A Modest Proposal [Part II]


What then, as our reader this month has providentially asked, is the bottom line in determining the legitimacy and positive presence of a teacher or teaching?

A Bar Of “Channel” Soap

We know for instance that in the case of channeling, the issue of answerability is a real phantasm of shifting mirrors and light shows; for when we go to apply the leads and finger-cuffs to measure galvanic response on the lie-detector we’re told that the present physical party isn’t the actual source-party responsible for the information, and so can’t be held accountable; this present physical party, the actual channeler, only functions as conduit, as the pipe of an Information which doesn’t represent his/her own knowledge or experience but which purports instead to issue from a Realm directly integrated with a Knowable Truth, that is however not the directly available ground of the channeler; and when we go to inquire as to Who the responsible party is upon whom we may place the electric leads, we’re told such Party is invisible and unavailable for testing.

The One Who “Holds Still”

When however we turn, in our restless seesawing, back to the classic alternative, we’re presented with the prospect of one whose expression is not the ventriloquist transmission of a distant source distinct from the visible personality; we’re presented with the prospect of one whose being is necessarily the expression of a direct, unmediated integration with a Knowable Truth. In other words, by inescapable implication we’re now confronting the proposition of a living/embodied personality manifestly sharing the same plane as ourselves and directly attesting the Magnitude of reality channeled sources claim by indirect means through agency of the channeler! We’re confronted with the prospective equal of a higher-dimensional being embodied directly and existing shared terms of flesh-focused humanity as a whole.

In this sense, then, we may feel we’ve isolated a responsible Source, one directly answerable to whatever teaching and power issues from “his” presence—one on whom, in other words, we may apply the measuring electrodes of the EEG meter.

Don’t Put Descartes Before Da Horse

At this point however, we are conventionally stopped—especially by those who’ve purported to represent the higher-dimensional Condition to humanity—and told we’re attempting to apply objectivist criteria that don’t satisfactorily “cross-over” in application to essentially spiritual subjects. We’re told that our desire to have bottom line, tangible objective proof is an improper demand relative to the delicate/elusive reality of “spirit”. We’re told that spiritual value or the presence of authentic spiritual magnitude is not rightly measurable; it is not quantifiable, and does not loan itself to the monitor of gross-physical instruments.

This allegation, while having its points, if carried to the ultimate logic of its implication results in the same problematic dualism the insightful Princess found embedded in Descartes’ final distinction between the “ghost-in-the-machine” and the “machine” (or body) itself. If there is no bridge, how does one (spirit) act upon, in or through the other (the manifest “body”)?

If we observe that what we “read” on a graph, monitor, gauge or meter isn’t one-to-one equivalent of the value such agencies phenomenally express, we’ve paid every adequate respect to the “disparity” existing between forms of quantifiable measurement and the total phenomenon or cognitive whole. There’s no need to carry the proposition to the internally-contradictory extreme of alleging some unbridgeable disparity or dissimilarity between an epiphenomenon and the value of which it’s inevitably an expression. There is no absolute disjunction between the two, and the phenomenological or even epistemological reasons why this is so are part of the educational effort to which the T-Bird continuously dedicates itself, so as to help clear the ground once-and-for-all of the objectivist debris of several centuries (that has in itself helped set the detrimental philosophical supports now manifesting as the notorious/psychotic estrangements between consciousness and the field of its manifestable patterns—see for example this month’s Cheers and Jeers section on malathion and related topics).

Your Right To Objective Proof Is Ontological, Not Moral Or Legal

This should indeed be great good news for those who’ve asked the question of verification in relation to claims of a “higher-dimensional knowing”, and who have longed for the simplicity of an objective gauge. Despite protests that such a desire is “reductionist”, it is no more so than the alternate and even hazier notion that such a thing can only be evaluated by one’s own “subjective” assessment (as was suggested in a New Age magazine article), for example whether the “teacher” in question gives you a “good feeling” or “bad feeling”, whether you can “sense” something in his “presence” etc. (after all, isn’t this precisely the claim and testament of those who followed Jims Jones and Bakker et al. down the primrose path? one might just as well propose the negative criterion as being that of anyone named “Jim”).

The Subject/Object Amphibian: The Saktipat Man

Similar criteria on a slightly more sophisticated or escalatedly “esoteric” level have been proposed, determinants hovering mid-way between the “subjective” and “objective”—for example the ability to perform saktipat, i.e. the energy-transmission of the so-called kundalini force through laying on of hands, the proverbial magnetic glance producing primarily “inner” or non-shared effects as by materialization of subtle vision at the Third Eye etc.; or the often related criterion of the production of “miracles”, i.e. shared supernormal effects that transpire in the charged vicinity of the teacher.

J.C. Pearce in his book “Bond Of Power” has indeed stated the case for such a criterion by proclaiming that the truly “enlightened teacher”, while rare enough, is not nearly so special as the enlightened one who is fully illuminated to the degree of possessing the power of guru-kripa or saktipat (speaking as he was, of course, about the late Swami Muktananda). However, Mr. Pearce has it exactly backward: while the enlightened teacher is rare, the teacher capable of demonstrating Sakti-transmission is not necessarily enlightened! While the two values may occur in accompaniment they do not necessarily, as Mr. Pearce’s declaration indeed suggests; but it is not that the presence of the latter depends upon having first fulfilled the conditions of the former.

We can have (and surely have had recent) public examples of those who are manifestly capable of demonstrating a type of “saktipat” or energy-transmission, producing quasi-miraculous or supernormal effects etc. (even discounting the “Amazing Randi” factor), and who prove to be as manifestly manipulative, self-serving and unenlightened as the t.v. evangelist who allegedly only takes in the “most gullible”.

Elementary, My Dear Watts

The reason for this is known to awakened or initiated interpretation (as opposed to the effusive conjectures and testimonies of fledgling initiates such as Mr. Pearce); in a certain sense, upon reflection we ought to be confident such disclosure as this present one does proceed from a source of Awakened interpretation, since it’s hardly self-serving of someone continuously capable of manifesting powers of energy-transmission to point out, strictly for the seeker’s benefit, that such powers are by no means the bottom line, and in themselves are possessed to varying degrees by some few who certainly have no right to the titles of “enlightenment” they nonetheless are quick to claim.

For indeed, initiated interpretation tells you quite plainly that the “gift of saktipat”, subtle energy-transmission or even the induction of “miraculous” effects is no criterion for identifying an enlightened source. The powers of supernormal show or of saktipat-transmission are not the exclusive product of the Awakened Being, but are in themselves the effect of a certain type of elemental activity organized through threshold ratios of attunement and alignment of the “chakra centers”; and these minimum patterns of the operative centers through which such elemental powers work, are as much a peculiarity of the energy-predisposition of the personality configured through quite unenlightened psychological patterns as they may be of any other single factor. Idiosyncratic relations of the nested subtle/dense bodies and corresponding energy-ratios of the centers reflecting purely psychological factors drawn from childhood modes, may furnish background states ripe for the “opportunism” of various elemental powers functioning from many possible levels (other than from the organizational numen of the Awakened level).

Such elemental powers are, in themselves, notorious for their “play”. Their playful business is to ignite inner sensory energy-patterns, to provoke attracting or distractive sensations etc. Their novelty and excitatory effect (an effect they specifically seek to produce, as they live on the energy of excitation elicited from the psychological subject) tends to obscure the groundfloor truth that they’re just more “phenomena” albeit of a comparatively extraordinary type.

Indeed if we were in possession of instruments capable of the appropriate kind of objective measurement, we’d find that those who “channel” and certain of those—indeed most of those—who appear able from time to time to manifest “miracles” or saktipat-transmission, share a certain minimal energy-configuration in common. We would find, if we had a “chakra-registering machine”, that the channeler who (usually) claims no enlightenment on his/her own behalf but only that he/she transmits the viewpoint of a Higher Consciousness, as well as those who demonstrate sakti-transmission while claiming enlightenment on their own behalf, equally exhibit a minimal (and usually exclusive) energy-intensification or high heat radiation at the chakra site of lower abdomen/perineum, and the location at the back of the neck just below the base of the brain.

Such a chakra-registering device attached to “channeler” or “sakti-transmitter” would not need to (and in most cases wouldn’t) register anything in terms of extraordinary “output” at any but those two polar locations. (Those who want to understand more about the significance and esoteric importance of the basal-abdominal and medullary locations should refer to our September issue of the T-Bird and the Qabala of Star Wars article especially, as well as our October-November two-issue essay Channeling, UFOs and the Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World.) Suffice to say in order for a “channeling” or “saktipat” condition to be established, the electrification and minimal activation of these polar-autonomic locales is all that’s required; in the majority of cases there would be insignificant-to-no amplified output registered at the sites of the Third Eye or Heart centers etc.

Now, amazing and most gratifying to relate, there are available means of registering objectively the approximate conditions of the chakra sites and energy meridians! Lo and behold there is now, and has been for years, adequate means to exactly fulfill the longed-for criterion of objective verification with respect to the real awakening and activation of an illuminated system. There is a quantifiable way to “show the actual work” that has or hasn’t contributed to an activated/harmonious awakening of the patterning processes which must minimally accompany and represent the presence of an Enlightened personality-expression.

In fact we generally know of the existence of these quantifying agencies; we’ve been familiar with them for the most part, at least through the literature, for years! It’s just that we haven’t focused on them, we haven’t been steadily subject to an awareness-intensification that might cause some metanoic click in the common brain making known to the general consciousness the perfectly adequate presence of the technical means.

While we’ve pined away in our private longing at the same time being told there is “no such thing”, while we’ve brooded over the seemingly “impossible” possibility of a swift, economic and minimally accurate means of making known to ourselves whether we stand in the presence of fool, fraud or genuine Friend, we have sulked in the very midst of the growing technological capability that would bring our seemingly fruitless brooding into the ripe realm of the Possible!

How indeed do you suppose the recent rash of New Age “brain-tuners”, “digital audio/visual integration devices” etc. (see Mind/Brain Behaviors, this issue) managed to calculate the precise correspondences in signal frequency-amplitude, exact program mixtures of wave ratios and interactive patterns productive of altered states, reveries and meditative conditions? The demonstrable effectiveness of at least certain of the better devices was obtained by decades-long research in measuring the signal output, dielectric potential, physiological response patterns and biochemical modifications as recorded through extensive sampling of meditating subjects throughout the world including very many designated “yogis”, “saints”, “zen masters” etc.

First of all of course, the objective data obtained clearly and forever refutes the shallow “Amazing Randi”-style thesis that nothing abnormal or unusual occurs in the case of healings, energy-transmissions, yogic performances etc. The accumulated biofeedback data etc., already and forever refutes the monotonously reiterated lie that these are all manifestations of perceptual trickery. There should be no question, no “debate” any longer at all as to whether such things exist; the only legitimate question that remains in the case of healers, psychics, yogis, zen adepts etc. is whether they exist in any given case—which is an entirely different question.

Oh Oh…

And this brings us to the ultimate consideration of this essay: for it has been determined there are “minimally” refined brain-patterns indicating the presence of extraordinary conscious states—whatever else that’s involved in such states that can’t be objectively measured, there is at least an irreducible quantified component that must be present in any legitimate case of “extraordinary” mindstates or awakened magnitudes of consciousness. (For example, in the decades of study it was found that, of the experimental subjects and meditative volunteers all that could be grouped into the more advanced stages of practice manifested a strong if variable mixture of Beta/Alpha/Theta patterns with stress on the extraordinary Theta or deep-creative dreamwave; and of all those sampled and tested over so long a painstaking stretch of time only one, Swami Saraswati of Delh, seemed capable of exhibiting a sustained deep-alpha pattern even when out of meditation, during the whole course of his day while walking and lecturing. This data is indeed an indication of the different and hierarchic stages of enlightenment development, to be described in detail in the T-Bird pages most especially—at present—in the ongoing essay-series “What Is ‘Christ Consciousness’?”)

Here  It  Comes…

More than this—there is the current availability of devices, patented machines and instruments testably able to register harmonic ratios of certain quantifiable energy-components through the so-called “chakra” system correlated with endocrine centers, autonomic plexuses and the ki meridians or acupuncture channels etc.—most notably the Motoyama device endorsed by the American Nurses Association and AMA, and incorporated in standard clinical use! Though little known, the credibility extended such device by orthodox “legitimacy-conferring” agencies ought to make the general public more sanguine that a real potential for determining “occult” stages is available, and at least theoretically at the disposal of those who’ve longed for some objective means of measurement in so crucial an area as “Enlightenment”.

Indeed it had occurred at one time to MT that, were there not so strong a potential for eliciting accusations of “egoism” in such a gesture, it might be very helpful to the public to be given some such objective demonstration as is possible with the range of legitimate and clinically acceptable devices made available over the past decade; if there were not so strong a probability of being opened to the misperception of “self-serving” or “personal aggrandizement”, MT had thought to offer himself as a subject of test measurement in order to establish a public Standard. Were there not so predictable a chance of the whole offer being interpretively deflected over to the miasmal arena of “personality” (which is just what the presentation of the T-Bird has calculated to undercut), MT had considered offering a public forum where those who claimed enlightenment or the “right” to teach the higher stages of awakening as represented in Sufism and Zen, “Ati Yoga” et al. could sacrificially submit themselves right along with MT, up on the platform with the “Motoyama chakra machine” and professionally-monitored EEG equipment in a comparative analysis of the energy output and respective harmonics of the centers, ki-meridians etc. In this way, MT had at one time mused, the public could be given its long-coveted “objective demonstration” and indeed the public could them claim the right to request that anyone purporting a teaching and/or presence of the Higher Stages of consciousness-illumination submit him/herself to the minimal standard of objective measurement!


Of course, upon considering this veritable Modest Proposal, MT realized that the possible misinterpretation of “egoism” was sure right away to be exploited by those hoping desperately to avert the sudden specter of an objective glare directed squarely in scrutiny of their own freely-dispensed claims of “enlightenment” or “higher knowledge”. He realized it would be all-too-easy to dismiss so unique a challenge chanted by aroused public uptake, with any stock disclaimer: “I wouldn’t stoop to such public displays of egoism”, “anyone who does such a thing is only trying to draw attention to himself” etc.

Of course, the predictable disclaimers of such “egoless” and “non-aggrandizing” souls might possibly be greeted by the public hearing such demurral, with the unexpected recognition that it could just as well be interpreted as a gesture of genuine humility and openness simply to submit to such an objective test! to be led like a lamb up to the sacrificial platform on behalf of a public tired by decades of the time-and-energy-wasting, trial-and-error probes conducted through an insufficiently educated psyche all by itself in the dark—up to the platform right there alongside old MT to be put to the only fair test of “sitting, walking and talking” into the impartial objective registry of the Motoyama and EEG needles!

Yes, if MT wasn’t wary such a proposition might play into the hands of those all-too-willing to throw up the smokescreen of “ego-accusation” and “personality-cult” in order to squirm out of finally having to put up or shut up in their pretensions toward “panditism” and “god-intoxication”, he would have made the Modest Proposal long ago.

Of course, were the public to understand and rightly appreciate that accusations of ego issuing from those threatened by such challenge were already accounted for and countered by confession how anyone genuinely having the public’s time, energy and well-being at heart would not avoid presenting himself as personal sacrifice for such a test (and in fact should be eager to do so) the public submission of such a proposal would reside in true Good Faith in the public keeping. Were the public to understand and rightly appreciate that one so willing to hazard the misinterpretation of egoism and self-aggrandizement accompanying any such unprecedented proposal was easily then willing to suffer the one thing any pretender to enlightenment must necessarily dread (i.e., being perceived as an “ego”, you know), that very public might realize the demurrals of those rejecting or scorning such a challenge were already fully anticipated and cut off at the exits in advance.

Were the public to understand and realize this, of course, then we would have quite a show on the New Age front! Then the picture would of a sudden intriguingly change, as it were, overnight! Then perhaps MT would not be bashful, or intimidated by the criterion of false humility still foisted on an unsure public, to put forward in the public arena his Modest Proposal (i.e. as he is doing now).

Bring Up The Cranes, Bring On The Trucks…

Of course there’s still the practical/mechanical consideration of actually obtaining and assembling all the necessary measuring devices; there’s still the tactical and monetary problem of acquiring them, even shipping and handling them (the Motoyama device is, for example, relatively hard to obtain as there are not many models made altogether); however, there is on the other hand the intrinsic appeal such a spectacle, such a modern-day Roman circus might impress upon the entrepreneurial consciousness in consideration of the wholesale public attention aroused. There’s the possibility that those having the where-with-al, the capital or inside access to the right machines might just find the whole proposition a profitable prospect in one way or another; the intrinsic drama-of-it-all as the murmurs spread and rumors circulated of such a peculiarly novel solution to the perennial public stumper regarding qualifications for Enlightenment etc., might just pique the imagination or entrepreneurial spirit of a Whole Life “Paul Andrews”, for example, to put up the traditional old angelic front-money for the staging of such a peculiarly nonviolent “fight”. After all, if nothing else the sudden vulnerability and potential for personal mayhem of such a redoubtable “MT” as Mike Tyson, forsooth, must certainly prime the palate of a pacifistic bloodlust amongst those who’d like to see so self-trumpeting a fellow as your ancient friend Michael take it squarely on the chin-chakra.

So what do you say, all New-and-Space Agers, shall we get it on? Who shall we get in the hotseat next to MT? (Whoever it might end up being, he or she had better watch it, for we hear MT has a tricky pingala-current and loping, upper-lobe cross!)

Oh yes, in the meantime, well before this ever does or doesn’t materialize as some semi-final sideshow of the Apocalypse, allow MT the privilege of disclosing to you the ultimate (rather than the sideshow penultimate) criterion for discerning the real presence of awakened consciousness, the genuine appearance of your Friend (or as our reader has expressed it, the “bottom line” for determining the “mystic teacher”); your true friend and Avalon emissary would always let you in on the little secret (though he does not need to, considering his advance knowledge of the objective outcome of any such proposed test) that even the evident presence of optimal theta-wave patterns under all test conditions, the registration of maximally amplified and harmonious chakra centers, acupuncture meridians et al. is not a sufficient standard for the determination of the presence of Enlightenment; rather, such print-out really represents the minimal threshold of objectively-measurable pattern balance that must be obtained and exhibited as steadily present in order for any given personality even to be considered as candidate for Enlightenment.

What such measurement gives us, then, is really the criterion for summarily dismissing any who don’t meet it, thus performing a judicious process of weeding and so paring down the time, narrowing the territory that need be traversed in order to close in on the highest probability of the real thing.

How then do we determine enlightenment itself amongst the (very very few) remaining “candidates”? Here the reciprocal requirement of the seeker’s development is called upon. For beyond that minimal threshold point of objective measurement there is no way to tell other than through the seeker’s own maturity, his or her developed insight and wisdom (and that can only be acquired after long apprenticeship with whatever personality “qualifies” under the first criterion!).

Sorry, but that’s the way it is; since Enlightenment is unutterably a free realization, it is not equivalent even to any optimized energy-patterns (this is where the “wisdom” of the conventional Krishnamurthism comes in); on the other hand, no enlightenment can take its point of departure in Free Flight from any plateau of pattern-alignment below the stable minimum threshold (and that is where the conventional Krishnamurthism goes out the window). Enlightenment is not dependent on an optimal energy-pattern in the sense of any one-to-one identity or exact equation; yet Enlightenment gives rise by implication of Its Value to an optimum energy-pattern, which must be established before any realization of that Value may be considered possible.

Thus there is a stable plateau of currents, ratios, and alignments that must be met, and which is capable of being exhibited; beyond that, the personality may cling to ego rather than release ego to its Void-ground, yet because it prosecutes this furtive clinging in so exceptional and enriched a mind/body atmosphere its “trick” is impossible to perceive from ground level—which is, let’s face it, the point from which the seeker proceeds.

This is why it takes much work and prolonged practice for the seeker to detect, from a more elevated plane, the probable persistence of the contractile ego in any given case—or, conversely, the truly Awakened character of his teacher’s total Being that has presided from the beginning over his own awakening process, and is therefore really capable of leading him the final Step to Free Flight. The only thing that can be said for this “predicament” still confronting the seeker even in the face of the comparative biofeedback printouts, is that such minimum objective requirement at least reveals a source having the practical multidimensional energy-means to draw the seeker parallel such threshold status itself—whether having the free Insight-Consciousness to take him any further or not.

Aside from all this, the question may well remain in the mind of the reader: What is the necessity of resorting to an “embodied” teacher at all, regardless how he or she “registers”, especially considering this—perhaps—disconcerting news that we can’t determine the Enlightened status of the one in question with any degree of accuracy regardless, till the (indeterminate) time we get high enough along the “peaks” of polarization to have established personal systems of sufficent balance to survey with clearer Vision?

What is wrong with simply resorting to “channeled” information, for instance, learning from such disembodied—and therefore indifferent (?)—instruction how to perform “our own” transformative practice without the questionmark that seems to hover over any agency sharing the same vulnerable embodiment as ourselves?

The Channeled No-Nos, Or How To Tell A Channeled Hellion

Apart from the obvious inbuilt limitations we’ve addressed before (i.e. you still can’t know the degree of development of a “disembodied” source just because it transmits from elsewhere) there is the more significant fact which every positive/legitimate channel-source will readily admit: due to such disembodied status, in which the communicating Entity doesn’t share the same plane and therefore the same set of conditions under which you must meet your responsibility, there are definite restrictions on what such a source can impart in the way of information or guidance. Positive Entities abiding by a uniform cosmic law cannot—and declare furthermore they will not—give specific techniques of meditation which, inferentially, could induce opening and realignment of the personality’s energy-currents, centers etc.; they will neither discuss nor divulge information re any physically-embodied being, any currently “incarnate personality” except in terms of general principles applicable to the situation of the earth-plane subject making this inquiry (this because of the undue “influence” collecting around their disembodied and thus “privileged” status which might interfere with the subject’s free will decisions).

And indeed, these are two criteria for assessing whether one has opened communication with a “positive” or “negative” entity to begin with, the Negative force being perfectly willing to discuss—and calumniate!—presently living personalities especially those known by the public—and being willing as well to give specific “meditative” instruction (cf. the “Hilarion” discussion in the November issue of The New Thunderbird Chronicle, “UFOs, Channeling…” etc. Part II).

This leads us to the question why such Entities may not impart meditative instruction of a specific type relating to energization and alignment of the centers (and, inferentially, why it’s inappropriate for unqualified “teachers” sharing this physical plane to do so either, merely because they’ve come into possession of a little information or knowledge they wish to pass on for profit).

The disembodied source is restricted by Law not to do so, since even if It is a perfectly awakened/enlightened source in Itself it still doesn’t embody the full vertical range of systems and centers inclusive of the vital-physical properly aligned and harmonized; Its tandem “ride” upon the channeler’s yet-unperfected chakra complexes and lower energy-currents isn’t adequate, doesn’t make up for the disembodied deficiency and in fact gives the extradimensional entity a defective “torso” awkwardly inappropriate for direct resonance-engagement of the vital processes of the subject potentially requesting the meditative “technique”. And such complete, vertically-full resonance/engagement through wholly wakened and harmonized centers, from the zone “above the head” to the chakras of sacrum and feet, is the true responsible requirement of any “one” (whether embodied or disembodied) minimally demanded by cosmic law as a condition for rightfully “prescribing medications” implicitly able to provoke an awakening in the requesting subject’s system.

As we’ve seen, the “disembodied” source, constitutionally without any but a borrowed torso not at all equivalent to Its own higher-dimensional harmonics, is vetoed by the requirement. So then obviously is any teacher, even embodied and so sharing the same plane of destiny/responsibility as ourselves, who hasn’t undergone that transformative process in the Awakening and stable alignment of the spiritual current-pattern. The seriousness of potentially unlocking/reordering the multidimensional current-systems of the requesting subject, contains a responsibility to which the non-transformed “teacher” is in no way equal. Such a teacher is the equivalent of a random irresponsible “provider” of objective information-knowledge only, apparently similar or identical to the “mantram” instruction (etc.) of a truly awakened teacher but—deceptively beyond the perception of the requesting subject—in no way charged with the energy-potency of the true Teacher which alone imbues formal instruction with the safeguard of harmoniously integrating energy currents, of fully-awakened alignment, furnishing potent/balanced resonance attunement right along with the Keys given out to the student-seeker.

In the case of the real Teacher alone, qualified by Transformation and not by possession of information-knowledge, the student-seeker is initiated—literally initiated through resonance-coupling and alignment with optimum values of the spiritual source-current, adjusted, harmonized and fully embodied right through connective vital terminals of the mind/body system shared in common between the equally-incarnate companion poles of student and Teacher.

This is the real and central significance of an embodied/awakened Teacher.

As you can see, then, every form of “teaching”, embodied or disembodied, has its place (even if it’s in the alley); and you can see as well why the embodied form of a fully awakened Teaching remains indispensable, owing to that which it alone adequately provides by the very nature of things. The living teacher is never passé; the walking-talking Teacher sharing your plane of manifestation and particular, responsible destiny as companion/friend is never outdated, displaced by machine or the self-assumption of impatient egos presuming to exalt themselves beyond their blind condition through a pact of mutual admiration and promotional encouragement.

So there you have it. If this has been difficult to follow in places or hard to read, reread it. It will repay your strongest effort. There is however one Biblical homily, one simple statement of the Galilean master which does after all take precedence over this whole business (but which cannot be made full use of until you’ve understood everything presented in this essay). You have before you in this modest treatise whatever you might need in the way of adequate criterion, the objective and discernable proof of the presence of the “mystic teacher” insofar as it can be objectively established at all. And yet, in the end, your ancient friend MT who’s accompanied you all this way, right up to the Exit, would say to you very much what Immanuel said for the sake of his contemporaries: “You’ll see, and therefore you’ll believe; but how much Closer is the one who needn’t see, but recognizes in the moment he hears”.

[ About this distro: Transcribed, proofed and reformatted/typeset by anon to ensure fidelity to the original while updating the presentation to a format suitable for printing, archival, propagation into other print or online formats, and of course reading. Italics, bolding, and capitalization are as in the original, without modifications or additions. Text is from Magnum Organum by MT as found within Matrix IV [Pages 702-721] as found in a PDF scan-copy on the WWW. Pictures not included.  ]