Audio Tapes – Full Power Meditation/Visualization

Contents of ZIP files: Audio files (digitized from “Southern Crown” cassette tapes), PDF of included booklet. There are added summary texts describing the practice (suitable for printout).

These files were obtained from torrent bundles which may no longer be available. They’ve been edited and modified for easier listening/reading. For instance, the original audio file for Full Power Visualization has off-balance audio, so the modified version has been converted to mono and to mp3.

Full Power Meditation by Michael Topper (MT):!1g4FiaLa!bTgZsSrfJGaa4l1cBvxfrXQ0AaA0WTrBatfVEPr3wfU

Full Power Visualization by Michael Topper (MT):!44xjHabI!XX-PiR6qVIFoHBUUvRfdK3mU4meRqiK6nk-4HmQNvWQ