This is an archive for texts by Michael Topper (MT, “Mother Teaching”, mountain, eMpTy, motel, Mahachohan, etc.), transcribed and proofed based on older digital scanned images or OCR texts of the originals. His texts are of metaphysical, esoteric, spiritual, and general interest. There are also two sets of audio guided meditations/visualization, originally from tapes.

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Who or what is MT?

(From the YAZI-DICTIONARY as published in Magnum Organum and in Matrix IV.)

MT: (1) The collective name given a modern Jupiter Myth—known variously as Morris Tarantella, Monte Tyson, Ming Trey, Michael Topper, Mother Terasu etc.—as with many ancient tracts, redactions and apocryphal works, the generic call letters applied by anonymous authors to spiritual and sacred treatises which then become ascribed to the mythic Personage, much like the “Rosicrucian” writings attributed to “Christian Rosencreutz”, the Masonic codicils associated with “Hiram Abiff” or the Qabalist/magical manuscripts all dutifully assigned to “Solomon”.

The output, quality and subject range ascribed to the singular “Topper” or “MT” is evidently the work of many parties laboring in very different areas at different times. It is even said by some that “MT” is the pseudonymous concoction of a Los Angeles-based group belonging to the prestigious Media Court, often cited as: journalist/Fair-weather Nhuddist Buff Art Kunkin; L.A. Weekly Al-Capp-wannabe Charles Burn; and Emperor’s Clothes motion picture/television auteur David Lynch—their singular insipidness and wholesale lack of talent separately, serving all-the-more-ingeniously to disguise their joint authorship (authorized over a joint) of the “MT” corpus.

In modern times, to believe that a single person should have been responsible for so prodigious and far-ranging a feat of criticism, scholarship, philosophy, psychic/metaphysical and spiritual attainment, to have produced at once such variety and depth of striking literary architectures and to have adorned their diverse walls with such innovative graphic, in murals of astonishing expression, to have solved (in person, practice and multi-media output) all outstanding problems of spirituality and science, every metaphysical and supracosmic conundrum, to have exhibited all the mastery of Magick ascribed to him in public displays defying the denials of the loudest detractors and forcing either their sullen silence or mumbled admission while still being unable to get a good seat at Chasen’s, has become equated with a quaint gullibility belonging to less educated epochs.

Indeed, certain scholars are now inclined to believe, from evidence found in ruins of the Great L.A. Earthquake, that the “person” of “MT” may have had an historical basis in fact, but that claims as to his single authorship of all wonders attributed to him are naively precipitous, and unsupported by weight of the evidence embedded in surviving remnants of old Twin Peaks videos.

(2) Initials ascribed to the final incarnation of the Mahachohan (qv) for the present Cycle and the 5th root-race. “MT” in Hebrew means “Man”, and also “corpse”. Thus the suggestion of embodiment given, by agent of the Office, to everything implied in the Logoic formula: also, the functional focus of that representation with special reference to the “body” or embodied/vehicularized being itself, in anticipation of the transformation and “resurrection” even of the “lowest” element in the Alchemical equation (for corpse in spiritual science and alchemy indicates the fleshly “tomb” for temporary occupancy of spirit; but also the potentially regenerable vessel for “translating” the locus of spirit-concentration from one whole venue-of-expression to another without gap in the continuity of consciousness). Thus the “formula” of the MT always conceals either a hidden Yod (“I” or “J”) indicating volition and the spiritized generative force, or Heh (“H” or “E”), the revivifying “spirit” or breath-of-life itself. “Corpse” in and of itself is always reference to matter, the materia of the Mother, and is thus indicative, along with the secret vowel that animates it as a regenerative Name on the phylactery of the Magician-Qabalist, of the Ray of Intelligent Activity ascribed to the Akash of manifest being and the Office of the Mahachohan (“Mother” in the spiritual Triad).