Site Updates

Added the definition of “MT” to the “home”/welcome page.

Thanks to a contributor!: Added TNTC issue Volume 1 Issue 2 for the first time, and added two issues to the list that had been available under the MEGA download link but not in the list (my bad!) The two issues added are: “April 1990 Vol. 1 No. 8”, and “April-May 1991, Vol. 2, No. 5. I might have had Vol. 1 Issue 2 at some time in the past but had inadvertently deleted it (without a backup…).

Also thanks to the same contributor!: Added a bunch of transcribed PDFs of various MT essays or articles, under the new (just added) section Essays.

If you’d like to contribute transcribed text please use the contact form.

I switched out the previous “April 1990 Vol. 1 No. 8” in the page listing for the newer one I received, because the newer one has the volume info at the top of the first page intact, while the previous one does not. Both are still available on the MEGA link.

Also changed the introductory essay / description on the TNTC page.

Added a contact form which may be used to send a message to the webmaster.

Minor edits (for clarity and links) on a few pages including The New Thunderbird Chronicle. Added external MEGA download link.

Updated website header text colors and added an edited background image of the planet Jupiter based on a public domain image file available at the following URL (after clicking “Open Image in New Tab”):

Added “A Modest Proposal [The Bottom Line in Identifying a True Teacher and Teaching]” (Excerpt from Magnum Organum as found in Matrix IV, Pages 702-721.)

Added book text T-Bird vs. The Flying Saucers, not inclusive of any pictures from the original (to be added later).

Added excerpt Introduction To Magnum Organum [a section of Magnum Organum].