T-Bird vs. The Flying Saucers

Written and Illustrated

by MT

[Michael Topper]


The collected MT writings on UFOs, Spacealien abductions, Channeling, the Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World, Psychic and Technological sciences and much more. The indispensable Guide to any real “New Age”, enabling the reader to steer a course amidst the murk and foggy shoals of the myriad channeled signals and proliferating teachings of this time…

Herein you’ll find all The New Thunderbird Chronicle articles thus far published on the subjects of spacealiens, UFOs, secret technology, the shadow government etc. PLUS—Special Bonus: the as-yet-unpublished continuation from Chapter VI onward, in which MT thoroughly discusses, outlines and interprets the higher densities; the process, purpose and ascending degress of Positive and Negative polarization; the ultimate aim and nature of cosmic Evil, who and what “Lucifer” really is; the modus operandi of the Antichrist…

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About this distribution of the text:

This digital transcription is not based off of the physical copy of the book, but off of an OCR scan in PDF format as found online.

Text has been compared whenever possible to the content found in available PDF scans of issues of The New Thunderbird Chronicle, and missing portions of the text have been restored based on the TNTC articles. Spelling and formatting have been corrected from the OCR. Since the original layout of text and pictures is unclear based on the OCR that cannot be helped, but some images from the OCR scan have been included.


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