha of the higher densities can be lost, a Christ or Krishna, a Lao-Tsu can take an unceremonious nose-dive into the tarpit with the best of intentions, and then there’s no way to know when that irreplaceably precious Consciousness can be recovered again!”

“Well, even incarnations taking their points-of-departure from higher 5th and 6th density levels are given variable priorities—even in the higher positive framework some are considered more essential, or critically ‘central’, than others and are accorded correspondingly greater values of supervisorial Attention; but of course, you are right, Colonel. Even those with the highest ‘priority’ are taking the same risks, and ultimately depend upon precisely the most unpredictable of variables.

“Then I begin to see what your question is,” MT laughed. “If higher-density positive beings are taking such an all-or-nothing gamble by incarnating, they’re at least doing so for understandable stakes, as a gesture obviously compatible with the seemingly-sacrificial character of the process—but whatever could motivate a higher-density negative being to take such an indeterminately risky leap into the treacherous backwaters of ‘lower manifestation’? Surely the negatively-polarized soul has no affinity whatsoever with anything so formally ‘sacrificial’—perhaps the negative-style of consciousness could presume to profit from a pseudo-incarnation, as with the hokey ‘walk-in’ phenomenon where no real consciousness is lost at all, no Veil of the lower densities is assumed but the ‘inhabiting’ consciousness of the required body is simply displaced, by persuasive or—if possible—forcible expropriation. But what could possibly be the percentage for the negative being in actually submitting to the full-scale, uncompromised process of amnesic incarnation necessarily engaged by one-and-all when coming through the portals of physical-womb birth?”

“Yes; that is the question. It apparently happens; but why? What does the negative-polarized soul have to gain that is so important and otherwise unobtainable that it would take the greatest of all risks? It seems that the negative-being is above all canny, it seems he’d play the safest odds, and never take a bet that wasn’t totally stacked in his favor.”

“And so it is. You’re right, Colonel. The negative being won’t do anything in that sense that isn’t guaranteed beforehand, and that certainly includes the ‘riskiest’ of all ventures: that of ‘taking birth’. Again, he will do it, very rarely—but at climactic moments of optimum potential polarization of consciousness positive or negative as we have now with our world-situation, there is more incentive for direct wholesale Gain than at any other time, so that the ‘risk’ factor is deemed acceptable by virtue of extraordinary circumstance; at the same time, the negative being hedges the bet by using certain potential that’s available to him as service-to-self polarization, which is not comparably available to the positively-polarized being.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, whereas the positive higher-density being has to ‘wake up’ to his actual level of realization in the physical framework on his ‘own’ merits, unaided and strictly according to his latent intuitive capacity to seize upon the timed, coded potential ‘built-in’ to his incarnation, the negative higher density being—playing by a different rule-book, with different tactical objectives—may stack the deck in his favor beforehand through his multidimensional, planning-level consciousness, by placing ‘plants’ or confederates in strategic physical-plane positions. These confederates may themselves have such deliberate ‘facilitators’ implanted on their behalf to awaken them to their roles at the proper time, or they may have been originally installed through circumventing the straightforward ‘amnesiac’ route of literal physical birth by appropriating bodies as ‘walk-ins’, adapting a cover identity molded into a similitude of Earth-physiognomy from which frequent interdimensional ‘refreshment breaks’ could be taken unobtrusively etc. In any case, their calculatedly-positioned presence would ensure that the rearing and development of the incarnated ‘antichrist’ would be silently supervised, at a discreet distance perhaps but nonetheless with continuous surveillance until such prearranged or optimally-propitious time as was considered ripe to intercede and directly Wake him to his predestined role, revive the memory and consciousness of just who and what he is and what his intended purpose in that incarnation must necessarily be.”

“You mean, pretty much just as it was portrayed in the Omen series, with the sinister governess ‘overseeing’ Damien’s development, and the military figure at the academy who’s planted there to help him along in his incipient self-awareness…”

“Exactly. It works very much like that, in fact.”

“But wait; if the facilitators of this ‘antichrist’ personality don’t necessarily have to literally take birth in order to be functionally present for the occasion, why isn’t that equally true of the ‘antichrist’-being himself? Why does he have to suffer even the minimum danger involved in the amnesic lapse by which he physically comes to birth? What’s the real advantage of such a self-blinding womb birth…? And furthermore, since these are all self-serving, negative entities we’re talking about here, what’s to prevent the very ‘facilitators’ who have to know about the actual presence and whereabouts of this infant antichrist, from taking advantage of his momentary incarnate vulnerability before he ‘grows’ into his self-recognized power again—what prevents them from slaying him or soul-imprisoning him in his rendered infant form so as to advance themselves up to the higher-dimensional position he’s seemingly vacated temporarily?”

“First of all, a higher-dimensional portion of this personality-presence doesn’t incarnate—the individualized version of what is Oversoul consciousness on the ‘positive’ side, doesn’t embody in the lower dimensions with the soul-projection but rather supervises from Above by continuously adjusting ‘karmic’ currents and thought-patterns etc. That negative, individualized multidimensional Persona ‘stands guard’ over its projected-incarnating aspect, and has the power hierarchically to undo any of those lesser servitors appointed to take care of the Incarnation. At the same time, those minions and servitors participate in the process and cooperate not merely from fear of Luciferian reprisal toward apostasy or failure, but out of anticipation for reciprocal gains in terms of advancing their power, status and overall position once the antichrist-character succeeds in his massive negative harvest. They expect to profit by the superior power this incarnate antichrist is ultimately able to bring to bear on the whole business of ‘turning the planet negative’—capturing it and as much of its soul-field as possible, as a negative resource to add as a plum to the Empire.

“As for the advantage to the ‘antichrist’ character himself, of suffering the temporary lapse involved in literal birth or incarnation regardless how much his oversoul-surrogate has hedged the bet and sewed it ’round with demon guardians…Don’t forget, this incarnation, this ‘slipping-in’ through the dark portal of birth takes place amidst a certain proportion of positively-integrated Earth-souls, or amongst those of at least potentially positive service; and amongst these there are certain having ‘powers’ of their own, forms of far-seeing psychism or even higher types of spirit-intuition which might be capable of detecting the proximal presence of intentional malevolence with the trigger-response of an electric eye. It therefore serves this antichrist best if, until he’s brought to the point-of-no-return in fully recovering knowledge of his Identity and undercover ‘mission’, he himself is ‘innocently’ unaware of that identity so that he may go through childhood, puberty and early adulthood without ‘setting off psychic alarms’, as it were. You see?”

“Yes, it makes sense. If he isn’t aware of his own nature and mission, he won’t be prematurely creating the thoughtforms and ‘signs’ that alert possible, propinquitous sensitives to his presence. His ‘supervising’ servitors on the other hand, should already have sufficient psychic capacity and higher-dimensional, magical powers themselves to shield both their own presence and activity and that of their unknowing, unholy ‘charge’.”

“Right. So while the ludicrous ‘Jeanie Dixons’ and ‘Ruth Montgomery’ are prattling inanely about the ‘birth of the antichrist’ here, and his ‘activity’ there, the real antichrist slips right in, unheralded and unnoticed like an anonymous lamb, right into the midst of the flock just ripe for shearing precisely because it’s in the meantime mesmerized by sideshow distractions such as the know-nothing hit-and-miss ‘Dixons’ of the world.”


“That’s right, we invented you, Quaid; the perfect mole. It was the only way to fool the psychics.”