Chapter 11

T-Bird Meets the Phoenix—

We Go to The National New Age and Alien Agenda Conference: Chapter V

Part Three

by Marshall Telemachus

In Part Two of Chapter V, last issue, we came to understand something more of what the Andreasson spacebeings are “up to” (as opposed to what they claim) through (1) a deeper examination of the processes by which their psychic-and-technological orientation functions; (2) describing what relation that level bears to “our” 3rd density level, including the spacetime transitional means—i.e. antigravity—whereby those levels are bridged and interpreted to a common term; and (3) therefore perceiving more clearly the dynamic position they occupy, so as to recognize its particular requirements as well as to identify the points at which those requirements translate into needs turned toward the potential fulfillments afforded by—largely unwitting—Earth-consciousness.

In the course of this examination, then, we come to see how certain of the “presentations” made by spacebeings of whatever character, are necessarily colored by their particular requirements. We see the background of those requirements showing through certain interpretive models of “spacetime reality”, “biological evolution and development” etc. they’d have us accept on the face-value evidence of their “superior” vantage. Thus we’ve been provided in these previous Chapters and Parts with a mode of Initiated Understanding that helps under-cut that “advantage”, and helps as well to place the subliminal interaction on a more equal, face-to-face footing.

We’ve come to find out that (not only the “Andreasson dorks” but) virtually all interacting civilizations of “spacebeing” present an interpretive bias, especially with respect to the sensitive—and thus vulnerable—issue of our actual biogenetic and spiritual origins. Each such “space civilization” seems quite ready to claim a kind of prehistoric, bioengineering paternity; despite the mutually exclusive and even self-contradictory claims of those “visitors” (whether technically interpretable as “positive” or “negative”), the fact of our general ignorance and “veiling amnesia” with respect to that background seeding puts the human race in an ingenuously receptive position relative to such blandishments.

It’s for this reason that, in this our Part Three section of Chapter V “T-Bird Meets The Phoenix”, Initiated Understanding will put forward a description of collective-human biogenetic and psychic ancestral origins which may be employed as blunt counterpoint to the chorus of extrasystemic, paternal claims, as well as furnish a potential supplement or even alternative to what otherwise are the only “counters” Earth-consciousness has in parrying the persuasive onslaught of “multidimensional bloodtype” comparisons (i.e., those of the conventional religious-creationism or evolutionary scientific kind). The descriptions of the original seeding, the atomic, molecular and biogenetic development of Earth and the indigenous strains of consciousness furnished herein, are expressions first of all of direct Intuitive-perception rather than of collated readings, piecemeal evidential reconstructions etc. If this is a “revealed Word”, it is by direct Revelation that it proceeds (as indeed was the classic spiritual or “Biblical” case, after all, so that no reactive fundamentalism of the psyche need be disturbed in the presence of this explanatory text, hmmm?).

The description/narrative of the “incarnating” and “evolutionary” processes published here, was first given by MT several years ago in response to the request of a student to explain the “origin of species” and “races” by Initiated Insight. Prior to that question, MT had not gone so deeply into the actual, primordial origins of the planetary “populace”. What he directly saw/experienced and disclosed by Initiated Wisdom was recorded at that time in a series of tapes. Neither he or the Southern Crown students then knew, nor could they find, any description of racial, planetary and species origins comparable to what “came out” in that series of taped lectures. At the time, they seemed to stand quite alone as to their description of Process and classification of species, racial types, order of emergence and development etc. Certainly the Theosophical exegesis of Madam Blavatsky for example, seemed nearly the diametric opposite of what MT had educed on behalf of the student-question.

Subsequently, however, several sources that tend to be confirmatory of this Southern Crown description were discovered, or published. The Theosophical writings and classificatory systems of Alice Bailey’s “Tibetan” for example, most especially as is found in Esoteric Psychology Volume I, almost exactly parallel what MT determined by direct Insight-perception. (Many, even many Theosophists, don’t seem to know it, but the Theosophical writings of Blavatsky and Bailey on this identical topic are virtually polar opposites.) The “Right Use of Will” books published by Four Winds, were brought to MT’s attention several years later. Their “genesis” description strongly paralleled that of MT. And finally, Ken Carey’s Return of the Bird Tribes was found to give a remarkably similar overall description of the original, incarnative-generative process through which Earth was awakened, although its “racial” ascriptions associated with the process aren’t in complete agreement with those to be encountered here.

Some Lessons In Spiritual Exchange-Value

If, then, the spacebeings are employing a type of spiritual-technology with which they’re able to procedurally “shell” the nested mind/body vehicles of man, thereby exposing the 3rd stage psyche to subtle systems of the being otherwise unknown—or dependent on an organic development after another manner—for what purpose are they doing this? Is the possible “happiness” or momentary joy experienced by such psyches in the quickened presence of their own deeper natures “reason enough”? Is this stimulating taste of inherent “spiritual freedom” drawn artificially out of its own resource, the sufficient cue for 3rd stage consciousness to move more directly in evolutionary growth toward fuller values of itself? and is this the central purpose of spacebeing-activity? or is it a merely incidental byproduct which, if not totally fortuitous nonetheless ends up generating types of response that may be valuable to a more practical project of the spacebeings not strictly reflective of philanthropic purpose?

Recalling the characterization of the beings, by Betty and others, as “non-emotional” and of a “scientifically neutral” disposition, we may assess their activity with the form-beings of 3rd-stage human consciousness strictly as an examinative process. If the spacebeings are procedurally “separating-out” the various bio-magnetic bodies of the “borrowed” personalities with their repertoire of exotic turbogenerators and psychic centrifuges etc. we may regard them in the most ordinary sense as studying something.

When we go to inquire what they may be studying, several things should occur to us right away.

Quickly reviewing some things we know about the spacedorks from previous T-Bird issues, we may remember not only their characteristic lack of emotionality, but their curious predilection for “standing objectively over to the side” while exposing Betty to unnerving and even energetically-hyperintense situations specifically eliciting high emotional reaction from their (reluctantly participating) subject. We may recall not only their elastic range of supernormal powers, readily making them appear unapproachably-rarefied in the austere mental mastery they must necessarily enjoy; we recall as well the remarkably feeble reason they advanced for borrowing the genetic materials as well as the very wombs of Earth beings. We recall that, though they might be manifest masters at traversing the whole horizontal axis of spacetime omnidirectionally (thus occasioning Betty’s belief that they must enjoy the static creationist character of “angels”, without evolutionary development whatever), there is always the hidden vertical or conscious, cerebrospinal axis of spiritual time to which they’re still developmentally subject, like all other beings of the creation.

Putting such considerations together, it’s not unprofitable to surmise that all their activity in this context has something to do with requirements of their own, requirements necessarily corresponding to values for which they do not have all the automatic answers. If they’re still subject to the vertical advance proffered by the range of densities along the mind/body axis, we may find a common denominator involved in their apparent deep concern with our own developmental destiny. We must assume they possess similar requirements for individual and/or collective transition between lower and higher densities; and if their “density-level” is beyond the common 3rd-stage range of comprehension, nonetheless their power to confound that level doesn’t immunize them from the Cosmic lure which still addresses them where they stand.

“I Know I Said ‘No Matter What I Tell You’, But I Want It Back Now.”

When we consider that, as we’ve learned in the Mother Terasu essays “What Is ‘Christ Consciousness’?” etc. there are three inseparable qualities of Absolute Spirit-being which alone make the characterization of Consciousness complete—i.e., Self, Love and Void—it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate from there the specific value with which they’d most probably be concerned in terms of their own pending phase-transition to a higher density alignment. If they’re singularly lacking in emotion, the expression of the love-nature must be stunted.

This is peculiarly problematic for any density-transition the dorks must make; for, being in large part 4th density denizens they presently exist the specific level in the octaval range through which the Love value—informing the psychic and emotional nature—is most prominently focused. Their “emotional capital”, having been parlayed into the wholesale developmental gamble of rolling with “efficient scientific neutrality and unmoved objectivity”, has therefore been invested in a foolproof trust where—according to the terms of its arrangement—it can’t appeal to the aloofness of the trustees to release the original wealth of its spiritual coinage! So “locked away in safekeeping” is the emotional dimension of their natures that, with time, the vaults of storage have rusted over and it’s been structurally eroded. The dorks can’t technically get at the richer dimensions of the emotional nature now that, by strictly rational consideration of the requirements at hand, they determine they need it—for the heart center itself through which that value takes ordinary expression and grows, has in their case been literally shrunk!

Remember we’ve characterized the Andreasson dorks in past T-Bird issues as having polarized technically in alignment with the positive (positive or negative polarization is required, in order to advance past the admixed 3rd density zone). Yet that polarization was accomplished as a result of the strictly objective consideration of relative efficiency (“cooperation” is more efficient than “antagonism” etc.) That same consideration caused them, somewhere along the line, to embrace “emotionless objectivity” to begin with. However, being in the very midst of that destiny the graduational requirement for which is learning the lessons of the Love-nature, the dorks discovered themselves in a problematic situation having “painted themselves into a corner” much as the playing cards did in Wonderland.

Their correlation with the 4th density has made them adepts of the psychic, insofar as their mastery and manipulation of the symbology of existence is concerned. By that measure they’ve acquitted themselves admirably in the elements minimally necessary for matriculation to the 5th density—except insofar as they’ve failed to conserve the very juice, the spiritual nectar of symbology which is its basically emotional charge, its primary power to move the being beyond the given terms of its provisional Resolution.

Having drained the psyche (and its symbolizing counters of self-representation) of the sweet inspirational chemistry comprising its greatest value, they have inadvertently deprived themselves of the very hormonal codes by which the love-value of being might progress the energetic alignment and integral harmonics of their systems to the required threshold, the Eagle’s Aerie.

A Real Change Of Heart

Thus they can “do anything”, in terms of technical manipulation of the symbol-keys of energy systems and current patterns, the geometries and types that inform the variable grid-lines of cosmic life; yet they can’t elicit the one thing out of those psychic formats and rich symbolic essences that alone would serve to move them in conformance with the stream of positive polarization, to the next-greater density-of-being. They have no operative emotional relation to the very symbols and codes with which they’re so technically dexterous; they gaze out at those psychic topologies, for all their power to employ them, with cold bafflement. And they perceive moreover that the human Earth-stage of consciousness, for all that it hasn’t transcended the banal self-contradictions and parochial frames-of-reference keeping it affixed to the one masked destiny, nonetheless by the same token hasn’t “succeeded” in masking or repressing the psychic/emotional nature to the degree of freezing it out, shutting down and shriveling to functional ineffectuality its operative center.

It’s for this reason, and one more, that they look with great “scientific” curiosity toward the field of 3rd-stage Earth consciousness, for the elusive and incomprehensible factor that might help them get beyond the fateful “lock” of that studious scientific detachment. They look most especially—though not exclusively—upon this place and time, owing to the fact that in our somewhat unique and special terms of “linear historical development” this is the precise juncture at which, collectively, mankind is scheduled to make its own density-transition to 4th. Seeing quite obviously that mankind is in similar straits of inertia and internal frustration with respect to its pending transitional challenge, the spacedorks have simply concluded that they might extract maximum exchange-benefits from a tribe that most needed to be benefited—much like they themselves, all dimensional proportions kept of course—so it was not inapt for them to gaze upon the dilemma of Earth consciousness and perceive a kind of lower case mirror of themselves. (It’s for this reason, and not the shallow rationalizations they’d given to minimize alarm or doubt as to their perfect adjustment and control, that the dorks deigned to borrow late-20th century Earth-wombs to serve as preliminary gestation media for their hybrid splicings of terrestrial and celestial gene-pools.)

Betty has occasion to notice that the efforts of artificial incubation cross-fertilizing human and “Watcher” genes produces embryonic beings having manlike features or, conversely, features more reflective of the goggle-eyed lipless variety of classic spacedork. Through such shuffling and recombining the spacebeings silently intend, among other things, to encourage regeneration or replacement-engineering of the very nerve-complexes and subtle meridians minimally necessary to supply a physical basis sufficient to accommodate incarnation of an enlarged potential for emotional response, while coupling that faculty to a retained cerebral capacity of their own super-accelerated type.

Knowing, then, how to read the evidences, we find lurking beneath their bluff invulnerability and perfectionism (“we don’t just come out and manifest ourselves to humanity”, the dorks channel—through Betty—to the assembled researchers at one point, “for we’d then be taken as gods”) a very quiet effort to backtrack developmentally, and reintroduce their sum genetic complement to a more structurally-viable heart center; for them, lacking the emotional developmental base as they do, this is viewed from the standpoint of a strictly technical requirement necessary in order to recover and assimilate an indispensable Divine quality specific to their stage, so as to be able to move further through the destinies in return to their remote Home.

Paradoxically, it’s just such a “technical” requirement that’s coveted for its innate power to disabuse so emotionally-estranged a consciousness from the cul de sac fixation of “technical” criteria!

Indeed, the spacedorks at the specific level of their expression, and functioning—like the tin-man—“without a heart”, tacitly relate to the scheduled advance in densities as just such a type of return to some remotely-conceived “home”. This relation to the patterns of density-development is a much more powerful typology for them, than in the case of many other consciousness-groups equally engaged in the same, logoic system of progression; this is due to their peculiar circumstance of vividly existing through a psychic medium of which they’re the technical master, while being however divorced from the heart of that density comprising the spirit and very essence of what must be learned in order to pass on. Since, as is equally true of the negatively-polarized beings, there’s really no such thing as existing in complete independence of any of those essential Divine qualities even while structurally “mini­mized” with respect to the functional outlet for a given quality, the whole of the Love-nature—through the very medium of which they directly exist, and to which they vibrationally correspond—takes the summary form of a type of haunting abstract lack, a background of spiritual privation generating automatic movement toward remedial work. Such a sense of distance from the “Spiritual home” bears all the imprint of emotionality where emotionality is denied its quality; it is always forming a perfect bead of poignance in the atmosphere of such beings, which never quite drops as a real precipitation.

High-Strangeness Attractors

Caught in the act of backtracking on their own developmental progression, then (by the popping-bluedot patter of Mother-current paparazzi and S.C. paterfamilias MT), we find the smoothly efficient and scientifically frugal spacedorks looking very much like sailors of the cosmic seas embarrassingly bereft of adequate rudder.

As we’ll learn further ahead (as well as in Chapter VI of T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix), the conscious rudder of Will and the qualities of emotion and feeling are not incompatible, or diametrically opposite; though “will” is largely construed as a flatly impositional force functioning best in the absence of “emotional” influence, the very definition of will by which we steer the collective ship of our “own” terrestrial destiny has come to us through the same system of distortions proving so decisive in the emotional suppression marking volitional navigation of the spacebeings.

If, for example, “feelings” and “emotions” originated as arbitrary manufacture of a subjectivity imposing such impressions on a field of “neutral exteriority”, there would be merit to minimizing their superfluous contributions in seeking to govern that field according to its “own” nature. But, as we’ll learn next issue, feelings and emotions aren’t arbitrary “subjective manufacture”; they emerge organically out of the conscious character of all perceptual venues.

The pattern-of-being itself, expressing as the spontaneously sprouting nerve-forest spreading sensitive grids of typological contours across its field, immediately functions as a differential arbiter of its own qualities. Feelings and emotions developing through the forest of sensations as innate harmonics of the field, steer with untrammeled ease in keeping the unerring counsel of what serves the being (i.e. what’s creative, integrative, harmoniously adaptive and life-giving) and what thwarts the creative development of the being. Feelings and emotions in this primary capacity—before the power of abstraction imposes the potential of doubt, and therefore of self-estrangement—are instruments of will. Indeed will in its essential character can’t be defined without inclusion of the organic steering mechanisms comprising the clean-cutting prow of its discriminative function. Feelings and emotions are the differential stabilizers on the thruster of Will, in their role as delicate antennae of the basic Love-nature.

It’s for this reason that, even where they are most estranged and repressed as in the case of the spacebeings, they persist as an undercurrent; and even though that undercurrent by repression and distortion reduces their general value to an echo, a mere hollowness, such is its inbuilt influence that it’s sufficient to serve as the major attractor in informing the direction of that dry “residue” composing the balance of the beings’ will.

Taking Credit, Where Credit Is Due

Considering that, with the completeness of their intellectual coverage they must have at some time pinpointed the identity of this “missing” factor, we may understand a little more deeply how it is that the spacebeings of the Andreasson type come to this particular planetary backwater under specific consideration of their pending cosmic requirements.

Note that, as one of their propagandistic points the beings attempt to “ingratiate” themselves and inferentially exalt their status in the collective eye of mankind by asserting they’re mankind’s biological as well as spiritual progenitors; this assertion is tacitly reinforced by their impressive array of bioengineering abilities, so that for many—not knowing any better—it isn’t too difficult to believe the scenario of panspermia and in particular to accept the probability that mankind arose originally from the test-tubes of these ostensible “Elohim”. However, this spacedork coverstory (paralleled by—colliding—claims of most other tribes of spacebeing similarly attempting to establish exclusive paternity) seeks to obscure what is in fact a genesis-history just about the reverse, in both event and meaning, of what they’d have us believe for the sake of securing our capitulation and compliance.

By initiated understanding, the dorks didn’t originate or implant the human family seed upon a virgin sphere; they came after the fact—long after the fact—and chose to set up bioengineering operations on this planet not because of its barrenness but on the contrary because it was already seeded and ripe with the particular fruit of what they recognizably needed themselves, in order to arrange the maximum probability-amplitude for their own next-density advance.

And what was it that they saw here, so promising for their own requirements? Why, they quite cogently perceived that planet Earth was “3rd-density housing” of a life-wave of soul consciousness especially rich in the quality of will they coveted; the envelope of the Earth-sphere was highly charged with emotional and feeling overtone in keeping with the character of the forms indigenous to it. Indeed, what had developed into the “Lemuria” civilization had contributed a pullulating surplus of creative activity, any of the proliferating branches of which could serve as adequate point of departure for the engineering operations of the dorks. There were even other life-waves of consciousness present on the planet and developed into characteristic civilizations of their own (i.e. Atlantis etc.) which initially settled there on the basis of an attraction—similar to that now motivating “the Watchers”—toward the quality of life-form and volitional resonance already seeded as indigenous expression.

Where did that “indigenous expression” come from? What race of advanced beings brought the biogenetic beakers down to catalyze the loam of enzymes and elements composing the primitive hormonal soupkitchen of Earth? The asture reader, weary of von Däniken and even Sitchin scenarios by now, must surely have noticed that such popularized ideas of panspermia require notions of an infinite regress—i.e. there always has to be an advanced “space civilization” already waiting in the wings to promote the evolutionary continuum. And, while there may be particular planets in the cosmos that began their native life-waves with such engineered seedings, it so happens that—despite what the dorks and even the “Pleiadeans” would proclaim—Mother Earth herself presents an exemplary case of an originating life-wave of consciousness stirring the creative process from the potentiating inside (which is how the Whole was gestated to begin with, after all). How may we understand this?

Neotenizing The Dorkotype

Interestingly, in The Watchers Fowler points out the presence of the human-type beings in the Amphitheater, obviously associated with the dorks in a sort of supervisory capacity suggesting Archetypes of the whitehaired, bearded Celestial Masters etc. Fowler offers the principle of neoteny to account for a possible derivation of the dorks’ own stylized presence from the initiating template of these more noble “human” types.

Neoteny is the process whereby a fetal or larval form jumps into sexual maturity and so suddenly skips over intervening sequences of its ordinary physical development. These leaps or phases of “punctuated equilibrium” represent mechanical alterations in the ratio of genetic functioning, rather than actual changes in gene structure; they account for very dissimilar types of mature being (i.e. pigs, cows, sheep, apes, man) having remarkably similar genetic composition. It’s only the differential stress in the actual ratio of interaction amongst the chromosomal constituents that, regardless how seemingly subtle, accounts for the huge ultimate difference.

The theory of neoteny was first proposed by anatomist Louis Bolk in the 1920s, who hypothesized that Homo sapiens was a fetal ape which had become sexually mature at a more rapid rate of intrauterine development, so that the more expressly apelike features remained dormant without the opportunity to form. Fowler, noting the pronounced fetus-like appearance of the spacedorks with their great heads and eyes and embryonic features, suggested the case for some similar relation between them and the genetic model of Man. The larger cephalic development (which required their premature extraction from even the enlarged Earth-woman uterus in transposition to the mechanical incubators) indicated biological manipulation in the designed acceleration of intelligence, permitting unfettered cranial expansion through artificial preservation of fetal proportions in the ratios between brain and body-parts etc.

(Note again that this angular relationship embedded in the principle of ratio, allows the presiding determinant to be expressed as an irrational constant; therefore we encounter once more the factor that permits an elastic variability to appear upon a pattern of specified values, aligning the manifest field as a whole—here represented by the complex code of the DNA molecule—with the spirit of essential indeterminacy through which the volitional value of consciousness innately functions.)

If we ask ourselves how this “intervention” at an earlier stage of “fetal ape” development (regardless the way in which it’s accomplished) might possibly result in higher intelligence and mature prehensility, some interesting implications begin to emerge. Nor can we hope to account for the paradoxes embedded in these implications, till we understand the secret of the genesis whereby these interrelated patterns were initially brought about.

If an “ape” is produced by rolling past the variable ratios of genetic interaction in the earlier stages of fetal development, this implies that the whole of the human form exists in the embryonic germs of cells which haven’t collapsed their abstract diversification-potential upon specialized structures and lobes of instinctual activity patterned into the hindbrain. Racing “sexual maturity” ahead of that collapse, would seem to keep the initial diversification-potential open while retaining it at an optimal level of abstraction, i.e. the committing cytoblast would devote proportionately more development to the cerebral centers and cortical tissue etc. If man is in this sense already coded into the chromosomal package which, if “cooked too long” before sexual maturity seems to push forward “precursor” forms, there is something more going on here than any scenario of natural selection promoted across a horizontal plane of development could possibly account for.

The picture becomes much clearer, and the contradictory facts actually slopping up the science lab become largely resolved, when we take into consideration an axis of development that has been conventionally invisible in the consideration of such things; referring to the vertical axis of development we’ve had occasion to describe, we may plot just the type of angular self-interaction of systems which can give the actual mechanism involved in the ratios of genetic variability.

In The Beginning:

The Wonderful Weir Of Lost Will

If “in the beginning” we may describe the physical field as a latent geometric potential encoded in an abstract ocean of noetic points (the akashic space of “matter”, prefigured by the network of geometrizing coordinates playing through and concentrating that field like scintillant scales of a Cosmic Dragon), it becomes possible to obtain an overview of its organization from that beginning. (For a more detailed description of the initial density-states refer to the essay “What Is Physics?” Vol. 2, No. 4, Feb.-Mar. ’91 TNTC.) That abstract ocean (conceived as abiding along the horizontal axis of a particular density level) is quickened and stirred to organizational life by the approach of a great Life-wave of consciousness along the vertical axis, in the Spiritual time frame.

Is this Life-wave understandable as an armada of Flying Saucers, piloted by developed beings of sophisticated consciousness looking to colonize a likely, floating moat of undeveloped cosmic real estate? Not at all. This life-wave of consciousness with which we’re here concerned is, in fact, not yet involved in the so-called evolutionary pattern of density-ascent toward progressive restoration of Conscious degrees; on the contrary, we may conceive this oncoming billow of consciousness as a rapidly individuating group-soul, of the degree of self-reflective intelligence, representing a primary displacement with respect to Whole-being integration and aligned Self-congruity of Spirit.

Such a life-wave may be considered a migrating Psyche engaged in a basic search along the curve of its own Questionmark, flowing on an involutionary spiral in experimentation with its endowment of Will and taking its models from the field of form. It is then, an armada of the Lost Will, so to speak, researching the possible states of its most integral “belonging” and therefore “testing the waters” in bold solitary venture amongst the oceans of stars.

This network of Consciousness has a Form; it is born from the totalizing Godhead which takes as Its form the patterned extent of the Octaval axis itself, and so in good “Biblical” fashion we may say that such Form is—after its own unique experimental manner—“in the likeness of God”. Being “new” to the Game of adaptational reflection (i.e. finding its proper image in alluring pools of matter) such a traveling Life-wave swims randomly as it were in a sea of impressions; it’s drawn by various psychic “atmospheres”, matrices of mirror potential upsurging in the form of dream images. Though it may have no conscious foreknowledge of its “destiny”, it’s particularly drawn by instinct of basic psychic affinity toward one remote, galactic corner—where a sparkling dust of pointillist potential (brimming with a latent/untouched phantasmagoria of manifestable magick) drifts like a barge chartered by the Sisters Weird on its way to Avalon.

As the mass of migrating consciousness floats all Unknowingly on magnetic currents of psychic affinity for this “weir of the Sisters Weird”, it automatically descends through the deeper densities (less distinct in their fullness and “equipotentiality”, and so unsuited for such definitions of the highly-articulate type being sought). The deeper densities rapidly pass in this descent of the life-wave of consciousness, unusably “dim” as an homogenous mist of light for the kinds of comfort in vivid being most avidly valued through the implicit equations of the wandering Will.

Soon the denser layers dissipate over the face of the Skrying Pool, and the mass of consciousness hovers as it were around the shallows of a suitable backwater. That consciousness filters through and around the clinging atmosphere of the place, soaking-in the Astral aura enveloping (and emanating off) its substrate of scintillant scales. Though the pointillist scales of the etheric menstruum are “as yet” undeveloped, virgin, they’re impregnated with massive psychic charge so that the Astral vicinity is teeming with images, an overflow of superposed impressions. The abstract geometries of the etheric “scales” are coded to grand typologies of basic creative Consciousness, packed with the care and cosmic Largesse of a Mother’s unrestrained outpour.

Falling For The Mother’s Territory

The wave of Lost Will had come upon unexpected Bounty; all the overwhelming slideshows and flashing rushes of the myriad possible “earthworlds” packed into potential existence there, generated ceaseless streams of fascination to which the force of Identity became rapidly fixed. As the mass of volitional consciousness moved exuberantly into identification with various of the dreamlike forms appearing in the ambient astral light, the images would acquire more definite shape, and, defining themselves against the phosphorescent “echoes” of interference took on the character of conformable habitation.

This gradual if inexorable “intersection” of the collective axis of the conscious life-wave, with the perpendicular pool of charged points activating the astral imaginations of the individuating loci of that consciousness, served to generate a horizontal stream of temporality complementary to the vertical or Spiritual timestream on which the Lost Will consciousness drifted to its destination. Along this horizontal timestream, the sequined scales of the ether commenced dancing in geometrized pirouettes, as response to the progressively proximal presence of the perpendicularly oriented Life-wave. The “reifying” energy-fields of that hovering Psychic Presence, activated and aligned corresponding (geometric) networks of deeply polarizing property with respect to the matrix of etheric-material potential. Such psychic energy-fields were in effect generating typal templates, so as to draw out from the amorphous overteeming potential of the odic weir-space a committed organizational geometry, defining preferential stress-patterns for the molding of “habitable” physical fields.

As the column of Consciousness loomed over the misty banks, an order spontaneously imposed itself across the congeries of energy-networks elicited through polar alignments of the “sprouting” geometries. That order took its unity from the aggregate unity of the consciousness-wave.

The flow of the horizontal timestream generated distinct, elemental states behaving as transition-media reciprocally adjusting the interactions of the states to “either side” so that there arose a general flux amongst fluid and fixed, chaotic and colloidal suspensions. Out of this there gradually sifted a rhythmic repetition of patterns and predictably-switching ensembles, pockets of granulating “stability”  flowing along established intersections of the settling media.

It became progressively clear to the downflowing diversification of conscious foci, that the overlapping processes and superposed patterns of the pool were being “ridden” by an ambiguous overlay of psychic silhouettes, individually supervising the probable combinative confluence of elemental energies and at the same time orchestrating a collective process of progressive integration; this overall, collective flow toward a comprehensive coherence yielded a shifting pattern of integrities and bleedthrough unities, one appearing on, in or through the other according to varying dimensional “adjustments” of the focal geometries along with the vertical axis.

Against all calculation of chance, the horizontal stream moved (with the relentlessness of the descending Consciousness-wave) toward a progressively-more-inclusive model of the essential unity reflected across its field as a single, synthetic impression composed and cast through the vertical column. The horizontal timestream jumped and whorled in waves of response to the pressure of emanations moving in from “above”, as though bid to branch and then combine by the Magician’s measure generating a quick hothouse universe of maenad multiplication—dense-packed in a spongy tissue of capillary connectivity pumping nourishment to every part becoming anemone and coral, the continental loam and meridional networks of all, cellular flesh.

How, may we ask, can this be so?

If the etheric-material timestream didn’t lurch over aeons of “accident” toward incidental unity (as is the conventional interpretation of Mechanism) but exhibited a progressive conformance, in whole and through all cross-reflected facets, with an enveloping Unity imparted to it as its very, motive movement, we may say that the etheric-material space functioned basically as a mirror; that void-mirror received a constant and intensifying “psychic radiation” of complex-pattern geometries through the perpendicular, reflecting the values of those energies in rotational response as a harmonic ratio of phase-angle. It therefore interpreted, in terms of its own coordinate functions, a basic abstract unity shed over it according to a variety of interpenetrating perspectives, and transmitting—from the outset—the essential qualities of intelligibility, coherence, meaning and conscious value. As all such properties predicate a single Subject, the character of that unity derived from the fundamental Ideotype informing the Conscious field of the lifewave and, in fact, imparting its motivational movement.

We may say then that the descending vertical column of consciousness and the onflowing, horizontal timestream of the etheric-material strata describe an angular intersection moving toward a common convergence point, the “right angle” juncture at which the maximal Unity of the Consciousness wave is “grounded” and integrated with the optimal patterning unity reflected from it into the combinative physical fields. We may see rather clearly from this model that there’s an attractive “tendentiousness” in the movement of the horizontal timestream; in fact the direction of that timestream appears, above randomness, as a very purposive and essential flow toward an ultimate noetic Attractor. In order to understand both the Attractor and the influential model of etheric-material Unity, it’s necessary to understand the Ideotype.

Telemetric Type-casting

The Ideotype is the basic premise of Being, the Logoic formula of the particular Lifewave reflecting the typology of the Cosmic Logos. It furnishes in one indivisible abstraction the model of Resolution between the value of Infinite, belonging to Consciousness itself, and the potential of Limit upsurging as the creative prototype of limitless-absolute Being.

The given, Conscious Lifewave moves through Being seeking to effect that resolution through the tension generated from its typifying Point-of-departure. Such a Lifewave constitutes an archetype of the apparent discrepancy that arises through the creative proposition of Being; it enshrines the style of original “dispute” between the all-permissiveness of Absolute Spirit-being, and the self-generated potential of creative Limit which typifies and at the same time apparently negates that Spirit.

Thus if the resolving formula of the Ideotype may be stated as a unitive-abstract proposition, e.g. Residence, then the Idea of Residence gives us at once a general sense of the appropriateness, correspondence, congruence, identity and agreement of familiarity that defines the missing term, models it and states it as an equation of overall aim. Since this rarefied abstraction, or noetic Sum, is the “thought” as which Consciousness experiences its own creative tension, it’s evident that it imparts at the same time a deep emotional charge to that Conscious current. It sets the very exigent terms of Its own realization, or relieving Resolution.

That charge carries the wave of “differentiating” Consciousness through a considerable Pilgrimage, which sees it first reduced to the lowest common denominator of Limit. Such is the “numbing” or blocking power of the value of Limit that a given Lifewave of Consciousness must endure indeterminate, preliminary apprenticeship as a basically unconscious unit, refracted at the opaque extreme of resistance into a myriad of parallel “loci” driven by the feeling imparted through force of the original Ideotype (that Type comprising the Light-world formula of its fateful point-of-departure).

The wave of Consciousness progresses through degrees of integral organization, over aeons of cumulative apprenticeship, as unit-coordinator of an increasingly complex vehicle aligning the nature-patterns to a common Referent. Even when integrated sufficiently to merge on the manifest side of the equilibrium-pleroma as a Self-reflective (group-soul) consciousness aligned with the vertical Axis-of-Being, it continues to move on the basis of that feeling-impulse. The cosmic Search conducted through the Self-encoiled curve of its own Questionmark takes its drive from the emotional component of the equation; the abstract-unitive term of the Typology remains remote and basically unknown to the migratory wave of Consciousness. That wave tends to converge toward the Limit of its Questionmark as the caudal probe of Desire; it focuses through that probe so that the numen of its Ideotype is pushed that much further to the “remote extreme”, and is only experienced by the indirection through which its value reflects off the matter-mirror as the irresolution of formal emptiness.

Unrecognized but implicit to that caudal “focus” or inverse concentration along the axis of the Lifewave, the informing Ideotype (as which the motion of that wave is generated) imparts an intimate orientation to the whole-of-Being; it implicates a basic emotional atmosphere, which in turn endows the Psychic gyroscope of specific affinity. It gives the types and qualities of the self-symbolizing factor inspiriting the psyche as imagination (so that, for example, the equations that might satisfy an overall abstraction such as Residence are given deeply personifying characteristics, the blueprints of architectures which, while still sketchy as to details provide the contours that progressively delineate specific values, dimensions, formats and even sensations toward which the Lifewave of Consciousness will be most naturally attracted, ideally transforming “residence” into “home”). And it’s this specific, affine potential which informs that felt “emptiness” of the Idea-proposition as the motive surge of desire.

Thus the noetic and abstract-mental values belonging to the higher-dimensional states of Divine Reason etc., are expressed as faculty only indirectly by the Lifewave which—as with our model—engages the involutionary process; those values are implicitly aligned through and focused by the caudal salient of desire taking its place as the lead-current, the forward “scout” (much like the caboose leading the locomotive). They are not then intercepted as they are in themselves by this hierarchic inversion, but only as they’re nested through a gradual process of invagination whereby they’re drawn offside, anisometrically trained, distorted along the ontological “bias” of an oblique (cognitive) angle and so thoroughly masked that the impartial abstract symmetry by which all things may be weighed and resolved in the Whole is functionally forfeit and the virtue for which those values are known in themselves deflected to a lopsided discrimination or onesided focus.

Falling, Head Over Heels In Love

The impulsive “abdomen” of desire becomes the zone through which the abstract faculties are preoccupiedly focused and fixed, angularly aligned with the etheric pool; butterflies of anticipation mixed with a general metaphysical uneasiness, produce a preliminary roiling of the medium. All the dense-packed potential of the “pool” sets off rippling impressional swarms, bleedthrough images and mists of concentric eidolons in coupled response to the turbulent Presence touching on the perpendicular. An overflow of tumultuous contents unwinds, snagging ramified tendrils of attention in its suction that thin through the overall haze and then regather—cohering under influence of “successive” sections of the Lifewave pulled through lagging intervals on the tug of the desire current as it spins along pressure-fronts of the enfolding tourbillions.

As the exploratory salient of desire draws in “lagging” ontological portions of the Lifewave it collects to itself auxiliary qualities of focus, discrimination and defining abstraction that serve at least indirectly to slow the swirling field and filter out a system of progressively stable, unambiguous impressions claiming the coefficients of a deeper structural integration.

Thus the involutionary wave of Consciousness, the “settler” of the terrestrial field, tends to proceed—as far its innate ontological qualities are concerned—in reverse order of their hierarchic arrangement in the Kingdom (i.e. according to strict Spiritual format). While in Reality always standing rightside up, with the head of Absolute-identity high above the clouds of the creative Abyss, in the conditional process of “coming-to-itself” under aegis of its informing Ideotype the conscious Lifewave seems to move head-down so that its ideative faculties are inversely nested in the nether “cylinder” of the desire-cavity, and its impulsive “feet” take up the Space where the critical faculty should first of all dwell.

Thus the “higher” abstract, rational and ideative faculties belonging to and indeed informing the Lifewave of Consciousness, are at this juncture enfolded in the states and powers to which they give rise secondarily, put in service of a formative factor which seeks to crystallize out certain unambiguous images and contrastively-highlighted structures along a steeply preferential curve.

The Whole-being value of Identity informing that Lifewave becomes exclusively invested in delimiting patterns of identification, so that the emergent forms discerned through the perceptual “screen” take their demonstrable unity and abstract coherence from the innate-unitive value of Whole-being identity. Within that reflected Wholeness, the abstract unity of the informing Ideotype is borrowed and mirrored through the extent of the energized-ether, generating myriad ideoform unities as beings, entities, elemental and creatural kingdoms—and all such differentiated unities combined and resolved on the whole according to the abstract Unity of an overarching pattern, a basic typal model reflected from the general Form of the approaching consciousness-mass and mirrored through the extent of the matter-pool.

Elementary, My Dear Watson

That etheric-material model may be understood as a multidimensional version of the DNA molecule, coded to the optimal genome of Man. For Man is the general, patterning “formula” of the Conscious Axis, the presiding form through which the minimal Self-reflective power of Spirit-intelligence may take functionally-viable Life in the creative fields across the vertical extent of the Pleroma (or potentially-resolving Juncture-of-being). The etheric-material correlative and vehicle of that Form, may be located in the pattern defining in general the multidimensional property of the DNA helix. That helix reflects, recapitulates and materially codes the spiralic “pattern” of the vertical, descending Consciousness wave (as its transdimensional coordinates rotate through and cross-index the polarizing states of its own, colinear Axis).

If we’re talking about the multidimensional molecule, we’re necessarily talking in terms of an overall, patterning typology of which the observable Crick-Watson model is simply a stylized rendering after the fact, through a system of distortion-lenses sculpting a representative cross-section (or “3-d” space) appearing as self-reflective approximation of the full-scale coordinates composing the ungrasped whole through its corresponding field. When we go to inquire of what those reflective, fun-house mirrors are composed, we find ourselves typically gazing through them in order to intercept, by indirection of their own prefigured modeling, their compound focal-projection upon a “monoplane” screen as a mazelike mass of neurons, brain-cells and cognitive organs. Inquiring into the “DNA molecule” by such methods of self-representative indirection, we obtain an infinitely regressive and tautological “explanation”—courtesy of its own program styling the means through which “we”, as focal entity, perceive in the first place.

It’s for this reason, as we’ve had occasion to see before, that some scientists and philosophers, grasping the apparently irreducible paradox, have thrown their hands in the air and declared an impasse of “unknowability” (i.e. the “en-soi” or thing-in-itself “can’t be known”). However, as we’ve also had occasion to see (“What Is ‘Christ Consciousness’?” Vol. 1, No. 5, TNTC) there is a necessary ontological connection between the stylized self-representation of the “material” model, and the informing principles of which it’s inevitable expression.

Thus we may recognize right away that, by asking of the DNA molecule “what it is” and noticing that it replies through the very set of “neurons” and “lobes” (i.e. processes) that it would constitute as the typal pattern of those processes, we can leap the question of objective ens and go immediately to the self-evident testament contained in that apparently “prevailing” tautology.

If for example we “take it all the way” and note that the full genome of Man encodes a kind of metabolic process supportive of the elemental organs and systems that sustain the energy network of a self-reflectively cognitive mode, we know we’re back at the irreducible doorstep of the informing Ideotype. If the “DNA molecule” is—whatever else it might seem to be as “chemical composition” etc.—a basic organization for optimal maintenance of a threshold nervous system (specifically the central nervous-system of Man inclusive of ancillary autonomic or “subconscious” branches), we know right away that the whole “setup” is a modeling process of the creative field itself; it depicts in multidimensional networks of coordinate foci, the way in which the coinhering/mutually defining polar limitations or complementary extremes of the creative field provisionally arrange their processes so as to apparently “postpone” instantaneous self-cancellations of all obligatory, equal-and-opposite values, “exporting entropy”—as the systems-approach would put it—so as to configure a pyramidal “food-chain” (i.e. a network of relationships in which a preferential order of integrities and persisting complexes is hierarchically molded from the blinking elemental field of turbulent turn-over). This complex modeling of the creative field in terms of synergic integrity or preferential maintenance, is performed precisely as the patterning process of a self-cognitive mode whereby its auto-sustaining activity apprehends itself according to a system of ideoform typologies. It configures the creative field as a model of energy-integration (i.e. a food-processor) expressly serving the maintenance of its self-perceiving patterns. Therefore all secondary interpretation of it as “organs” and “neuronal chemistries”, “metabolic regulation” etc. is ipso facto expression of the Ideotype through and as which the whole is modeled in the first place.

The Ideotype (enshrined as the initial, Logoic formula abstractly resolving the Issue between the inclusive Unity of Consciousness and the permitted limit—or restrictive interdependence—of the Creative) becomes rendered at mediate levels of its own elemental interaction or geometrized ratios—cf. last issue, “T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix” Chapter V, Part One, subheading Typing The Definitions page 7. The essential values which it sums and “resolves” as a noetic Whole, are reflected through the very processes to which they give rise so that they may be combined in variable, chordal harmonics or gestalt networks of coaxial patterning. According to the rates, rhythms and specific ratios which obtain in the field-interactions of these multidimensional, patterned “loci” of the abstract-Ideoform values, the sum Typology of the Consciousness wave will be focally modeled and expressed in particular cognitive forms.

Getting Just The Right Twist

The systems of abstract unity through which all self-interacting processes (necessarily) “see” themselves, align and focus the field of activity through stylized typologies of perception, feeling, thought, concept and sensation. Thus everything we “see”, “hear”, experience or cognize is, in one way or another, reflection of the informing conscious Ideotypes; moreover, everything we “see”, “hear” etc. is simply a stylized and variable version of the primary Logos of the Conscious Lifewave, aligning the (multidimensional) patterning processes with which any given Wave has become associated by Identity, in conformance with a volitional interpretation of that Type.

Thus all perception, thought, feeling, etc. is variably reflective of the Whole (more or less congruent with the full noetic value of the unitive-resolving Type) according to the degree of integral intensity through which the values of the basic Typology are aligned and mutually adjusted.

It may be inferred, then, that one of the primary functions of the (full multidimensional, etheric-material) “DNA molecule” is that of furnishing the patterns through which vital-coordinate centers, serving the central and peripheral systems, may be variably integrated and aligned with the Psychic, Mental and Noetic fields to which they axially correspond.

That “molecule”, reflecting the pattern of Man by direct alignment and full symmetry correspondence with the descending Conscious Lifewave, constitutes then a kind of vital-material adjunct or synthetic extension of the Wave into the field of physical structure; whereas it may seem, by that token, inessential (as the etheric-material pattern of the kundalini, it dissolves into its elements upon losing its residual momentum “after death”, alone amongst the various sheaths of the soul), nonetheless it comprises the most critical “body” in one sense. Due to the inertia and resistive friction of vital-physical life with its characteristic structural “lockin”, the field of matter and its correlative etheric sheath serve best as the demesne wherein the volitional variable of the Conscious Axis may definitively test its interpretations of the Cosmic Ideotype. Consciousness may examine, through the indispensable locus of the free-will variable on which all patterning processes commonly—if subliminally—converge, the fitness of its myriad self-representations and symbolic modelings of the Resolving term—the haunting Value of the presiding typology formulating the creative point-of-departure, and so styling its typifying mode of Resolution.

In this way, we may conceive of the vital-etheric pattern of Man (encoded as the multidimensional DNA molecule) as a crucial Median term, an adjustable coordinate network functioning through the informing, volitional axis as a sliding-ring regulating the integral rest-stops in the ratios governing chordal harmonics of the centers; according to the prevailing typologies (reflected through the Conscious Axis from the unitive and resolving Ideotype) with which the value of Identity provisionally identifies itself, the etheric-material centers of the plexuses, glands and “chakras” will be organized in corresponding harmonics and integral flow-channels, so that both vertical divisions of the hemispheres and horizontal stratifications of the gnomon “layers” function in characteristic ratios of interactive alignment.

All the subconscious-processes and autonomic currents through which the rhythms of the plexiform centers are regulated and mutually adjusted, are patterned first of all as mnemonic conservation of standardizing, repetitive identification-typologies (i.e. those typologies defining the biochemical/electrical codes as which thinking, feeling and the unifying gestalts of perception order the disposition of the overall field). Thus the subconscious processes regulating metabolism through the centers (determining the efficiency-quotient in the processing of “food” whether breath in the lungs, chyme in the gut or chyle in the bloodstream etc.) enforce the implicit harmonics coded in the prevailing typologies—i.e. the characteristic range and quality of thought, perception, feeling and general cognition. They therefore implicitly order the degree, intensity and prevailing state of integration between the vital-material centers or “chakras”—the etheric points—and their corresponding Psychic, Mental and Noetic values (or “bodies”) which they mediate.

According to the prevailing typology regulating subconscious-autonomic metabolisms of the centers, the psychic, mental and noetic values of the Whole-being will be more or less directly available; they will be functioning more or less indirectly, or by distortive reflection, in the processing of perceptual/cognitive patterns through the Conscious Axis.

Helix, The Kit

In general we may note that the lineal reflection of the particular typology through the Conscious axis (physically, the central nervous system) and the repetitive encoding of the pattern as which that typology implicitly regulates the ratios and harmonics of the autonomic centers, spatially graphs a spiralic form. This mnemonically-abstracted spiral is then first of all an organizational typology in its own right; it derives from, and directly reflects, the “spiralic” Being of the oncoming Consciousness wave, our migratory protagonist on the “involutionary” path.

It may be recognized from this that the form of the spiral describes a geometry which, as all other forms, takes its primary being from a basic ontological disposition before it’s ever understandable as a motion of particles, or the spatiotemporal sculpting of a field.

The Consciousness-wave may be recognized as a “spiral” form, then, in the abstract sense of a Strange Attractor (cf. recent scientific theories of chaos etc.). The ontological or Being-qualities through which it “moves” (i.e. the mental, psychic, spiritual and vital values vying through the self-same locus of Attention as interpretive terms of its Being), if spatially quantified by degrees of “intensity” and plotted as a pattern of “frequencies” or relative, cyclic repetitions, could be transformed into coordinates suitable for designing patterns of spacetime motion, energy-organization etc.

We may then consider the ontological “self-turning” as which that Consciousness-wave corkscrews on its axis through the bed-of-Being, the geometric tensions generated through those twisting coordinate tangents translating as field-energies displacing out the infusorial “gill-slits” of its rotatory trajectory; and we may note the way in which that strictly abstract configuration comes to constitute the typology of functional models in the field of form, organizing systems of energy through cognitive grid-patterns as actional expressions reflective of purely ontological values.

It’s for this reason that, as expressions of the variable grid-patterns structurally coded through the “DNA molecule”, we perceive luxuriant spiral streams of galactic matter; the double-helix of the objectively-modeled molecule itself; the torque of striate muscle-tissue and conformal curve of bone; the spirochete and pirouetting plankton; the gyre and verticillate flux of waters whether oceanic or bathtub-variety gurgling down a drain; all the curve of tusk and antler, the spin of conch or cochlea…

And, as with a Spiral, one may trace the characteristic volutes “out” or “in”; one may by interpretation affix plus or minus, positive or negative signs thereby polarizing the axis of that gyre to committed directional flow. Like the ambiguous mutual inversions of the Necker cube we can focus through that fanciful vortex so that it renders “involutionary” values of the cosine, or “evolutionary”—and though it’s a “play”, once the respective labels are assigned, cognate values and reinforcing qualities collect around them so that consciousness itself is committed to an intricate, inextricable network of implications for the nonce—it finds itself sliding down the very loops of its own internal turns, and once having traced the ontological whole as a sequent occasion, there’s no recourse but to follow it out, take it to its own logical limit at the extreme of its involving oscillation so that the invisible Moebius juncture is reached at which it imperceptibly—but fatefully—crosses over to the complementary cosine curve and begins unwinding, aeonically “progressing” on its way out. No use pretending to sit aside from it all, and, Krishnamurthi-like, pronounce upon its immediate nondirectional wholeness and unmoved “simplicity”—all such pronouncements still issue from Alice who, for all she can see the entrance to the rabbit-hole, is still standing squarely in the middle of Wonderland.

Keeping to the image of the spiral we may find in it the very signature of the Logoic process, from the apodictic value of Spirit-identity through the Creative proposition and apparent “fall”, to the lockin of corporeal fascination and—at least potentially—awakening back to Spirit-identity with the gift of a material enrichment; and in the meanwhile may comprehend by inference the derivation of conventional religious ideas as well as their esoteric models, for example the Pargod or “curtain” of Eastern metaphysics, the hurling of the “stone” broken from the Throne-Chariot into the Abyss, the exile of the Sekinah and curling-up of kundalini-sakti at the root of the Padmasan or Divine Footstool etc.

Spring-loading The Blunder-Bus

Imagine that the “spiralic” form is a multi-dimensional, conical coil; suppose that “coil” represents the vertical column or pyramidal schema (the Hebrews would say shema!) of Consciousness. Dividing the “pyramidal” or conical coil of consciousness into three segments (worlds, states, qualities, principles, planes) we may recognize at once the standard T‑Bird model introduced in Vol. 1, No. 5 in Part I of the essay “What Is ‘Christ Consciousness’?”.

Thought the model can be indexed differently (so as to exhibit the 4 elemental levels or the 7 zones, 10 Sephiroh, centers, planetary properties etc.) all may be comprehended within a traditional Triad of principles.

The pyramidal apex represents the “head zone” and the unitive value of Absolute Spirit Identity; in relation to the Creative proposition of Limit which its unqualified character permits, it formulates the resolving “Divine Thought”, i.e. the logoic Ideotype.

The central segment of the structure expands the geometry of the Point, and extends the creative proposition through psychic coordinates demarcating a configurational space as grid-pattern alignment of the whole-being value of Identity. The coextension of the absolute-value of Identity with the architectures of its “spatial geometry”, amplifies upon the spirit of Identity to the degree of identifying it with Love. This zone is the “heart” of the complete Form.

The broad base of the structure, resting as it does on “earth”, represents the extreme of creative limit and thus the ultimate testing of the Logoic proposition. The point-apex of Identity is extended through, and as, the architectural cornerstones of the physical or solid-structural principle itself. This stabilizing base constitutes the vital-appetitive zone of the total form; it corresponds to the abdominal complex, the “belly” of the schematic structure. It’s apparent, counterbalancing angles seem to fix or hold steady, in a rigidifying “box”, the psychic properties of the coordinate planes (or grid-axial extensions) feeding into them on the perpendicular. In this way the base of the structure “materializes” the values of the Love-principle situationally above, in the form of representative objects correlated to specific desire-affinities.

The vital-abdominal complex of the desire-nature is at this extreme juncture apparently given the correlative qualities “solving” the polarized equations of its Satisfaction. The pyramidal or conical form is apparently inflated to its maximum, convex extension; it’s apparently given the structural alignments suitable to a full-fillment, i.e. a filling out or amplifying of its abstract magnitudes to the optimum protuberance of a “positive” space. But, keeping in mind what we’ve frequently counseled regarding the arbitrary labeling of spatial contours, all sine-cosine values are interchangeable with a simple inversion of focus. As with the Necker cube, the preferential “sculpting” of space can be turned insideout; and when we do so as a practical matter, we perceive that—while the base of the pyramid extends the angulated lines of the structure to their optimum “fullness”—the resultant enclosed space defined by the positive coordinates is hollow.

Thus, “desire” and the “object” of desire are given at once; they are inextricable, two sides of the same coin, so that the “object”, being ever the “fruit” of desire, is informed or constituted through and through by desire and is forever—empty.

The base of the pyramid, lastly, represents through the “abdominal” complex or vital-nature of the extended form, the zone of Void-being (realized indeed in the very midst of the formal, cognizing processes which efficiently serve to mask and belie direct perception of Void-nature, i.e. as the emptiness of the material plane of “tangible satisfactions”).

Returning to our conical image, we may see the way in which the value of Absolute/unqualified Spirit-identity becomes apparently identified with, or psychically coupled to, the delimiting properties of the “objective world”. Keeping in mind the initial hierarchy of values distributed vertically across our cone top to bottom, we may visualize the process of a compression whereby the coils of the Apex and then successive coils along the descending “turn”, are pushed down one inside the other so that they begin to arrange in a concentrically inverse nest of continuous loops, the chief or “uppermost” principles secreted progressively within the enclosing (and thus relatively exteriorized) “lower” principles.

The principles in themselves, it must be kept in mind, are not progressively less complete. The “lower” principles (i.e. those of Void-nature etc.) are denominated “lower” simply because they are the most common—that is, whereas the vital-physical world in itself doesn’t possess active values of Identity and Love owing to its materiality and thus un-consciousness, it necessarily presides in any case through the minimum common denominator of Void-nature, whereby the units of unconsciousness functioning out of the vital-physical realm eventually and inevitably awake to active coincidence with the “higher” principles of Love and Identity.

Therefore it’s not that the “lower” principles and their correlative states, worlds or planes are intrinsically less complete. Rather, the very action of that progressive, fascinated inversion (whereby the abstract cognitive values belonging to Identity—noesis and mind—polarize to preferential psychic alignments thereby implicitly triangulating a multidimensional network of coordinate “foci”), factors-out the contours and asymmetric perceptual grids eliciting differential pressures and opaque “resistances” of the physical plane. The compressive inversion of the “face” or pyramidal apex of Identity progressively drawing along the resultant psychic, emotional and imaginative faculties results in the special fashioning of the talismanic “charm” of stylized, perceptual anisomerisms comprising the coiled lockin or kundalini-nucleus regulative of the “material” grid-network.

That “material” sphere of perception isn’t intrinsically partial, lopsided, incomplete or selectively directional; but the cumulative patterns of specialized psychic identification (as Identity stoops more deeply toward the fateful Limit of its own reflected Pool), generate a nucleated “self-encoiling” of geometrized interference-grids locking in a particular typology of current-processes—those processes serve to mask the global equivalency and self-cancelling equilibration of all polarized properties, generating a cognitive filter or perceptual screen whereby qualities are sifted and defined into a preferential relief of overtly-uncompensated signatures giving the collective impression of an empty-imbalanced world, a sketch of partiality outlining the shadowy half of a full equation.

(This is, for your deeper understanding, at the same time a description of the way in which the plenum of powers, properties and agencies innate to the Wholeness of the higher-dimensional being are progressively filtered, screened, recessed and finally locked out along the transdimensional axis of Consciousness, effectually “shut away” in the reduced-down chakra complexes along the spinal line and definitively coded into collective dormancy through the—summary—current-coil or energy nucleation of kundalini, physically parallel the sacral plexus and perineum.)

Penny Opera-Of-Creation,

And A Few Leit-motifs

It may be understood as well that the hierarchy of principles, qualities or conscious values (functionally distributed through the multidimensional centers as Typal moderators of coordinate foci), though they tend to collectively “invaginate” in the described manner and align with ultimate focal stress upon the vital-physical field, may actually arrange themselves inversely according to a variable ratio of emphasis. Any given group or soul-complex as well as individualized projections of consciousness within such groups, may in practice demonstrate a distinct harmonics of the plexuses; they may constitute specialized “chords” of functional resonance amongst the centers and systems of the Life-current, so that varying actual proportions emerge and manifest amongst the complex of mental, psychic and vital-physical faculties in any given instance.

In this way the identifying mode of a whole Lifewave of Consciousness may, according to tendency of its presiding Ideotype or motivating Logoic “formula”, apparently emphasize or even reify the value of reason; another may seem to fetishize feelings, and the primacy of emotion; some may turn vital-impulse into an exclusive hypostasis. Yet others will exhibit novel mixtures of these.

The obvious idea of the Cosmic Logos or pattern of the octaval Whole, is to introduce such Lifewaves to one another—through resultant “racial”, “planetary” and “cultural” typologies etc.—so that they may temper and modify one another, participating in a mutual “education” that would see a general redress of the most egregious imbalances in each Wave without necessarily reducing them to an homogenous uniformity. So we identify the appearance of whole planetary cultures and unique subsets of civilizations, their similarities and differences interpretable as a function of the particular “chakra-harmonics” or ratio of processing emphasis each comes to embody—some interpreting existence through an attic grace or dorian elegance, some through austere yet orient opulence and yet others in form of rhythmic-tropical energy harmonics, in primary palettes of celebratory pigment…yet each unerringly built without necessarily knowing upon a fundamental Chord, a chief establishing resonance-pattern encoding and locking-in the “physical field” as such, courtesy of the initial incarnating Lifewave the progress of which we’ve here been tracing through agency of direct, initiatory Insight.

As we’ve already seen in terms of the basic, hierarchic invagination of the pyramidal Consciousness and its qualities through aegis of its informing Ideotype, the frontrunning desire-currents of that downspreading Wave condense through its dorsal extremity as intensifications of resistance to Spatial accomodation of its imminent Presence. Such resistance is directly proportional to the degree of felt lack, with respect to the relative congruence between the gauging value of the Ideotype and the specific potential of the field.

The “rule” governing that relationship is, then, a kind of contradictory and self-defeating one of “inverse satisfaction” since the abstract emptiness of the Typal value generates the psychic mandate—in streams of desire-affinity—to fill that emptiness with realized images or representative qualities tailored to furnish a functional Residence, a sufficient accommodation for that value; yet the progressive contraction and thus restrictive reduction involved with each succeeding degree of specification, forces the Ideal of congruence or true Correspondence to recede all the more with each tangible step toward it. Thus its adequacy as solvent to the Equation-of-Being formulated by the Ideotype, is inversely proportional to its desired manifestation. It’s for this reason that the Soul-intelligence gravitating toward the manifest field feels a deep affinity for its forms as adequate vehicles of its expression, and feels at the same time compressed and crushed.

This internal frustration, paradoxically, fulfills an operational value of the total Ideotype, indeed satisfying half of its full equation; for the definitive realization of that self-defeating rule of inverse satisfaction ideally forces Consciousness back on itself in reconsideration of its project, and thus in ultimate reevaluation of its motive point-of-departure in the first place…

Apollonian Hang-Time

At such a decisive millennial juncture in the Self-turning of Consciousness upon its own axis, there would seem to be particular typologies (governing overall ratios of metabolic function within the context of the general nuclear “inversion”) that might serve better than others to expedite the needed repolarization-alignment. Such typologies would apparently need to stress a subharmonic emphasis upon the cerebral faculties, within the general “material” intussusception of bodies and fields. Nothing would, at this juncture, seem to be required more than a practiced capacity for cool assessment and a distancing abstraction so as to obtain the threshold of “objectivity” able to detach from impassioned commitment to the biophysical “project”—the absorbed dedication toward finding suitable habitat through representative vehicles and symbolic structures assembling some parallel of the archetypal-permanent Residence.

Such a subharmonic ratio of emphasis upon the abstract-reasoning faculties tabulated to the side of cortical/left-brain consciousness, is already locatable as a type in the development of our—Western—historical traditions and goes by the general designation of the “Apollonian”.

The Andreasson spacedorks are particular group-soul representatives or incidental exemplifications of this general type; their overall dispassionate demeanor and, in fact, seemingly cold “objectivity” often reminds witness/abductees and investigators of nothing so much as the exaggeratedly “neutral dispassionate” distancing of the Western-scientific Weltanschauung. The dorks are indeed an example of that same general type only developed aeons prior to our parochial planetary history. They manifest a general polarization alignment and chakra-complex emphasis which could be designated by the broad category “spirit-polarity”.

If, then, this basic “typology” as exemplified by the dorks seems most suited to the class of faculty required at the juncture now facing Earth-consciousness in general as it ponders its pending phase-transition to 4th density, why do we presently find this “advanced” species hovering around the atmosphere of our backwater problem which, after all, comprises a formal dilemma the dorks allegedly met and matched ages past? Is it precisely because, in their advanced state exhibiting the ratio of emphasis presently “required” and owing to their technically positive orientation, they constitute a particularly felicitous type that can instructionally see us through this time? That is indeed, as we’ve seen, what they’d have us believe most about them.

However, we’ve suggested in previous “T-Bird Meets the Phoenix” chapters that there is another reason for their presence which becomes more apparent as the process of “observation” between us becomes, inevitably, more two-way despite their initial edge in controlling the circumstance of interaction (i.e. posthypnotic memory-masking etc.). That reason has much more to do with the possible way in which 3rd-density Earth-consciousness, with its characteristic chakra-harmonics or general polarization emphasis, may be helpful toward the vertical-time progress of the dorks.

Apollonian Still-Life

With Dionysian Grape-cluster

How may this be so? How may the lowly field mouse, conceivably be up to removing a thorn from the lion’s paw? (particularly a thorn virtually invisible owing to the reluctance of the leonine ego in question to admit of its incidentally-incurred wound). But wound it is that the spacedorks ultimately exhibit, to the “infrared” disclosures of initiated insight—for, whereas it seems that their cool, inflatedly cerebral dispassion is precisely the orientation required to selectively guide and rationally turn onto another “track”—a repolarized track compatible with the newfound direction of Spirit-residency as a fully enfranchised cosmic citizen—the selective recessing of the psycho-emotional center had in the process of “efficiently” serving their austere repolarization also inadvertently deprived them of a long-term powerful rudder for steering that restructured course.

Indeed, the moribund “Apollonianism” of the spacedorks comes to find in the long run that it is proportionally deficient of just the requisite feeling and emotion naturally serving as adjustive jib and staysail on the mighty bow of Will, in sensitive negotiation of the shoals and sudden maelstroms of the manifest Life-patterns.

As the dorkotypes come to find to their dismay, Will is not the abstract imperious determinant, the dictatorial strawboss that stands over-against the patterns-of-being as their final, impersonal arbiter. Indeed their manifest “fascination” with the unruly human emotional component has very much to do with the fact that, having effectively “starved-out” the heart center in their millennial 4th-density progress, they are now devitalized of purpose, in effect functioning on the basis of “aim”—even a very consolidated or one-pointed intent—but bereft of the basic juice that maintains the momentum as well as sensitively-monitors the alignment toward, the posited Goal.

Indeed they look at that conserved faculty of feeling/emotion characteristic of 3rd-stage human consciousness, as being largely wasted at that level; coveting it as—on their own terms—a “scarce commodity”, they can only pass upon the dreadful inefficiency in the economy of emotional distribution typical of human 3rd-stage intelligence, being largely squandered on a myriad of scattered and even mutually-incompatible objects—whereas it is only-too-clear to the dorkotypes in retrospect that such precious human commodity as the heart-faculty should be devoted to a psychic consolidation of a common drive, a unified (emotionally-surcharged) Intent that would by virtue of the streamlined parallelism of all components encounter minimum resistance of wasteful friction in propulsion toward the recalibrated spiritual polarity of focus.

Tending The Neglected Grapevine

Thus in “confrontation” with human intelligence (in the dreamstate, nonordinary abduction-environments etc.) beings of both positive and negative polarization of the higher-density type inferentially inquire, with a solid and somber intent, “what is your purpose?” and their baleful gaze (in so asking this implicit, encompassing question) affixes the real state of diffusion or stability in any given case with respect to the overt reply. It is only-too-often that they find the question inadequately answered—and most especially by those of 3rd-stage consciousness allegedly on the “spiritual” path!

Yet they ask it because they themselves are largely devitalized of the very juice, the emotional/volitional propulsion of purpose, and conduct their own admirably one-pointed venture in a very mechanical way, more as a duty abstractly dispatched than a “passion satisfied”.

It is this very, internal deprivation they’ve suffered with respect to the heart center and the psycho-emotional component, that now serves to define their real ontological “distance” from proper polarization-alignment to successively higher densities.

The dorks may be said to be experiencing, at this stage, a pons asinorum, a point beyond which they cannot successfully pass to a higher stage of development (and so send the repercussive wave of advancement up and down the scale to “lower” and “higher” densities of their coinvolved soul-complexes) until such time as they backtrack, as it were, visit by “temporal retracing” those previous stages of development at which they effectively bypassed the heart in favor of what—at the “time”—seemed a more efficient neutralist orientation.

Having effectively altered the biogenetic model through which the physical-etheric plexuses process the patterns of alignment with psychic, mental and noetic “bodies”, the dorks now seek to redress the resultant contraction and effective “atrophy” their particular specialization succeeded in visiting upon the Heart Center. It’s for this reason that their “presence” may actually be found ranging up and down the extent of Earth-history—not as the omniscient biological progenitors they claim to be, but as intermittent tinkers upon an indigenous biogenetic pattern already established on the model of an initial descended Soul-wave engraving the unique characteristics of its own Logoic typology in the elements of the—physical—biosphere.

As we’ll see, the dorkotypes represent relative latecomers to the Earth-scene, taking up some of the prototypal pattern discards of the human form now released to nature-at-large as simian-style systems of “subconscious unit” development; and, taking up the general genetic models lumbering around in that form they successively tailored certain signature variations of their own in the standard genotype.

Indeed several successive waves of developed consciousness, i.e. consciousness of the higher-density stages technically on the “evolutionary” path, were drawn vehicularly to Earth, amongst which the dorkotypes were only one example; and each wave, seeking basically the identical “lost” component though perhaps positing it in different terms, similarly took up the brachiating-simian discard model owing to its more “virgin” biogenetic flexibility as a precursor pattern of the indigenous human form first tailored by our free-floating “involutionary” Lifewave of consciousness.

Therefore, several of the “racial” strains upon the Earth-mold are variations of the initial Lost Will lifewave “earthing” the human form as a vital-emotional concentrate or exercise in permissive, volitional “exuberance”—a declarative celebration of the rhythms and dancing patterns of unchecked manifestation.

Each such successive, racial adaptation (incarnating certain portions of higher-density evolutionary lifewaves) worked a variation upon that particular vital theme so coveted as an abstract requirement from the perspective “above”; yet each succeeded in incarnating a prejudicial distortion upon that homegrown pattern along with the informing intent to integrate the respective orientations. Thus the resultant, harmonic ratios of the chakra complexes and metabolic centers were different with each different embodiment of an extra-systemic lifewave.

The spacedorks oversee one line of development, belonging basically to a single “racial” subtype (in this case, Gaelic) which was initially seeded at a particular juncture of Earth-history and then variably superintended, at greater or lesser “distances” through that history in order to develop successively improved strains of the desired type—ideally producing a biogenetic capacity able to integrate a conserved emotional openness of the general genome, with the superior cerebration belonging to the higher-density domains of their cephalic supergrowth.

Thus it is at this juncture of transition between Earth’s 3rd and 4th density phases of development that the dorks as well as other strains of star-consciousness tend to show up en masse, sedulously accelerating all the biogenetic potentials formally encoded in a relatively slow planetary history of maturation and hovering about for the imminent harvest—when, as in the case of the dorks there will ideally be produced a unique star-child bridging and blending the “best” of the two types terrestrial and celestial, and reintegrating in full consciousness the amnesic souls having suffered the sacrificial lapse of 3rd density Earth history for the ultimate sake of expediting both the terrestrial transition to 4th, and the celestial dorkotype transition to 5th. Such mutually accelerating transitions would Ideally have repercussions upward, of an even “higher” character, upon those 5th to 6th transitions being undergone “simultaneously” (i.e. by cosmic synchrony) through group-soul expressions intimately associated and codestined with dork-development in terms of general families of Consciousness.

The Once And Future King

This higher-density agency of Interested consciousness was presaged in The Watchers, in Betty’s deposition re the glowing human types in the Astral rotunda who seemed somehow, according to Fowler’s interpretation, to be Masters and—in a sense—higher-dimensional overseers of the spacedork activity.

Why are they perceived as “human”, being of an even higher-density correspondence than the spacedorks?

Keeping in mind that, relative to our horizontal Earth-time framework, beings of the successively higher densities represent “future” potentials of development dropping back along the horizontal timeline for a retroactive visit, we may understand those human manifestations (“human” according to the specific impression made upon Betty’s astral perceptions) as—in a sense—representing a prototypal intensification and sum of all “previous” potentials of the lesser densities. Thus, tellingly, we may presume that the “eventual” development arising in the biogenetic intercourse between dork evolution and the coveted 3rd-stage—human—psycho-emotional component will result in a product (the 5th density type) that conforms more to the human variation upon the general model of man.

Owing to the fact that all “later” higher-density models (with reference to the horizontal timeline) comprise progressively closer approximations of the prototype Form abstractly presiding at the highest of the octaval densities, it must be supposed that the hu-man pattern served in a sense “from the ontological beginning” as the Standard of overall development, and that the cephalic distortion of the dorkotype is in the larger scheme a “momentary” deviation in order to come ’round again to the proto-form upon a larger and more inclusive arc of the Spiral.

This may all, of course, be inferred from the deep symbolic resonance of Betty’s (astral) perceptions, which in her account seemed to persuade the respective truths of these forms through—what we’ve come to understand as—the enforced “honesty” of the Astral medium (see “Channelers, UFOs etc.” page 15, subheading The Portrait Of Dorian’s Greys, Vol. 1, No. 3 TNTC).

Our only hesitation before this otherwise compelling conclusion, would have to revolve around the possibility of a wholly illusory scene having been constructed as a holographic envelope, for an expressly deceptive purpose, in the vulnerable condition of Betty’s “detached” astral form—a trick largely employed by the negative type to prevent direct perception of their true psychic state which, owing to the reflective accuracy of the medium, would otherwise inevitably give them away. Yet such is the innate veracity of the “astral” as a directly symbolizing medium that, even in hypnotically-regressed accounts where there is a masking holographic overlay such that the abductee compulsively testifies to the “benign” character of the abductors according to the delusive program, an undercurrent can be discerned of a subliminal distrust and fear derived from just that certain—if obscured—registry of the subtending astral truth of the beings in question, such that in comparison the “positive” surface testimony seems zombified and empty.

In Betty’s case, so initiated understanding would declare by first-hand observation, there was no such dichotomous sense, no atmosphere of psychic ambivalence as if the otherwise-inaccessible deep mind was silently convinced that the more human types who might seem to be “assuringly” in control as superiors of the greys, were in fact Nordic facsimile-clone copies and servitors of same. In this case it was apparent Andreasson was recalling an accurate symbolic evaluation of the respective types, “human” and “dork”, when she reported her impressions of the light-being presences there in the Astral rotunda.

In fact 5th density beings are radiant-light forms, not intrinsically human in appearance by specific features as Betty perceived them. Yet that perception rendered the symbolic truth, as such light-beings function through multidimensional radiation-patterns much more nearly conformant to the overall abstract organization or proportional harmonics of the human form.

This should be a matter of some real curiosity to the readership, once a certain geometric reality with respect to the two forms, the human and the dorkotype, is revealed.

Separating/Integrating The Men From/With The Boys

The spacedork-body has the proportions of the human infant, because there is a secret spiritual statement encoded in those proportions. The ratio between body divisions above and below the navel renders an overall symmetry to the proportional harmonics of this fetal type. And the geometric value carried by Symmetry, in general corresponds to precisely that overall, global equilibration and harmonic cancellation of all polar potentials of identity through restorative alignment—or turn-about repolarization—in positive congruence with the Conscious Axis.

Indeed, this represents the very, “superior” power of balanced abstraction said to recommend the given cerebral emphasis of the spacedork type, in confrontation with the millennial requirement of detaching from committed fixation to asymmetric, cognitively “lopsided” perceptual purviews. Why then do we find the higher-density Source-selves of those 4th density dorkotypes, apparently reverted to the anisometric or proportional harmonics of the human form?

For, just as the fetal-dorkotype suggested in its proportions the nonmanifest value of abstract-symmetrical cancellation, so the human form equally suggests the principle of manifestation owing to the ratio between body divisions above and below the navel (in the adult) that specifically defines a Golden Proportion, or non-constructible equation of angularly contrastive values—the very requirement of manifestable perceptions.

At the developmental juncture where we’re faced with the “turningwall” of consciousness (i.e. as previously explained, when encountering the inherent bankruptcy of desire-objects in manifest form) would it not seem more correct to opt for the highly Symmetric pattern of the fetal-style proportions—indeed, just as the spacedorks initially did? The answer to this, is telling.

The prototype form of the dorks’ own Source-selves, gives the message: though it may initially seem so, the object in the recovery of Consciousness is not the unqualified withdrawal from patterns of the creative field. Those patterns are “coeternal” with Consciousness and indeed themselves encode, in the form of the Logoic Ideotype, the means of correct application to the coinvolved creations so as to align them—ultimately—in helpful congruence with the informing, Conscious value from which their manifestations emerge.

The creative patterns-of-being constitute the compound coordinate foci of Consciousness, through which it may variably adjust its “sights” in a progressively asymmetric slant toward the field of differential form, or conversely—in a switch of orientation at the fateful “turningwall” of Consciousness—through which it may produce a progressive intensification and integral coordinate harmony of all, contributory elements so as to achieve a self-evident parity between real and virtual, potential and actual, thus effectually “cancelling” uncompensated charge and restoring the whole field to a tacit Symmetry corresponding—on the manifest side—to the Void-being belonging to the eternally-nonmanifest value of Consciousness Itself.

It’s “action” on the evolutionary side is not really withdrawal or disengagement from the creative fields; it’s for this reason that Will, thought it is—as a faculty—self-evidently the very instrument of Consciousness, cannot be considered imperiously independent or over-against the created patterns-of-being. It’s incorrect to believe that Will may be “achieved” by abstract distancing.

Feeling Into The Roll

The very faculty of Will arises in relation to the creative patterns. Those patterns, conversely, are formulated as expressions and venues of Will (review the seminal essays “What Is ‘Christ Consciousness’?” Parts I, II and II, Vol.1 Nos. 5, 6 and 10 respectively TNTC). It’s for this reason that feelings and emotions as evaluative factors of the patterns-of-being, intimately linked with their qualities, may be considered appropriate advisors and gauge-balances of Will.

At the same time, perennial confusion (of a spiritual-religious type) as to the “point” of Being has served to obscure the fact that feelings and emotions are values of Consciousness, not terms of the nature-pattern. Therefore they are not the same as vital impulse coded with organic requirements of the nature-field alone, independent of Consciousness and aside from the “best interests” of consciousness. Feelings and emotions are not just the properties of astral elementals or energy-forms seeking to leech the essence of consciousness through confounding of the “spiritual” and “material” (i.e. by “falsely” equating consciousness with feelings etc.).

Feelings, emotions and the very drive of desire are psychic states which serve to interpret consciousness through the patterning processes of the “nature-field”. Those patterns are coded and initially polarized with reference to such psychic values. Since such values take their point of departure from the innate indeterminacy of consciousness, they’re not rigidly fixed as set responses of experience—even though the patterned totality corresponds by optimum, integral affinity with the whole-being essence of feelings/emotions, i.e. Love.

The patterned quality experienced as “lemon”, for example, occasions an interpretive range wherein physical sensation functions seamlessly, through the psychic unity of its field, as self-symbolizing metaphor for whole (ontological) categories. Thus while there’s an inherent factor of meaning or value contained in the psychic unity of the most physical sensation, that factor doesn’t constitute a simple one-to-one equation: “sourness” doesn’t just permit of a negative or repellent affectivity; it may serve, depending on the psychic totality constituting the prevailing interpretive framework, as an operative analogue of “purification”, aromatic pungency of a spirit-uplifting character (i.e. “Lemon Fresh”, no?) etc.

Such elastic indeterminacy in the affective indexing of “meaning” etc. (predicated as it is on the void-value of the volitional determinant, or Conscious Axis, through which all mind/body coordinate referents are organized and aligned) frees the patterns-of-being from any necessary or single interpretation—so that, although there are basic chordal harmonics of the patterns corresponding to optimum functional integrities through which whole-being values of Consciousness can be conducted, there are innumerable variations on the theme that may be worked all the way ’round to repression, distortion and inversion of the optimal keys (owing to the free-indeterminate Void value through which all coordinates of the centers and systems must be volitionally processed).

At the same time however, that very latitude of feeling-response allows for contrastive evaluations between present interpretation and the optimum harmonics through which the freedom of such interpretation is enabled, so that within the elasticity of that potential response there takes place a dialectic of reactions and adjustments all with implicit reference to the background optimum standard, i.e. Love. This is true in the short range, on a “personal” scale (as with ordinary 3rd-density consciousness) and in the long range, as with the roundabout process of the spacedorks.

A Little Cosmitic Surgery

If then Love, in the effective form of feelings and emotions, is the advisor of Will (and, conversely, is properly informed by the spirit of Will as transcendental “enforcer” of Whole-being value) such process isn’t conducted with indifference to the patterns-of-being. Will is a function of consciousness with respect to the patterns-of-being; it elicits the advice of its own activity through feelings and emotional interpretations emerging as integral—if variable—responses of Identity with respect to those patterns.

Eventual determination of the innate deficiency involved in all object-forms of those patterns (as non-definitive representation of the whole-being Ideotype), doesn’t imply “no recourse” but volitional detachment from the patterning processes and values themselves, as if Will had been improperly linked to such objects through tacit identification with feelings that were somehow properties of the object.

Yet this is, in effect, what the dorks had tried (historically) to do. By “snipping” functional threads of the plexiform centers corresponding to the psychic-emotional faculty whereby Being could be interpreted in personally-compelling terms, they thought to set the volitional factor free. Will, however, continues to function as expressive correspondent of the patterns-of-being, deprived however of a key evaluative component. Aligned to a Spock-like ideal of austere “neutrality”, it finds that—rather than having achieved a dominating independence over the properties of manifestation so as to subjugate them into eventual “irrelevance”—it has cancelled the effective currents of the motivational “spark-plug” (the sinoatrial node of the heart center itself) and, while remaining in the vehicular boat adrift on the ocean of manifestation as before the engine of essential momentum has been tossed over the side!

This veritable stalling in the midst of the project-of-being, does not of course bode well for the prospect of making the pending transition to 5th density nor does it make things any more sanguine for the myriad soul-expressions high and low that are coinvolved in the general density of the dorkotype strain. This contretemps, of course, had not gotten by the Beings whom we’ve now had occasion to identify as the higher-dimensional Source aspects belonging to and superintending the general Conscious Lifewave of which the dorks are an evolutionary version.

Not So Much A Matter Of Owning, As Owning Up

If the bulbheaded Andreasson spacebeings were originally, as Fowler suggested, a neotenous genetic engineering job performed by those higher “human type” Source-selves conceived for the sake of cerebral specialization, it would seem those same Source-selves have set their clone-products to work performing a further turn upon that biogenetic topspin so as to modulate it back to reasonable relation with the Median.

This is the actual reason (as opposed to their stated reason) for their current cross-fertilization of human and dorkotype species through “temporary” Earth-womb abductions (remember, it isn’t just the more complete genetic patterning associated with the heart-center that the aliens seek to extract from the indigenous materials of “Earth”, but the nurturing “starter-dough” of actual, Earth-womb carriage—otherwise they could use “their own” female-type, since their coverstory regarding “atrophied pelvic girth” is, as we’ve seen, embarrassingly shallow). Why indeed do these technically “positive” types prevaricate the reason for their current intercourse? Why do they inferentially risk association thereby with the real Negative that they—in so many ways—resemble?

They’ve resorted to their coverstory, frankly, since the truth is an admission of their having plied an evolutionary cul-de-sac—and, indeed fearing the unpredictable emotional nature of 3rd-density Earth consciousness which they’d nonetheless like to adapt to a “higher” synthetic order, they did not want to appear less than austerely, indifferently perfect to that consciousness lest their apparent real vulnerability as practicing agents along a common evolutionary path shake the very confidence they needed to cultivate. (This also explains why they allow Andreasson her Christianized interpretation of them as non-developmental, angelic caretakers.)

Indeed their “background” record shows, by initiated interpretation, that they come from a whole cosmic civilization of negatively-polarized beings (many groups from which are currently “visiting” and interacting with Earth), and that in the course of their “progress” they discreetly broke off with the main empire, opting for positive polarization alignment as a group out of purely rational assessment that the latter was the more promising framework for Conscious development. This “decision” drew them back into optimum alignment with their higher-dimensional Source-aspects who proceeded to directly supervise the patterns of further progress (i.e. those participating “human” types perceived by Betty in the Astral rotunda).

A Cosmic Caravanserai

Those higher-dimensional Source aspects are themselves planetary prototypes. They correspond, at their 5th stage level through the Creative field, to a “starry” homebase—and it has always been the “project” of their Lifewave to realize original Place in the Ideoform fields of Divine Spirit-consciousness, with respect to that starry issue.

They are in themselves then, “cosmic giants”, multidimensional beings of a creative Source-planet who, recovering collective Identity through their higher-density haven seek to amplify that Home, raise it to the very “rate” of its ultimate Archetype wherein its Reason, its original spiritual purpose and “place” may be known. And toward that end, these Man-like radiant beings necessarily work through and upon all their “subsidiary” dimensional selves, all the ancillary and derivative personalities of their own general being that exist through probable pasts and parallel planes, in myriad relative “places” and “times”; they work then with the Andreasson beings, and with Andreasson herself, they work with the “past histories” of their neutralist models and with the Earth-seed planetary hybrids produced as cuttings upon the indigenous terrestrial centers all for the ultimate purpose of optimizing the potential intercourse, maximizing by myriad multiplications the sum of probability-waves moving toward the climactic convergence-point of that pending “future” density-transition—reverberating as an omnipresent crest of seismic “shuddering” across the field of space and time bumping each, synchronous notch of dimensional phase-shift so as to roll one density into the succeeding “all along the line”.

In order that this be done in the spirit of thorough “coverage” leaving nothing out and doing justice to the spiritual Heart in which it ultimately all takes place, it becomes self-evidently necessary for those planetary Source-aspects to supervise the parenthetical “backtracking” and recovery required of a portion of their projection-selves; it becomes necessary to graft-in the “heart” as it were, and in so doing effectively reciprocate by supplying the donor-dimension a sufficiency of overview intelligence to leverage itself out of the bog of its own stalling, emotional quandary in time to take at least a portion of its indigenous populace into the pending potentials of the next-higher density. (It’s owing to the design embedded in this ideal reciprocation, that “planning boards” of the Cosmic Hierarchy consented in the first place to a more wholesale and highlighted interaction between Earth and these particular “saucers”, cf. Chapter IV “T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix”, Vol. 2, No. 5 TNTC.)   Ω

Chapter V, “T‑Bird Meets the Phoenix” will be continued next issue—if we’re still here.

[Ed. note: Unfortunately, I do not have the issue(s?) of TNTC that contain the remainder of Chapter V, so the chapter ends here.]