Most of these individual articles by MT (Michael Topper) are taken from a larger compilation such as TNTC, T-Bird vs…, or Magnum Organum.

Something here should sound vaguely familiar; for the filmmakers are only reporting on the real-life formula. The toxic effects from which everyone—on a world-wide scale presently suffers, aren’t just the peculiar high-tech demons of identifiable byproducts that can be duly isolated; the poisons that are smelted and packaged, refined and harvested, ejected and ingested incessantly through the sum-total of industrial living, work such thorough subversion of the immunology system (and in the process produce such unique and resistant ailments) owing to a synergistic interaction that simply couldn’t be accomplished by each operating independently, i.e. in the manner of the standard linear model which mainstream medicine insists on imposing so as to focus on “the” reductive cause, the isolated irritant. Due to the same blinders which have served over time in accelerative synthesis of items for limited/profitable use or specialized effect, neither official science nor mainstream medicine have yet developed theoretical eyes adequate to view the dilemma in its proper dimension.

It’s for this reason the Joker, underworld master and crime czar of the Industrial Chemistry-set, can impart his lethal humor with invisible panache, with utterly silent and undetected effect. Only Batman seems able to see the gestalt, the Way of combination and synergistic reinforcement; everyone else appears to be looking in hypnotic left-brain fashion for the isolated factor, the irreducible particle, the underlying “entity”.

Only “Batman” sees it; he alone can figure it out. And why?

— “Movie Review – Batman” by MT

The actual source against which such agencies seek defense, is the same which teasingly extended the original leads relative to such super-technology; the real fear haunting personnel of DARPA (Defense Department Advanced Research Projects Agency) and the counterintelligence branches has to do with the altogether transcendent faculty of space alien factoti to impose just such technological manipulations unhindered, and indeed to do so from a “density” or higher-dimensional point of leverage which is untouchable and inaccessible where the militarists stand. The potent admixture of truly Psychic force with electrogravitic wizardry as characterizes the capacity of higher-density “alien” forms, preempts and completely outflanks anything that may be developed at the purely mechanical 3rd-density level. The military/power-structure has certainly gotten the hint over the years that Psyche patterns Soma, and that the void-value of mind informs the complex nonlinear matrix of em identity-signatures in the same way that “paper covers rock”.

— from Hounds Of Heaven – Biting The Brainwave Burglars by MT

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