Chapter 10

Introduction to “T-Bird Meets the Phoenix—Chapter V”

Beings in the Amphitheater and an Emotional Rescue…


The continuation of our interview with Betty (Andreasson) and Bob Luca during the 1990 National New Age and Alien Agenda Conference in Phoenix, has led us thus far to deeper consideration of the whole presentation being made by the participants in the “Andreasson” experience (including that of the books’ formal author, Raymond Fowler) relative to the beings involved in this as well as similar—and progressively more common-place—abductions containing the “high-strangeness” factor contemporarily comprising the acceptable characterization of UFO phenomena.

By pairing Betty’s own first-person testimony as to her feelings and conclusions re the abduction experiences (feelings and conclusions which are not to be found in any of the “Andreasson” books owing to intentional editorial deletion of her personal assessment) with the wisdom of awakened spirit-intuition brought to the interview table through bimonthly scrivener and initiate MT of Southern Crown, it may prove productive to review the relevant reading material once more; it may prove productive as well to bring in other testimony, other recently-published literature bearing on the same theme so as to measure all current “authoritative” proposals by a Light both abstractly whole and singularly acquainted, initiated in direct alignment with spirit-being as well as through absorption of the first-person perspective of the participating subject—though such subject would not, in herself and by her own admission, understand the character or object of very many of the things that were happening to her.

Review of the current, influential statements-of-purpose being put forward in the realm of the interested reading public after the initial literary incubation period of evidence-gathering and anecdotal compilation, naturally merges this present installment of T-Bird Meets the Phoenix into the mobile-library traffic lane of our Review Section: thus we turn this Chapter over to Marshall Telemachus once again, as “the Marshall” it was who first inaugurated the ongoing T-Bird chronicling of UFO related subjects in our original Oct. ’89 Halloween issue, subbing as he did then for our critic-in-residence Monty Tyson.

T-Bird Meets the Phoenix—

We Go to the National New Age and Alien Agenda Conference: Chapter V



The revelation in the subtitle of The Watchers, i.e. the “The Secret Design Behind UFO Abduction”, is according to its formal author Raymond Fowler that the spacebeings are here primarily to introduce us to…Spirituality. In MT’s discussion with the Lucas, it was learned that this may indeed characterize the distillate of what Betty (Andreasson) Luca has come to understand about their collective intersection with “our reality” as well.

Therefore we must ask the proponents of this view, what exactly they mean by “spirituality”, and how it is they believe the spacebeings intend to promote this watershed introduction (as opposed, for example, to the kinds of spiritually thematic matters which—if we’re not altogether mistaken!—incarnate Earth teachers have already brought forward over the millennia).

Yet when we inquire of the participants in the “Andreasson Affair” as to just what the nature and significance of the “spirituality” is to which the spacebeings would introduce us, the collective admission (as exemplified both in the books, through the bewildered voice of the author, and in personal interview with the Lucas) is a kind of nonplussed shrug. Truth to tell, Betty’s experiences (and Bob’s as well) though seeming beyond question to contain a “spiritual” component, are uniformly baffling when subjected to analysis by the investigators.

As we’ve seen from past T-Bird issues, Betty is at times taken to glowing light realms, to planes of indeterminate space filled by multifaceted crystals; she is subjected to the presence of an enormous Eagle that changes to a fat worm in turn disintegrating to ash, suggesting to the researchers a kind of unaccountable incursion from the archetypal unconscious where religio-spiritual images of Phoenix and the Ouroboros are stored; she’s taken to the threshold of a Great Door, again in an indeterminate ambience of Light, and introduced beyond it to the ineffable Presence of the One…

It seems then that the “spiritual” component is an inextricable element of the experience with the spacebeings, despite the fact that it all apparently takes its point of departure from quasi-hardware technologies involving provisionally material “craft” with identifiably mechanical appointments; yet what is that “spiritual” component? From the recitation of individually perplexing incidents, it seems to have the character of a soul carnival, a breathless spiritual midway where the personality is whisked from one concession to another yet never given a chance to stay still long enough to assess, examine the character of the “apparatus” involved in the fun-ride etc.

As the definitive example of this apparently circus approach to the “soul-experience” proffered by the Andreasson beings, the last book of the series—The Watchers—recounts one such episode that seemed particularly baffling to both the abductees and the researchers. We turn specifically to this account as it not only typifies the peculiar admixture of technological and spiritual elements that seem to cling as a deeply identifying signature to the Andreasson memory-retrievals, but in this case delivers a positive paragon of the genre.

Dream Rites In The Rotunda

Because of traumatic traces involved in portions of this particular regression-series when assayed in the first person, Betty is induced to recollect through the buffer-device of “watching” what took place as on a t.v. screen. Overlooking for now the contextually-unasked question as to how Betty could take such an objective, third-party perspective on herself and her experiences (“viewing” as she does certain odd activities from a broadly encompassing distance which only later she recognizes involved her as a participant), it may be noted that the experience begins with what is obviously an astral-projection type phenomenon.

She and Bob are involuntarily dissociated from their physical selves as they go about normal evening business in their home. They’re drawn right up through the ceiling into a “misty light”; they’re separated, and Betty views herself as dissolving progressively into a “whitish-grey ghost” of herself as the ambience changes color from blue to lavender lights, then into a golden color at which point “her whole body looks like it’s becoming light!” She finds herself in an amber area with other light-form people, and they move into a kind of domed room.

It is all rendered in her drawings; and, coupled with her verbal descriptions it is apparent that it all seems to have the general form of an interior artificial space of some kind, a “room”, but with features made of transparent substance permeable to or glowing with light. She “loses” Bob and herself, but sees the others on an elevated circular platform of some type with “bannisters” and a walk, rotating clockwise to the counterclockwise revolution of the room’s outer circumference. They’re overlooking an “amphitheater-like setting”, which indeed seems to be a surgical theater where large-headed spacedorks of the familiar type seem to have several human-like subjects prone on an “operating table”. She watches the light-form people go through a door and kind of “glass passageway” (it turns out later that she and Bob were amongst them all along, but in viewing “objectively” she temporarily loses track); they move out on a kind of wheel-like balcony, also rotating opposite the motion of the outer circumference.

As she describes and draws it (cf. facsimile reproduction, plate A) the balcony is of sculpted glass like a kind of cochlea, the floor curving up and merging into the bannister-like wall. “There’s like squares embedded in the glass bannister—like with all…twinkling multicolored lights in that square. And out of each square there’s a band of light that goes up and over the bannister.” She also describes these as straps of “different-colored light” attached to each square. “Way down” and “off to the side” she sees “rings of white light” which she later describes as annular light-bars vertically encircling a “cylindrical tower of whirling energy.”

“Each one of those light-beings…are leaning against that square thing of multicolored light and that…strap or something…” “Oh, that is so weird. Those beings just seem to roll into a ball of bright light and roll over that strap! And that strap came undone with all those multicolored lights.” (They) “just rolled and consumed the strap as it went down and came down to the floor there. And there’s like a ball of light just sitting there!” (In the accompanying illustration it is noted that the “tiny blinking multicolored lights in the square disappear” also.)

The balls of light then magically change back into the beings; and the beings then seem to engage in a kind of ritualized game. They assume a kind of sidewise squat with arms crooked upwards and hands held palm up above their featureless, radiant heads; in each hand they now hold bright, differently-colored lights of geometric form. Betty discerns sphere and pyramid shapes, squares and cubes, curlicues and diamonds. One holds a “strange, strangelike bar” or “small pole” of bright white light. She discerns that the bar is really half-and-half, one half being bright light and the other “real black”. Both ends are pointed. Then the light-form beings ritually displaying these geometric light-objects begin leaping. “It’s just so peculiar! Too odd!” “They’re flinging those shapes of different colored light around. Oh, the light makes different angles (cf. plate B) and they leap up as if they’re playing and grab the light.” “And they keep on passing it through all different ways…They seem so happy…they just look so free-e-e!…they are just so graceful. They just seem so happy with what they are doing.” The being with the black/white bar, different in its movement, seems to Betty to be “just floating out!” The pointed, outstretched bar in the being’s hand then seems to attract one of the geometric light-forms, a sphere, which floats—circling—toward the bar and then “comes to the point and goes on the bar!” The beings keep “balancing” the geometric light-forms which now continue, one by one, to be attracted and impaled on the bar.

As each being in turn divests itself of its stack of geometric-light shapes (collected by the floating being with the bar), it goes over to the whirling-energy tower ringed with bars of light and clings to one of the bars, hanging from it like children on a jungle-gym. When the last “player”—seemingly reluctant to give up its light-shape exactly like a child continuing to bounce the rubber ball and hoard it from those to whom it should be passed—finally releases it to be caught on the light-bar, the being holding the bar (now festooned with geometric shapes on each pointed end like a shish-kebob) flings it at a door. The other light-beings come off the bars of the cylinder, and the “player” who threw the bar of skewered light-shapes now goes over to the rings of light and hangs on as the others did.

“And the door is—Oh! That bar [the one thrown at the door] is going right through [the door] and the only things that’s showing now is the black part of the bar with the black shapes and the blue and the purple. And the beings are heading toward that door. And that other being now is getting off those bars of light and following. Oh!” “Those beings of light one at a time are going through the door. And, as they do, they’re people [have human features]! but they are ghostlike looking. They’re all sorts of people!” (She describes various racial types, who however have no colors but are “just ghostly looking”.) “And. Oh! That’s me! That’s me! That’s me there! There I am too! There I am and I’m like a ghost.” “There is…a very tall—looks like men in white robes with white hair that are escorting us to a door. And it’s all purple and lavender. And the door is opening and I’m swooping through all by myself and it’s whirring, whirring and whirring and whirring around.”

At this point the session is brought to a close, as she’s feeling the stress accompanying her mergence again into the first-person perspective; it’s evident to the researchers that she’s in the process of moving back to “physical” reality in reverse order of the process that first took her and Bob “out of the body”.

Only The Shadow Knows

In order, then, to understand the kind of “spirituality” to which the spacedorks would introduce an accepting humanity, it is necessary to understand just such processes as this: one cannot grow sanguine over the prospect of our “spiritual tutelage” by beings of any description until it is known just what such schooling involves. And of course it is precisely such specific, very detailed—but by that token very baffling—accounts that render the proselytes perplexed when they reach for explanation. It does no good to protest we can only “learn to comprehend over time”—for in the meantime the soul is installed in the middle of a process the ultimate consequence of which it now necessarily has to accept regardless whether it discovers that, all things being equal, it would rather have not.

But surely, this recitation of events is beyond humanity’s present grasp…surely, (according to all experts on the subject, all the authoritative voices) it is not within our current range of comprehension to do more than inductively gather evidence and, in good scientific fashion, piece together a gradual picture as we go along—even helped in doing so, perhaps, by the benefits of advanced technology and higher-consciousness brought to us in the meanwhile by tutelage of the beings themselves. There’s hardly a question that any amongst us could be in a position to illumine these obscure if intriguing images; it’s a patent certainty that—ignoring the lone voice volunteering from the back of the room—there can be no light on the subject prior to our own eventful investigation from the collective standpoint of humanity’s present stage of development. Despite the annoyingly raised hand from that obscure corner in the back, there is just no expertise in a field which finds mankind at a common, refreshingly egalitarian starting-block. No one can claim such “omniscience”; no one can claim insight into a subject just broken so recently as a deep, new mystery upon the consciousness of humanity.

So it is that, in this consensus environment, the voice of initiated Wisdom will offer what it may for whatever it’s worth, to whomever would receive it in the midst of its official invisibility knowing that it’s been dutifully filtered from the aggregate consciousness as something apart, disconnected, a peculiarity or odd aberration out of focus owing to its lack of categorical placement so that, whatever it may say or do, it “doesn’t count”.

For initiated wisdom recognized the Andreasson description from the very beginning (cf. Vol. 1, No. 3, Oct. 1989 and Vol. 1, No. 4, Nov. 1989 TNTC), had no trouble placing it—found only the face of the familiar when this Emanation from the Unknown first materialized on bookshelves. In reading the succession of nonordinary events recited above, the T-Bird’s parents found nothing more than local variations on identifiable themes and so were able to anticipate all “peregrine” components of the narrative (as what followed, for example, when the light-form being with the bar hurled the skewer of collected geometries into the door). All such “scenes” were simply exemplifications, in particular specialized contexts, of processes and inner-plane principles with which the Southern Crown adepts were intimately familiar.

Let’s examine then, step by recollected step, just what was taking place; so that, in understanding the “spiritized” events it may be possible to place them in a context where the given elements don’t define the sole frame of reference. We may then understand their significance, possible application and “intent” with respect to the general principles they necessarily enlist as operators of the “inner composition” of things.

Dropping Back For A Long Pass

First of all, the changing fields of light through which Betty and Bob were “astrally” floated token, by their respective colors, degrees of consciousness and corresponding phases of their own “energy-bodies”. Initiates of Southern Crown may make a recitation of similar lights in their meditative experience, having learned that the range of blue-violet colors corresponds to the “positive” polarity of the mind/body energy-circuit of the higher head centers. The golden ambience represents the whole of the physical-vehicle correlated with the sphere of matter. The progressive “ghostliness” which Betty perceives as characterizing her rarefied appearance, is byproduct of her consciousness-shift into the etheric and astral bodies.

So far, of course, any Yogananda student with an appropriate text could make such identifications. What, however, does one make of the main setting, the peculiar glass-domed enclosure with counter-rotating wall and elevated “balcony”? What is this, and where is it taking place? Here’s where the common “occult” lens fogs over, and Robert Monroe is no longer our adequate navigator.

However, the Mighty Thunderbird has already laid the groundwork for understanding any number of nonordinary scenarios including this one, in past issues of the Chronicle where the principles of mind/body physics, gravitation, biopsychic engineering etc. have been discussed. As we should appreciate by now, the higher “densities” from which the spacebeings emanate, and through which they chiefly function, involve more integral identities between “psyche” and “physics”.

As we’ve learned from previous T-Bird essays (cf. What is “Christ Consciousness”?, Vol. 1, No. 5, Dec. 1989, page 9; What Is Physics?, Vol. 2, No. 4, Feb.-Mar. 1991, page 12; Logos/Anti-Logos, Vol. 1, No. 10, June-July 1990, page 4 TNTC), in all cases including the demesnes of standard 3rd density existence the operative energy-fields and radiant harmonics of the perceptual sphere are conjugate representations of consciousness. The geometries of those fields constitute coinvolved, variably aligned grid-networks through which patterning typologies are focused and “drawn” into contrastive relief.

To function through the implications and in direct recognition of this fundamental basis-of-being, however, changes the whole character of the field and effectually serves to distinguish existence in the higher densities from the “masked” framework of 3rd. Thus 3rd density is not so much a discrete interval of organization in the octave of densities, as it is an expression of the general threshold distinguishing all states and possible fields of self-reflective consciousness through which however there’s conserved the permissible potential for self-deception relative to such frameworks; out of this flow the cognitive images and formal consequences of that degree in the distortion of interpretation which gives 3rd density context its characteristic appearance, behavioral atmosphere, integral range of vital life etc.

If we discern atmospheres, appearances and behaviors that are strangely suggestive yet graphically distinct from our own, involving incidents of “intersection” with higher-density potentials, such contrasts may be considered a direct coefficient of the deep cognitive differences that distinguish the respective fields.

In order to understand “where” this is taking place, then, and “what” is going on, it’s necessary to understand a few preliminary principles of the deeper structure of things; if at this point the reader (by now familiar with the notorious MT-interpolation of educative intervals in the narrative flow of a picnic text) senses a choppy sea of lucubration just up ahead, we’ll do the reader-friendly thing and post appropriate storm warnings; for those who’d like more detailed examination of the elements involved in such nonordinary subject matter—or for those who professionally balk at the bare description of events that involve implicit processes not “permissible” in the conventional framework—you’d better hang a hard left with MT here at the detour sign, and take the long but perhaps rewarding way around. The rest are here graciously relieved of the requirement of exploring rarefied zones of overlap where physics meets metaphysics and only the most forward research in the “invisible college” has thus far drilled connective tunnels just beneath the acceptable surface. You’re instructed to follow the flapping semaphores onto the shortcut lane which will empty out directly (like the hidden hyperspatial wormholes in Super Mario Brothers, no?) on the continuing freeway of the main narrative, at the subheading: We Now Return You To Control Of Your Television Set.

The Chicken And The Abstract Egg

In the context discussed above we may understand the framework through which we derive our impression of reality altogether. We may infer, for example, that the characteristic “signature” in the refraction index of black body radiation represents but one potential configuration of light-energy harmonics in a plenum sea of light. It’s just what we identify as the physical field of focus; and it takes its point-of-departure from a compound focal alignment of multi-dimensional geometries, kaleidoscopically adjusted and “locked in place” along the axis of consciousness.

As we’ve learned from the Mother Terasu essays (“What Is ‘Christ Consciousness’?” Vol. 1, No. 5 Dec. 1989, page 9 and Vol. 1, No. 6 Jan.-Feb. 1990, page 16 TNTC) such geometries are noetic values of Whole-being Consciousness, i.e. “Intelligent Infinity”. As described in those texts, they aren’t arbitrary or unaccountable terms racked up to spiritual caprice; but rather, they emerge as integral result of the very, reflective potential of Consciousness.

From this, however, we may zero-in on a profound implication: the geometries through which the variably-aligned fields take their being aren’t the product of an “energy harmonics”, dicing them up as vibratory integrals of interference etc. On the contrary, all fields of energy and orders of harmonic resonance are functions of such geometries.

We usually consider ourselves (the human body and its consciousness) as a complex instance of the general patterns of nature. If “minerals”, “atoms”, “elements”, “chemicals”, “electricity” etc. describe the stuff of which nature is made, then the self-reflective “surveyor” who does such cataloguing is just the most sophisticated concentrate of that horizontally-displayed field, rising vertically at the confluence of its combined activity. We presume that, whatever we are, it must be a composite of whatever characterizes the “objective” panorama out of which it apparently arises. We presume our subjectivity is just the way that “exterior” world comes to reflect itself, so that no hierarchy of realities (grading the relative validity of modes) need be posited as governing their relation.

At first glance we may presume that the underlying geometries or abstract-coordinate regularities we find (by schematic reconstruction) informing interactions of the fields and forces is a byproduct of such interaction; in this way we explain our capacity for “rational abstraction” etc. as a natural reflection of the informing harmonics governing processes of the nature field. However the relationship is first approached, it’s soon evident there’s no way of getting around the intimate identification between the pure Noesis of the abstract operants, and the value of consciousness. This is what causes rational scientific types to declare that the “world functions more like a ‘big mind’ than a ‘big machine’”. The inextricable identity between the coordinate geometries characterizing behaviors of actual fields and the presence of the observer, necessarily makes such geometric abstractions a function of that presence.

Nor do we get a parity expression by reversing signs on this equation. Observer-consciousness cannot so easily be described as a function of such coordinates; for the observer uniquely reserves the right to assign the operative factors, and decree the cosine terms. By “labeling” the inside and outside of the geometric cube-of-space, so to speak, the observer shapes and aligns the preferred field of observation. This is an instance of the general condition whereby the differential factor in the equation-of-being resides with observer-consciousness. This is the same as to say that the spirit of indeterminacy characterizing the mutually-inverse relations of the geometric “cosines” of nature lies squarely with the observer, and therefore consciousness. A priority assignation does then arise. This is the real sense of the “Heisenberg indeterminacy principle” that haunts physics like a Medusa head which can’t be directly looked upon, but must be glimpsed in the reflective shield of a persistent “objectivity”.

Reading By A Mental Lamp

We are led to the proposal of a few paragraphs back, where the initiated declaration was made that “all fields of energy and orders of harmonic resonance are functions of such geometries” (rather than generate such geometries). The distinction is now seen to be crucial rather than casual; for if the patterns of nature are expressions rather than conjurators of the geometries they reflect by rational reconstruction, the value of abstraction is drawn to the fore and conferred special status. It’s no longer sufficient to accept it as classification of the common term in identical processes, but as the principle through which such processes obtain their eidetic character in the first place. If it’s not a byproduct of processes but convenes all its ontologically self-consistent values upon the central factor of indeterminacy, then we may place the “geometric” character of things right at the doorstep of Consciousness.

Consider for a moment the value of “abstraction” in which all geometry participates. Abstraction is the “spirit” that distills (variable) cognitive unities. Not only is your thought of “lamp” an abstract distillation of a general category or potential mode-of-being; your perception of the particular lamp right in front of you is, equally, such an abstract unitive distillate. How so? Notice that you grasp it as an immediacy, a non-reconstructed totality without assembling it out of its constituent elements, even though you may further analyze it into foreground and background, the contrastive shadows and light through which it’s sculpted, the materials and even subdivided shapes of which it’s composed as a unity-of-parts. All such “constituents” are also immediate-abstract unities, themselves infinitely divisible etc. (cf. Mother Terasu, “What is ‘Christ Consciousness’?” Vol. 1, No. 6, Jan.-Feb. 1990, page 17 TNTC). Yet they’re self-evidently not unities “out there”; they don’t abide in themselves as objects, for it was precisely the function of your variable focus as it slipped from one unitive apperception (mnemonically modeled perception) to another, which isolated and thus abstracted the given form from a plethora of overlapping qualities. The presiding value whereby such unities are spontaneously abstracted, is that of a general typology-of-being.

And just what does MT mean by “typology”? we hear the apprehensive murmur at this point. Don’t despair that the introduction of yet another term is going to carry us far afield from our focus as to what’s taking place with Betty Andreasson; you can’t understand what’s taking place with B.A. until you really understand what’s taking place with you.

Typing The Definitions

If you want to know what’s meant by typology, take a look around. Everything you perceive (the chair, the cat, the trees, the carpet) participates in the general essence of typology. “Typology” simply gives the way in which the function of abstraction presents the coherent cognition-of-being. Typology specifies the unitive self-representation of Consciousness. It indicates potential value of being, i.e. it renders to consciousness a version of what its “being” might possibly be; as a “totalizing” abstraction intended to stand for the Whole it is innately charged with meaning, feeling and pervasive “sense”.

Since typology expresses the fundamental self-representation of Consciousness, it is “lit up” internally with tremendous psychic numen. It is an essentially symbolizing function of Being; as such, all typology springs into being from a polarization (indicative of the process of Conscious self-representation) so that its indivisible-abstract unity at the same time necessarily formulates a ratio of elemental emphasis.

If we may understand “element”—the Hindu tattva—as a type in the intensification and quality of Conscious self-presence (the perennial categories of “air”, “water”, “fire”, “earth”) then the active typology signifies the proportion of their common presence in any given case; and that ratio or active proportion gives the symbolic value of the particular ideotype.

We may now understand how the perception of a “real” chair may carry over in dream, and that same chair or variations thereof may function with obvious psychic overtones and deep symbolic resonances. Since all such typologies formulate a ratio of interaction, they represent an angular exponent (cf. “What Is Physics?” Vol. 2, No. 4, Feb.-Mar. 1991, page 14 TNTC); all such typologies are therefore equivalent to basic irrational terms that function as constants. They may not be thought of as conveying simple fixed meaning (as with rote dream interpretation) since ratio specifies angle of interaction without specifying magnitude or scale on the perpendicular axes.

The fact that a given typology represents a ratio of elemental interaction, makes it a general symbolic formula indicating the prevailing harmonics of all relevant psychic constituents involved in the process of Conscious resolution. “Conscious resolution” (correlated with asymptotic “zeroing” of elemental-energy values) is the constant Project underlying all perception, cognition and behavior. In its masked form it accounts for all human psychology; in its unmasked form it accounts for all degrees, phases and densities of the Spiritual Quest.

Thus we may recognize why an understanding of typologies is significant to an understanding of the real factors involved in the Andreasson experience. The Eagle, Door, crystals, rotating platforms etc. may be identified as typologies without collapsing on the despair of misunderstanding that originally overtook Fowler and the investigative team; for ideotypes are no longer mistakenly perceived as something “merely subjective”; and they are no longer confounded in exclusive identification with the masked and problematic, 3rd-stage psychological complex (i.e. the same ideotype that appears in the dream of your average 3rd stage Freudian neurotic, may appear in the dreams or astral experiences of a higher-density condition with quite different function and significance).

If, then, the observed energies of nature “reconstruct” an underlying geometry as abstract schematic, we may not identify that geometry as belonging to an independent-objective realm “out there”. Indeed, the discernible nodes or rest-stops in the grid of visible nature’s geometry, may now be recognized as cross-section “residue” of a compound focal harmonics adjusting noetic values along the vertical Axis-of-being. The residue geometry of nature’s field-of-focus is product of a variable, multidimensional alignment of abstract coordinates triangulating a preferred, perspectival “angle”. The whole of nature’s geometry is expression of that angle.

At the same time, that “angle” is the geometric function of a presiding ideotype.

The ideotype (and its coinvolved typologies) is a general mode-of-being. Since all such “ideotype” serves the self-representation of Consciousness through the conscious axis, the geometries that give expression to its values (by configuring the various fields of its energy-intensities and elemental qualities) convey psychic presence as well as physical-structure presence; they convey mood and emotional symbolism as well as vital-survivalist impulse. Therefore if we ask what “determines” the geometries that characterize the physical focus of nature, we may say that they’re compositional formats of an overall mood and psychic affinity-of-being. The phantasmagoric representation reflected through the perceptual “bubble” of those geometries—all forests and glaciers, giraffes and aphids—are psychic functions of the presiding typology. And the internal “rations” governing the elemental harmonics of that typology, demonstrate the general state of consciousness through which the project of Resolution is presently organized by deep affinity and identification.

That is what “we” are doing, focused in this particular framework of being with its symbolic types taken to be the real world.

Changing Nature’s Mind

The characteristic ratio set by the prevailing typology, gives the “allowable” range in the interaction of elemental systems; it is therefore in a very real sense a metabolic formula, adjusting the interaction of the organs, nerve-currents and plexuses of the mind/body being. The factor of adjustment is the general profile of the ideotype giving the character, quality, rates, rhythms and ratios of the thinking processes, modes of cognition and perception etc. That cognitive range tends to “lock in”, and is subsequently reinforced by the mnemonic patterns of, the elemental-subconscious agencies of the autonomic systems.

All of this is important to understand, and has direct bearing on any apprehension of the Andreasson experience, because involved in such contemplation is the question as to how transitions from a given state, plane, energy-field or framework of consciousness to any other may be effected. This is the question necessarily embedded in any consideration of the spacebeings and “UFO” activity in general, for as we’ve seen, such activity involves those very matters re change of state, specific mind/body density and sum psychic operation.

We may understand at this point that change in phase, state or plane involves the typology through which the relevant fields function; it involves either internal change of magnitudes operating through the characteristic “ratio” of the type, or modification of the ratio (involving either a change of type or reorientation to some more inclusive typology in which the given typology was “embedded”).

Changing quantifiable magnitudes of the typal constant, may be understood as “meditative” modification of the rates and rhythms of the thought-stream; realignment of focal coordinates; or redistribution of attention through the sensory coordinates so as to assign different values to the given ratio of elements.

Resetting the values on the coordinate “axes” of the typal constant as a stress of its cognitive field, however, is manifestly equal to changing the stress on its elemental current-patterns, i.e. the metabolic processes of the subconscious systems through which the cognitive functions are organized. Thus we may say that such activity is “equivalent” to modifying the breath, the heartrate and circulation, the hormonal chemistries etc. It’s for this reason that we can countenance “change-of-state” from either pole, that of modifying cognitive magnitudes through mental and sensory exercises or of modifying elemental stress-values through breath-regulation, accelerated blood chemistries and related body modes. (Note: modifying “cognitive” magnitudes implies change of concentrative rate in the alignment and distribution of attention; it does not include changing thought-content; and this is an important note to keep in mind when, up ahead, we encounter the spacebeing “Bashar” and engage in a little friendly “Dharma combat” of the extradimensional kind.)

Within You And Without You—The Interior Looks Inside

There is then a clear flow of “priority”, between the nature-field of our experience and the Conscious Axis-of-Being. The reductively “objective” order of energies and materials with their descriptive properties is, necessarily, dependent expression of a coordinate reference-frame; that coordinate frame has a special property which prejudices its alignment to the side of values necessarily identified as Conscious.

If an abstract geometry informs our axial reference-frame as well as the extended field of “nature”, it doesn’t belong to both equally without redefining our apprehension of “nature” away from the idea of objective inherence and independent, “discoverable” property.

“Geometry” (i.e. the noetic coordinates variably modeling focal frameworks of the unitive typologies) is a property of being belonging self-evidently to consciousness. The perceived “energies, forces and fields” of nature are stylized expressions in the variable alignment of geometrized coordinates through the conscious axis. Therefore, if this axis is a vertical armature that “concentrates” the nature-field, it does so in a special way. It does so not as a complex package of “objective forces” that ostensibly characterize the systems of nature at large, but as the regulatory matrix through which all perceptible processes of nature are polarized.

If we look into ourselves and ask “of what are we composed?” we can no longer answer on the cue of naïve realism with the response of “neurons, atoms, cells and synapses”; the question must be answered on the basis of what exists before we look with eyes that have been styled and preferentially structured for us so as to produce a reflective, modeled representation of “what’s there”.

One answer, of course (variously offered by scientist, philosopher and mystic alike!) is that whatever abides prior to our reflex-use of the tailored faculties is constitutionally unknowable. But that is the declaration of the stylized apparatus itself!

If such faculties and functions are integral expressions of consciousness—as represented through the innately conscious value of geometrizing abstraction—then in the self-presence of our very being as consciousness we should be able to grasp the noumenon (the apodictic being of What Is), at the point where “phenomenon” necessarily correlates with its Ground. Since “geometry” is on principle a noetic (abstract/rational) value, we align intuitively with the essence of “what’s there”, within, in simple self-conformance with our Presence as Conscious Being.

Moreover, when we turn again to the “nature-field” to ask the same question “What is there?”, “of what is it composed?” our viewpoint can’t lapse again upon naïve realism; for we’ve recognized the dependent relation between the configuration of contrastive states, fields and conditions and the variable triangulation of abstract-noetic coordinates modeling preferred ideotypes through the flexible indeterminacy of the conscious axis (of which these states, fields and conditions are a function).

A Matter Of Identity

The noetic and thus mind-related character of the underlying geometries is nowhere better illustrated than in the case of identical particles. It’s not enough that quantized properties in themselves suggest the abstract-noetic rigor of the purely ideal: i.e. “charge”, “spin”, atomic number in the periodic table, values of the packing fractions and wave-resonance harmonics display regimental self-conformance and impeccable uniformity across the board as exacting multiples of the integer, the rational fraction and recurring irrational constants. When one considers that the microworld “could” look like an arena of randomly ordered, ad hoc properties parallel the aggregate appearance of forces in the macroworld, this cooperative regularity and integral consistency is in itself reason to conclude a happy agreement with the properties of mind.

The case of identical particles in a sense parlays all the evidence laying around the microcosm, into a summary demonstration convincing to any reasonable jury.

“Identical” particles belong to a class that are perfectly interchangeable without detection of difference. It’s not that they’re alike or are merely similar, to the limiting power of our resolution. They are eidetic in an absolute sense. For science there are three current categories of “eidetic” particle; energy of the microworld can usually be classified according to two basic types, the “fermion” or matter-particle, and “boson” or exchange particle accounting for the force of all interactions. The third class of eidetic particle in effect “breaks open” the field, and allows for a broadly imaginative scope of potential identities so that in effect the amphibian mid-range of the “anyon” between the standard polar types spreads the quality of Noesis thickly all over the ground.

That which has conventionally differentiated the class of “fermions” from the class of “bosons”, has been the respective values of spin angular momentum and discrete multiples of basic charge along with a specific affinity for “congregation” or joint occupation of phase-state. In this respect bosons are considered “gregarious” as they accomodatingly group at the same quantum level; while fermions are considered asocial since (as in the case of the electron) they covet their separate “rest-stop intervals” of phase density and refuse to share.

The standard way to view “bosons” and “fermions” is as complementary classes of particles within, and composing the energy fields of, the atom. Looked at in this way they persist in appearing as “things”; therefore the “ordinary” definition of such particles makes them seem more like independently-existent entities fitted with uniform properties, rather than as general functions of a geometric abstraction. However, that which identifies these classes of particles is ultimately their behaviors. Since fermions and bosons are at bottom distinguished by wave-amplitude sums of probability distribution in the scattering matrix, the definitions of these particles jump from the subatomic scale to include atomic and even molecular isotopes (i.e. atomic particles having identical proton number but a different number of neutrons and thus differing weight). Isotopes of the same element may behave, respectively, like bosons or fermions when subjected to scattering experiments, thereby demonstrating that they are functions of the same abstract geometry independent of scale.

Why is this important to understanding the nature of the UFO experience, either in general or with application to the “Andreasson Affair”? This is why: real insight into the properties involved removes our gaze from hypnotic fixation on the “entities” that seem to proliferate in the subatomic zoo, and shifts it to the general geometries of which they’re variable expression—in so doing, establishing the practical relation of influence between the relevant energies and the presence of observer-consciousness (at the very least, it definitively dispels the wrongheaded Wilber-ism to the effect that science and the “esotericism of higher-dimensional consciousness” are innately incompatible owing to their differing orientations; that notion only holds good in any case till Mr. W. is levitated from his ivory tower into the bowels of some extradimensional beamship, at which point he rejoins the real agenda and oncoming concerns of present humanity).

Seeing that the given configuration of energies reflectively descriptive of “the world we know”, is the function of abstract geometries typally governing the coordinates of the (collective) conscious axis, it occurs to us that a shift in realities can take place with realignment of those coordinates through the fulcrum of volitional indeterminacy; or it can take place through threshold density-modification of those energies, which is the equivalent of changing—effective—geometric coordinates.

The latter is the map that concerns us here.

Understanding the implication involved in eidetic particles and extending it to a knowledge of the class of “anyons”, serves directly to show both “science” and “higher-dimensional consciousness” how to milk lightspeeds and engineer gravity out of a mass that doesn’t move.

Anyone For Anyons? Just Drop The “e

While we’re at it, we’ll borrow back a page from a providentially recent Scientific American article (“Anyons”, Frank Wilczek, May 1991), which follows the tracking-pattern of the T-Bird with surprisingly synchronous schedule; since that august periodical would certainly have no deliberate truck with Mythic Birds, it’s apparent “tailing” of the T-Bird with appositely tailored articles can only be attributed to the “lead” which spirit-consciousness in general promotes relative to emergent themes of the collective concern. Thus S. A. ’s monthly writers curve toward topics and even formats to which spirit-consciousness would introduce the general domain—by way of the Collective Mind and its energized channels—as if under influence of a greater gravitational force, producing (as in the typical case of Professor Wilczek’s article on “Anyons”) a sudden orthodox focus on—for example—the peculiar property of the spiral…just after Mother Terasu’s “What Is Physics?” article which atypically emphasized the nonlinear significance of the spirallic pattern and highlighted for philosophical rethinking the taken-for-granted thesis embedded in ubiquitous, complex number computations: the Professor’s article, filled with spirals and rotating fields, solenoids and superconductors even displayed an inset illustrating complex number operations as a key to the physics of eidetic particles and forces!

Indeed we needn’t posit a strict linkage of “psychism” between the two, polar-inclined publications at all; though spirit-consciousness always does take the lead, overtly or subliminally, in seeding the “types” of emergent themes through the general field of the collective intelligence, it doesn’t do so arbitrarily. Therefore without hypothesizing a connection of causative relation between “metaphysical” and “physical” media, it may be noted at least that the directed concern of spirit-consciousness revolves around the general requirement of bringing mass-mind up to reasonable par with the covert character of the technologies to which it’s subject without understanding, and so revealing thereby—in the course of such disclosure—the presence of profound physical and metaphysical implication warranting a whole new orientation to existence; it shouldn’t be surprising that the salient of this concern converges upon parallel considerations bubbling up from the scientific underground on the thrust of a differently-perceived purpose which nonetheless carries the same general implication.

In proportion as the given reader already has some knowledge of the “hidden” sophistication of present gravitational science, the reader will not fail to note that Professor Wilczek’s article was proffered “above ground” with implicit reference to the theoretical components involved in antigravity, spacetime “travel”, invisibility etc. without breathing a word of those verboten themes. Nonetheless all the subjects touched upon, so touchingly T-Bird-like in their overall orientation, have greatest relevance to just those publicly “invisible” themes, i.e. “How To Build A Flying Saucer”. It is therefore with a wry nod to the continuing synchronicity and apt appearance of helpful adjuncts relative to the bastard Bird’s blueblood cousin, that the Chronicle presently draws on some of the interest of that very spiritual capital it has liberally loaned, making use of some of the Professor’s technical observations as they help to specify elements of the operations concerned. The present explanation however automatically incorporates those helpful terms in the compassing context of their spiritual/metaphysical understandings, and we do not take time along the way to separate out the skeleton of the allowable “bare bones” in the Professor’s physics—if one wants to know what the original and much sparser terms of that article were, one should refer back to the article itself.

On the same note of parallel themes entering into the general consciousness from the initiating lead of spirit-intelligence: since when do periodicals like TIME or Newsweek do lead articles on the nature of evil? Nonetheless since the Logos/Anti-Logos writings and especially the extended new entry on positive/negative realities in T-Bird vs. The Flying Saucers, this very déclassé subject has gotten curiously renewed in the general, public field of reconsidered zeitgeists.

Pump Up The Gem

First, the character of eidetic particles (owing their existence to the purely noetic geometries associated with the axis of observer-consciousness) helps us bypass the problem of linear acceleration. It gets us immediately away from messy fuels and bulky thrusters, and brings us to the doorstep of a familiar theme, one we’ve encountered before in these T-Bird pages.

The reader may recall that several standard models seem to reappear in any consideration of gravity-engineering. We’ve heard from both spacebeing-communications and activity of the “invisible college” that there is merit in the counter-rotating of energy fields in the form of plate capacitors or superconductors; and we’ve seen that operative models from the Searl disc and “N” machine to state-of-the-art technology (officially not flying around the Arizona, Nevada and California deserts) uniformly involve electrogravitic and ambient field-energy propulsion principles. We know that electrostatic charging of plate capacitors with field-magnets extracts ratios between voltage and force—particularly in high volumes—that accelerate by an exponent (we know this principally to Don’s uncle John G. Trump, MIT electrical engineering professor whose seminal experiments were written up in Scientific American, April 1955).

Keeping in mind relativistic field equations, such mass-energy magnification has an immediate gravitic component. In the models that float around the Patent Office, so to speak, we find that acceleration is variously imparted to a static disc by circular arrays of sequentially-energized solenoids, radially aligned plates through which direct currents are generated etc. creating the required motional gravity field in an inert object.

We may ask, however, what that underlying mechanism could be, by which the coinvolved systems and forces literally make the jump to the proverbial “new paradigm”, transcend the problematic limits of mass-energy resistance and lightspeed for finite fields etc. What is the informing mechanism by which the hyperdimensional barrier is bodily leaped? How does “mass” magically translate into altered coordinate geometries of the mind/body being?

The Way U Do The Things U Do

Again, we lay this magick at the doorstep of eidetic particles. Such is the utterly indistinguishable character of eidetic particles that, by themselves and given uniform “charge” etc., there’s no way to tell them apart in their “multiplicity” from the existence of a single particle in infinitely many places at once. This is certainly owing to the fact that it is the underlying geometry itself, which bends all polarized stress to behaviors conformant with noetic coordinates (of an indefinitely mirrored and reflectively-duplicated pattern). It’s for this reason that the interaction of eidetic particles is of a substantially different character than the relation of all non-identical particles.

If for example we consider changes involving topological continuity or invariance in which identical particles are rotated around one another until each returns to its starting point, the net value of the exchange must be given as the square of the term by which the largest even, discontinuous subdivision of the overall operation was multiplied. Since in the case of indistinguishable particles no net change can be registered, the square of such a switching factor must be equal to either 1 or -1. When we ask, in turn, in which concrete instance would 1 and -1 apply, respectively? we may isolate a topologically discontinuous event; for it is here that the fundamental distinction between interactions involving identical and non-identical particles becomes apparent.

In the interactions of eidetic particles two operations are performed corresponding to the standard types of such particles; the two operations are variants in a complex-number calculation, which in essence gives the values for distinct sets of geometric relationships. In the first case, the square-amplitude addition that marks ordinary particle interactions (62 + 62 = 72) is made by adding the sums of the identical-particle results and then squaring the whole (6 + 6 = 122 = 144)—making the overall value twice that of nonidentical operations; or the square-sums belonging to amplitudes of the individual operants are subtracted from each other. The first case applies to bosons (i.e. force particles such as the photon of the em wave); the second to fermions (matter-particles, i.e. electrons or protons etc.) And they develop in both instances from implication of their inseparable identities.

In the case of identical “bosons” the total wave-amplitude giving the probability of their interactions is, as we’ve seen, twice that of non-identical particles; this is because the rule for squaring the sum-over amplitudes of each particle and then adding them together, is confounded by their pure noetic identity. The addition of their total amplitudes must be squared, for the integration of “each” particle with the other is equal to one particle in the exchange. The complementary rule for subtracting the square-summed amplitudes in the interaction of identical fermions reflects a condition of the underlying geometry and is very intimately involved in precisely the question as to why fermions aren’t “gregarious”, why they have their characteristic fractional spin-values etc.

First of all we must recognize that wave-amplitude sums give the overall probability-quotient in terms of total intensity rather than magnitude (i.e. height etc.); the measurement implicates maximum obtainable extension of the system’s energy, and its velocity. Energy and velocity are related to one another through ratio of the square exponent, velocity doubling with each square of energy.

An exchange interaction of eidetic particles necessarily takes place through the perpendicular; and in the case of fermion geometries the parity-exchange with respect to the perpendicular erases their sum probable amplitude. We may see by this that identical matter-particles in an exchange interaction don’t intensify or “accelerate” one another. This is a function of the mirroring correspondence of their isometric (cubic) axes, with complementary cosines correlated at right angles through the common “locus” of the particle.

When bosons switch and align in passing through the “perpendicular”, their “gregariousness” becomes identified as the congruence of their harmonic values along a common axis; whereas the “asocial” character of fermions becomes identifiable—on the other hand—as a function of the necessary mirror complementarity of perfectly counterposed, cosine values as their transverse axes pass “through the perpendicular” on the interchange, neatly cancelling each other as they do so. This characteristic is indeed what makes matter-particles sources of stability and “mass”, as such, to the observer. The resistance to acceleration that defines mass is given as the drag on the rotational axes switching through the curve and cancelling cosines in the perpendicular exchange, so that no intensity or “acceleration” is added to the action of the applied force (and, in fact, applied energy has to be diverted in the form of friction to cancel the cosmic values “across the perpendicular”).

Entwined Slip-Nots

What we derive from this is, first of all, that we may not expect helpful rules for magnifying the intensities of sum-over interactions from eidetic exchanges involving continuous topologies; for the mutual windings of identical particles (no matter how many times they may seem to switch back and forth and “entwine” ’round one another in tracing continuous trajectories, as in the caduceus coils etc.) always obtains a net-zero resultant. If we “erase” the continuously-plotted lines of their entwined trajectories depicting discrete—discontinuous—twists and view them as mutually-encircling hawks, from the perspective of either such hawk we see that they keep a “bead” on one another in constant alignment; they always exactly offset one another, from the point of view of either of our curious “hawk-particles”, so that in any conventional 3-d frame there results—in effect—a continuous unwinding of the trajectory (like Theseus gathering up Ariadne’s thread so that no consequential path through the labyrinth can show as net result of her activities).

In this way it may be said that any potentially-complex spiral can be continuously disentangled and deformed into a “trivial trajectory”, so that the square of the “switching factor” never amounts to anything more than +1 or -1 reflecting the standard values of bosons and fermions—therefore ensuring that nothing more ever results than was obtained in square-sum domains of the amplitudes for all discontinuous subevents, i.e. those of the largest even divident. We “bag” nothing more this way, than is derived from the greatest intensities involved in identical boson exchanges through discontinuous topologies; and in the case of eidetic fermion exchanges from cancellation of the combined, sum-over amplitudes.

There seems to be great promise in the trigonometrics of identical particles; yet in the standard framework (i.e. the convention of ordinary observer perspective) we apparently run up against a limiting wall. Continuous topological processes (i.e. mutual windings of identical particles) only brings us to the starting point with nothing added; but if we take the discrete components of such processes—i.e. discontinuous topological processes—we’re faced with the limitation that arises in the final squaring operation on their summed amplitudes: zero-intensity for fermion probabilities, and a maximum of twice the available intensity for dissimilar particles in the case of eidetic bosons. How may we milk more energy, and therefore velocity/acceleration, out of the overall field? This needs to be answered, if we’re to approach anywhere near the domain of lightspeed, antigravity, invisibility, dimensional transference etc. involved in the “UFO” question (and the Andreasson conundrum in particular, insofar as the present article is concerned).

Twisting The Nought Away

Since according to the indeterminacy principle energy/time and velocity/position are inverse-reciprocals, we can say that the only thing differentiating eidetic particles in the energy-sea at all is the reciprocal measurement performed on them by observer-consciousness. And, as we’ve seen in “What Is Physics?” such calculus is product of the prevailing noetic geometries through which that consciousness is focused; it’s not a function of the “particles” or of that sea itself.

There are two, related implications here. One, the contextual limit of our energy-domains is only subject to the persistence of that focusing geometry; we approach “anytime” “anywhere” at energies involving velocities that accelerate the “respective” fields into one another (as with the posited, high-energy observer probe progressively merging particles and fields in GUT theory etc.) thereby blurring the temporal threshold where virtual particles exist on a symmetric par with real particles, at the same time phasing their respective “positions” (i.e. “where” do you find the Z particle when it’s probe at higher-energies leaves it indistinguishable form [sic; Ed. note: from(?)] particles and fields of the electrodynamic interactions etc.). The second thing that’s suggested, is that the square exponent rule (for energy/velocity and eidetic wave-amplitudes) involves a linear ceiling consistent with physical properties. How then do we overcome the second implication to realize the first?

Here’s where the hauntingly familiar refrain of the solenoid, Tesla-coil and high-temperature superconductors comes floating across the waves. Each such “device” implicates highly complex, coinvolved windings of eidetic particles; each operates through the very, common denominator that solves for the puzzle as to how we may jump the pons asinorum in which the winding dance of identical particles chronically contributes zero-gain to the overall amplitude/intensity (and thus maximum obtainable extension through energy/velocity ratios).

Subjecting particles to an electrostatic field cut with the em windings of sequentially pulsed coil magnets, or likewise the subjection of accelerated particles to the vaporous atomic substrate of an inspiralling magnetic field through a high-temperature superconductor, certainly optimizes the potential for “complex” windings or whorled flights in the trajectories of both dissimilar and eidetic entities. And in these cases, when we ask how we may prevent the deterioration of such potentially rich windings into trivial disentangled trajectories, the answer is immediately supplied by the media itself! In each of these (by now classic) instances we’ve distorted the operative geometry with respect to observer consciousness.

How so? Consider: the coil of a solenoid can be considered a two-dimensional cross-section, through the resultant plane of which an em field is interiorly propagated. Similarly the laminae of superconductive substates involve sheets of single-layered atoms, producing the same kind of 2-d cross-section. Now we may ask how such a “stunted” field behaves to the hypothetical “observer-perspective” of the given eidetic particle.

In 2-dimensions we find that the axial vantage of one particle can’t continuously offset the curve traced by the other; it becomes the central point in a plane through which the trajectory describing the relative displacement between counterposed particles may pass, back and forth (having been deprived of the additional dimension around which it might otherwise move in a continuous—symmetrically indistinguishable—equivalency); by cutting through the “planar” protagonist-particle in a discontinuous jump, the trace-particle breaks the symmetry. The trajectory may be considered biased in the manner of a directional arrow crossing the median, oscillating and precessing as if the reference particle were being progressively entangled.

Each revolution or integer-value described by the mutually rotating poles of the trajectory, represents a double particle-exchange through those poles. Again this calls for finding the probability for combined amplitudes in the exchange by a squaring factor, which, however, is no longer obliged to represent the unchanged symmetry associated with 1 or -1. This means, though, that it no longer needs to reflect the geometries of either bosons or fermions inevitably modeled in a three space.

This frees up the value of the switching factor in particle-exchanges “through the perpendicular”, so that it can be anything at all. One complete winding would be the square of that value, a second would be taken to the fourth power and so forth (keeping in mind that these are eidetic particles, the integral sums of which can only amount to a single particle so that the total must be squared again etc.). We can see right away that “bosons” are liberated from the complex-number ceiling attached to continuous exchanges; and that “fermions” are liberated from the net-zero resultant that haunts all contributory dividends of their discontinuous exchanges.

What about counterposed windings of such particles? Would they succeed in cancelling out the advantage associated with the operative asymmetries of such planar geometry, by instituting a larger symmetry? We’d expect that the counterposed spiralling of particles would exhibit parity-transformation and time-reversal symmetry, since such operations in either “direction” ought to remain invariant; they’d presumably have identical amplitudes in both directions, representing an equivalency exchange once again requiring a square factor equal to 1. Here we may draw on Professor Wilczek’s specific observations (interesting that the Professor should be so abstractly concerned with counter-rotated fields, which figure so prominently and uniquely in matters of antigravity, invisibility, ambient propulsion engineering etc.).

The Professor is quick to point out that any such possible symmetry as obtains in parity-transformations of counter-spun particles, is broken in the presence of rotation, and of magnetic fields. (If this doesn’t suggest something more than disinterested speculation or “coincidence” involved in the Professor’s article ringing all sorts of Invisible-college bells, you just haven’t been paying attention.)

How does rotation and/or the magnetic field break symmetry in a planar 2-space (as with a solenoid section or superconductor strata)? Rotation of the field in which counterposed windings occur, puts an inverse bias on the respective torques and so effectually places them in variant background conditions, snapping the symmetry. With magnetic field-distribution as in a solenoid plane, the flux itself serves as axial referent around which charged particles may spiral. We thereby derive a picture in which complex windings trace arcs that constantly break across the central point-reference in asymmetric, odd trajectories so that there’s no effectual parity of exchange or ultimate deformation to a trivial curve. The sum-over amplitude in the interaction is multiplied by the complex-number coefficient to the power of the total windings.

Putting On Your 2-D Glasses:

“And You Will See How Everything Changes…”

So far, though, we don’t seem to have derived anything compellingly like a change in the geometries of observer-perspective, since all this is done by a strictly mechanical arrangement of a 2-d plane. However, it’s precisely here that the uncancelled, net-resultants devolving from the multiplication of all windings by a factor other than one, relate this “mechanical” condition to a real modification of the geometries belonging to observer-consciousness.

Since all net-resultants spring from the relation between the charge of the given particle and the flux (value of the magnetic field) to which it’s attached, the phase of the complex-number representing the switching factor is necessarily proportional to both flux and charge. The resultant value of the given operation is a tacit equation of the density-ratio obtaining between the particle “gas” and its applied em field.

The higher, discontinuous wave-amplitude values are correlated with discrete changes in the prevailing ratios. Such changes appear as the electron’s “absorption” of the associated flux-point of the em field (a true superconductive state is one in which the particles have totally absorbed the em flux). A stably-integral harmonics of such discrete density-ratios gives rise to preferred states called “filling factors”, characterized by resistance to any further change of density.

Such “factors” may be compared to a vertical arrangement of integrally-spaced goblets, as in the Harris illustration of the Thoth Tarot cup arcanum; a fluid continuously spills over from above, like the successively absorptive charges of the particles assimilating their flux-points and so enriching themselves to “density overflow”—the flow is temporarily “interrupted” by the cups into which the fluid successively spills, for they have to “fill up” before the fluid can again “change” density-state and pour over into the next receiving vessel. Such temporary interruption is equivalent to the observed “resistance to density change”; since such resistance is due to a “state of lowest energy”—the cup—causing the flow to tarry at a node where it must first fill the interval, the aptness of the term “filling factor” may be appreciated with a vivid image.

It should be noted that this quantized ratio in the interaction of charge and flux, obtains its effect from the angular displacement it implies. As we’ve seen, “ratio” expresses the phase-angle of a process. The effect of the particle “absorbing” the attached flux of the magnetic field, represents a shift in their phase-angular displacement. This “shift” necessarily takes place with respect to the observer. The perpendicular axes of the fields in question are rotated or angularly displaced with respect to the observer, much as when a background field can be hid and therefore “absorbed into” the line of sight of a vertical foreground pillar as one walks around it and so receives benefit of the foreshortening effect.

It now becomes possible to see how such a “mechanical” change of the external geometry of the system necessarily involves a real modification of the geometry of observer perspective.

Upping The Anti-

Such charge/flux ratios are imaginary magnitudes by which the physicist interprets to himself observable processes reflecting a subtle change in functional geometrics with respect to the observer.

The harmonics of stable energy densities represented by the filling factor, elicits an improvisational range of subtones within standard changeups of the eidetic particles. That which—employing the ordinary noetic filter—generates properties consistent with “fermion” behaviors, renders the same sets of activities according to energy-potentials that divide the field differently, and alter its harmonics into properties of divergent combinative values. (The density ratios giving resistance-values of the filling factor, occur at intervals that are exact dividends of those of the conventional fermionic particles.)

It may be recognized from this that what appears as the behaviors of independent particles with their own individual identities (whether electrons, or related charges that account for “electron-space” under differing experimental conditions) are more generally describable as harmonic conjugations in the variable alignment of coordinate geometries, necessarily related by complementarity but differing in their algebraic values and interactive energy-potentials.

Thus by representing a field, conventionally geometrized as the pattern of electron behaviors, by fractional states corresponding to stabilized density-intervals of the 2-d electron gas, the geometry for eidetic interactions is effectually changed; it lap-dissolves to closeups of a diverse infrastructure, with multiplication-factors bypassing the zero-sum fate of eidetic fermion or “matter-particle” exchanges.

Whereas from one “perspective” (alignment of geometrized focus with respect to observer-consciousness) the standard class of particles reigns and the matter-field molds the familiar landscape of perception intact, from a slightly shifted perspective employing a “filter” of differing geometric values the matter-field as such is nowhere to be found, and in its place there exists an array of charges made out of the same “stuff” but which in its own framework is capable of an escalating repertoire of interactions, accelerating the field and magnifying little subdivisions of excitation to sum-over values of amplitude/intensity overlooked at familiar scales of resolution.

The inevitable self-cancellation in the exchange of eidetic matter-particles is “removed”, when observer-focus withdraws to scales of resolution at which the geometries giving rise to such particles aren’t operative.

In the standard superconductor for example the density ratio of charge to em flux alters information descriptive of the “fermion”, to that which characterizes the “boson” (or force-particle, as the photon etc.). Shift in alignment of the operative geometries (involved in spiralling particles through superconductors subjected to em fields etc.) gives rise to various potentials which contribute the same general value: for instance, boson exchanges are those which may be square-summed to twice the overall value of non-identical particle exchanges; the subharmonics into which the “electron” description resolves (as density ratios in a 2-space alter particle/field phase) assign complex number values to the wave amplitude which multiply against the standard Pi coupled to fermion equations. In such manner, energy values may be extracted which otherwise have no “basis in existence” as far as the classic framework is concerned.

The especially stable resistance-levels of the filling fractions, amplify the overall voltage of the system by exciting frequencies for all identical particles of assigned charge and flux. The state of the altered geometries itself produces an environment that magnifies charge, pumps up sum-over amplitudes in the proliferating interchanges and multiplying spirals of eidetic particles and so everywhere escapes the problematic limits at the level of 3-d matter organization.

Since these alternate ways of representing the material electron-space, “up” the intensity of their chordal progressions across the scale of filling fractions as conjugate dividends of the electron at another level of resolution, they eventually “recover” the identity of the electron at the high-energy values permitted by their exchange operations—much in the way that the shape of a cup is “recovered” by the volume of liquid used (by measuring-fractions) to fill it. It is therefore consistent with the idea that the standard eidetic particles of fermion and boson can’t be “confined” to an artificial quantum-well or 2-space at high energies, or in vacuum. By thus shifting the contextual geometry, however, the background of standard eidetic particles in high-energy or vacuum has—in the meanwhile—been “filled up”, enriched with amplified potentials in exotic varieties allowing non-zero exchange interactions (in place of the expected self-cancellation of eidetic matter-particles, for instance).

Therefore, although we may think that the overall geometries of the standard eidetic particles are not affected and remain intact, something happens to them as well “in the interval”. Owing to what takes place in the special infrastructure of spiralic-field processes the standard geometries are altered overall but “in another direction”, at a different level.

The parallel relation between electron-geometries and those of their “quasiparticle” conjugates, may be said to have a perpendicular influence on the former; such relation serves to enrich the general mass-energy of the operators through sum-over spirals in the interaction of non-zeroing, eidetic processes—which in effect multiply the potentials of charge and overall frequency of the field by an unexpectedly powerful resource.

According to relativistic equivalencies of mass/energy/acceleration this necessarily serves to induce a curvature of the spatial mass with respect to the observer. The internal changes in density-ratios by which “anyon” subharmonics shift the phase angle (and so bypass the self-cancelling resultant of fermion exchanges) at the same time generate a background for the effective magnification of charge, energy-intensity and thus field velocity that reciprocally modifies the phase angle of the mass in observer 3-space.

A Midnight Mass

We may look at this more closely. The standing wave harmonics characterizing material states may be thought of as resulting from superpositions of the Psi-field (the deBroglie wave); the wave of that field is infinite in velocity and of zero length, relative to the rest mass of the particle, and decelerates toward c proportional to the acceleration of the particle toward c. This would mean that the deBroglie wavelength would be equal to the wavelength of the accelerated particle, at c (they would “meet each other” in identity at the speed of light). By conventional interpretation a particle with mass can’t accelerate to lightspeed, since every increment of acceleration is equal to an increase in mass so that the “mass” at c would have to be infinite.

The superposed deBroglie waves giving the harmonic intervals out of which physical particle-resonance emerges, constitute a kind of “photographic negative” of the energy/mass system in spacetime. The Psi field thus bears very deep relation to the phase-conjugate values of “material” constituents. The complementary particles pair-produced through the vacuum state give such mirroring values, as in the case of electron/positron pairs. The positron not only conveys a charge opposite the electron, but may be conceived as having reverse spacetime signatures. This correlates it deeply with the Psi field; and indeed the electron is said to take its mass from the swarm of virtual positrons that cling to it by charge, as a function of their “invaginated” geometries (the “attraction” of charge may be expressed as an accelerated field gradient of mutually conformant geometries, the simplest sets of which would be convex/concave).

There is then a continuous “translation” between the signatures of interfaced values at both sides of the “c” divide, indeed such that the basic “material” particle of the electron itself takes its mass from the relation. The total of the em wave is given as the complementary values of electron-positron pairs.

This however implies that the special properties and relief-configurations that distinguish the macroscopic features of “physical reality” are a function of phase-angle relative to the total (multidimensional) geometry of observer-perspective. The recessed constituents that descriptively “account” for broken gauge symmetries (such as the array of superpartners etc.) measure an ontological distance from which a global plenum of alternate, directional signatures and transformation-values may be rotated forward on the first proximal tug of the positron, antiproton etc.

The patterning superpositions of the “transluminal” deBroglie waves also bear a very deep relation to gravity itself; for the harmonic constituents out of which material particle/fields emerge, are the gravity components of those fields. The material field is made up of subquantal superpositions of virtual, gravity-wave harmonics, i.e. the flux-gradient of the “scalar field” or zero-point energy vacuum. Gravity is 16 times the velocity of light. (Thus, “sweet 16”, as a certain Florida architect once Had-it.) Relativity theory doesn’t prohibit gravitic components at the microscopic scale; they may be thought of as functions of a non-Lorentzian spacetime frame, in which quantum elements describe discontinuous gravitational components without extension beyond their own “event horizon”.

It now becomes possible to understand how “matter particles” such as the electron, while having zero amplitude-gain in eidetic exchange-interactions, “puff up” and register a net gain in charge, phase-density, field acceleration and energy-value through the magnifying subtexts of a shifted coordinate geometry. As eidetic matter-particles, such components don’t accelerate or intensify themselves (thus maintaining a stable structure for physical spacetime); yet their harmonic infrastructures may be intensified and mutually accelerated through inspiralling exchanges at altered density-ratios.

The special case of identical particles, however, at a threshold value of mutual magnification and interaction generates a self-feeding process. The exchange sums of spirallic processes through a rotating field wind up squaring and then cubing themselves ad infinitum, in the twilight fractional regress of mirrored indistinguishability. The deBroglie superpositions through which their progressed amplitudes are extended and deterministically summed, behave with the adjoint self-interaction of gravity waves in a Feynman diagram; just as gravity waves wind up interacting on and accelerating themselves ad infinitum requiring “renormalizing” operations of a mathematical legerdemain to cancel them of their (logically-impermissible) infinities, so also an implicit renormalization takes place with these superfetative “superfermions” and eidetic infrastructures of matter.

As Pawliki points out, the appearance of impermissible infinities actually signals a shift in hyperangle, rotation to a higher-dimensional space.

We may understand this through the inevitable effect which swelling voltages and frequency-amplification has upon the overall energy field; that field becomes intensified in a self-cubing process which, by the square-root ratio between velocity and energy accelerates the field to relativistic speeds without necessarily moving the mass. Bearden correctly shows that, while acceleration effectively increases the mass, the gravity component of the mass-energy equation bends space with respect to the observer. The mass exists at a hyperdimensional tangent to the dimension through which the accelerating force is applied. “Mass” being defined by resistance to acceleration, there is proportionately less mass in direct alignment to the applied observer-perspective and consequently less resistance (cf. the function of super-conductors).

In this way the square-exponent equation in the ratio of energy to velocity, implicates an accelerating energy-field bypassing the zero-sum amplitudes characteristic of the axial harmonics of identical matter particles; their “bypass operation” is produced through modified geometric coordinates of the effective, dimensional “region” (the planar field of solenoid or superconductive material etc.). This produces in turn an overall curvature of the local spacetime of the mass (or density-ratio of the field flux, as in the superconductor) so that, relative to the observer, there’s an orthogonal shift in phase angle of the field.

The overall curvature in the fermion mass-structure correlates with the modified geometry of the “planar cross-section” in which the perspectival reference reorients noetic coordinates, implementing different ratios-of-alignment with respect to the stress-tensors governing energy domains of the field.

At this point the compound standing-wave coordinates descriptive of the “mass” particle in the 3-d field, are angularly displaced. The axial referents through which its structural properties are “aligned” (relative to macroscopic resolution of observer-perspective in the standard, compound multidimensional field-of-focus), are twisted along the observer-tangent at approaching values of c toward the perpendicular. As this twist or hyperdimensional “bias” along the mass-coordinates, lines up by the function of a “closing shear-wave” (Pawliki) in collapsing congruence upon the perpendicular, the virtual deBroglie superpositions giving amplitude-values of the mass cohere the “discontinuous” gravitic moments; along the phase-angular axis perpendicular to the observer, the magnified energy-intensities belonging to probabilistic superpositions of the Psi field leap the particulate “event horizon” and stretch out all along that axis as a macroscopic gravity wave. Transversely, it has lost its mass with respect to the observer, resistance to acceleration is nil and it has the non-dimensional point-property of a boson particle, i.e. a photon of light.

This is how the “flying saucer” seems to “flare out” into a massive radiance before disappearing.

This is the equivalent of em bleedoff in the observer 3-space, as a function of the 5-d Kalusa-Klein gravity wave.

While the infrastructure-harmonics of the rotating, eidetic particles conjugate multiples of the fermion value Pi, at the “same time” the curvature of the overall mass of the 3-space (for high energy fermion particles) shifts that value on the perpendicular to Pi/2. This results in a “collapse” of fermionic mass-properties into a massless intersection at right angles to “observer perspective” in the inertial frame.

Slipping Into Quarkness

What’s it like to be a passenger on that mass which has just shifted at right-angles to the inertial frame? Let’s take up the same process again at a familiar place, and trace out another “angle” of its implication.

As we’ve seen, since the ratio between velocity and energy is governed by a square exponent, the intensification of charge across each pocket of resistance increases the total velocity of the field. As velocity steps up, the energy density multiplies the sum-over potential of the wave-function. Viewing the operation as a closed system, something now occurs relative to its total field that “everts” the i value, turns it insideout with respect to its ordinary “ambivalence” at the comparatively low-level of mind/body integration characteristic of the 3-d frame.

Again, from the perspective of the closed system (the “on board” point of view) this acceleration toward c approaches the deBroglie probability wave “coming down” from the time/space reversal direction. (Its states are harmonics of c through the hyperdimensional angle.) The virtually autogenous profusion of combinative amplitudes (through exponential self-magnification of eidetic particle interaction) explodes each deterministic line in the development of the state vector so that standing-wave harmonics of the Psi-field approach equipotential density-enrichment. Excitation toward c from both directions tends to produce a parity with all phase-conjugate values represented by the “other side”, i.e. the photographic negative of deBroglie wave-harmonics. It in effect “pulls them together” so that they function in phase rather than by asymmetric displacement.

While this unmasks the preferential properties that allowed energies to “pool” or isolate their states like particles gleaming in sandpockets left by the departing tide, it causes them at the same time to “swim free” in the very ocean from which they came. Not only then may we agree with Bearden when he solves for the equation of “infinite mass/zero mass” by pointing to the identity of opposites; we may extend that principle to include the asymptotic agreement between “indeterminacy and determinism” as we note the progressive blurring of any potential for factoring out in survivalist distinction over any other potential, while the deterministic components of the state-vector are successively squared and cubed across all participating point-domains.

With the enrichment of each probability-function to a successive “density” of sum-over potential, the wave-amplitude for that function tends to become its own “scale variate” (in an explicit rather than merely implicit way), assuming an equal and independent—as opposed to contrastive—relation to the whole-unit value of the Schrödinger equation.

How can this be? ask all friends of the conventional cognitive frame. In order to ask so as to get a reply, you have to know what set the scale for the ordinary 3-frame focus to begin with (where the state-vector is always properly collapsed, the deterministic propagation of the wave-function is interrupted and all magnitudes reset “from [Ed. note: Sic. Paragraph abruptly stops.]

How The Weight-Watchers Preset Their Scales

In order to understand this, we may inquire as to where we get the value for one of the basic measurements loaning predictable consistency to the realm of physics (and therefore ostensibly to nature), i.e. that of “spin”. Particle spin is determined by multiplying the rotation energy of the system by its “rotation period”, and dividing by 2Pi. The product of the multiplication, must always be a multiple of 1/2 the Planck constant. The fact that “charge” and “spin” express fixed multiples of a fundamental unit, demonstrates the way in which all such properties are functions of the harmonic resonance-patterns produced through coordinate alignment of variable (noetic, abstract) geometries.

When we go to hunt down just “where” that operative scale of energy-harmonics is set, we could do worse than refer back to the Mother Terasu article “What Is Physics?” Vol. 2, No. 4 Feb.-Mar. 1991, pages 17-8 TNTC, where we learned that the “scalar field” (reflected in the “Higgs boson”, for example, that orients the axial referents of neutron and proton so as to distinguish them) corresponds to the point of focal intersection in alignment of the axis of observer-consciousness with the generalized geometries of the “material” density. That intersection orients the axes of those geometries, and establishes the “bias” differentiating flow-lines and directional signatures, chirality etc.

When in turn we ask “physics” how it interprets the virtual-vacuum state to which the scalar field corresponds, we find that state characterized in terms of the zero-point energy spectrum. Such spectrum is uniquely described by a cubic curve; its radiation-intensity is proportional to the cube of the frequency (wave-amplitude measures intensity, i.e. as a square of the “height”). Since there’s an infinite number of curves of the same shape but of different scales, the magnitude of intensity for each such spectrum requires a constant that sets the scale of the curve. That constant, by measurement of the force of the Casimir effect, proves to be 3.3 x 10-27 erg-second, or 1/2 the Planck constant.

By implication, observer-perspective (as it represents the coordinate intersection of a compound focal plane through the conscious axis) provisionally “fixes the scale” and therefore variably determines the “scale variate”. All identifiable harmonics of change, charge-intervals, spin etc. flow from that determination.

This should help us recognize that, as the particles, forces and fields merge together with their mirror conjugates toward the mutual asymptote of c, enriching all probabilistic values to a state of virtual equipotentiality and so sliding back “indistinguishably” into the scalar ocean, at the same time a strong alteration of the observer-function (indispensable to “collapsing the state vector”) is necessarily taking place. As each probabilistic curve reifies into its own “scale variate” as an explicit mode, the value of “observer” reorients to the field as a whole.

Just as the Ahrimov-Bohm effect showed the “imaginary” A-field (i) to be an effective force with physical implications, so the “statistical determinants” of the Schrödinger equations become independent operatives as they approach equipotentiality in a saturation-sea of magnified wave-amplitudes. The probabilistic function of the “electron” dissolves or blurs into the field—which is the same as to say the wave-function is suspended with respect to the internal reference of the field.

Oh Oh, Toto. I Don’t Think We’re In Philly Anymore…

Yes yes, MT, but does this correspond to some knowable event, so that like any “hypothesis” it can be tested?

When measuring the current applied to a Scarle disc, the inexplicable peculiarity has been noted that the voltometer cooperatively registers charge in external measurement of the voltage across the disc, but registers no increase of charge on the disc (i.e. from the presumed “passenger” frame of reference, as part of the field).

We may say in explanation that the state vector is obligingly collapsed in the external because the observer continues to function as exponent of the “classic” perspective, i.e. he operates at the macroscopic (cut-out, stylistically silhouetted) level of storybook Form, the typological contours of which we’ve spoken. Physicists have noted that this level shares ontological status with the quantum level, for the interpretive macroscopy of contextual instruments and workaday meanings has to exist in order to have something for the state-vector to be collapsed through. In external measurement of the “closed-system” of the disc, selection functions normally in its either/or way for Alice relative to the observed field; its surface contour-reading continues to collapse the wave-function. Schrödinger’s cat continues to be given either a life or a death-sentence etc.

Interiorly, however, Alice is rapidly falling down the “both/and” rabbithole; the observer is being “quantummated” as well…hmmm? What does MT mean by that? Isn’t the “observer”, whether conscious/being or mounted voltometer, always from one perspective a quantum equation along with the observed field?

Yes, one may say so, always recognizing that the whole “quantized” domain is reflective expression and stylized resultant of the informing, geometric coordinates of the conscious axis. As such, however, the observer will “fill in” with the filling-in of that field through rotation-alignment of the governing coordinates. The state-vector of the system-as-a-whole, now inclusive of the observer, is suspended (rather than collapsed) within the field due to magnification of density-states through all, promiscuous submultiples of the infrastructure harmonics. (What prevents the observer-along-for-the-ride and the system as a whole from being vaporized by the resultant heat, is precisely that suspension of state-vector collapse on the rotating fields; no arcover or dielectric stresses may be experienced in the framework of the system as a whole, even though exteriorly there’s a byproduct of intense microwave radiation and the development of a corona.)

Experimentally, that which has always constituted the theoretical puzzle whenever the observer has been included as a factor of the quantum field, becomes enriched and intensified up to the point of generating macroscopically “observable” consequences. According to the calculus of theoretical physicists, the presence of the “quantummated” observer may serve to collapse the electron locally, but the field as a whole continues to propagate deterministically and doesn’t collapse—these calculations led of course to the “many-worlds” hypothesis where all probabilities are given equal validity and quality airtime “in their own space”, and the wave-function “decomposes” into discrete frameworks rather than “collapses” arbitrarily on one preferred framework.

This simultaneous and—seemingly—mutually contradictory effect may now be experienced internally, as the closed-system-with-observer is cranked up: listen to the testimony of various voluntary or involuntary star-riders (including that of the brothers from the “Philadelphia Experiment”, Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron—which if nothing else but by internal conformance to the required facts would tend to sort out as true.):

There is a cumulative sense of suspension, of the simultaneous superposition of several reality-frameworks at once, familiar and unfamiliar, sometimes accompanied even by a functional catatonia on the part of the subject; and thought the subject may be able to generate a differential action, the sum result seems to “make no difference”: the coffeecup may have been moved from the left to the right—therefore a distinguishable gesture has been made—yet “left” and “right” acquire progressively more relative meaning and equipotential “charge” to the degree that the formally induced change is no change at all. The only “relevant” action seems to be with respect to the field as a while. The continuing fact of being able to “collapse” the state-vector locally although without reset of conditions, allows for a differentially-guided motion within that framework; the only such motion which proves to have a decisive consequence in the balance, is the motion which reaches for the handle and turns the whole field off.

The field can be turned off because even the initiation of a local action, or differential “collapse”, may generate systemic repercussions through the specific sets of conditions that sustain the field. In this way the preferred local framework may be drawn forward (sophisticatedly, whatever frequency harmonic is programmed) and the parallel/overlapping frameworks recessed into the background—where they are, relatively, unrealized or imaginary potential though “real” in their discrete contexts.

Thus the vehicular construction of a practical door into the “4th density”, is very much like the novelty Black Box of the early ’60’s which, when turned on, generated the motion of a hand that reached out of the lid…and turned itself off.

(Interestingly, when one goes to research the actual history a certain von Neumann figures prominently in these recent “parallel world” hypotheses—the calculations of which, would be particularly relevant to circumstances that might erupt, say, around something very much like the Philadelphia Experiment…and, lo, when one hears the testimony of the Cameron brothers, it is this same von Neumann to whom they point as having been in charge of the officially inexistent project.)

Celebrating X-Mass

Returning to our description of the very approach to this density threshold: we find that, as the density values distinguishing the forces and fields are accelerated, the hidden symmetries amongst the successive fields are disclosed as function of the high-energy states rendering them progressively equipotential. This is the same as successively “suspending” the particles of the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces into congruence with their basic gravitational identity, floating them into a free/indeterminate field of spacious presence where the operative density-value isn’t lower than the sum-potential for the given unit volume of the medium.

Since this general state corresponds to a deep alignment with the “scalar” field, it becomes apparent that the magnification of deterministic variables to the degree of “indeterminate/free floating equipotentiality” cranks up right to the doorstep of the operative plane of intersection between the axis of observer-consciousness (functioning through the free-will variable) and the matrix of physical spacetime itself. And this, as we see, conforms to our description of the generation of the spacetime field in “What Is Physics?” (Vol. 2, No. 4, Feb.-Mar. 1991 TNTC).

With a nod toward Pawliki’s helpful vocabulary we may say that each acceleration in the “velocity gradient” orthorotates the reference frame and folds up a phase-angle. As the saturate suspension of probabilistic wave-functions symmetrizes the forces and fields, rendering them successively equipotential at very short-interval ranges of the virtual vacuum (loaning relativistic mass/energy values for the symmetry equations as with high-energy bosons, supersymmetric “partners” etc.) the finitizing wave-lengths of the Psi-field mirror-approaching the accelerated mass/energy system “cook up in one pot” the self-cancelling soup of spacetime signatures with inverse qualities of looking-glass signatures—the “recessed” properties comprising phase-conjugate background to the filtered frame of highlighted focus.

As we’ve seen, this produces a functional rotation with respect to the observer. Mass-matter coordinates of the compound, standing-wave harmonic are successively twisted in alignment with accelerated spacetime curvature around the “charged” field. Such orthorotation is equivalent to introducing the uncompensated outline defining the coordinate axis, with its symmetrically satisfying counterpart. This shifts the axis with respect to the observer, since the axis was defined by the geometric stress-points that could be drawn through it as coordinate referents.

Mass is “folded up” with each successive twist of the radial coordinates defining the phase-angle of fields effectually accelerated to threshold velocity. As mass folds up along the perpendicular axis it “retires” into its traveling-wave velocity as described above; all axes of the standing-wave field bent at “right-angles”, collapse simultaneously at the saturation limit of the field (equal to cancelling the nucleus through invaginated coordinates of the “electron aura” or shell-harmonics of the atom).

This accounts for the ubiquitous elemental symbolism of the swastika, beginning with its presence in the form of the Hebrew letter Aleph representative of pure spirit and power (aleph means “bull”); and it accounts as well for the “curious” description of the Atom in the Theosophical writings of Alice Bailey: “The circle divided into four…portrays the fourfold revolution of any atom…the 4th dimensional quality of the revolution which is the goal aimed at…The swastika…signifies completed activity in every department of matter until finally we have a blazing, fiery wheel, turning every way with radiant channels of fire from the center to the ring-pass-not—fire within, without and around until the wheel is consumed and there is naught remaining but perfected fire. (Treatise On Cosmic Fire, pp. 160-1.)

All components of the conventional 3-space, mass/matter standing-wave are then spun loose from their isometric phase-synchrony with respect to the observer and fly out, like swallows from the ringing belfry of Capistrano, in all directions as a dense field-explosion of traveling waves at c. This “unmasks” matter at the threshold of the point domain as a harmonic of the scalar gravity field. Light is a resonant harmonic of the essential gravity unit. (This is why “noble gases” of high density/stability are subjected to, and cranked up into relativistic “velocities” of energy potential by, oscillating em fields.)

A Flash In The PAN

Wait. Still having trouble conceptualizing how a moveless mass manages to achieve lightspeed? Shaking your head over ink-drained pens and pencil nubs with a  wastebasket of wadded scratch paper, after giving it all you’ve got and having still been unable to compute by trigonometric or algebraic stunt-doubling just how those eidetic doubles-partners manage to come up with a value significantly greater than “love” in the final volleys over the net-resultant? Then behold how the barrier of the Red c is parted! (“red”, incidentally, pertains to the muladhara chakra and thus corresponds to the vital-physical field itself).

Relativistic velocities are achieved in the counter-rotated fields of a stationary mechanism through the same means that suspends “collapse of the wave function” internal to those fields. W. P. Donavan for example, in order to account for the “peculiar” voltometer effect, hypothesizes that the wave function is suspended on the “rotating reference” (he actually states it as the electron’s probability field “collapsing” on the rotating reference; and while, contextually, his meaning is clear enough, we prefer to state his case using the term we’ve already selected for the occasion, since usage of the term “collapse” tends to collide right into the conventional physics-usage which, in that context, means just the diametric opposite). In any case, though Donavan’s allusion may be pointing in the general right direction, just what does that mean?

As we’ve seen, virtual acceleration is achieved in a moveless mass by inducing an em field through a superconductor, and through the successive energization of field coils radially distributed around the plate or conductive materials etc. This produces the effect of continuous acceleration as the pulse is sent around an arc each angle of which is successively “lit up” by the traveling wave velocity (i.e. effectually introducing an “acceleration” to zero-velocity tangents of each angular moment functioning successively as “linear trajectory”). The eidetic particles in the 2-d field are assigned constant values of flux and charge; being eidetic, they participate in the complex-number magnification of sum-over spirallic amplitudes by the square exponent, as described. At the same time, then, as the 2-d container like a flat aluminum popcorn pan successively swells and dimensionally “spills over” with exuberant multiplications of subtotaling probability-potentials (i.e. the likelihood of finding a particle at a particular place or time in a given energy-state) effectively nullifying the wave-function of the internal observer of the system, the existence of such charge in the frame of the rotating reference becomes organically significant.

Precisely because the balance of our concern lists toward eidetic particles (i.e. those having perfectly interchangeable identities) whirling in a progressively-equipotential field with respect to the wave function, there’s no way to distinguish particles participating in the windings or counter-rotations of the field current through coil or annular tube—even though their contributions are algebraically asymmetric and therefore additive; nor is there any way to differentiate even arbitrarily (as with ordinary random value-assignments) between “real” and “imaginry” components of the complex-number amplitudes, and thus between imaginary B and E fields etc.

Thus the position of the charged particle with reference to the holy arc-angles of the rotating frame, falls completely to the eidetic quality of the particles in the planar axis. At a certain ratio of resistance between particle and ambient field-velocity of the rotating reference, the indistinguishability of eidetic points in the trajectory becomes crucial, and a discontinuous “phase leap” is rendered permissible between any such points.

Consider the imaginary “linear” motion accomplished by successive bulbs in an advertising sign blinking on and off. Separate those bulbs by theoretical light-years of distance, and to any observer abstracted into sufficient inclusiveness to perceive the system-as-a-whole there will still appear to be an instantaneous pulse between “successive points”. Given the relative “distance”, a space will have been traversed at superluminal velocity (keep in mind that in our example the translation occurs across a real trajectory of finite velocity, i.e. the rotating reference). Thus at a threshold density-energization in the amplitude enrichment of the field, light-speed and harmonic multiples of light-speed are potentiated on the precise indistinguishability between interchanging eidetic particles. A compression-of-trajectory is accomplished in real time, through virtual velocity in a stationary mass with successively-energized fields.

This is a flash-matrix.

Skipping The Lightspeed Fantastic

Physically, the traveler may seem “suspended” in equipotentiality (cf. descriptions of the behaviors of Al Bielek by his brother Duncan Cameron, relative to their “Philadelphia Experiment” ordeal). Such effect, however, is a function of lingering physical identity as the percipient experiences an inexorable “phasing-out” through the saturation matrix of the transdimensionally-rotated field. The geometries of “astral” cognition are rotated into functional alignment. There is no real freeze-frame diffusion amongst tableaus in a probabilistic smörgåsbord where everything can be viewed, but nothing can be “eaten”; rather the psyche is drawn forward, with more fluent alignment of astral coordinates, as functional determinant of the persisting “free-will variable” in an atmospheric matrix of equipotential indeterminacy. The psyche cognizes, weighs, assesses and so selects, while the “physical” matrix seems suspended in non-preferential limbo.

Exteriorly, the “vessel” has decoupled from the local gravity-field by disappearing into the light-matrix, defined by its own gravity-tensor; interiorly, the “physical” frame of reference has fallen through the looking-glass.

Observer perspective “on board” is never exactly the undisturbed continuity with physical spacetime that Tom Bearded proposes, in the manner of a relativistic shell-game where the “pea” of material reality is shifted around a bit with respect to the inertial observer but remains basically intact; rather these same processes that boosted the traveling frame through the relativistic “barrier” necessarily modify the coordinate-geometries of the conscious axis transecting the given field on its internal reference. “Physicality” tends to lose its “no two objects can exist in the same space” dogma without a shot being fired in protest; environments of equal physical “reality” may glide in and out through one another like tangible transparencies: peculiar “symbolic” superpositions may drop down out of nowhere (cf. Duncan Cameron’s description of the “blue bar” with geometric figures and equations that just seemed to “descend” upon the visual field of the ship’s interior like an unfurled projection screen).

Thus “differential behaviors” are possible in such a thickly ambiguous medium as we’ve previously shown; but another “dimension” is subtly loaded on the discerning psyche, adding density to the volitional determinant as a function of rotated and dimensionally-realigned coordinates based on a variant geometry-of-being.

The “superluminal” velocities involved in such transformation-realities, technically (“rigorously”, by Bearden) bypass rather than transcend the limit of the lightcone; the phenomenon parallels that well-known physics thought problem (clearly defiant of the “rule” of c) where a flashlight, beamed up at an evening cloud in one instant is, with the flick of a wrist transposed to a cluster of trees at the opposite horizon apparently “violating” the time-factor of linear propagation by introducing a third “transcendent” term.


We Now Return You To Control Of Your Television Set

After all this, then, “where” are Betty and Bob in the puzzling “spiritual” scenario described at the beginning? Understanding that they are in an alien craft specifically suspended in the radiant-etheric matrix for a functional purpose, it’s possible to accurately proclaim that, “for the time being”, they are nowhere and at no time—or conversely, everywhere and all-time. This is with respect to the physical, horizontal-time line and frame-of-reference.

Recalling that this “visitation” involved the special circumstance that they themselves were “not physical”, i.e. they were summarily removed from the physical bodies and taken up in their astral vehicles, conclusion as to the particular purpose for their presence in the physical spacecraft is substantially narrowed down. The spacebeings are, first of all, obviously interested in them in terms of the subtle body and even soul-vehicle; and, being nothing if not economic (very straight-to-the-point little fellows) they pare the traveling luggage down to the bare essentials to begin with.

Having dutifully followed MT through the rough without heeding the detour signs (hmmm?) the reader will now surely recognize the “counter-rotating walls and platform”. Though they’re described as they exist in the etheric matrix (the crystalline metals and materials of which the craft and its appointments are composed being perceived as translucent and mutually permeable etc.) it’s still easy to recognize a superconductive process of counter-rotated fields virtually accounting for the structure as a whole. Noting that the device of coils ringing a vertical column of intense magnetic energies as drawn by Betty (cf. plates A and B) bears too great a resemblance to a solenoid—despite all odd, associated attributes—to escape our operative comparison with antigravity systems, we may be confident that the “physical” significance and dimension of these appointments is, at least, very much accounted for.

What then do we make of all the radiant form-people, the strange games with rods and geometric shapes etc.? Again, those having dutifully followed MT through the preliminary rough should be—by now—trembling on the brink of answering everything all on their own. What may prevent them, is simple unfamiliarity with the “style” and “rules” of astral modes of cognition. For, while they’re vehicularly suspended in the etheric matrix, the functional medium of interpretation is astral, i.e. that of the psyche. the rich symbolic and even dreamlike character of all which Betty describes, is apparent.

This psychic density is, per se, the medium of the Form World (thus the light-form beings of Betty’s description). Though the “occult” distinctions may be tabulated slightly differently for different systems, internal consistency should be all that matters; thus, the terminology of Southern Crown distinguishes the “astral” from the “etheric” (or material-matrix)—which is in some systems called the astral. For purposes of our terminology the “astral” is the same as the psychic medium, and the latter corresponds to the Form World (Olahm ‘h Yetzirah in Qabalistic terminology). Since Betty eventually identified herself amongst the “form beings” in this scene, what then was the purpose of her being there and mentally recording these meaning-confounding events?

Note that, as a light-being amongst the rest of the form people viewed in this scene, Betty enters the cochlea-like tube and takes her place by positioning her back against an awaiting square twinkling with points of light. Then she, like the others, rolls into a spirallic ball of light along the “ribbon” or radiant strap depending from the square; the points of light disappear from the square as she separates off from it, rolls around the trajectory of the light-ribbon apparently absorbing it back into herself as she goes dropping to the floor of the domed enclosure and then emerging again as a radiant form being.

What is all this? By initiated interpretation, her form body (radiant “astral” vehicle etc.) has been taken on a walk around the environs while technically “separated out” from the thread of susumna (the transdimensional line or pleromatic juncture of the conscious axis) and the attached causal vehicle, or soul body. Thus her form-vessel has been temporarily segregated from the antakarana or “inner instrument” much in the manner that, in after-life stages, the psychic being of the personality may be temporarily segregated from integuments of the vital or desire-body, the mental and intellectual sheaths and soul vessel itself.

While the vital energy-bodies running on residual momentum of the vacated life may dwell amongst the lower forms of the material field till breaking up into their elements, the higher vehicles undergo preliminary purification of soul and spirit through the “tube” of susumna, in separation from the psychic presence of the personality which tarries amongst self-symbolizing scenes of the life just lived. These “bodies” are “rejoined” again in various combinations for the balancing and indexing of the ego-psyche; they’re never separated in any absolute way, for the thread of identity links and binds them across all differentiated fields.

In the same way, Betty is “segregated out” in the form-body for an interval, while the actual vessel of her “inner instrument”—the soul vehicle or luminous causal “orb” through which the filamental thread of susumna projects up and around, in abstract configuration of the multidimensional axis—is affixed by higher-density engineering to a kind of processing and recording apparatus.

That apparatus is represented by the boxes lined along the cochlear tube. The “straps” of light projecting up out of the boxes and looping around top and back of the horizontal tube-platform are therefore the filamental threads of susumna-nadi, the multidimensional root-nerve of the conscious axis.

Soul-print Lineup: Book ’Em, DAN-O

At the risk now of giving the reader the willies, it must be disclosed that the activity of this scene represents the power of the spacebeings to subject the very instruments and sacred centers of the soul to technological processing. In a sense the causal orb of the soul itself may be said to “reside” for the time being “in that box or square” affixed to the transparent wall of the tube; the twinkling points of light perceived by Betty in the square (before the form-personalities take their places in alignment with the squares) represent Akashic space-marks, engraved impressions of the soul-vehicle composing the trans-incarnational record of the being’s cumulative experience.

Such points of light configure unique geometric patterns and even algebraic “formulae” pertinent to a symbolic interpretation of the soul, its history and purpose, relevant balancing factors and deep tonal qualities. Such a record contains, in a sense, a “secret” of the soul with respect to a profound creative purpose, of a type to which the personality itself is scarcely ever introduced. While, then, the form-bodies of the various subjects are out on a little jaunt, their “borrowed” soul-vehicles are being scanned, processed, reduced to information-bits as it were, dutifully recorded and stored in the ship’s computer banks as coded energy-patterns of the medium.

Note that, when the form-beings roll away from the boxes against which they’d been backed, the boxes no longer display the twinkling lights. The progressive reintegration of the form-vehicle with the soul body can be perceived as the entities roll up and back along the “ribbons” (the radiant thread of susumna), and curve themselves temporarily into glowing balls corresponding to the orb of the causal vessel or “soul”. When at the point of touching the “floor” of the enclosure, they sprout arms and legs and heads from the orbs and so magically reconstitute their form-bodies, we may recognize that the psychic focus of the personality has realigned with the filament of the conscious axis, has been “reabsorbed” or assimilated as a functional unit to the causal vessel and so demonstrates the way in which the “psyche”—with all its instrumental extensions—actually emerges from the primary, nucleated “I” sense (as filled in and cross-indexed through mnemonic impressions of the overall soul-record).

The “reconstituted” entities, apparently energized and refreshed, proceed—in what Betty is characterizing as pure happiness—to engage in a kind of game, tossing crystalline shapes and geometric forms amongst themselves from very stylized, squat positions, one by one relinquishing a geometric shape to be impaled on the “shish-kebab” skewer of the black-and-white rod held in the floating hand of one of them. With each individual discard, the entities proceed one by one over to the large vertical energy-field wound with coils, and hang on to them like bars of a jungle gym. The entity with the rod finally flings it—festooned at both black and white ends with stacks of the geometric shapes—at a door. The rod sinks into the door, completely penetrated through on the white half, and then all the entities march through the door, emerging on the other side and beginning an immediate if ghostly recovery of their distinguishing “features”.

Keeping in mind that all this is an astral-like perception, transpiring from the psychic or self-symbolizing perspective of the Form World while the “ship” is suspended in the radiant-etheric matrix, we may understand that what is here represented to us in such activity is the very means by which the soul-being subtly aligns (through geometric coordinates variably polarized and integrated out of the essential free-will determinations of the conscious axis) with the physical or spacetime field of focus.

Enter Laughing

Note: the form-beings are playing with the geometric shapes. We must recognize these geometric shapes by now—they represent the various, noetic coordinates of the geometric principles about which MT has written, in this essay and in T-Bird entries such as “What is ‘Christ Consciousness’?”, “What Is Physics?” etc. Don’t fail to notice also the very emphasized fact that their activity in throwing the shapes generates various, interrelated angles.

The playfulness with which they toss these shapes, graphically demonstrates (we might say “symbolically” demonstrates, noting that in the Form World there’s no distinction between symbolic and real) the kind of “caprice” which ultimately attaches itself to the heart of the free-will variable, i.e. the soul of the conscious axis. The memory-imprint of the characteristic or habitual field of focus is carried in the soul record—but in order to be extroverted into functional reality, that pattern must pass through and along the conscious axis as a function and expression of the volitional being, thus as expression of the basic indeterminacy rooted in the void-value of consciousness itself. (Trace again the patterns made as the form-beings curl up along the susumna-ribbon, through reintegration of the causal orb etc., and see what is implicitly depicted for you now.)

The squat positions are coiled, energetic “mudras” of Aleph, the symbol-letter of Spirit and initiator of the alphabet, or tonal harmonies of Being.

The black and white rod on which the crystalline geometries are collected, represents the susumna or spinal axis itself in one respect, along which the coinvolved geometries-of-being are variably organized.  Its eventual, horizontal distribution as it pierces the door, demonstrates the way in which the multidimensional geometries “triangulate” and align through (and across) the horizontal plane of the etheric-material field, as its scalar “foci”. This is exactly why, when merging across the threshold of that “door”, the form-beings acquire their familiar features in a kind of etheric prefiguring. They’ve stepped through the “portal” of the multidimensional geometries through which the conscious axis comes to focus and align the physical field—just as occurs spontaneously when souls incarnate, when the ego-personality “wakes up in the morning” from the field of dream or a patient awakens from anesthesia.

The black-white halves of the rod represent the complementary geometries, i.e. that develop particles with their mirror spacetime properties or “phase-conjugates” etc. Note that one side—the “white” or illuminated side—goes through the door to constitute the highlight features of the physical field, while the dark half remains on the far side of the door, recessed and implicit.

Thus it is that the spacebeings are captured, in the daguerreotype of Betty’s hypnotic memory and by intelligence of initiated interpretation, in the process of extracting soul-information from their astrally-abducted subjects by technological means of a higher-dimensional type; and are perceived in return to reciprocate the “favor” by introducing the personality-subjects to basic qualities of their own spirit-being, so that “for the time” they may experience the very processes of their life-force in the bliss/joy context of their deeper “vehicles” etc.

Heavenly Hydrolysis:

You Can Kick The Tires, But Don’t Look Under The Hood…

Considering that, by interpretive revelation the spacebeings have such capacity to do such a thing, does this imply then that they may indeed be the angelic caretakers as which Betty characterizes them? If they are so dextrous with the very, sacred features of the deepest soul-being, could it be they really are our divinely-appointed deva-guardians and keepers of the realm of spirit?

No. What we’ve seen, is the fruit of a “technological” capacity, as technology may be understood in the psychic context of the higher dimensions (review the preparatory background for this understanding in the previous T-Bird Meets the Phoenix issues). Then, considering so demonstrably profound a capacity for—apparently—meddling in the sacred stuff of our very soul-natures, may we suppose these Andreasson-entities to be basically demonic in nature?

Not necessarily. Again, all we’ve seen here is a technical capacity. That which is naturally done through innate powers of the awakened soul-being and man’s inherent mind/body/spirit life current is here technologically stimulated, paralleled and—partially—duplicated. What we are witnessing is analogous to a person born with a dysfunctional arm, finally fitted with an electrical prosthetic device which allows him various of the movements in approximate duplication of the full—if unrealized—capabilities of the biologic original. He is of course likely to suppose that such a flexibility imparted to his arm by the prosthetic device is quite marvelous, and he will be sure to praise the professional who fitted him with the device for the “gift” of this—previously unknown—power, as if that person were the actual efficient origin of “arm movement”! What would our thankful recipient of this artificial extension suppose, if he were to experience the unaided operation of the arm in the magnitude of its intended, inbuilt biological power?

As we learned last issue, the spacedorks were “permitted” this limited intercession with mankind’s mental, spiritual and biological development owing to humanity’s general failure to take advantage of the teachings/teachers/communications that were organically instilled along the way to further such flowering. This high-tech methodology is the best the spacedorks are prepared to bring to bear on the situation, substituting as it does a requirement of “passive induction” in place of the volitional integration that would be proper for optimum unfolding. They offer a quasi-spiritual Disneyland as a kind of bluff surrogate for innate inner development—and they don’t extend the offer for nothing. Their counter-rotating transdimensional superconductive high-energy wheels-within-wheels is a cosmic merry-go-round furnishing reasonable facsimile of an innate-born joy for which the human consciousness is presently starved.

While Volitional Application under its intended tutelage comes naturally to thread the ribbon of attention through the plexiform cross-roads of the being where the sacred treasures are buried and the jewels may be unearthed, in the strip-down hotshop of the spacedorks’ beamship-garage the soul can get a lube and reupholstery, at best a cutrate brakelining but then there’s always the trouble of sawdust in the crankshaft, and when the limited warranty is up you never quite know how to start the engine by yourself…as your craft sort of crumples by the side of the road (which is just where the “planned obsolescence” is timed to pick you up again).

We can see through the artificiality of their “spiritual” processes as easily as we can see through the walls of the craft in hyperspace, once initiated wisdom turns the key. Remembering that “physical” processes carry through with psychic and symbolic significance in the deeper dimensions of the Form realm etc., we may recognize that what is—at the material level—a system of counter-rotating superconductors functions at the psychic and soul-level as an energy amplifier suited to separate-out the causal vehicle through alignment with its own density-medium. This is why when “depositing” and “picking up” their soul-bodies, the form-beings necessarily enter the inner rotating platform. By psychic analogy we may say their positions parallel the electron-perspective in the superconductive field, being accelerated through harmonics of phase-densities—at the intervals of which, corresponding components are “separated out” according to their geometries. Similarly, when depicted as clinging to the coils of the multidimensional solenoid, the form-beings once again assume a certain angle or dimensional relation to the planes of the field, so as to be suitably “energized” thereby.   Ω

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